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"Damn it. Follow them! I thought you would know what to do!"

A boat-shaped Highest Heaven Celestial Device was traveling at high speed in the hollow. From time to time, Zhou Bao could feel the device breaking into one space after another. It folded the space, which was different to the Infinite Realms Teleportation Device and any supreme celestial devices, which just ripped it open. This boat-shaped Highest Heaven Celestial Device jumped in space, and when it jumped it did not break it. This way it did not have to expend too much energy. It was not as extreme as in other places where you would break open millions of miles of space, but it was still much quicker than simply gliding through space.

By this time, Zhou Bao's severed left arm had completely regrown. The regeneration capacity of the Immortal Body Technique, Flowers of the Body, Primordial Fierce Beast, and Demonic Ape Zhuyan could all have allowed him to regrow his arm in a short amount of time. If it weren't for the fact that he needed to dispel the extreme murderous intent from the Immortal-slaying Sword Qi remaining in his body, he could have regrown his arm much earlier.

"I know there is a Transmitting Formation around here, but I don't know its precise location. If you search for it using my method, you will surely be able to find it. But it would take too much time!" The baby laughed gleefully. "Following them and hiding in the dark will work as well, and it will also help us understand more the state of the Easternmost Land!"

The practitioners of the Star Palace searched the meteor belt but found no results. The Human Immortal felt that this part of the hollow was too strange, and so he made the decision that they should go back to the Star Palace. Zhou Bao seized this opportunity to hide with the Snake-like Breath Holding Skill his spirit and followed their Highest Heaven Celestial Device.

Inside the Highest Heaven Celestial Device, the Star Palace practitioners had fallen into an anxious gloom.

"Now the Star Palace is in deep trouble!"

All of the practitioners understood this. Indeed, this time the Star Palace incurred big losses, 12 Human Immortals and a Three-flowered Human Immortal had disappeared without a trace. You could say that this boded complete disaster, and certainly it really did damage the Star Palace's pneuma. All of the practitioners inside the Highest Heaven Celestial Device were direct descendant disciples of the palace, and their own fate was dangerously bound to that of the palace. It really was the case that if one prospered, they all prospered, and if one suffered, they all suffered. How could they not look distressed?

"Your Excellency, Marquis Ling Jian is unaccounted for, it is not known whether he is alive or dead. If we go back like this——!"

"Marquis Ling Jian has a rare treasure for protection, and he is cultivated to the realm of Three Flowers. Even he has no say over whether he lives or dies, and you think that it would make sense for us to stay in that place?"

The Human Immortal who was clearly the leader of the practitioners stared angrily at the man who just spoke. "If we lose anything else here, then the strength of my Star Palace in the Easternmost Land will plummet, and we will be reduced to a second-rate clan. Could we really shoulder such blame?"

"Yes, Your Excellency. I don't know what I was thinking." The practitioner who made the suggestion went pale and slowly retreated.

"Ah, this guy is interesting! He clearly fears death, but what he said made it seem like withdrawing would be committing some great crime. Very interesting!"

"Such a guy will probably not live long!" The baby smiled mischievously. "We just don't know if this Star Palace is far from here. We don't even know how long it will take to get there!"

"Are you in a hurry?"

"No. It's just that being stuck in this Highest Heaven Celestial Device gets a bit boring. It's not as good as——!" While he was speaking, the baby saw that Zhou Bao bore a strange expression.

"Hey, what's up with you?"

"Shush! Be quiet and listen——!"

Zhou Bao hushed the baby and listened carefully.

"What are you listening to that's so intriguing?" At that point, he noticed that Zhou Bao had already left the main hall and had gone to one of the side chambers.

Although the Highest Heaven Space in the Highest Heaven Celestial Device was not as vast as that in the macro world, it was no less than one state of the Jin dynasty. The space inside was huge, and what was more, this Star Palace did not have the space it originally had in the Star Area. The inside was so elegant, with countless halls linked together. The space that this leader occupied was only one main hall. Besides that, there were many side halls. The entire palace was suspended in the air, but there was still some firm ground in its mid-air location, even a few mountains. In addition to the practitioners were also some common people in the Highest Heaven Celestial Device. These were all servants whose job was to watch for the practitioners' needs. Zhou Bao also found that, strangely enough, there were towns and cities. Many common people seemed to live in them and had never left.

The Human Immortal that led them was obviously a reclusive character because he drove out all the people out of the main hall after a business was taken care of. All of the practitioners had their own living spaces in the side-halls of the palace. These people were certainly noisier than the leader. They had gathered in one place and started chatting. Zhou Bao realized that they were actually chatting about the Heaven Realm World.

"I heard that the Holy Alliance of the Central Pole Region wanted to take the lead in dealing with the Heaven Realm World. They encountered just a small difficulty and did not continue any further. Now some of the macro worlds in the Central Pole Region and some of the huge influences like the Holy Alliance have started to get in contact with the Heaven Realm World!"

"Yes, this time they were showing off. Before that, everybody was saying that the Heaven Realm World were waning and that they had scarce pneuma. No-one had thought that with the appropriate practice they would have shown such ability. I heard that the Heaven Realm World has laid out a Yin and Yang Dust Formation, a killing formation for the big three of antiquity times, and it is still undamaged. My fellow men, if one of these members of the Holy Alliance gets hold of the Yin and Yang Dust Formation, there is nothing we can do!"

"Of course. The Yin and Yang Dust Formation and the antiquity killing formation can be taken care of with some of the Holy Alliance's fleet. Besides, the Heaven Realm World is now in the West Wilds, very far from the Central Pole Region. I think that even if the Holy Alliance could get their hands on the Heaven Realm World, they wouldn't be able to keep it for long. The various influences of the West Wilds would unite to resist it."

"So what if the two of them rise? Did you not see that the Holy Alliance has already occupied the Infinite Star Sea? The Infinite Star Sea is in the West Wilds! And I don't see anyone daring do anything!", another practitioner said contemptuously. "I'm telling you, the West Wilds have been on the decline for a long time, the pneuma there is of poor quality, resources are scarce, no great power could ever arise there. There's no way any great influence such as the Holy Alliance could develop there. So don't take them too seriously!"

"If the West Wilds is not good enough, then what about the Northern Sea, and South China? What about the Eastern Land? No matter where you go there is someone with exclusive power. If the Holy Alliance really could get hold of the Heaven Realm World, then so be it. How can we know they have not already gotten hold of it by now?"

"If they haven't seized it, then so what? Then it ends up with the Eastern Land and not with us. The Heaven Realm World is in the Desolate Ancient Star Area of the West Wilds, but we are in the Easternmost Land. They are in the same boat as us. I think that our biggest advantage over the Heaven Realm World is that our pneuma is sufficient, that's all. But if we let the Holy Alliance fleet come and attack, then I fear we would not be able to resist it at all!"

"So what you're saying is that we are okay, the Palace Leaders are okay, and no-one wants to think about the Heaven Realm World? We cannot be resigned to this! It was not okay before, and now every great influence has started negotiating with them, making our case even more hopeless!"

"That's right. After they are done negotiating, I fear the structure of this hollow will change. Haha, the Heaven Realm World can now communicate with the Void Immortal Realm, and their Immortals have the best combat capabilities of all. The Earthy Immortals have been around for hundreds of thousands of years. Supposing they came out, with so many Star Areas, such a large hollow, so many elders of astonishing talent, they would not be able to complete the last half-step. Now it is different. If the passageway of the Heaven Realm World were connected, the mightiest of the Immortal Realm would be able to guide every sect of the Immortals into the Void Immortal Realm. It's no effort to break into the Earthly Immortal way. And supposing the Void Immortal Realm starts to communicate once again with the hollow, with the backing of the Void Immortal Realm, the Void Universe could become greatly more resilient and adaptable. At that point, the Human Immortals would be able to operate freely within the void, just like in antiquity. Allegedly the Immortals could exercise their power in whichever way they wished as it used to be in antiquity, and that was to say nothing of the Human Immortals!"

"So optimistic! You're right, if the Void Immortal Realm really is linked together, then it would be possible to restore the prosperity of antiquity. But with your own strength, would you perhaps want to achieve Human Immortal Karmic Rank?"

"Why would I not be able to achieve Human Immortal Karmic Rank? You don't know how amazing my luck is. In one move I could become an Immortal, or even achieve Earthly Immortal Karmic Rank!"

"Forget about it! Do you truly think that Immortal and Earthly Immortal Karmic Ranks are that easy to achieve?"

"Not necessarily!"

While listening to the discussion, Zhou Bao unexpectedly came to understand the Heaven Realm World's situation. The thing that most surprised him was that practitioners in such a strange Star Area could know about the Heaven Realm World. For sure, it was extremely far from here. One was in the far west, and the other one was in the far east, so there was not much communication between the two. But the situation with the Heaven Realm world could not have happened even a month before they found out, maybe even less than a month. This could only mean that the Easternmost Land had communication with every place in the hollow. It was even possible that the practitioners of all of the hollow had formed one entity, and the Heaven Realm World had been excluded from it, but this news had not gotten through. Now the news about the Heaven Realm World had leaked, and that would certainly spread throughout the Void Universe. The only thing that was unknown is whether this would spell good news or bad news for the Heaven Realm World itself.
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