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The Torrential Thunder Emperor was an Earthly Immortal from the Northernmost Sea and he enjoyed high status there. But this time, he attacked Zhou Bao just after the end of the Void Competition. Strictly speaking, he violated the rules of the Void Competition. If he really killed Zhou Bao, nothing would happen because no one would be willing to offend an Earthly Immortal due to such a trifle. Similarly, if Zhou Bao killed him, he should accept his bad luck. After all, it was impossible for people in the Northernmost Sea to offend Zhou Bao—an arrogant and powerful upstart in the void.

However, an Earthly Immortal reigned as an important force around an area. However, there remained only a few Earthly Immortals in the Northernmost Sea. Each enjoyed considerably high status and played a key role in stabilizing the situation.

The void guarded by the Torrential Thunder Emperor was very stable in the beginning, but after he died, that area became unstable. The various macro worlds under his wing lost power and influence and were replaced by more powerful macro worlds and influences which the Earthly Immortals backed. And that was certain. But the Devil Tribulation represented the biggest problem in this area.

The Devil Tribulation could be large or small. Some Devil Tribulations would be eliminated before they started the ball rolling. That was because they appeared in places with Earthly Immortals. No matter how many Fierce Owls and Devil Tribesmen existed, so long as they failed to reach the Earthly Immortal Realm, they would be wiped out in the shortest time possible. Even if there were Earthly Immortals in the Devil Tribe, having subjected to the rules of the void, these Earthly Immortals could never exert their true power. And finally, they would die with grievances in their hearts.

Things shifted where there were no Earthly Immortals. By virtue of their quantity, the Devil Tribesmen gained a great advantage in a short time. If that was the case, then possibly they occupied a macro world and assimilated an Earthly Immortal there. Once succeeding in doing so, an ordinary Devil Tribulation evolved into a substantial Devil Tribulation. If things worsened—more than three Earthly Immortals assimilated into their tribe, the Void Universe faced a great calamity.

Since the Void Universe's birth, it experienced untold calamities. Although it stood towering like a giant up to now, its power was sapped by the calamities every time. Countless practitioners lost their lives, numerous macro worlds disappeared, and many influences disintegrated. In order to fend against the Devil Tribulation, the Heaven Realm World strived to develop necromancers in those days and thus led to the Necromancer's Tribulation.

Now, although nearly a million years had passed, the Devil Tribulation occurred several times during this period, large and small. Even two large Devil Tribulations took place during this period. The Heaven Realm World stood unaffected because it was located in a remote and desolate place. People in the entire Void Universe panicked at the mention of the Devil Tribulation.

Originally, the Devil Tribulation occurred every few thousand years. Recently, however, it transpired at a high frequency. Before the Devil Tribulation in the Easternmost Land came to an end, another Devil Tribulation happened in the Northernmost Sea. Presently, the Devil Sect in the Void Universe conducted some strange actions and the sealed 99 Primordial Demons also made some unusual movements. All this indicated a Devil Tribulation powerful enough to sweep through the entire Void Universe was right around the corner. Neither anyone nor any macro world lowered their guard against such a Devil Tribulation. The same was true for the Heaven Realm World.

"It's really interesting. Although the Northernmost Sea is nearer to this place than the Easternmost Land is, it is still very far from us. Do you believe the Devil Tribesmen will spread here?"

"I don't mean that. But they are likely to occupy the Northernmost Sea. Originally, the Torrential Thunder Emperor protected that area. If he was still there, the Devil Tribe could not evolve into a large-scale group. However, he died. Without a powerful man's protection, once there arrives a Primordial Demon at the Earthly Immortal Realm, the consequences would be unimaginable!"

"You don't wish me to go there, do you?" Zhou Bao pursed his lips. He understood the reason why Wang She came. "It's really an interesting suggestion. Who dreamt it up, you or my father-in-law?"

"It was put forward by several emissaries from the Northernmost Sea and some emissaries from other places in front of the Human Emperor. They thought since it's you who killed the Torrential Thunder Emperor, although you have your reason to do that, you should still be responsible. Therefore, the Human Emperor sent me."

"I should be responsible for that? Ask them to go to hell!" Zhou Bao almost jumped up. "Who said that? Let them speak such words again in front of me! I grind their bones!"

Zhou Bao, not good-tempered, resented shouldering responsibility. He did kill the Torrential Thunder Emperor, but only in self-defense because he attacked him first. He refused to believe his actions were wrongful. As for the problem of the Northernmost Sea, that owed to their incapability. It was none of his business!

"You're right, but I don't believe you should refuse!" Wang She shook his head and smiled. "Maybe this is their test!"

"Test? Test who!" Zhou Bao narrowed his eyes. "What do you mean?"

"They are testing your attitude—your attitude toward the entire Void Universe, and the attitude of the Heaven Realm World as well!" Wang She smiled. "Of course, they are also testing if the Heaven Realm World possesses trump cards or not. If the Human Emperor agrees to send you to the Northernmost Sea, that means apart from you, there are still other Earthly Immortals in the Heaven Realm World. But if he doesn't agree with that, that proves you are the only one he can rely on!"

"No wonder that old guy agreed so straightforwardly!" Zhou Bao sneered. Although the others wanted to test Yan Yuntian, Yan Yuntian was simply not someone who allowed bullying. He immediately voiced support for that proposal and sent Wang She to search for Zhou Bao. In that case, he exhibited Zhou Bao was not the only one he relied on in their presence. Thus, the others were unsure what the real situation was.

"I won't go there. I don't care what the situation is in the Northernmost Sea. It's none of my business!" Zhou Bao waved his hand. "Is there nothing else?"

"The Devil Sect in the Seven-deity Regions conducted some unusual movements recently. It seems they are plotting schemes!"

When he heard the words "Devil Sect", Zhou Bao's expression altered slightly. "Do you believe it is related to the Devil Tribe?"

Wang She confirmed his guess. "Absolutely. The number of experts in the Devil Sect increased recently and its combat capability improved very rapidly. There are a few whose origin and strength I cannot even judge. I suspect this sect must collude with some demons in the void!"

"Collude with the Devil Tribe in the void? What do they want to do?" Zhou Bao was shocked. All of a sudden, he remembered something. "Devil Tribulation, there was a Devil Tribulation in the Easternmost Land, also the Northernmost Sea. Do they intend to stir up a Devil Tribulation in the Heaven Realm World?"

"That's what I fear the most. We clearly understand the situation of the Heaven Realm World. If the Devil Tribulation really appears here, we cannot keep out the Devil Tribe unless you take actions. If they mean to cause a stir here, the first one they attack is you. After all, you are the best practitioner here!"

"My strength has been thoroughly exposed this time!" Zhou Bao frowned. "They must have a lot of confidence in harming me. I am in trouble now!"

"That's true. I might be in trouble, too. Everyone is aware of our friendly intimacy."

"How powerful is the Devil Sect in the Heaven Realm World currently?" Zhou Bao suddenly looked up and asked. A sliver of light flashed across his eyes. "There are at least eight Devil Tribesmen at the Immortal Realm in the nearby Star Area!" Wang She answered.

"The Immortal Realm?" Zhou Bao pressed his forehead gently, as if he had a headache. "Hey, is there any way to ascertain the actual situation in the Devil Sect and wipe them out in one stroke?"

A bright light flashed through Wang She's eyes as he heard this. "You suggest we attack first to gain the upper hand?"

"Yes, it's better to strike now than to strike later. According to what you mentioned, they are actively making preparations and haven't taken actions yet. In this case, we should exterminate them first. As long as the Devil Sect is annihilated, no matter what plot they have devised, they will vanish into thin air. What do you think?"

"Right. We'd better take initiative and catch them off guard. But it's not simple to make clear the real situation in the Devil Sect!"

"The Child-endowing Buddha has recently been occupied by different dealings and has got in touch with many people. Do you think he has the information we need?"

The Child-endowing Buddha was very busy but still joyful. Over the past few years, his strength improved and his status raised. He seemed to regain the feeling of being the Demon King in those days. When Zhou Bao passed on a message to him, he was busy dealing with a bunch of emissaries from the Strange Tale World—a macro world from the Northernmost Sea. It had no Earthly Immortals to support it and lay close to the area where the Devil Tribulation occurred. Without the lips, the teeth felt the cold. Therefore, the Devil Tribulation concerned this world immensely. However, in addition to being fully prepared to defend it, people there could not dream up better measures. The Child-endowing Buddha offered words of comfort to them timely and arranged everything appropriately. Then, he bid them farewell.

As soon as he left the place specially prepared for the various influences in the Void Universe to coexist, his expression changed. "This Zhou Bao really relishes causing me trouble. I'm so busy, I have no inclination to pay attention to the Devil Sect and bother about its disciples!" He was very unhappy. After assigning some tasks to his subordinates, he broke the space and headed straight toward the Wuyang Region. With his current strength, he was able to travel from the east to the west or from the south to the north in the Seven-deity Regions in the blink of an eye.

However, this time, his time-tested space-crossing method failed. Just as he broke the space and stepped into its crack, the entire space reversed. When he realized something bad occurred, it was already too late. A unique spacetime appeared in front of him.

He was dumbstruck with amazement as he looked at the familiar and strange scenery in front of him. "This is the Highest Jade Cave Heaven!!!"
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