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Aiden faced the monster scorpion as his body became very huge and almost reached 3m. Although Aiden didn't enter the 'One Mode' he's already as tall as Escanor in that mode.

Aiden continued showing his cockiness in front of the scorpion as he gave a disdaining smile and said to him.

"Hey, scorpion. To give you a chance, I will let you have the first three att...."

Swoosh Booom.

The scorpion didn't let Aiden continue his talk as he immediately attacked him with his tail. The dust came from the ground as the Tail created a huge crater and Aiden wasn't seen anywhere.

"Human, don't try and show yourself in front of me. You're nothing more than a puny human and I can take you down whenever I want".

Suddenly, when the scorpion was about to retract his tailback, he felt something holding it. He tried to free it but the more he tried, the more he felt pressure around it.

"Sigh, how disappointing that it's not a Saint level Demon beast. Unlike Saints, you're too weak to pose a threat to me. You're not even able to put a proper fight. truly a pity..."

As the whole area cleared from the dust, The scorpion could see Aiden holding his tail with one hand looking completely unharmed and not even a scratch appeared on him.

The scorpion really felt surprised as he didn't expect the human who didn't seem strong suddenly be able to hold his tail and evade the attack.

"Are you really a human?".

"Hmph, what is the meaning of this question? of course, I am human. I am even known as the strongest human".

When the Demon beast heard that, he felt that the human wasn't taking him seriously at all and he's right. When right now didn't think that the scorpion is a problem at all.

The sole reason that the scorpion is still alive is that Aiden wants to test his power and see if he can deal with him without using all his power.

" Sigh, it's really a good thing that I didn't use Rhitta otherwise, It would've become less entertaining".

The scorpion started feeling angry as he never expected the human brat to be this annoying. When he was about to try and use the poison inside his tail, Aiden released his tail and said to him.

"Now continue, you still have 2 attacks and I don't want to waste my time"

The moment he said that The scorpion didn't want and his 2 other heads immediately went for Aiden as they hit Aiden body directly.


Aiden flew at a high speed in the air towards the wall but the Scorpion didn't let him as he continued attacking with the 2 hydra heads and he didn't stop at all.

Swoosh boom swoosh boom...

A/N: [Imagine when Boros attacked Saitama so fast and Saitama didn't react at all. it's the Same thing but with 2 hydra heads].

the attack continued for 5 minutes where the scorpion didn't give Aiden any chance. Finally, The scorpion stopped and the two heads suddenly opened their mouths.

"Take this, Golden Fire Flash".

2 golden energy waves were launched from each head and went directly for Aiden. He didn't panic at all but even looks at the 2 waves with disappointment.

" Sigh...."

The light coming from energy waves illuminated the whole cave and made the scorpion unable to see.


The whole area has been destroyed as the whole big cave has been destroyed. The energy waves even continued reaching the sky and destroying the whole ceiling of the hall.

The only area that survived the attack was the entrance of the cave.

"hah, hah hah... Finally, I took that human. He was really a big problem, I had to use my ultimate attack so I can finish him. I even destroyed the place but it doesn't matter, I won't let anybody take that treasure, its mine after all".

"Oh, what treasure you're talking about?".

"Of course, I am talking about The Archmage....".


The scorpion didn't continue to talk as he immediately swings his tail to his side and attacks Aiden again.

"It seems like you're not an idiot after all, after hearing my voice you immediately attacked me. I expected a shocked expression when you see me like in those characters in novels".

"Arrgghhh, what are you even talking about".

Swoosh Swoosh

The scorpion didn't care at all as he continued attacking with frenzy without any care about around him as he just wanted to kill Aiden.

Aiden, on the other hand, started frowning a little as he felt that the battle became a little boring.

"Time to end this. You've already abused the handicap I've given you so I believe it's my turn now".

Aiden jumped back to the ground and then immediately took a position.

" It took me 2 months to be able to do this so be prepared for this you monster".

Aiden didn't wait for the scorpion answer as he draws both his hands back while gathering heat. Suddenly, After taking this position, an orange aura started gathering around him. He then placed the bottom of his palms together and smiled to the scorpion.

"Since you used a beam of energy to attack me. Let me give you back your reward. Final Flash".


The moment Aiden said that a huge heat beam got released and went directly for The scorpion body. The scorpion couldn't dodge as the attack was very big and he immediately felt the immense power coming from the attack.


The attack reached him and completely turned him to ashes. Nothing remained of the demon beast, even the Beast core was completely destroyed.

Aiden made the attack go to the sky as he wanted to avoid hitting the island and destroying it.

"fyuh, it seems I used too much power and can't even now retrieve the Demon core but it doesn't really matter. For now...Rhitta obey my will".

Suddenly, out of the debris and rubble of the cave, The Axe came flying back to Aiden hand. He then started walking back.

He thought that with his attack, whatever leads to treasure was here, it must have been destroyed, he was about to return back from where he came when he suddenly felt something weird and turned left.

He found that there still existed an unlocked door that didn't seem to be affected by the previous battle at all. On the contrary, it seemed cleaner than ever.

Aiden didn't care too much as he walked to the door and entered. He found a little simple room that didn't have anything attractive or special about it.

Aiden didn't care too much about it and just went and searched to find anything. Finally, he noticed a little leaver on the wall. He then immediately touched the leaver and a door opened.
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What he saw inside shocked him a little as he never expected to see something like this in Moxi island.

" Well well, this is getting more and more interesting".


Nolan: "So it was you who made all the city terrified a month ago. Do you know much energy you used at that time? You even made some people piss their pants. Most importantly, what did you find inside the room?".

Wanda: "So it was Mister Aiden. As expected of him. Even a Peak 8th level Demon beast is nothing to him".

Lyssia: "I must find a way to bring him back to Adratram Empire".

Aiden sighed and said. "Well, I found Heaven Archmage Charles Legacy".

Amelia: "What kind of legacy?".


Suddenly, a door opened and a man who seemed to be a worker at the guild looked very nervous and even a little afraid.

"Guild Master, a Big problem, a very big problem".

Nolan looked very calm and said to him.

"What's the problem? tell me".

"The Big shots of the south-western plains are coming here. They say that There's a trace of the treasure of the heaven Archmage Charles here".

Aiden looked puzzled as he didn't understand how people knew about the information this fast. As for the others, they stayed silent for a while and then all of them said at the same time.


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