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"What is Spiritual Treasure?"

When Zhou Bao asked this question, Fate Creation Boy was stunned. He looked up and asked, "Don't you know what that is?"

"Of course I don't, otherwise, why would I bother asking you?"

"I thought you already knew!" said Fate Creation Boy. "I see you using the Flipping Sky Seal and the Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Shield with great ease. All of them are Spiritual Treasures!"

"What the hell is Spiritual Treasure?"

"It's something like your Flipping Sky Seal and Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Shield. When you practice a cultivation method to perfection, it will naturally be condensed into the shape of a magic weapon. This kind of thing is known as Spiritual Treasure. Unlike other celestial devices and fairy weapons, Spiritual Treasure is composed solely of the essence of the world and is more convenient to use. Furthermore, it's original rather than artificial. Its grade mainly depends on the level of the cultivation method you have practiced. For example, although your Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Shield is powerful, the Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Technique is not a powerful cultivation method, therefore, it's inferior to the Flipping Sky Seal. I guess you're very clear about this point!"

"Of course, the power of the Flipping Sky Seal is much stronger than that of the Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Shield. However, the Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Technique is a kind of cultivation method, while the Flipping Sky Seal is just a secret skill and a way to exert strength. Is there really no difference between them?"

"The differences are not so obvious. Haven't you sensed that when the Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Technique has been practiced to perfection and condensed into the Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Shield, it is a secret skill as well? You didn't notice that because it is plainer and simpler than the Flipping Sky Seal. Both the Flipping Sky Seal and the Infinite Trembling Contemplation are methods used especially for practicing Spiritual Treasures. Spiritual Treasures are made up of the essence of the world. You can also refine them with some treasures of heaven and earth and turn them into real magic weapons if you would like to. In this way, basically, they will have the power of Taihao Fairy Weapons. The only problem is that they're not as convenient as real Spiritual Treasures and can be used only as common fairy weapons!"

"Are there any other functions for the Spiritual Treasures apart from being used as fairy weapons?"

"Of course, they can help you further comprehend the Law of Heaven and Earth and gradually improve your strength and cultivation phase!" Fate Creation Boy did not conceal anything from Zhou Bao. On the contrary, he told Zhou Bao everything he knew about Spiritual Treasures. To put it simply, Spiritual Treasures were magic weapons that had spiritual qi and originated from Primordial Origin. Some mighty people had evolved the cultivation methods of the first few Spiritual Treasures according to the magic weapons of heaven and earth. Later, after many years of development, Spiritual Treasures thrived in the later stages of the era of ancient deities and the early stages of the era of the Ancient Celestial Court. However, in the middle and later stages of antiquity times, powerful necromancers appeared and pursued the method of refining weapons. Since then, it gradually replaced the role of Spiritual Treasures. After antiquity times, the essence of the world gradually dissipated and all the practitioners' strength was sharply reduced. So, ordinary practitioners were unable to condense pneuma into Spiritual Treasures, unlike Zhou Bao. Hence, the legend of Spiritual Treasures gradually disappeared, and only a few people knew about them.

In the final analysis, the pneuma was to be blamed for all this. There would not have been so many problems if the essence of the world had not dissipated.

After hearing the explanation of Fate Creation Boy, Zhou Bao had a preliminary understanding of Spiritual Treasures. Certainly, he could not believe everything Fate Creation Boy had just said.

"Well, it seems that you've decided to leave!"

"Sure. Do you think I'll be so stupid to wait for death here?" Zhou Bao said with a wry smile. He was clearly elated and did things at will after giving vent to a stream of abuse. Nonetheless, he had really gone too far. He had provoked a lot of people through his reckless behavior. Thus, he chose to run away before they had the time to kill him. After all, he was not a masochist.

"I can't stop you from leaving. But I want you to meet someone before you go!"


"An old friend, the one who imparted the Infinite Realms Teleportation to you!"

"Imparted the Infinite Realms Teleportation to me?" Zhou Bao's eyes narrowed.

"Apart from that, he also helped you to gain sudden enlightenment and further enhanced your strength. His only requirement for you was that you must bring him the Ranking of Demons and Immortals from the Sea Emperor!"

"The Ranking of Demons and Immortals is in your hands!" Zhou Bao's face suddenly grew solemn and he had a grim sense of foreboding.

"It's now useless in my hands!" Fate Creation Boy wore a forced smile. "It's better to send it to the Emperor of Netherworld through your hands rather than wait for this bunch of people to snatch it after they have produced results. In this way, you two can form good karma with each other!"

"Emperor of Netherworld, that man is Emperor of Netherworld!"

"Of course. How could he obtain Netherworld Heaven if he wasn't?" Fate Creation Boy smiled. A golden ray flashed across his fingertips and then the Ranking of Demons and Immortals appeared. "Take the Ranking of Demons and Immortals as well as this thing with you. He fell prey to someone's plot and was severely injured. That's why he needed to take a one-hundred-year sleep after helping you. You can wake him up with this object. Then, you can send the Ranking of Demons and Immortals to him. If he rewards you for it, you should ask for nothing but the Reincarnation Scroll!"

"Reincarnation Scroll? What's that?"

"You'll know when he gives it to you!" Fate Creation Boy wore a mysterious smile and stopped speaking.

"Hmm, you guys really like to shroud yourself in mystery!" Zhou Bao's lips curled. He put the Ranking of Demons and Immortals away and cupped his fists together to bid farewell to Fate Creation Boy. Then he broke through space and vanished from Taihua Mountain.

"You just gave this guy the Ranking of Demons and Immortals?" Seeing that Zhou Bao had left, Lord of Heaven Black Turtle slowly walked up to Fate Creation Boy and gave him a querulous look. "You also asked him to get the Reincarnation Scroll. What on earth are you thinking about?"

"We have been involved in this tribulation. Since he's a talent who has great potential and the Tribulation Taker, I might as well give him some advice. It's better than him messing around and getting us into trouble. Moreover, if he can get that, it's not necessarily a bad thing for us!"

"But it's still too early. If he has really reached the Immortal Realm, perhaps that would be better!"

"Do we still have that much time?!" Fate Creation Boy laughed bitterly. "You're well aware of the current situation. We didn't want to stir up trouble, but it has already come to us. Heaven Realm World will undergo a tribulation very soon. Though it might not be as devastating as the Necromancer's Tribulation in those days, neither of us is the Jade Emperor from that time. We can only pin our hopes on this boy!"

"If we gambled on the wrong man, we'll be ruined!" Lord of Heaven Black Turtle sighed.

"I think he will succeed!" Fate Creation Boy said with a smile.

"I hope so!" Lord of Heaven Black Turtle said helplessly.

In the endless spacetime of Heaven Realm World.

Zhou Bao traveled through the endless spacetime like a sharp black arrow. Be it the surrounding Space Barriers, the space-time turbulence, or the space-time storms, they were simply nothing to him. All of them were crushed by the gale that his powerful body movements had produced.

"Netherworld Heaven, why does it hide in the endless spacetime? The Emperor of Netherworld has also fallen into a deep sleep. What the hell had these Great Ancient Emperors encountered in that Necromancer's Tribulation? Why do they have to exercise undue caution in taking actions? Some of them have even been imprisoned. Although they do have the ability to protect themselves, that's all. What the hell is going on?"

Zhou Bao could not understand this matter at all. Jade Emperor had divided the boundaries after antiquity times. If he were these emperors, he would be self-effacing and keep himself away from Jade Emperor. How could they have come to such a miserable end?

With doubts in his heart, he moved at a quicker pace. Not knowing how long he had been flitting around in the endless spacetime, he finally stopped at a strange spacetime.

This spacetime was very spacious and empty. The flow rate of time and space here was average. It was located between the cracks of several spacetimes. There was a speck of yellow dust moving up and down in its center.

"Netherworld Heaven. Haha, turning a world into a speck of dust. What a powerful technique! The Emperor of Netherworld is really mighty!"

Turning a world into a speck of dust could defeat 99% of practitioners in the Heaven Realm World. No one was able to break the inhibition of Netherworld Heaven unless they had stepped into the Earthly Immortal Realm.

With Fate Creation Boy's guidance and the Infinite Realms Teleportation that had been imparted by the Emperor of Netherworld, Zhou Bao had no problem entering Netherworld Heaven at all.

Everything here was yellow, be it mountains, water, fog, and spiritual qi. There was nothing except for a few rivers flowing ceaselessly.

Standing on an Underworld River and feeling the spiritual qi coming from the raging river, Zhou Bao exhaled slowly. This was where the Emperor of Netherworld had been sleeping. He raised his hand and then a green petal appeared in his palm. It was the object Fate Creation Boy gave him to awaken the sleeping Emperor of Netherworld.

It was a lotus petal. Although Zhou Bao did not know its origin, he was aware that anything related to a Lotus was by no means an ordinary thing in this practicing world. There was not even a tiny bit of spiritual qi on this lotus petal, but it gave off a very strange aura which he had sensed before in a Heavenly Fairy Weapon—the red gourd.

However, he had no intention of studying this thing now. For him, the most critical thing was to free the Emperor of Netherworld and obtain the Reincarnation Scroll.

He did not know what the Reincarnation Scroll was either. But when he heard this name, his heart throbbed.

Reincarnation? What was reincarnation?

There was no concept of reincarnation in this world, but he came to this world with the memories from his previous life. It must have something to do with reincarnation. Maybe he could figure out how he had come to this world after he acquired the Reincarnation Scroll. Therefore, he threw the lotus petal into the river underfoot without hesitation.

After it sunk into the waters, invisible ripples spread throughout the river.
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