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Yu Qinghua was considered a handsome guy. But now, this handsome guy was not looking good at all. He was completely enveloped in Black Qi, and the bulging veins on his face made him look very hideous. However, this expression was a sign of his great joy.

After getting rid of the Seven Evils Cyan Thunder Pillar, Yu Qinghua was not aware that he looked so terrifying. He burst out in hearty laughter. Then, seeing the thunderbolts on the Desolate Island gradually dying down, his eyes turned to the huge pothole.

"As expected, Divine Wind Palace has started eyeing the Pool of Thunder Tribulation. Heihei, with their great strength, even if they can't force the huge spirit to surrender, they will surely create a lot of trouble for it. In this way, it's almost impossible to suppress Mr.Hou, and I'll naturally be the one who will take all the credit for this huge contribution. Hahahaha, what a genius I am! What a genius!" Laughing dementedly, Yu Qinghua turned into a streak of black smoke and floated into the depths of the pothole.

"What happened?"

"Look, the Seven Evils Cyan Thunder Pillar has vanished!"

"Yes, it is gone. It happened during the thunderstorm; the Seven Evils Cyan Thunder Pillar just disappeared!"

"Good, this is good! Thank God we escaped in time, otherwise, it would be not easy to resist the Seven Evils Cyan Thunder!"

"Look at that, the pothole is still there! Let's go and have a look; perhaps we can get some amazing benefits!"

"Right, let's go and have a look!"

Since the Seven Evils Cyan Thunder Pillar had already displayed some peculiar signs before its explosion, those Genuine Immortals who were waiting on Desolate Island, including Venerables and Lords of Heaven, thought that something fishy would happen. This was during the short spell when the Seven Evils Cyan Thunder Pillar started to mutate and they fled from Desolate Island. Thus, the thunderstorm that razed the whole Desolate Island to the ground did not affect them at all.

Standing among the Genuine Immortals, Wang She and Child-endowing Buddha looked at each other, and then stared at the streaks of light shooting into the pothole from every direction and both started smiling.

"Hee hee, it appears that there are plenty of guys hoping to gain extra advantages. Well, shall we go and liven things up?"

"Of course, how could this kind of event happen without us?" Wang She smiled. The two launched their Divine Senses almost at the same time and flew directly to the pothole.

Due to the mutation of the Thunder Sea, the space where the Thunder Emperor's touring abode was located had already changed in a mysterious way. The vortex passageway leading to the Thunder Emperor's touring abode had narrowed, and streaks of thunderbolts streamed through the passageway. A dozen Venerables and Lords of Heaven were standing outside the entrance of the passageway, their faces solemn, their eyes transfixed on the thunderbolts that kept whizzing through the passageway. No one knew whether they should go in or just leave this place.

"Interesting. Seems that something has gone wrong with the Thunder Emperor's touring abode!" Rushing to the entrance of the passageway, Child-endowing Buddha glanced inside and his eyes brightened. Instantly, he started communicating with Wang She through their divine thoughts. "Dude, do you have the guts to accompany me to go down there? Hee hee, there are many good treasures in the Thunder Emperor's touring abode, and the Pool of Thunder Tribulation is just one of them."

"Why not?" Although Wang She did not know the origins of Child-endowing Buddha, he was pretty sure that Child-endowing Buddha must have an extraordinary background and a great knowledge of secrets from antiquity times. Now that he had refined the essence and blood of the roc and achieved the Real Body of Roc, he had already developed his own skills so he had no fear of anyone's tricks. Accordingly, the two headed off immediately; they transformed into two streaks of light and zoomed right into the passageway without waiting for the others. Following their example, the Genuine immortals in the surroundings also gave in to their greed and leaped into the passageway, fast on the heels of the two. Several seconds later, over half of those Genuine immortals had already entered the Thunder Emperor's touring abode.

At this moment, the Thunder Emperor's touring abode was in a dilapidated state. Its previously luxurious palaces had been destroyed, and what remained was just a pile of ruins.

Thunder clouds that had gathered in the sky before, disappeared, leaving only the greyish sky behind. When other Genuine Immortals arrived at the Thunder Emperor's touring abode, Child-endowing Buddha and Wang She were long gone. Actually, Child-endowing Buddha was quite familiar with the place; he led Wang She inside the palace and started plundering the treasures with great ease.

In the depths of the Thunder Sea, a crystal composed of pure thunderbolts sent out a noise that set one's teeth on edge and bore down on the Great Constellation Palace.

The protective starlight belonging to the Great Constellation Palace was already stretched to its limits under the unbelievably powerful pressure imposed by those crystals. The starlight dimmed and looked as if it could die out at any moment.

"Humph, listen, Pool of Thunder Tribulation. Even though you're using a Heavenly Fairy Weapon, so what? How can you compete with the power of a macro world?" Yu Taixu sneered, not bothering about the state of the gradually declining Great Constellation Palace. Instead, he focused his ernormous power on the Black Crystal in order to absorb the energy of the Star Macro World.

"Whirring, whirring, whirring—"

Right now in the Star Macro world, short bursts of noises similar to that of an air blower could be heard. Immense energy instantly flowed into Great Constellation Palace; it was even more powerful than the energy from the Pool of Thunder Tribulation that came from the Star Ring a moment ago. Then, the Great Constellation Palace shone brightly, and shots from the Great Constellation Bombs were fired, bombarding all the surrounding Thunder Crystals which shattered into pieces. The broken Thunder Crystals then transformed into jets of thunderbolts which started whizzing around the Thunder Emperor's touring abode. Thus, in an extremely short time, the defense of the Thunder Emperor's touring abode had already crumbled.

"Pool of Thunder Tribulation, you shall surrender to me obediently and join my Great Constellation Palace. That's the only way you can attain the strongest power!" By virtue of Great Constellation Palace, Yu Taixu let out an unearthly howl.

"You stupid human being!" the Pool of Thunder Tribulation roared. Its Thunder Water started raging, and jets of dark purple thunderbolts shot out from the Thunder Crystals, aiming directly at Great Constellation Palace.

"Rumbling, rumbling—"

In an instant, the entire surroundings of Great Constellation Palace were engulfed by the overwhelming attacks of thunderbolts; it resembled a doomsday scenario.

"It's in vain. You Pool of Thunder Tribulation, it's all in vain. Do you really believe you can contend with a macro world with your own power?"

"Realm-annihilating Thunder Formation of Five Elements!"

The Pool of Thunder Tribulation chose to ignore Yu Taixu and instead changed its strategy. Shots of colorful thunderbolts appeared within the Great Constellation Palace and evolved into a huge formation. In a split second, Yu Taixu's heart was filled with a sense of impending crisis.

"This is Realm-annihilating Thunder Formation of Five Elements, a thunder formation specifically designed for destroying a macro world. The five elements mutually reinforce and neutralize each other, they then evolve in an unbroken line, and thus have endless power!" As amazement took hold of Yu Taixu and Mr. Feng IX, the Realm-annihilating Thunder Formation of Five Elements had already taken shape. Huge pressure gushed out from the thunder formation, making the whole of Great Constellation Palace vibrate violently.

"Great Constellation Bomb, World-devastating Star Bomb!" Sensing the terrifying power of the Realm-annihilating Thunder Formation of Five Elements, Yu Taixu adamantly refused to admit his inferiority. He used his hands to make the Incantation Gesture to rapidly propel and control the Black Crystal, and his long hair fluttered under the effect of his Dharma power. Yu Taixu did not look like himself anymore. Now, with his hair hanging loose, he had a dark and ferocious look about him.

A jet of silver starlight dashed out of Great Constellation Palace and turned into a starlight column as wide as 1,000 feet, and charged ruthlessly into the center of the Realm-annihilating Thunder Formation of Five Elements.

This was the World-devastating Star Bomb!


Being bombarded by two powerful fairy weapons, the initially highly steady space of the Thunder Emperor's touring abode finally began to fall apart. Spatial cracks appeared in the surrounding space, but when jets of thunderbolt flashed consecutively, those spatial cracks were soon fixed.

"This seems tricky. Though these spatial cracks have been fixed, it's still not that easy to restore the space to its original steadiness. I'm afraid I have to work this issue out in order to wipe out Yu Taixu!" Zhou Bao thought to himself while hiding in the dark under the protection of his Snake-like Breath Holding Skill and quietly observing the battle between the two fairy weapons. Now, all he could think of was the calculation of timing for him to strike, the various possible disadvantages that might be detrimental to his actions as well as the relevant solutions.

He had made up his mind that no matter what, he would leave Yu Taixu in this Thunder Emperor's touring abode; let his spirit and body both die so that he would have no chance to rise to power again. If not, there would be no end of trouble in the future.

"How dare you!"

The moment Yu Taixu's World-devastating Star Bomb hit the heart of the Realm-annihilating Thunder Formation of Five Elements, the latter began to collapse. A furious bellow mixed with astonishment could be heard from the thunder formation. Shortly afterwards, a huge hand made up entirely of black thunderbolts reached out from the Pool of Thunder and headed straight towards Great Constellation Palace.

Yu Taixu bit his lips and readied himself, awaiting the attack. The starlight around the Great Constellation Palace condensed into one spot in a second as if waiting to fend off the striking punch of the thunder hand.


An awful rumbling could be heard, but it was not caused by the punch that Yu Taixu was waiting for. Just when that punch was about to reach Great Constellation Palace, a thunderbolt crystal about 10,000 feet wide, suddenly exploded. This explosion shook the heavens and startled everyone on earth. It then completely tore apart the space of Thunder Emperor.

"Hahaha, a million years, it's been a million years! Thunder Emperor, you've suppressed me for a million years. But today, you finally set me free, hahaha—"

An unbridled growl frightened the world and a willpower that was a hundred times or a thousand times more savage than that emitted by the Pool of Thunder Tribulation descended. Inside this willpower, an invincible force throbbed. Upon its arrival, the willpower of Yu Taixu was now totally subdued, and he even forgot to operate his Great Constellation Palace. Meanwhile, the huge hand which was made of black thunderbolts which had stuck out from the Pool of Thunder Tribulation broke down and disappeared from sight.

"Wow, impressive, impressive! Oh my god, what on earth is the background of that guy? How uncanny he is! How impressive he is! Wugu Hou...Never heard of that name. Being suppressed for a million years but still so alive and powerful, he is truly very impressive!"

At first, Zhou Bao also fell onto his knees from the pressure of this willpower. But soon, as his Dharma power started working, a stream of vague fist intent started dispersing out of his body and directed this willpower into his fist intent and expelled the pressure imposed on him.

"This time Yu Taixu has made a huge blunder! He is going to hit the skids!" Although Zhou Bao had no idea who this Wugu Hou was, it was pretty obvious that he was not someone Yu Taixu was able to take on. This was a Powerful Divine from antiquity times that had been suppressed by the Thunder Emperor since millions of years back.

"Great Constellation Palace, come to me!" Zhou Bao murmured mentally, and his willpower sent out a clear signal. As if answering a summon, the Great Constellation Palace soared right into the heart of the thunderbolts that filled the sky.
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