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"It's finally my turn to go to another world and be a true warrior".

Aiden continued to laugh nonstop as he thought about his new life in the other world. After some time, Aiden looked at the young man and asked him.

"What kind of world are you going to send me to? What is exactly the nature of that world?? Also, I forgot to ask you about what you said about me staying here for over a thousand years?? Can you explain that to me?!!".

The young man waited till Aiden finished what seemed his maniac laugh and bombarding questions, the young man looked at him, sighed and said to him.

"Now that you stopped let me tell you something. I will not teleport you without a price. I have 2 conditions and you must fulfill them if you want me to send you".

"What are they, tell me now?!!".

When the young man looked at Aiden face, he enjoyed the expressions he showed. Even when his emotions are completely sealed, Aiden changes completely and shows all the expressions.

Young Man: 'It's like his emotions break out just when he's talking about his dreams'.

A/N: [Note For new and old fans, double quotation marks are for characters speech. one quotation mark is for characters thoughts].

The young man then started talking about everything.

"First, my name is Greil and I am what you could say a Spirit that resides in this space. I came from another world and lived here for over 1 million years".

"What?!!! 1 million years!??".

"Yes, hear now and let me continue. As I said I lived here for over 1 million years according to the time of your world. In reality, Inside this space, 10 days here equal 1 day of your world that means, I have lived here for over 10 million years in this space".

Aiden finally understood what the guy meant by a 1000 years earlier. He then thought a little and said to Greil

"So that means if I stayed here for a 1000 years, there must have passed over a century in the world".
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"Yes, you're right, and just to tell you don't think about telling me to bring you back because the moment I return you, you will die".

"What do you mean??".

"What I did is that I stopped your time in that world and brought you here but I only stopped your time. The moment you return to that world, your time will start again and you will return to the same position, the same speed, the same location in the same circumstances and I don't think you will live that fall, right?!".

"Hahaha, so you just wanna make me unattached to the world and leave it without regrets? you don't need to think about it, just answer my questions and tell me your conditions".

"Okay, it seems you understand well what I am talking about. The world I am sending you to is a world where magic flourished instead of science and all of this because of the existence of Mana unlike your world who doesn't have Mana at all".

"Oh, So it's your typical world where magic is reigning supreme and the powerful can decide everything".

"Yes, I don't know much about it now because it's been over 1 million years but what I am sure is that it still uses Mana to fight and rule. You can use Mana in many ways, either by becoming a mage or a warrior, an alchemist, a blacksmith. In short, it's your typical fantasy world as you said. You need to discover everything else when you go".

"Well, that explains a lot so thank you. Then what are your 2 conditions that you are talking about??".

"As I said earlier, I am a spirit living in this dimension for a long time but in the past, I was a human just like you living in the other world. That world is called The Sarna world".

Aiden started getting interested in the story the spirit was about to tell. He tried to sit but Just when he was about, he found himself inside a little room completely different from the white space he was in.

This room seemed like one of those fantasy medieval rooms. Aiden just sat on the nearest chair and looked at Greil.

"Well, staying here for over 10 million years made me able to have a little control on the place but not that much".

Aiden nodded as he looked at Greil.

"Well, to reach my story we need to talk about this dimension and our 2 worlds or universes to be exact. You see this fate dimension is a special portal dimension that ties 2 universes, 2 worlds for a limited time. This kind of dimension is naturally formed and can't be controlled no matter what. What I showed you earlier was just me using the energy here to form a little illusion but if I try to do anything more than that, the dimension will expel me and since I am a spirit, I will not be able to live that long".

Aiden finally understood what this place is. He then felt amazed by what Greil said as he never expected such a place to exist.

"Aiden, you must know something and that is, no living creature can enter this space and even if you enter inside, you will be devoured by the energy of this dimension. Officially, you're the second person to ever enter this place".

"Oh, then you must be the first person to enter. You are really something Greil".

Greil looked at him and smiled. He then raised his head and answered him while shaking his head.

"No, I can't count since when I entered the world, I was already dead. The one who entered this world first is my great Master also known as the greatest Space and time Mage of the Sarana world through all the eras, her name was Lara".

Aiden looked at Greil who is talking with a passionate voice about his master. Aiden then looked at Greil's eyes and noticed the longing for her.

Aiden: 'There must be something about this master'.

Greil went absent-minded for a while and you could even see some little tears but he immediately returned to normal. He then looked at Aiden and said to him.

"My master was a very talented mage. One of the best ever to exist. She was even able to resist the Fate energy in this dimension and stay here for over 10 thousand years alive. At that time when she discovered this place, she decided to stay and study the Fate energy here. After all that time, she was able to do the impossible and control the power of fate. The fate energy".

Aiden looked at Greil proud face as he talked about his Master and her achievements. Aiden didn't understand what it meant to stay here so he didn't care that much.

"Finally, she returned to the Sarna world and became the greatest Mage of all the eras. The people called her by many titles such a The immortal supreme deity or The heavenly queen of Sarna world and many others. hahaha, as her disciple, I lived with her and knew that whenever she heard those titles, she would completely blush".

Aiden couldn't imagine such a powerful person blushing when Someone is calling him by his title but he still didn't say anything. Greil continued the story of his Master.

"In all her life, My Master only took 3 disciples. I was the 2nd disciple. each one of us was an orphan taken by Master and because of our great talent, we created also a name for ourselves although not as famous as Master. At this point everything was good and we were living in happiness".

Aiden nodded and understood where this is going to. Most of the Mangas and Anime start with a good beginning and then when something goes south, chaos will happen.

"Aiden, you must understand something. Heaven doesn't like those who can control Fate. You must know that Fate is something that the world centers around and needs and controlling the fate energy mean controlling your past, present, and future. Not only your but your whole world".

Aiden finally understood the power of fate energy and how important it is to for those who search to use it for their own greedy dreams. Aiden then looked at Greil and told him.

"Your Master must be truly an amazing one. To be able to resist the power of fate and not use it is something amazing".

"Well, of course, she's amazing. After all, she's the greatest and that's why I fell in love with her. My feelings for her were truly genuine. I wanted to be with her forever even if she didn't see me but I still wanted to be beside her and live and die with her. Unfortunately, I couldn't protect her and she died crying in my hands".

Aiden asked him "What happened??".

"I told you that we lived all happily and stayed together but that was all a facade that my senior sister and junior brother wanted me and Master to believe. In reality, they never once considered her their Master".

"What do you mean?? Isn't your Master considered the strongest Mage??".

"Yes, but she never considered in her wildest thoughts that her own disciples who lived with her for 5000 years will betray her together with the Man she considered the Love of her life. Yes, two of her disciples and her Own Lover betrayed her and killed her".


"They all betrayed and killed her with cold blood. Her lover Darghun Etusa, her First Disciple Estelle Crypt, and her 3rd disciple, Aenik Tuma".

Greil continued crying while and rage on his face as he recounted what happened to his Master.

"That Witch Estelle poisoned Master Lara and when She discovered that, she tried to finish her but that bastard Darghun also attacked and tried to kill her. Unfortunately, they weren't able to finish her. I was also there as I fought with Master but my strength was only able to keep Estelle away while Master Lara dealt with the bastard. Unfortunately, Aenik came and at first, I thought that he was going to help us as he went to attack Darghun directly".

Greil then stopped crying and returned to normal as he said while looking at the ceiling of the room.

"But that was also a trap. He used that fraction of moment to stab Master Lara in the heart with his sword. She spat blood and lost the battle. I became enraged and lost my calm as I attacked Estelle but I was only able to injure her a little as Darghun and Aenik came to help her. In the end, I also lost and even saw them as they took what they really wanted from the beginning while I was holding the corpse of my master in my hands".

"What did they want??!!!".

Aiden asked Greil and looked at him waiting for an answer.

"They took the thing that is considered the game changer for every person in the Saran world, the strongest item to ever exist created by Master. The Fate changing Fragments".

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