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My Mini Planet 7 Brotherhood Reunion

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Arriving at his brother's chamber, all the seven already were awaiting him

"Hi bros, sorry for being a little late. The reunion was marked to start ten years ago, right ?" Hammed apologized, since he came ten years late.

"Relax, ten years is just a rapid chess game for us. Come, have a seat." Rafael said as he smiled.

When everybody was seated in a circule, Rafael waved his hand and a silver disc flew out from his spacial ring

"Well, so let's get started. Five hundred thousand years ago, I was exploring some ruins. The group was me and the crown princes of the Extreme Frost Empire and the Beast God Empire, George and James."

"After passing through some hardships and life-death situations, we finally found these silver discs."

After he finished speaking, the silver disc lighted up and a hologram appeared above. It indicated a desolate land between the borders of the North and West Regions.

These kind of places were inhabited and were lairs to lots of demonic beasts and bases to criminal organizations.

"After studying some ancient scriptures that were together with them, we found out that it's about an Ancient Artifact Engineer Inheritance. However, back then, we were gravely injured and it would be suicide to go there in those circumstances."

"Therefore, me and the other two princes made a oath to the Heavens that in five hundred thousand years, we would gather a team and meet at the Beast God Empire. From there, we would head to this desolate land. This meeting will be in a month. Did everyone understand ?" Rafael finished his explanation and asked.

All the princes nodded in agreement.

"So let's familiarize with each others strength. Well, I comprehend the Time Law as my main Law and the Karma Law as the auxiliary one. As for my fighting technique, I focus on the spear, training in the [Heaven Piercing Technique], it's a Low Heaven Level Art."

"I also broke through the True God Realm about two hundred thousand years ago, but a hope you guys keep it in secret, okay ?" Rafael said.

"Certainly." All the brotherhood said as they were astounded with this elder brother of them. One had to know that Rafael was just half a billion years old this year. Cultivating to such realm at this age could be described as an one in a trillion years genius. Anyone in the universe would be astounded if they knew.

Normal people would take billions of years to step in this realm. Some unlucky ones would even be stuck in the Ascending God Realm for all eternity.

"Looks like we don't even need to compete for the Throne anymore, the future Emperor is right in front of us." Leonard commented as he teased Rafael.

"You praise my to much, brother. Now please, everyone tell their cultivation realms and Laws they comprehend."

As Rafael finished speaking, the brothers started to describe their cultivations one by one.

"I'm at the final stages of the Ascending God Realm and I comprehend the Death Law as my main and the Slaughter Law as my auxiliary one. As for my fight technique, I use the heavy hammer and train in the [108 Smashing Paths], a Peak Earth Level technique." Leonard said.

"My cultivation is the same as Bro Leonard, but I cultivate the Void and Assassination Laws. I use a dagger as a weapon and train in the [Void Walker Assassination Art], Peak Earth Level." Marc responded

"Mid Ascending God Realm. War and Strategy Laws. I'm use long distance incantations and train in the [Over Lord's Mind Art] Quasi-Heaven Level Art." Alex explained.


Now it was Hammed's turn. Since nobody hid their cultivations, he wouldn't either, since they already made a loathly oath between them

"I just broke through the Ascending God Realm and I comprehend the Infinite Law. I didn't choose a weapon or a fight Art yet."

When he finish speaking, everyone had a astounded expression on their faces and Rafael asked

"Little bro, how much time did you cultivate and what's this "Infinite Law" that I never heard of?"

"I cultivated for fifty thousand years. As for what is the Infinite Law, it's kind of a mother Law, that originated the universe." Hammed said.

He wanted to speak about the mini Big Bang and the Energy-Matter expansion, however, nobody else here knew what these terminologies mean, so he stayed quiet about them.

Then he extended his hand and a representation of his personal universe appeared above his palm.

The whole brotherhood had shocked expression as they started asking

"How was your cultivation so fast ? Didn't your mortals start to get sloppy and lazy like ours ? We a genius ! Will he surpass Elder Bro Rafael in the future ?"

"And don't tell me that the legendary Personal Universe described only in ancient scriptures ?"


As everyone was agitated, Rafael said

"Guys, please calm down. Let Hammed explain calmly his achievements. Hammed, please continue."

"Okay. Well, my mortals didn't get lazy because if they stopped improving, only death and forced labor would await them, because their society is very competitive and prone for war. Here's my Civilization Construction Plan." Hammed said as he took out a book from his spacial ring and passed it to his brothers.

As they read it, everyone was astounded. The plan was just to perfect and ruthless. The mortals themselves killed each other in constant wars, forcing their improvement. And theoretically, there wasn't one god but four of them. And when they got to the sustainable energy systems part, they almost fainted.

Wouldn't the planet have an everlasting lifespan with such plan ? Take them for exemple. They were already worried about their planets, since they were starting to decline. But with this plan in hands, every thing could be resolved.

Rafael turned to Hammed and asked

"Was it you who came up with this ?"

"Yes." Hammed responded.

"Can we use it ?" Rafael finally asked.

"Of course, feel free." Hammed said.

The reason Hammed was so liberal about is because the strength of his brothers could also be his strength in the future.

"Everyone, little bro Hammed gave us this plan, but it's only for our use, so please don't leak it to others, understood ? As for Hammed's personal universe, I believe that even he didn't discovered everything about it, so let wait some time and keep it a secret, okay ?" Rafael said in a serious tone.

"Certainly." All the brotherhood responded.


After everyone got a copy of the Civilization Construction Plan and put it away, Rafael said

"Tomorrow we will be leaving to the Beast God Empire, so be prepared. We shall set off at noon using the interstellar ship."

"Also, Hammed, if I was you, I would already chose right away a weapon and a fight technique to start training, but it's up to you to decide. So that's it, everyone is dispensed."

"Thank you for the advice Bro Rafael." Hammed said in a grateful tone.

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After existing Rafael's chamber, Hammed headed to the Martial Hall to chose a weapon and a fight technique. Although just breaking through the Ascending God Realm, he already had an idea of which weapon he would use...

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