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In Another World With Escanor Powers 15 You? You're hardly a threat. You're just a flea that annoys me

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After Diss told Aiden about the noble causing troubles, he decided to go and see what does this noble want to do.

He descended to the foot of the hill with Diss and the others and they started walking towards the south shore of the lake. After all, the entrance of the whole property was from the south.

"How did this all start, tell me Diss".

"You see young master, the man proclaimed himself as the older brother of the king of Lefia kingdom favored Concubine. He then stated that he didn't want to queue up for his turn to take the water from the lake. I refused at first but he started talking about he's a duke and that he can easily order his guards to destroy this place so I immediately came to tell you".

"Hoooo, some noble is already causing problems here. You knew, since I came here, I never saw a noble. After all, I always thought that I would see the legendary scene where a young master of a wealthy clan or a wealthy background will abuse his power. I don't believe that I will witness this typical novel like a scene right here. Of course, I will make sure to entertain everybody so guys, enjoy the play that I will give you".

Finally, when they almost reached the south shore, they could hear an irritating voice coming from there. It seemed like one of the guards who was a former member of Diss Gang is talking with that person.

The man was very fat and he also has jewelry all over his body. he wears expensive green fur robe with a white shirt and golden lines and a brown pants and hat. The man was yelling and saying to the guard.

"Do you know who am I? I am the great Duke Anthony Sung. I am one of the 3 dukes of Lefia kingdom and my little sister is also the favored concubine of the king. I am also the second prince uncle and you filthy civilian wants me to wait for my turn? my position is something that neither you nor your master could never reach. I can crush whenever I want".

The guard didn't answer him and he just looked at him like he was looking at a mad man. He felt that the revolution that happened 30 years and made all the nobles leave the city was am an amazing thing.

"I don't care about who you are or if your sister is the favored woman of the king. Know that you're in a self-governed state, the Moxi island. If you want to use your noble rank, just return to your kingdom".

"You!!! fucking peasant. Do you know who you're talking to? let me show you. Guard, take his hand for me".

Suddenly, one of the guards who seemed to be a knight started walking towards that guard. The knight wasn't wearing a shining armor but just a leather armor. he had a long sword.

The man seemed a little fat but not as much as Anthony. he seemed 1.80 m tall and also seemed very strong compared to your average adventurer.

The average level of an adventurer in Alcos city is between the 8th stage of Master warrior and 4th stage grandmaster warrior as for mages it's between 4th stage great mage and 4th stage high Mage.

After all, compared to becoming a Mage, it's easier to become a warrior and most of the warriors are experts of close combats so they have more chance to experience battle and breakthrough levels.

The knight looked at the guard and said to him.
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"Your power is only a 1st stage Grandmaster warrior while I am a 5th stage Grandmaster warrior. You have no chance. if you want to blame anyone, just blame your luck".

The man immediately unsheathed his long sword and immediately went for the guard left arm. The guard tried to dodge and escape but he wasn't fast enough because of their level gap.




The civilians and all the people looked at the guard and the knight as they tried to see if he really took his arm but because of the previous attack, a cloud of dust covered the whole area and nobody was able to see what was happening.


Suddenly, they heard someone screaming and it seemed that the voice came from the direction of those 2 people. the civilians sighed because they knew that the one who was yelling must be the guard.

civilian A: "Sigh, even though we took down the nobles 30 years ago, they still abuse their power and use it to bully us".

Civilian B: "Such a fine young man jas lost his arm because he wanted to stop the injustice committed by those nobles and their guards".

Anthony, on the other hand, is very glad as he felt that the young man deserved it because he disrespected him as noble and dared to talk to him with an unpleasant tone.

"Hahahaha. For daring to talk to me and trying to bring justice to you bunch of civilians, this is what you deserve".

but when all the dust cleared, they saw something unbelievable. The guard was completely alright and seemed very fine because he didn't lose an arm at all.

On the contrary, it was the knight who has his whole arm missing as they looked at his shoulder who has a clean cut. The knight has completely lost his right arm and even the long sword is still attached to the hand.

What is more shocking is that behind the knight, there is something else aside from his arm. It's a giant golden Axe that seemed very beautiful and at the same time looked very dangerous and very threatening.

Some civilians started talking about the Axe as they knew who it belonged to.

"Look at that Axe. doesn't it seem familiar?".

"Are you an idiot or what. don't you know who that Axe belongs to? It's the weapon that The mansion owner uses".

"Do you mean?..."

"Yes, It's the weapon that the strongest man uses, Aiden".

Suddenly, people heard a voice coming from behind the guard. They could feel see a young man in his twenties who has a little beard under his chin.

A/N: [a beard Like Estarossa].

He has black hair and green eyes with a little orange in the middle. It's none other than Aiden. He seemed very calm as he walked towards the noble and his guard.

"You said that my subordinate was trying to bring justice. Are you trying to say that there was some injustice? let me tell you something. Fighting against injustice means that something must be uneven in front of me. Only you, you are only a flea, and I could squeeze a couple of you at once. Where did the injustice come from, and why would I need to fight against it? If you are saying it this way, then you are holding yourself too high, right?".

Just by saying those words, Aiden made the Anthony look very tiny in front of Him. He even reduced him and all the people with him into tiny fleas.

"And let me add something. As my guard said, you're not in your kingdom. You're in front of the Sin of Pride and I am the one to decide things here".

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