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On a little hill on the north side of Alcos city, there exists a mansion called 'The Harmony mansion.

Although the Moxi island is a Desert island, there existed many oases. Alcos city is built around 9 of them. 4 in the west district, 4 in the south and 4 in the east district and 4 on the north district. Finally, the last one is in the city central area and it's also the biggest one.

The one on the hill belongs to the garden of the harmony mansion and it's the property of the mansion owner.

This mansion belonged to one of the nobles 30 years ago but after the rebellion, the noble escaped and the lake was used as a public place for water until Aiden came.

Aiden bought the mansion and the whole area around it but he still left people to take the water as he didn't care as long as he had himself water.

people didn't cause a ruckus anymore and became more secure because of Aiden reputation and fame as 'The strongest man'. Whoever tried to cause a problem would get a hell of a beaten from Aiden himself.

Right now inside the mansion courtyard, Aiden was cultivating his meditation set as he wanted to enter the second level.

Aiden started using this meditation set the moment he came to this world as he discovered that the meditation set has huge benefits. Aiden named this meditation set The Divine Sun technique.

A/N: [From now on, it will be named the DST]

Thanks to the books from the adventurer guild library, Aiden discovered that meditation techniques are separated into 5 levels which are respectively human, spirit, Profound, immortal and finally Divine.

Each level is further divided into low, middle and high meditation techniques. if the meditation technique you use is of a higher level then you can easily breakthrough whether you're a mage or a warrior.

Its also known that even the best meditation techniques in the whole western continent are only immortal level as Divine meditation techniques exist only in legends.

The Divine level meditation techniques are known as the legendary Sacred Scriptures. They can make anybody soar in the sky like a dragon and destroy anything in his path to the peak.

There was even a great legendary man who got just a low-level divine technique and in just a century, he was able to shape the world as he saw. When people asked him about this divine technique, he simply smiled and said to them.
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"Those who possess a divine meditation technique, gain a divine body that can make them invincible".

This words made the people understand the true worth of the divine meditation techniques. Not only do they accelerate your breakthrough and cultivation but they also give you a divine body. Something that is only acquired when you reach the divine level.

A/N:[Divine level will be explained in future chapters].

What Aiden discovered through all of this is that the DST that he got was a Divine level meditation technique. Although it surprisingly didn't give a divine body, for Aiden it gave him something more important.

'With this, I can use Sunshine even during the night and even my overall battle power will be comparable to my day mode'.

Aiden didn't care much about the divine body as he believed that with his sunshine powers he can easily make his body completely strong and doesn't need a divine body.

Aiden also discovered that each time he rises his meditation technique, he can gain more power and more time to use sunshine during the night. It rises even his lifeforce and makes him retain his younger looks and be like those warriors and mages who can live for almost 1000 years.

"For now, I need to concentrate on reaching a higher level in the DST otherwise if someone discovers my night weakness, it will be fatal".

Finally, after 4 hours of training, Aiden stopped and went to the main hall of the mansion. It's been 3 days since he returned from the cave and he wanted to rest and spend some time inside the mansion and also he wanted to stay away from those bunch of adventurers so he can have his own time.

As he walked, he started hearing noises coming from the guest room. Aiden didn't understand what was happening and just went there.

When he opened the door, he found something he didn't expect. He found Nolan, Emelia, Saya, Alexia, Lyssia and Wanda inside the guest room. He even found his own butler, Diss serving the tea and some desserts.

Diss looked at Aiden with an afraid and apologetic face as he didn't know what to do after all of them entered as he couldn't say to the guild master to go away no matter what.

In reality, Diss was a former gangster. When Aiden came 6 months ago, He didn't know much about how the city works and also the locations.

Just when he entered the city, Diss and his friends tried to rob him. Unfortunately for them, they got beaten a little and discovered Aiden power so to save themselves, they decided to start work for him.

At first, it was very bad because as each day passed, they discovered more of Aiden powers and how abnormal he is.

When they saw how he also destroyed the 3 powers, they became completely sure that they made the wrong choice when trying to rob him so they decided to work for him and try to serve him with all they have.

After he bought the lake and mansion. He made half security guards who overlook the lake and the other half servants in the mansion.

He also made diss his butler who overlooks everything around. Diss found that even though he fucked up at first, now as Aiden butler, he really felt happy and glad that he made the right decision.

now though, when he looked at Aiden angry expression, he didn't find what to say. he felt that when he let them enter, he made the wrong choice. He finally started talking and said to Aiden.

"Sir Aiden, you must know that they forced their way into the mansion and you were training so I didn't want to disturb you. You must also know that they didn't me to tell you that...."

"Yeah, yeah, I know. You can go and rest Diss. You could also go and supervise the lake a little. Make sure no one causes trouble. I don't want to hear about this anymore. I know how these people can be annoying".

"Yes, Yes. I will immediately go. Thank you, sir, thank you".

Diss sighed and walked out of the room. Finally, Aiden turned and looked at this bunch. Every time he looked at them, he felt annoyed and also couldn't understand why all these people were gathering around him.

Aside from Wanda and Emelia who seemed normal to him, all the rest seemed abnormal. Nolan is an old pervert, Saya always seems afraid of him. although Alexia seemed young, she has a special fetish of torturing people. Finally, the craziest of them all, Lyssia who just don't give up and will do anything.

"So why are all of you here? I mean, I don't want to waste my precious time on people like Nolan the pervert or Alexia the weird or even the crazy white chairman".

All the three them: "Hey, what are you saying?".

Wanda: "Hahaha, don't be like that Mister Aiden. we came here to see you and also talk about the current situation in the city".

Emelia: "Yes. You might not know but since people discovered the treasure of The great archmage is here, all kind of people came here and the about this treasure is just rumors. My father even said if this doesn't stop, the city will fall in chaos because of all the people swarming here".

Aiden: "Hmph, well, Nolan, why didn't you give the information. I thought that you wanted to protect the city, isn't that right?".

Nolan: " Well, I still think that it still not the right time to divulge the information about the cave. all the information we have is the trump card we must use to push all the ones coming here away".

Lyssia: "Exactly. that's why we came here to talk to you".

Aiden raised his eyebrow as he looked at them and said with a questioning tone.

"Talk to me about this? do I have any relation to this? I mean I just discovered the cave and gave you the information isn't that right? I even took care of an 8th level demon beast for you, what do you want from me now?".

Wanda: "Exactly Mister Aiden, you might not know but since you discovered the cave and killed the monsters inside then officially you're the only one who can lead us there. you're ten key to start all of this. This is why we came to discuss with you our next step".

Aiden: "Fine. Tell me then, what's our next step?".

All of them looked at Nolan waiting for his answer as he was the one to decide. On the other hand, Nolan was just trying to peek on Alexia panties. Before she could catch him he escaped and looked at them and smiled.

"Oh, we're just gonna Wait".

the others: "0_0 0_0".

Aiden: "Sigh, I expected that".

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