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Omnipotent Sage 761 The Thunder Capital & the Ten Day Plan

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"This is the Thunder Capital!!"

If Shengjing City was the most imposing city in the Eastern Thunder World, then the Thunder Capital would be the legendary holy city there.

This city had a population of about seven to eight million, and all the people here were practitioners. Even the pedlars and menial servants on the street were Level Seven or Eight experts. This was the resource and strength of the Eastern Thunder Sect. But now, all these practitioners were not worth mentioning in front of the great quantity of Devil Tribesmen.

The number of Devil Tribesmen was so large that no level of quality could overcome such a difference in population between them and the practitioners in this city. Although the Fierce Owls were vulnerable in front of practitioners like Zhou Bao, each one of them had at least the strength of a Level Seven or Eight expert. And the powerful ones even had the strength of Individual Immortals. Even the millions of practitioners here simply could not withstand their attacks. If it weren't for its first-class defensive magic formation, perhaps the entire city would have been captured by now.

And the Eastern Thunder Sect would have been taken as well.

Zhou Bao had thrown off Dong Yingtian and entered the Thunder Capital following the crowd. This city was so large that it could easily accommodate millions of people. Now, even though most of the surviving practitioners in the Eastern Thunder World were here, it was not crowded. Zhou Bao even saw many tiny spacetimes here, with each one of them being able to accommodate hundreds of millions of living creatures.

"It's a wonderful micro world. As long as it is given enough time, chances are that it can evolve into a macro world. No wonder it has become the core of the Eastern Thunder Sect!" the Ghost Child said in a surprised tone as he felt the spirit of the Thunder Capital.

"It isn't a Supreme Fairy Weapon, is it?" asked Zhou Bao.

"No, it's a Top-grade Highest Heaven Celestial Device. Although the power it can exert far surpasses that of an ordinary Taihao Fairy Weapon, it's a Highest Heaven Celestial Device in the end."

"Why is the Eastern Thunder Sect so kind as to accommodate all these practitioners?"

"No matter what their intentions are, at least there's nothing wrong with it presently. Look, they have sent many people to house these practitioners. They seem to have been fully prepared."

The practitioners from the Eastern Thunder Sect were busy evacuating the crowd and skillfully guiding different practitioners to different areas. Although there were many people waiting to be guided, they still did everything in good order.

"It's actually because that they do everything in an orderly way that I feel somewhat strange about it!" Zhou Bao narrowed his eyes. Along with the crowd, he followed the Eastern Thunder Sect guide and entered the area where he would temporarily live. "It's so weird. Given their proficiency in this process, they must have adopted an extremely strict training. This cannot be done within one or two days. It's not been a long time since the Devil Tribe invaded the city. Is it possible that they already knew that the Devil Tribe were going to invade here?"

"That's impossible. Even if the Devil Tribe were going to invade here, it would only send a small group. They would never expect that the tribe would invade here on such a large scale this time. If they predicted that, they never would have conducted the trial. The Eastern Thunder World would never allow the Qing Dynasty to activate that Transmitting Formation!"

"That's the key to the problem. In that case, how could the people from the Eastern Thunder Sect respond to all this so promptly?"

"What do you think?"

"I don't know. I don't have all the information."

"I'm sorry everyone. Everything just happened so unexpectedly and our sect cannot make full preparations for it all. You shall stay here temporarily and someone will come to help you register and arrange for you to leave the Eastern Thunder World. But during this period, I hope all of you can keep calm and be patient. After all, we cannot send all the people away in one go because there are just so many people here!"

"We understand!" everyone replied in unison. After all, they needed the help of the Eastern Thunder Sect.

"There's one more thing... although the Devil Tribe is attacking our sect, with the protection of the ancestral formation, we will definitely be fine. However, if we encounter a massive attack launched by the Devil Tribe, we still have some difficulty resisting it. Therefore, if such a calamity should happen and threaten our formation, I hope that all of you can lend us a helping hand."

"Of course. We're obliged to do that!"

When receiving assistance from another, you should help them likewise. At present, everyone was relying on the Eastern Thunder Sect and were staying in its headquarters—the Thunder Capital. No one was willing to offend anyone from this sect, so they all echoed that person's words.

Right at that moment, a practitioner with a high position dressed in the Eastern Thunder Sect's uniform arrived at the door. With just a glance, he discovered Zhou Bao and asked, "May I know who are you? Are you Taoist Cundi? I'm Dong Linhai, an Elder of the Eastern Thunder Sect. I'm here to invite you to our sect at the order of our Master."

"Master?!" Zhou Bao's eyes flickered. This actually met his expectations. No matter how many practitioners this sect had accepted, as long as they were not powerful, it could handle most of the emergencies with home court advantage. What it feared was someone like him—who was too powerful to control and who had a mysterious origin. It surely would find out his background first. Even if it failed to do so, it would at least keep a close eye on him to guarantee that he would not make any mess, especially during this special period.

Therefore, he was not surprised when someone from this sect came to meet him.

Following behind this Elder, he arrived at the center of the Thunder Capital and also the core of the Eastern Thunder Sect—the Eastern Thunder Palace.

"Fellow Taoist Cundi, I'm Dong Muyuan, the Master of the Eastern Thunder Sect. Since I'm doing closed-door training, please excuse me for not welcoming you in person."

"There is nothing to excuse. Practice is the foundation of us practitioners. How can I blame you for that?!" Zhou Bao laughed and felt greatly relieved as he saw the colorful light.

Although Dong Muyuan did not appear, Zhou Bao could tell that he was an expert, a practitioner of the Immortal Realm, through the colorful light. However, he could pose little threat to him. In terms of his combat capability, he was no match for him. Thus, Zhou Bao felt relieved.

"I wonder what instructions Master Dong has by calling me here in the midst of pressing affairs."

"I don't dare give you any instructions. You're so powerful that you destroyed the Transmitting Formation of the Boundless Sand Sea and killed Devil King Qiu Long. I really admire you for that. It's my pleasure having you here. The situation is critical now and my sect is also at stake. Furthermore, your origin is very mysterious, so I have to guard against you!"

"I understand." When Zhou Bao heard the words "have to", a smile flashed across his face. "I know Master Dong is afraid that I'm a member of the Devil Tribe. After all, I appeared so abruptly."

"Yes. Please tell me your background and set my mind at ease."

"Master Dong, you're not being straightforward. Since things have gotten to this point, even if I tell you my origin, can you really rest assured?" Zhou Bao laughed. "No one can prove it on my behalf. Whatever I say will be groundless. Wise as you are, you must have expected this."

"What do you mean?"

"I'm just here for the Transmitting Formation. I want to leave the Eastern Thunder World. If Master Dong can do me a favor and let me use your formation to leave this world, wouldn't all your troubles be gone?"

"Hahahaha, you must be joking?! The Devil Tribe is entering the East Thunder World now through large Transmitting Formations, so these formations are no longer available to us. And the small ones can only send people into the surrounding void. With your strength, you can directly break open the void. The micro worlds around the Eastern Thunder World cannot resist your power, is that right?"

"Yes, that's correct. The real reason why I don't leave this world is that I want to kill Devil Tribesmen and temper my punching skills by fighting with them. In this way, I hope that my fist intent can scale new heights. So, I've chosen to stay in this world. There's nothing I can do if you don't believe me."

"Kill Devil Tribesmen, that's good! The Eastern Thunder World is facing a great calamity and people like Taoist Cundi are badly needed. I won't stop you from killing them, but for everyone's safety and to prevent any other misunderstandings, you'd better not undertake any secret actions during this period in the Thunder Capital."

"I see!"

"What's more, since you are here to kill Devil Tribesmen, I guess that you are not eager to use the formation. So, we won't arrange for you to use it any time soon. What do you think?"

"That's fine." At that moment, Zhou Bao behaved like a real Taoist. He bowed to the colorful light with his fists cupped together and then vanished from the Eastern Thunder Palace.

This startled the Master of the Eastern Thunder Sect and the Highest Elder, who was secretly watching him.

"What a high speed! No... it's a Space Divine Sense. It's hard to believe that he can operate it so quietly in the Eastern Thunder Sect. It seems that we underestimated his strength!" Zhou Bao's sudden disappearance really shocked the two of them.

"And what do you think, Elder Yuhua?"

"He is very powerful. Although he intentionally suppressed his cultivation to a very low level, I can feel that there is a terrifying power inside his body. None of us is a match for him!"

"Indeed, I also feel the same way. This guy is very dangerous, but we have no way to harm him now."

"No matter how strong he is, it doesn't matter. All we have to do is wait another 10 days. We'll have enough people and the right time will come in 10 days. No matter how powerful he is, as long as he is not an Earthly Immortal, he will be destined to undergo a blood sacrifice!!!" Elder Yuhua came out of the darkness with a cold light emanating from his eyes.
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