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Lyssia: "What do you mean by waiting?".

Lyssia asked as she looked at Nolan who was been strangled by Alexia's hands.

"Save me, please!!!!".

Nobody cared about Nolan who's been completely abused by Alexia. Even Lyssia waited until Alexia finished with him.

Saya: "Isn't it quite wired that Alexia can do all of this to Mister Nolan even though he's stronger than her. I mean, aside from Mister Aiden and Miss Lyssia, he's the 3rd strongest person while Alexia is only a grandmaster level warrior".

Wanda: "Sigh, the fault isn't with Alexia powers. The problem is with Nolan...I should say personality but it's better to say fetish".
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Emelia: "What do you mean?".

Lyssia: "You already know about warriors levels. Just like Mages, there exist 12 levels for warriors, and to overcome the gap between each level is really hard".

The mortal level starts From warrior to master warrior after that a Grandmaster warrior and finally a supreme warrior. each level is then divided into 10 stages.

After that comes the next four levels which are under the transcendent level.

In this level, the warrior becomes a transcendent who can live for at least two hundred years. The 5th level is called Martial warrior commander then comes the 6th level which martial warrior king level.

The 7th level is called the Martial Monarch and finally the 8th level which is the Martial Emperor level. In the transcendent level, the stages are different at each level.

For example, the martial commander has 4 stages and they're low, middle, high and peak stage but just after that comes the martial king which has 5 stages.

They're respectively Early, Intermediate, Mastery, Perfection and finally Paramount stage. As for the martial monarch, it's divided into 4 stages, initial, Quasi-Advanced, Advanced and Peak.

The Martial Emperor has 9 levels called the 9 changes. beyond the level of the Martial emperor is the legendary Saint warrior level.

Lyssia: "I am a Mastery stage Martial King and I can go and battle those at the perfection stage on the same ground. This is already considered a good thing in the Adratram Empire. Let's not even talk about fighting a whole realm which is only considered myth in the history of this continent".

Emelia: "If that's true doesn't that means that Mister Nolan is just....."

Wanda: "Yes. He's just a pervert Mage who enjoys being punished by a young lady. Sigh, I didn't expect that big brother Nolan who was always nice became a huge pervert. This is really embarrassing".

Aiden: " What do you mean big brother? The guy is over 60 years and both you are over 50 years which makes all the three of you old so don't talk like you're all young people and...."


Before Aiden could continue, a long sword appeared under his chin and 2 long daggers appeared around his neck. It was Wanda who is holding the sword while Lyssia is holding the 2 daggers.

"Mister Aiden, I don't understand what do you mean but please don't say that again".

"If you fucking say anything else about age, I will make sure to die killing you".

"Sigh, look at the 2 of you, taking it too hard because of your age".

"Oh, Aiden, look at yourself, it seems as you have angered....please, please stop. Oh great Alexia, forget this....no no stop".

"It seems you have the power to talk about the others".

Emelia, Saya: 'All of them are wired'.


After some time, all of them returned to sit again and Nolan started explaining his plan.

"Unfortunately, my level is too weak compared to all the people who will come here. I am just a second sea Earth Archmage".

For Earth and Earth Archmage levels, it's divided into 5 seas. Nolan is just a 2nd sea Heaven Archmage and compared to the other martial monarchs and Heaven mages who will come, he won't be able to control the situation on the island.

"That's why I requested for the adventurer guild branch at the Adratram empire to send some people to help with the situation here. they're the closest ones to us and so we can make sure that they will come shortly. Lyssia, I heard that they will send two from the 12 chairmen".

"Oh, that better, it seems like the Adratram Empire branch wants to oversee everything about this treasure hunt but I don't think that they need to send someone above the martial king level to make sure that they could control the situation".

Saya: "Well, I don't think that someone will dare to oppose the adventurer in their city. I mean The adventurer guild is a huge royal grade guild. Unless it's one of the 5 empires, no one will dare to antagonize it".

Aiden: "You're wrong".

When Aiden said that everybody turned to him. they saw how he looked serious when said that. He then turned to Nolan and said to him.

"Old man, you're not worried about the nobles or those from the kingdoms. you're worried about the black market alliance, isn't that right?".

"Oh, you could even see through my mind?".

"If I can't see through a pervert mind like yours, I can just throw myself for the beasts to eat myself".

Suddenly Emelia who was listening to them asked with a puzzled expression.

"Excuse me but what is the black market alliance".

Wanda: "Well, the black market alliance is an alliance of many underworlds organizations and guilds through all the western continent. if they're alone, then they aren't a threat but with their own alliance, they created a big royal grade guild".

Lyssia: "Guilds, sects, academies or any kind of organizations outside the kingdoms or empires control are divided into 10 grades. from 9th grade till the 1st grade and finally, the legendary Royal grade. You must know that there are only 2 royal grades organizations in the whole western continent and they're the adventurer guild and The black market alliance".

Saya: "How does the black market alliance work exactly?".

Alexia: "Yes, and how does an alliance compare to one united organization like the adventurer guild?".

Nolan: "Well, you must first know that the black market alliance has over 1000 3rd grade guild. They also have over 200 2nd grade guild. Finally, they have exactly 15 1st grade guild. let's not talk about the other as they are too weak to be mentioned in front of the royal grade".

Nolan took a glass and started pouring some wine as he started drinking and continued.

"You see, it's known that the adventurer guild has 5 saints called the five Pillars. Each one of them is a powerhouse but do you know how much the black market has? they have 4 saints and each one is on the same level if not stronger than the 5 pillars".

Lyssia: "The reason that the guild wasn't able to destroy the adventurer guild is because of these 4 saints. each one of them is the guild master of a 1st-grade guild. adding the other 11 of the other 1st-grade guilds, they form the beings known as the 15 nameless Titans".

Wanda: "Imagine if someone from those 15 came here. don't you think that an ancient legacy of a heaven Archmage would make them swarm here?".

Saya: "That's why we need to have some sort of insurance to protect us and who's the best to protect us aside from 2 of the twelve chairmen".

Lyssia: "You know that I am a member too, right?".

Saya: "Eh, of course. I mean you're also a member but...".

after all of them saw Saya troubled expression they couldn't do anything but laugh at her embarrassed face. Wanda then told her sister.

"Sister, stop troubling Saya. You know that you're just number 11th among the chairmen. I am sure that they will send someone who is at the top 5".

Aiden: "It seems like you forgot completely about me. Even if they don't send someone, I am enough to deal with any threat that comes to this island. I can finish them easily even if the legendary Demons or angels come".

Alexia: "You really think highly of yourself, don't you?".

Aiden: "Why are you saying such an obvious thing. I am the lion Sin of Pride and I am sure that I can take on anything that comes for me".

Nolan: "Well, for now, we need to wait for a week. the guild branch said that they will send two people in a week and so we need to just control the place until they come. Sigh, I wonder who's the one who told everybody about this. he caused a huge headache for me. If I see him, I will make sure to give him a piece of my mind".

Suddenly, The door of the room opened and Diss who seemed very tired came. He started taking some long breaths so he can recuperate as he runs from the foot of the hill until he reached this room.

"Young master, someone is causing problems. some noble came to the lake and is trying to pass all the people".

Aiden: "Sigh, Look now. some people are already starting making troubles".

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