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My Mini Planet 6 Ascending God Realm ?

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In the middle of a forest, there was a small pond. At its side was a giant willow tree. Beneath it, a middle aged man was seated, fishing. The man was very simple, easy confused as a beggar.

However, this was Hammed, God of the planet, disguised as a human. Two thousand years already passed since he created the Human Race. From then, he started to wander through the world as his clones passed as humans and helped in their progress.

Until now, nobody was capable of entering the Ascending Stage Realm. It was like a huge bottleneck for the Human Race.

Remembering, Hammed already named the continents too. They were the North, South, West and East Continents.


The sun was rising in the horizon, and the pond's surface remained tranquil. Hammed's fishing line was steady, without undulations. Hammed laid on the willow's trunk, somehow asleep, but always holding the fishing rod.

Suddenly, something pushed the line. In the exact moment, Hammed woke up from his meditation thinking

"Someone broke through the Ascending Stage Realm."

After that he disappeared in thin air.


North Continent, Hunters Kingdom

In a dark and cold chamber, an old looking man was seated cross-legged on a stone bed. In a few seconds, his looks turned back to the same as when he was in his thirties.

Being a Great Elder from the kingdom, he entered into a last close door cultivation some years ago since he lifespan was reaching its limit. However the Heavens weren't unfair to him, as he became the first human of the history to breakthrough the Ascending Stage Realm.

Seated there, he saw some undulations in the air and a strange figure appeared in front of him. Looking closer, he immediately kneed respectfully saying

"This junior greets God!"

The figure in front of him had the same characteristics described as God by his ancestors.
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"I felt that you broke through the Ascending Stage Realm. Congratulations, and for being the first, I shall gift you something, right ?"

After he finished speaking, a ray of light flew from Hammed's forehead and imprinted a cultivation technique in the man's mind. After that, he waved his hand and a golden token materialized in the air

"Take my token. With it, you can easily dominate the lands and build up an Empire."

"Thank you God, I'm certainly become a Emperor !!"

After passing down the cultivation technique to the man, Hammed disappeared.


After that, Hammed returned to his routine of gathering faith power and trying to comprehend the Infinite Law.


Like this, about three thousand years passed. The Hunters Kingdom has long became an Empire, ruling over the entire North Continent and even came in contact with the other continents.

The pressure created by an Ascending Stage Realm cultivator knocking at their door greatly stimulated the people to cultivate too.

Also, when three other humans, each from a continent, broke through, Hammed visited them, passing down a cultivation technique and a token.


From the first Ascending Stage Realm cultivator until know, ten thousand years already passed. After the Hunters Empire took control of the North Continent, the Peerless Empire gain control or the south, the Buddhist Empire dominated the east and the Undying Empire ruled the west with iron fists.

Know that lots of mortal entered their path to ascension, the quantity of faith power Hammed received increased considerably. His foundations wore as solid as ever. For example, his physical body. It was so hard that even low Spirit Level weapons couldn't cut opened his skin.

His soul also was passing through major transformations in these last ten thousand years. It was so steady and boundless that he could almost materialize it. Materializing the soul was a characteristic of those who broke through the Ascending God Realm.

However, when materialized, it has to have the characteristics of the Law the people comprehended. Like people that comprehended the Fire Law, when materializing their soul power, it took fire form.


Now that empires were formed, Hammed summoned his clones back to him. This because he didn't need to worry about their progress anymore. He would only interfere when they started to collapse.

Therefore, he just focused in comprehending the Laws, wandering through the world.

Presently, his understanding of the Infinite Law was to shallow. But when he really enters this path in the future, the possibilities were countless. Hammed believed he could even build up the legendary personal universe, only known in ancient scriptures.

About what weapon to use in the future, he wasn't very preoccupied. Normally, immortal cultivators waited until they entered the Ascending God Realm to choose, and some only chose one at the True God Realm.

This because it's very hard to find a Artifact that was compatible with oneself. Only Artifact Engineers and people that could afford to pay them had the privilege to have a Artifact with perfect harmony, for exemple.

Take his father, the Star God Emperor. He only had one weapon type Artifact. It was the Star Saber, won from the clan when he became the Emperor. It costed a fortune to ask an Artifact Engineer to forge it as a Heaven Level Artifact.


More thirty nine thousand years passed by in an instant. The Human Race progress was starting to stop, but the resources were sufficient for the moment. Therefore, it wasn't the right time for Hammed to take action yet.

At this point, few humans were Sovereign experts, but the number of ascending ones was considerable.


At a huge mountain, in a deep cavern, Hammed was seated cross-legged on the ground. His cultivation was going very well. The foundation built by him in the last fifty thousand years could only be described as extremely firm.

It was so that he could defend against high Spirit Level weapons with his bare body and his soul power could materialized even though he was only at the Lesser God Realm.

Seated there, he was at a critical point in the comprehension of the Infinite Law. Suddenly, an excited expression appeared in his face. Then all the insights of the Law comprehended by him in the last fifty thousand years started to gather at a single spot of his mind.

In a few breaths, that point started to expand crazily as a wave of Energy-Matter immediately occupied his conscience, involving his planet too.

It was like a mini Big Bang, creating a micro universe in his soul(conscience). However, it had just one planet and lots of astral dust

"Who would have thought I would create a personal universe, only seen in ancient legends." Hammed thought as his scanned through his soul.

Although it looked like it would grow infinitely, the expansion was stoped by the borders of his soul. Thus, accumulation of more faith power and soul expansion was needed if he wanted this micro universe to grow bigger.

At the moment, he wasn't capable of creating his own planets , but Hammed was confident that in higher realms, that would be possible.


"Now that a I broke through the Ascending God Realm, it's time to meet my brothers and go to those ruins." Hammed thought as he opened his eyes, seated on a stone bed.

Getting up, he exited his chamber, heading to Rafael's room...

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