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Star Palace!

Zhou Bao had never heard the name before, but it wasn't that strange. He didn't know how many millions of kilometers this Star Area was from the Heaven Realm World, because communication between the two places was difficult. There were no Transmitting Formations, so communication was essentially impossible. It had taken 50 days to get here from the Heaven Realm World, relying on his Supreme Fairy Weapon which could barely manage the job.

Without a Supreme Fairy Weapon like the Black Pearl, and without the support of the Pool of Thunder Tribulation which had been converted to an Extreme Class Highest Heaven Celestial Device, he would not have been able to get to this Star Area even if he traveled for ten thousand years.

After entering this area of space, the Law of Space had become exceptionally strong. The most frequently used Divine Sense used by practitioners to speed themselves up was not very effective here. Therefore, the people of the Star Palace thought that Zhou Bao was a practitioner from this Star Area.

So, when he stumbled across the operation they were carrying out, they wanted to kill him, and quickly.

The Three-flowered Human Immortal gave the order to kill without hesitation.

This was different from before, when they were not aware of his power. The order to kill had been issued, and they'd been defeated immediately, losing eight of their Human Immortals. But this time, having seen Zhou Bao's strength, the Three-Flowered Human Immortal did not hesitate to issue the order to kill, which caused Zhou Bao some alarm.

"Well, since Your Excellency is so unreasonable, I don't have any qualms about what I'm about to do next!" Zhou Bao smiled coldly. His figure flashed. The ruthless Star Palace disciples were charging towards him. He hit one person with each strike, and then several people with each strike.

He was killing them all, like a tiger in a flock of sheep.

It did not matter how highly cultivated these Star Palace practitioners were, or how powerful their celestial devices were, none of them were a match for his punches.

Zhou Bao's punching skill was not like that of normal people. Normal people could injure or kill with their punching skill, it was mostly physical. As long as they were successfully cultivated, their spirit would be firm and stable. If the physical body was destroyed, as long as they had a trace of Genuine Spirit, there was a chance to be reincarnated or reborn. But Zhou Bao's punch contained an innate killing intent. Those he struck lost their physical body, lost their spirit, lost their Dharma power; they would be completely destroyed without a trace. It seemed he was the first person ever with this sort of strength. Basically, anyone he struck was destroyed spiritually and physically.

At first, the Three-flowered Human Immortal did not care, his intention was to have his people stall Zhou Bao, giving him time to act. He had an immensely powerful magic weapon on him, a fairy weapon, what was more, an Upper Grade Fairy Weapon. But to act he needed time. So he was stalling Zhou Bao. It should be known that there were three other Human Immortals. So when Zhou Bao sprang into action and killed eight Human Immortals, it was because they had been too careless. They had not realized that Zhou Bao could be this formidable. But now that they were ready and accompanied by so many other practitioners, it would not be as easy for Zhou Bao to knock the other three Human Immortals out.

The Three-Flowered Human Immortal soon realized that something was wrong. The practitioners Zhou Bao had knocked out did not have the slightest trace of spirit undulating within them, it had all disappeared. What was wrong? What did this mean?

The Three-flowered Human Immortal was powering up his fairy weapon up to the maximum when he felt that something was up. It wasn't just him. The other three Human Immortals had the same feeling. But now that they had reached this point, there was no way of going back.

"Kill!" The Three-flowered Human Immortal's eyes grew angry as he watched Zhou Bao effortlessly kill one Star Palace practitioner after another. As the oldest of the three Star Palace superiors, could he endure the boundless killing intent in Zhou Bao's heart?

A blinding, brilliant radiance erupted from the Three-flowered Human Immortal. It formed a razer-sharp Sword Qi in space that was coming straight for Zhou Bao.

"Nice sword light!" Zhou Bao shouted in surprise. He wanted to push through this tangle of people. But it was as if the three Human Immortals were connected with the Three-flowered Human Immortal's soul. By the time the radiance had erupted, each of them had brandished their own fairy weapon, trapping Zhou Bao. He had ample strength, but it was not at all easy to break the inhibition of three fairy weapons in one go. In his moment of surprise, the sword light had already hit him.

Without thinking, Zhou Bao turned around.


He dodged the sword light as it brushed up against him. He felt his left arm go cool. It had been completely sliced off by the sword light.


This time it was Zhou Bao's turn to be surprised. He gasped. His right fist had finally started to crack the three fairy weapons. He had moved to dodge the light, but he had not moved his left arm away in time.

He was now cultivated to the level of Three Flowers above the Head, and also had the Immortal Body Technique. But it was not easy to reattach his disconnected arm. The biggest problem was that he had already felt a destructive power where the arm had broken off, and it was spreading from the wound to the rest of his body. His arm had come under attack from this destructive force. It started to crack, then it withered and was eroded away.

Of course, his body was from the Primordial Demonic Ape Zhuyan bloodline. An arm would not be destroyed that easily. It would take a while to destroy this arm, but during this time Zhou Bao only had the strength to ward off the attack. He had no strength to hit back. Actually, he could not even withstand the attacks, but he launched his Three Realms Division. As he started to teleport a short distance, a Sword Qi filled the sky, hidden but fully-formed.

"Damn! What kind of Sword Qi is this? So powerful, even more so than my Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword. Whoah, the Nirvana Force in here, the killing intent. It's much more powerful than the Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword. But there is still a trace of resemblance!"

Yes, resemblance.

All of a sudden, Zhou Bao realized there was a problem. His sword light and the Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword Apart were similar in every respect apart from the color. They had the same precision, the same incisive power, and the same innate killing intent.

But there were also differences. The Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword was refined from two types of pneuma: extreme yin and extreme yang. The killing intent that first emerged from the evolution of the yin and yang was mysterious, but not very powerful. If it were not for the Nirvana killing intent contained within the mysterious Heavenly Fairy Weapon he held, he could not have refined the Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword to its formidable state at all. But this was not the case here at all. This Sword Qi was biting. The killing intent and Nirvana Qi it contained were certainly no weaker, and were perhaps stronger, than the Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword Qi moistened by the red gourd. This was why it had been so easy to chop his left arm off. It was enough to force him to dodge the attack and not dare ward off further attack.

"Hmph. So it was the Space Divine Sense. No wonder you caused such a mess! You actually have some assets. But today you have encountered your weaknesses, and in the face of such weaknesses you continued to act so belligerently. I won't kill you today. But after such weakness, how would you be worthy of such a reputation for brilliant fighting?" The Three-flowered Human Immortal laughed coldly. A cyan Natal Sword was floating behind his head. The luster of this sword illuminated the people around it. It was almost exactly the same as the Yin and Yang Heavenly Natal Sword that Zhou Bao had refined. But there was a difference, namely that in the core of this Natal Sword were tiny, diamond-shaped flecks of gold.

It was these tiny, diamond-shaped flecks of gold that contained the sword's immense, incisive killing intent.

"Hmph. It is not clear where this person came from, but he is powerful. He was strong enough to use the Space Divine Sense with no trouble. It seems like he is no less cultivated than I am. If he ran into anybody else, they would have struggled to deal with him. Unfortunately, he ran into me!" Seeing Zhou Bao's sorry figure, a cold smile flashed through the Three-flowered Human Immortal's eyes. There were countless practitioners in this world, but only one in a million had practiced to the level of Human Immortal. And among the Human Immortals, only one in a million practiced the Three Flowers. Those without formidable Divine Fate did not have the countless lucky encounters necessary to reach this state. This Three-flowered Human Immortal, on the other hand, had originally had a pretty normal aptitude and no exceptional qualities. In breaking into the Individual Immortal realm, and achieving the Individual Immortal Karma Rank, he had reached his limit. But, he still had a profound Divine Fate, and received inheritances from a certain sect of antiquity. So in a short time, he had been able to cultivate himself and break into the realm of Individual Immortal, and achieve the Genuine Immortal Karmic Rank. He had originally celebrated this endlessly, unaware that his Divine Fate would not remain indefinitely. Crossing his second Thunder Tribulation to become a venerable was not bad, but who could have expected that his Divine Fate would still remain after he became a Genuine Immortal? While undergoing a routine task, he had obtained mysterious flecks. It was these flecks that changed him and allowed him to accept certain mighty inheritances from the primitive times and even more distant eras. And with these flecks as a foundation, he solidified this cyan Natal Sword, and from then on, his cultivation had gone from strength to strength. He broke into the Venerable state, Lord of Heaven state and ascended to Human Immortal in quick succession, defeating enemies as he rose, before he condensed the Three Flowers above the Head. The speed of his cultivation had decreased, but he did not understand this. He had the flecks to help him, so he wanted to gain another level, and condense the Five Qis in the Chest. It was possible that he could even have stepped into the realm of Immortals. These flecks were his trump card, they were at the foundation of all his practice. No-one except him knew that he relied on this Natal Sword in his practice. He had once killed four Three-flowered Human Immortals at the same level. And now, in his eyes, Zhou Bao would become the fifth!

"This doesn't seem right!" Dodging one strike after another, Zhou Bao felt the surrounding Sword Qi become increasingly intense, while his space became increasingly restricted. "If it goes on like this, I will be in big trouble!"
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