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What Aiden said to them is like dropping a huge bomb on their mind. Each one of those words could make anybody go wild.

After all, Demon beasts, Magic stones and most importantly A heaven Archmage Inheritance are things that will make anybody's eyes burn with greed. Nolan didn't try to hide his excitement as he said to Aiden.

"Are you sure about it? I mean let's not talk about demon beasts and magic stones, are you sure about the Heaven Archmage thing?".

Emelia answered the Guild Master before Aiden could say anything.

" Sir, about the Magic stone vine. I must say that What Mister Aiden says is true. Looking at the cave, I can say for sure that the cave is only a little part of the whole thing. I suspect that the vine and magic stone are in the whole canyon".

When Nolan heard what she said, he felt already happy that he could die at any moment. What's more, it seems like Aiden found more than just magic stones.

Aiden then hmphed and said to Nolan with a little contempt.

"Hmph, do you think that I am an idiot or what? of course, I know what am talking about. I saw at the end of the cave words on stone saying 'For those who search for my treasure, It's all in that place, find it and take it but thou must be worthy to have it'. I also took this from the cave".

Aiden got out of his pocket a rusty emblem. fortunately, you could see the symbol carved on it. The symbol has a red raven and under it two golden swords. The Moment Nolan saw the Emblem, he started laughing none stop.

"Hahahahaha, I can't believe it. Of all the places that the treasure could've been, it was the whole time on this island hahaha. The treasure of the great heaven Archmage Charles is here. hahaha, our Island will truly rise like the Nayo north island".

"Hey, Old man didn't you listen to me? the treasure isn't on this island. It only mentions where it is".

"What? so it isn't on the island. Sigh, at least we have the vein and that's enough".

Even when he knew about the magic stones, Nolan still wasn't able to hide his disappointment. after all, a Heaven Archmage is a high existence even in the 5 empires.

Heaven Archmages is a level just below Saint-level Mage. they say that heaven Archmages are even invincible under the Saint-level. Its the highest level a Mortal can get to before getting the divinity and becoming a Saint.

There are 12 Main realms for a Mage. The first 4 are Mage, Great mage, high Mage and Archmage. Each realm is divided into 10 sub-realms.

After breaking through the Archmage realm, The Mage will become transcendent and live for at least 500 years. There are 4 realms mainly. They are Earth Mage, Earth Archmage, Heaven Mage and Heaven Archmage.

The first 2 are divided into 5 sub-realms Where in each realm you condense a Mana sea in your Mana whirlpool. The last 2 are divided into 7 sub-realms wherein each realm you condense a Sky filled with clouds of Mana inside the Mana whirlpool.

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A heaven Archmage is very powerful and is known for its immense and pure Mana. In the 7 kingdoms of the continent, there exist only 3 who reached that level.

This is why Nolan was so excited because of the importance of a heaven Archmage inheritance. It can even change the fate. of someone and create a new path of power for him.

Aiden just signed and looked at Nolan and said with a disappointed face.

Aiden: "You know, if you just listened to me for a second, you would've understood what I meant".

"Eh, what do you mean?".

"I said that the inheritance isn't on the island but the way to reach it is still on the island. I even went to that place but I got bored and went back".

Nolan: "0_0, what did you just say?".

Lyssia: "Aiden, you just said that you went there? do you mean the place of the inheritance? how?".

Lyssia and Nolan and all the others are truly shocked because of how much Information Aiden dumped on them. Aiden then said to them.

" Well, ..."


[Flashback no jutsu].

[A month ago].

After Aiden departed from Alcos city, he traveled south while riding on his Cruel Sun and reached the canyon in 3 hours. He stepped on the train above the canyon and looked down there.

"Sigh, that old man Nolan is really starting to annoy me more and more with missions. I should've rejected him back then but the bastard tricked me. Well, I should've expected that from a pervert man".

At that time, It was nearly high noon and Aiden's power is enveloping the whole canyon. He then went and jumped down and walked until he reached the cave.

After entering the cave Aiden found many magic stones. There were magic stones of all sizes. Aiden took a little with him so he can use them to practice his meditation law.

After moving to the inner part of the cave and when he was about to reach the center of the cave. A shadow appeared from above and directly went to his head.


The shadow was very fast and his attack was very fatal and deadly. Unfortunately, he met Aiden at the wrong time. He met him at the peak of his power.


Before he even reached Aiden's neck, a very powerful punch came and directly hit the shadow. The shadow then bounced back immediately and hit the wall of the cave.

"It seems like we have some foolish challenger who wants to take me down with a sneak attack. You are at least better than some others who tried to attack me directly".

When the shadow hit the wall, Aiden was able to see what it was and he was really a little shocked. It looked like a big black cat with red eyes and a long thin black tail. He also noticed a special aura around him.

"Oh, he's already dead. Well, that's unfortunate. For now, let me see his mana core.....wait a minute, this isn't a normal magic beast. It's a demon beast. hmm, I wonder how they're still alive".

Demon Beasts is a type of Magic beasts that works only for the demon race. They were created at first to be the slaves of the demons but after some time just like the other magic beasts, they got more powerful and gained intelligence and even rebelled and fought against their masters aka the demons.

Unlike the Normal magic beasts, Demon beats also need Mana meditation Law sets to evolve as they have demon blood inside them. Demon beasts also have the power to control darkness just like Demons.

two hundred thousand years ago when the demons disappeared, the demon beasts also disappeared but there still stayed a little number out there in the western continent.

Unfortunately, because they are a type of magic beast, they were hunted down more than other magic beasts because their Magic core is purer than normal magic beasts.

After continuous hunting, only a little number remained and even then they're still hiding until now afraid of being discovered.

"Well, this is unexpected, I didn't think that I will find a Demon beast here. It seems like it isn't a high-level one but perhaps when I go deeper, more beasts will appear".

Demon beasts and magic beasts are divided into 12 levels. Each level is then divided into 5 sub-levels respectively, low, middle, high, peak and perfect realms.

It's known that a demon beast is 3 times stronger than a magic beast on the same level. That's why they are more dangerous than magic beasts and why their cores are more precious than others beasts.

As Aiden continued walking to the cave, He met many demon beasts but he was able to defeat them easily. As he reached a deep place in the cave, he found himself in a spacious hall.

Suddenly, a golden scorpion appeared out of the ground. It was a Giant golden Scorpion. You could see the red eyes signifying that he's a Demon Beast.

The Scorpion was very huge. He was over 12m long. He has 6 legs and surprisingly 3 heads. He seemed like a hydra more than a scorpion. The Scorpion also seemed intelligent as he said to Aiden with an angry voice.

"Human, what do you think you're doing here? You killed all my brethren and you even came to challenge me. Don't think about escaping from here".

"Hoooo, Escaping. First, I killed your brethren because they tried to injure ME. Well, and looking at your level of your Mana, I am sure that you're Peak 8th level monster and you must be the boss here. I never expected to face a Demon beast like you who's in the same level as Heaven Archmage. Let me tell you that it will be your doom because you met me".

A sudden power engulfed Aiden as he faced the scorpion. He threw the Axe behind him and smiled as all the energy around became very immense. He then said with a sneer.

"I just have to pass you to continue and see what lies at the end of the road".

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