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There was an awkward silence pervading the air. The team that was marching toward the Eastern Thunder Sect stopped. All the people present looked so surprised when they stared at Zhou Bao.

There were numerous practitioners here, including quite a few Human Immortals and one or two Immortals. None of them dared to say that they were able to fight with the Devil King Level Barka for several rounds. After all, he belonged to the Devil Tribe. At least in terms of physical strength and body structure, he was born to be much stronger than human beings. When he fought with humans of the same level, he had plenty of advantages.

But what had Zhou Bao done?

He had smashed Barka with six punches in an instant. People now thought more highly of him than ever.

"A King Level practitioner... he must be a King Level practitioner. Otherwise, how could he be able to kill a Devil at the Lord Level so easily!"

"Yes. Given his performance, he must be a formidable being among the King Level practitioners!"

"How lucky we are! We are on the same team as him. Such a practitioner is at the same level as the Master of the Eastern Thunder Sect along with their Highest Elders!"

"Right, now we don't have to fear the harassment of the Devil Tribe. They will not harass us anymore!"

Back among the crowd, Zhou Bao was feeling very uncomfortable and helpless because of being stared at by these burning eyes while he continued to head toward the Eastern Thunder Sect.

"Hey, are you a King Level practitioner?!"

In the face of the strong power that Zhou Bao had just revealed, only a little girl named Ruo Lin dared to greet him. After all, she had been with him for some time and she never considered him a vicious person. When they were in Shengjing City, this strange, powerful practitioner, who liked taking others' names, brought her out of the city.

"King Level? Haha, that's the peak of the Immortal Realm. I'm not that powerful!" Zhou Bao pursed his lips and shook his head. He then glanced at Ruo Lin and said, "What? Do you want to avenge your friend?"

"Yes, I want to help him get his name back. Can I?"

"No problem. Anyway, I will not change my name from Taoist Cundi. I'll see if you are able to get it!"

"Taoist Cundi... you are Taoist Cundi? The one who killed Devil King Qiu Long of the Boundless Sand Sea and destroyed the Transmitting Formation here?!" someone asked in a loud, surprised tone. What he had said made the people around him exclaim.

"Has the Transmitting Formation in the Boundless Sand Sea been destroyed?"

"Hasn't the Boundless Sand Sea been occupied by the Devil Tribe? How could the formation be destroyed?!"

"I don't believe it. Devil King Qiu Long had killed the suzerains of three sects in one go when he attacked the sand sea. Those suzerains were at the Marquis Level!"

"He just mentioned that he had killed a person with nine punches. Is that Qiu Long? What's the origin of this guy? Why haven't I heard of a guy with such powerful strength?!"

"Yeah. Those at the King Level are even rare in the entire Void Universe. Even if he is not a practitioner from the Easternmost Land, we should have heard of him as well!"


Those few words made quite a splash. All kinds of messages and divine thoughts instantly resounded in the air, and the team began to slow down.

"You are really well-informed. I just killed Qiu Long, and you know about it already!" Zhou Bao squinted at the person who had just spoken.

"Please don't get me wrong. I'm Dong Yingtian, the Elder of the Eastern Thunder Sect. Although the Boundless Sand Sea is far away from our sect, what happened there cannot be concealed from our men."

"Dong Yingtian? The Elder of the Eastern Thunder Sect?!"

All of a sudden, the surrounding atmosphere became weird. These practitioners were heading toward the Eastern Thunder Sect. However, this sect had closed all the Transmitting Formations in the Eastern Thunder World and had treated them as cannon fodder. This had aroused widespread anger. Under these circumstances, no one would have any favorable impression of this sect. Now, however, only this sect was able to provide them with a way out in the Eastern Thunder World. Therefore, they could not resist it. The situation immediately turned odd.

"I have no friendly relations with the Eastern Thunder Sect!" Zhou Bao smiled and added, "I just want to leave the Eastern Thunder World. Since you are the Elder of the Eastern Thunder Sect, I just want to ask you if the news that your sect released this time is true."

"Of course it's true!" Dong Yingtian answered with a wry smile. He knew that they had offended all the practitioners in the Eastern Thunder World. He was also aware that they had no other options. If they had not been pushed to this point, they would not have offended others—especially so many practitioners. No one wanted to do that.

"We planned to restart all the Transmitting Formations, but considering that the formations are scattered and many places have been occupied by the Devil Tribe, our Highest Elder executed Supreme Powers to change the spatial structure of the formations and moved all the transmitting locations into our sect. As a result, as long as you guys can arrive at our sect timely, you will be able to withdraw from the Eastern Thunder World. I believe that the Devil Tribe doesn't have the guts to rush out of the Eastern Thunder World for the time being."

"Hehe!" Zhou Bao smiled faintly and gave no more response to Dong Yingtian. Suddenly, he increased his speed several times over, leaving the others far behind, and moved straight toward the Eastern Thunder Sect.

Then, Dong Yingtian felt even more awkward. The reason that he had appeared was due to the horrifying combat capability Zhou Bao just showed and his performance in the Boundless Sand Sea. He had even come up with several ways to gain his friendship, but he had not expected Zhou Bao to leave directly, disregarding his dignity. In any case, he felt humiliated. However, he soon found a new focus.

"You guys seem to be very familiar with Taoist Cundi!" Dong Yingtian's body flashed and he appeared in front of Ruo Lin and his friends.

"Oh, we're not that familiar with him. We just cooperated once in Shengjing City." The one who spoke was the oldest and the most prudent one among them, rather than Ruo Lin. In any event, the guy in front of them was the Elder of the Eastern Thunder Sect. Although everyone had profound grievances against this sect, the influence it had formed over the past tens of millions of years still existed. Furthermore, they were going to use its Transmitting Formations. Thus, he spoke very politely. "I'm Ma Guangzhou from the Yellow Fate Sect of Bi City, paying respects to Elder Dong!"

"Yellow Fate Sect of Bi City? Are you all disciples of that sect?"

"Yes, we came here to attend the trial in Shengjing City. But we didn't expect to encounter such a thing!"

"You escaped from there?!" After hearing Ma Guangzhou's words, Dong Yingtian was somewhat interested in them. This time, when the Devil Tribe first invaded Shengjing City, less than 10% of the practitioners survived the disaster and were able to escape. With about eight members, this group of people had all escaped from Shengjing City. It was indeed beyond his expectation, so he could not help admiring them.

"We were just lucky enough to bump into Taoist Cundi. Without his help, we couldn't have survived!" Thinking of the situation on that day, Ma Guangzhou was still nervous and his palms were sweating. Zhou Bao only cared about Ruo Lin and just took her away. However, they could only escape after having a fierce battle with the Royalty of the Qing Dynasty in the Transmitting Formation. When they came out, they encountered Emperor Kang. If they hadn't all had a few life-saving treasures on them and hadn't struck him when he was unprepared, they would not have survived even if they succeeded in getting out of the city.

"That accounts for it." After hearing Ma Guangzhou's explanation, Dong Yingtian nodded his head. Of course, with the help of a powerful man like Zhou Bao, they could easily break the defense of Shengjing City and make a dignified departure, not to mention simply escape from there.

But soon after, another question came to his mind. "What did Taoist Cundi do in Shengjing City? Did he go there for the trial? Did he need to take part in it? No, there's something fishy going on here. I must tell Master the news!"

"Hmm, I guess he masked his real purpose by participating in the trial. In fact, he wanted to leave the Eastern Thunder World through the Transmitting Formation of the Qing Dynasty. However, being unlucky, he encountered the invasion of the Devil Tribe and stayed there."

In the Eastern Thunder Sect, one of the Highest Elders laughed coldly as he received Dong Yingtian's message.

"That's not true. Given his strength, it's very easy for him to leave the Eastern Thunder World even without using the Transmitting Formation. A Duke Level practitioner is able to go across the endless spacetimes around the Eastern Thunder World and enter the void, let alone a King Level practitioner. If he wants to leave the Eastern Thunder World, he doesn't need any Transmitting Formation!"

"Then why will he come to our sect?"

"That's the key to the problem. We can understand the reason why he went to Shengjing City was that he planned to go into the depths of the remote Star Area or the periphery of the Star Area. He could even take this opportunity to leave the Easternmost Land. But what does he plan to do in our sect? After learning the lessons of what happened in Shengjing City and the Boundless Sand Sea, along with the invasion of the Devil Tribe, we will definitely not activate the Grand Transmitting Formation inside our sect. The message we released just said that we will help practitioners get out of the Eastern Thunder World. But that's meaningless to him. What is he going to do here?!"

"This person has a mysterious origin and he does things unconventionally. Moreover, all the things just happened too coincidentally. Maybe he has a connection with the Devil Tribe. Keep a close eye on him to see what his purpose is. I hope he doesn't harbor any evil thoughts. Otherwise, I will make him regret coming to the Eastern Thunder World!"
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