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"Fiery Eyes, the Fiery Eyes, you're the remaining Fiery Eyes' tribesman!"

This was totally unexpected.

Neither Yu Taixu nor Feng IX expected to face such a situation.

Zhou Bao possessed Fiery Eyes!

This was something no one had ever thought of.

"Yes, the Fiery Eyes. Yu Taixu, I am the remaining Fiery Eyes' tribesman. What the heck can you do to me?" Zhou Bao burst into laughter. He held his two hammers across the front of his body and launched the Three Realms Division. Like a virus in the bones, he moved beside Yu Taixu.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A series of bangs sounded over the Thunder Sea. As if affected by this powerful force, the Thunder Sea and the Red Thunder Clouds in the sky seemed to churn.

The Green Pith Leaf was a fairy weapon, but under Zhou Bao's crazy continuous attacks, it seemed to be unable to hold up.

Yu Taixu was calm. He infused all his powerful Dharma power into the Green Pith Leaf. He no longer wanted to waste his breath on Zhou Bao. Once Zhou Bao had shown his Fiery Eyes, he knew clearly that Zhou Bao had made up his mind to kill him. However, how could he be sure that he would be able to kill him?

"Mr. Feng IX, why aren't you doing anything? This Fiery Eyes' tribesman is the root of the disasters in the Seven-deity Regions. Do you really think he wants to join your Immortal Palace?"

Yu Taixu displayed his body movements and the golden light appeared. In the light, a huge golden dragon emerged and showed its formidable imposing manner. The people here only saw a huge dragon encircle Yu Taixu. Even the Six Directions Red Thunder falling from the sky seemed to fear the golden dragon and did not dare to touch it.

It was the Way of the Emperor among the 3,000 Great Ways!

Yes, Yu Taixu had cultivated the Way of the Emperor to the Basic Level, and no tribulation could harm him.

"Mr. Feng IX, the killer of the Fiery Eyes Tribe was the Divine Wind Palace. It has nothing to do with the Immortal Palace. My enemy is only the Divine Wind Palace. Does the Immortal Palace also want to put a finger on it?" Zhou Bao naturally would not let Yu Taixu woo Mr. Feng IX, so he shouted out.

"Haha, I won't interfere in the grievances between the two of you!" Seeing this situation, Feng IX just smiled. He was the Highest Elder of the Immortal Palace, so he must consider the interests of the Immortal Palace in whatever he did. The Divine Wind Palace's future had nothing to do with him. For him, it would be best if Yu Taixu died, for it would save him from looking at him all day and night. It was evident that it would not be an easy thing to get along with a guy who had practiced the Way of the Emperor.

The saying that "accompanying a sovereign can be like accompanying a tiger" was commonly used everywhere. The problem was that Yu Taixu considered himself as a sovereign, but the one who stood beside him, Mr. Feng IX, did not have the manner of being a subject. Along the way, Yu Taixu pretended to be a person with a high status who treated talent with courtesy. He looked very modest, but in actuality, he had the air of an emperor. It made Feng IX feel uncomfortable and he was eager to beat him badly.

However, it was not realistic for him to help Zhou Bao attack Yu Taixu unless Zhou Bao was able to show an overwhelming advantage and drive Yu Taixu to the well. He would not make a move. He just took two steps back with a smile and stood with his hands folded behind his back. He wore a look of watching a drama. In this way, he told everyone present that he would not meddle in.

As soon as he made his position clear, both Zhou Bao and Administrator Zhang smiled. A blue figure flashed past; Administrator Zhang had joined Zhou Bao in attacking Yu Taixu.

Although Yu Taixu was the Lord of the Divine Wind Palace and an Eight-tribulation Lord of Heaven with unmeasurable strength, Administrator Zhang's strength was not inferior to him. When it came to strength and its profoundness, Administrator Zhang was far better than Yu Taixu. Thus, when he joined Zhou Bao, Yu Taixu was no longer able to withstand the attacks, even with his Fairy Weapon.

Nevertheless, Yu Taixu was not someone who could be easily harmed. Otherwise, he would not be the Leader of the Divine Wind Palace, the first sect among the five biggest sects in the Four Eastern Regions.

He let out a deep low sound and the Green Pith Leaf transformed into a green ray. Wherever it reached, vines and branches appeared in mid-air, turning into a vine net in attempt to cover Zhou Bao and Administrator Zhang.

"Haha, do you think this is the Seven-deity Regions?" Seeing Yu Taixu take out the Green Pith Leaf to ward off enemies, Zhou Bao burst out laughing. He wielded his hammers and with only one strike, he smashed the net.

Bang! It hit the golden dragon that was encircling Yu Taixu.

Ashen-faced, Yu Taixu gave a muffled cry and was sent flying. Silver-gray tentacles suddenly appeared behind Administrator Zhang and bound him.

"What's going on?"

It happened so abruptly that Yu Taixu could not react. The Green Pith Leaf's vine net was vulnerable. It was like a flash in the pan, for it withered immediately after appearing. This was simply impossible, like a dream. How had this happened?

"Why do you think I would suddenly plan to kill you!" Zhou Bao's voice resounded above his head. "Your fairy weapon cannot tear the space open to absorb energy from the void here."


A green ray flew toward his head. Zhou Bao attacked him without mercy.

"Damn it, block it for me!"

Yu Taixu was entwined in countless silver-gray tentacles and could not move, but Zhou Bao's attack was so violent and powerful that he had to put the Green Pith Leaf above his head again. The golden dragon that surrounded him rushed toward Zhou Bao's two hammers.

Boom, boom!

Two loud noises were heard one after the other. The space vibrated, and the Thunder Sea together with the red clouds in the sky roared under the tremendous force. Billows of thunderbolts roared and surged up to wrap the people in the sky.

Zhou Bao hammered the Green Pith Leaf. The Green Pith Leaf's light suddenly dimmed. Fine cracks appeared. It slowly fell from the sky. Before Yu Taixu could retrieve it, a wave of the Thunder Sea appeared and absorbed it.

Zhou Bao hit the golden dragon with another hammer.

Unlike the Green Pith Leaf, the golden dragon was transformed by the power of Yu Taixu's Way of the Emperor. Although his power of the Way of the Emperor had reached the Basic Level, the dragon still couldn't help but wail when Zhou Bao smashed it with a hammer. At last, it fell apart bit by bit.


Yu Taixu's face turned pale and a mouthful of golden blood gushed out. Two hammer moves; one had destroyed his fairy weapon and the other had ruined half of the Way of the Emperor he had spent thousands of years refining.

He had every reason to be angry and hateful. What surprised and frustrated him the most was that the space of this Thunder Sea was so thick that even the fairy weapon could not rip it open. He realized this fact as he saw Zhou Bao wielded the hammers crazily.

If it were in the outside, with Zhou Bao's strength, he would tear the space apart when he wielded the hammers and the space around them would be smashed. Nonetheless, above the Thunder Sea, such a thing did not happen. In other words, the space here was several times harder than that in their world.

This was also why the Green Pith Leaf was so vulnerable. It was a fairy weapon, but its power was not inexhaustible. To operate it required a great deal of pneuma. However, it had an advantage, that was, it could voluntarily break through the void and root in the depths of the void. In this case, it was able to absorb nutrients and energy from the depths of the void to exert its full power.

However, obviously, he had been fooled by Zhou Bao and had fallen into his trap. He believed what Zhou Bao had said; the Green Pith Leaf could not tear the hard space here open. Under this circumstance, his own strength would run out if he wanted to exert its power. Evidently, he would not be willing to do so, for it was a great consumption for him. Moreover, he also believed that given the quality of this fairy weapon, it should be able to block Zhou Bao's hammer move, offering him a bit of time to take a short break.

However, he had misjudged the situation. The green leaf indeed blocked Zhou Bao's hammer move, but it was wrapped in the thunderous waves. Furthermore, the silver-gray tentacles that bound him were much stronger than he had expected. It was hard for him to break free. Besides that, Zhou Bao's second hammer had hit his golden dragon transformed by the Dharma power directly. The power of this hammer was completely beyond his expectation. Not only did it result in the golden dragon's instant collapse, but it also badly hurt his tendons and meridians. And the same thing happened to his spirit too.

"Humph, why do you think I would fall out with you here and be certain that I can kill you?" After wielding two hammer moves, Zhou Bao looked at the ashen-faced Yu Taixu, his eyes flashing with more vigorous red light. "I chose to turn against you here because you couldn't break through the void and leave!"

Yes, this space was extremely hard. When Zhou Bao fought with the Thunder God, he discovered that in this space, the spatial Divine Senses were weakened to the minimum level. It was even difficult for him to execute the Three Realms Division. Strictly speaking, the Three Realms Division was a technique that enabled him to move in the same space. It was still difficult to move in the same space, let alone to tear this space open.

When he discovered that this space was extremely hard, he had tried it with the Infinite Realms Teleportation. This Space Rampart seemed to be made of countless diamonds. It could not be broken apart simply with personal strength. Even if one was proficient in the Great Way of Heavens and Realms, he still couldn't rip it open, and neither could the fairy weapon.

And this was why he suddenly decided to kill Yu Taixu here.

Both the Child-endowing Buddha and Wang She had told him that if he had an opportunity, he should kill Yu Taixuan in the Thunder Emperor's touring abode to weaken his influence. Zhou Bao suddenly realized it was the best place and also the best opportunity for him to kill Yu Taixu!
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