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The so-called Primordial Spirits of Three Separations referred to three separated incarnations which had their own primordial spirit.

This skill divided all the knowledge one gathered in his whole life into four categories. One could then assign each of them to his three incarnations: primordial spirits as well as his own body respectively. Every incarnation or the primordial spirit it carried, would be used to develop a particular technique and focus on honing its skill. In this way, one man could possess a combat capability equivalent to the combined power of four men. Meanwhile, it would also improve one's martial phase. Hence, it was a very powerful Divine Sense.

In fact, the mighty sage who invented this skill did not only study the four categories of martial techniques. At first, he considered splitting his primordial spirit into more pieces. But during his practice, he reluctantly found that no matter how capable he was, the most he could create were three copies of his primordial spirit. And that was the Primordial Spirits of Three Separations.

However, that was not the end of it. The way of the Primordial Spirits of Three Separations could at most quadruple one's combat capability. But during his practice and researches, the mighty sage discovered a most amazing secret of the primordial spirit. At last, with this knowledge, he accomplished the Celestial Immortal's Way smoothly and even went a step further. This was the most valuable feature of the way of the Primordial Spirits of Three Separations.

The way was constituted by three parts. The first was the way to create the Second Primordial Spirit, which was similar to the evolvement of an incarnation that Zhou Bao had mastered. The difference was that this evolvement could enhance the ways practiced by the Second Primordial Spirit. It could accurately segmentize all the ways and Divine Senses of one's primordial spirits and nourish them carefully. This was the goal Zhou Bao wanted to achieve. He was seeking to divide his Second Primordial Spirit of the Dragon Chimera and let his incarnation of the Dragon Chimera practice the ways and Divine Senses of the Fire Way exclusively. Then, this incarnation of the Dragon Chimera might become the device spirit of the Furnace of Immortality. He also intended to create another primordial spirit to focus on practicing his swordsmanship. As for the Third Primordial Spirit, it was not something he would contemplate on right now.

Since the division of the Third Primordial Spirit was out of his reach, the second part and the third part of the way of Primordial Spirits of Three Separations were even more beyond his reach.

But Zhou Bao was not worried, because he had a lot of time to do it.

Instead of biting off more than he could chew, he decided to be practical and divide his primordial spirit in two parts instead.

His existing incarnation and its primordial spirit were already very pure. His Outer-body Incarnation was evolved from the Real Body of a Dragon Chimera, while his Second Primordial Spirit was developed from the Dark Female Pearl. Since Zhou Bao decided to pursue the purification of his power, he merged all his skills into his incarnation, but excluded his punching skill and fist intent. These enhanced the strength of this incarnation considerably. Now, its power was nearly on par with his own body. But due to all the mixed skills it carried, it had made little progress in recent years.

At present, what Zhou Bao needed was to create another Separated Po to form a pure Fire Way Primordial Spirit.

In this way, when the Fire Way Primordial Spirit came into being, an extra Outer-body Incarnation would be formed. This would contain all the ways and Divine Senses short of the Extreme Realm of Force, the crushing vacuum technique that his own body was practicing and also the skills that his Fire Way Primordial Spirit was working on. That meant this Outer-body Incarnation would master the Natal Sword of the Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword, the Infinite Trembling Contemplation, a part of the Nine Changes of Heavenly Birds, a portion of the Innate Deity's bloodline and many other skills. This was the challenge Zhou Bao would face when his Fire Way Incarnation was completed. According to Ghost Child's advice, his second Outer-body Incarnation should be a sword incarnation, for he had practiced the Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword since childhood. Due to the fact that this special technique had been passed down from primitive times or even more ancient times, its sword intent was extraordinary, not less than that of the Immortal-slaying Sword Qi. If Zhou Bao could infuse the Immortal-slaying Sword Qi with his Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword, he would be able to create an extremely impressive technique in swordsmanship. When he achieved that, his second Outer-body Incarnation would naturally become powerful. As for the third Outer-body Incarnation, given that the red gourd had no clue about it, Zhou Bao certainly would not bother to think about it now.

Practicing the Primordial Spirits of Three Separations was a highly demanding task. The difficulties were in the second and third part. The mighty sage in primitive times had developed the two parts by imitating the process of practicing the Outer-body Incarnation. In plain words, these two parts were just a refined version of the Outer-body Incarnation technique. Zhou Bao had grasped everything about this technique, so he found this refined version easy to master. Soon, he succeeded in producing his Fire Way Incarnation, which was still a ball of black flame. But when he tossed it into the Furnace of Immortality, an amazing phenomenon appeared.

The true form of this Furnace of Immortality was the head of an Innate Deity, but Zhou Bao did not know what the background of this Innate Deity was. When he obtained the body of this Innate Deity, he could not digest the information this Innate Deity passed to his mind. In fact, up to today, he still could not understand any of the information that had been transmitted to his Divine Awareness. He had sealed it in the depths of his Sea of Consciousness.

However, this time when he had produced the Second Primordial Spirit of the Fire Way and put it into the Furnace of Immortality, a bizarre change occurred.

In the past, his Outer-body Incarnation bore a great resemblance to a device spirit. Although its power was immense, it was not very pure and could not infuse with the true form of the Furnace of Immortality, which was a fairy weapon. Thus, the Original Spirit of this fairy weapon could never be attached to his Outer-body Incarnation. Consequently, the Furnace of Immortality never had a chance to evolve into a Heavenly Fairy Weapon.

But this time, it was different. This pure Fire Way Primordial Spirit made from the Dragon Chimera was perfectly compatible with the properties of the Furnace of Immortality. However, with this compatibility, a problem occurred. Well, actually, it was not a problem, it was just an abnormal phenomena—the Fire Way Primordial Spirit and the Original Spirit of the Furnace of Immortality were attracted to each other instantly and suddenly combined into one.

To be more precise, Zhou Bao's Second Primordial Spirit swallowed the Original Spirit. Anyway, the Original Spirit of the Furnace of Immortality was still in its primitive phase. Even though it was devoured by Zhou Bao, the Furnace of Immortality did not feel a thing at all. But Zhou Bao sensed something strange.

After infusing with the Original Spirit, Zhou Bao's Dragon Chimera incarnation suddenly turned into the device spirit of the Furnace of Immortality. And in that split second, Zhou Bao suddenly realized the most fundamental difference between the Taihao Fairy Weapon and the Heavenly Fairy Weapon.

The best feature of the Taihao Fairy Weapon was its material. But the material was merely an object. If you wanted to improve it, you had to refine it unceasingly, nourish it and pump more power into it. However, the Heavenly Fairy Weapon was not like that, for it had a device spirit. The device spirit was the essential element of the Heavenly Fairy Weapon, and it was also the one who knew this weapon best. It always had a clear view of what the Heavenly Fairy Weapon needed and the direction in which the Heavenly Fairy Weapon should seek more progress. Meanwhile, it could repel some foreign matters in the fairy weapon to purify it and kept it on a constant rising trend. This was one of the most fundamental difference between the two type of fairy weapons. And there was another crucial difference that the device spirit the Heavenly Fairy Weapon possessed. It could also practice skills, manipulate objects, or even become a part of the fairy weapon; this released much greater power than what a Taihao Fairy Weapon could possibly have.

Now, with Zhou Bao's primordial spirit of the Dragon Chimera being thoroughly transformed into the device spirit of the Furnace of Immortality, Zhou Bao's knowledge of the Furnace of Immortality was considerably deepened.

Frankly, even though this fairy weapon was refined solely by Zhou Bao, the achievement should be attributed to its material, which was the head of an Innate Deity. If he had not come across such a fortune, it would have been impossible for him to develop a Taihao Fairy Weapon on his own.

Another factor was that due to the enormous power of this Innate Deity's head, once the refinement was completed, it was converted instantly into a Medium Grade Taihao Fairy Weapon. Then, Zhou Bao added the Tusita Fire to it, which further boosted its power. Now, since Zhou Bao's Second Primordial Spirit began adjusting the unconformities hidden deep inside this fairy weapon, out of the instinct of the device spirit, this Furnace of Immortality began to metamorphose.

Previously, before Zhou Bao set out to refine this head into the Furnace of Immortality, he scanned the whole head with his Divine Awareness. But the scan he did this time was totally different. Last time, he scanned the object as a mere onlooker. Although he examined the head inside out, he did not find anything worth his attention. In contrast, this time round, he was doing the scan as its device spirit. It was as if this head had been put under a microscope; he scrutinized every tiny structure of it and nothing in this head escaped his eye.

"Oh my goodness, this is really the head of an Innate Deity! Once you have a look at it, you'll be shocked!"

As Zhou Bao scanned the head with his Divine Awareness, he found the head to be as complex as the most sophisticated magic formation in the world; it was even more intricate than the Yin and Yang Dust Formation. "Gosh, there were so many acupoints inside the skull that it was hard to imagine how much Dharma power this skull was able to hold. With this amount of Dharma power, even one punch would be enough to devastate a macro world. Impressive, how impressive!"

"Yes, that's it, that's it! Last time I overlooked this point. There are some special tendons and meridians. If I can link these tendons and meridians together, it'll be more convenient for the circulation of the Dharma power...Eh? Interesting! If I can achieve this, seems that the efficiency of my Heavenly Jade Technique and Snake-like Breath Holding Skill will increase greatly. Then, the frequency of my Critical Hits can also be improved. Great, it's really great!"

Zhou Bao examined the head as if he was poring through a live dictionary. The construction of the head of the Innate Deity was perfect, without a single piece calling for modification. Instead, through this observation, Zhou Bao spotted a lot of shortcomings in his own. Just when he was immersed in studying these discoveries, his Divine Awareness abruptly gave a shudder and he yelled, "Eh? What's this?"

Between the eyebrows of the head, that was to say the Furnace of Immortality, stood the first Pure Yang Celestial Device Zhou Bao refined—the Golden Flame Mirror. After being nourished by the Furnace of Immortality and the Tusita Fire all these years, the Golden Flame Mirror had evolved into a Lower Grade Taihao Fairy Weapon, only a step away from becoming a fairy weapon. But right now, what drew Zhou Bao's attention was not this Golden Flame Mirror, but the thing behind it.

There was a spacetime hiding behind it.

Yes, there was a small but deadly silent spacetime.

In the past, Zhou Bao's cultivation was not high enough, so he had missed the spacetime when scanning the Furnace of Immortality. But now, after becoming a device spirit, this spacetime could not be hidden from him anymore. Nevertheless, when his Divine Awareness swept across this spacetime, a jet of peerlessly sharp Sword Qi smashed his Divine Awareness into pieces.

"What the hell is that? How could it be so sharp!"

Almost at the same time, Ghost Child's frightened voice rang in his Divine Awareness, "Ah, Immortal-killing Sword Qi, this is Immortal-killing Sword Qi! It was this that killed the Innate Deity!"
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