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Omnipotent Sage 634 The Shadow in the Tunnel

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There were several passages behind the hall, and each of them led to a different direction. One could see that the route of each passage was winding and there was a turn almost every three hundred meters. No one could make out what was behind the tunnel and what was going on there.

"Let's go. We'd better pick a passage and go quickly. Let's not waste time here!" Administrator Zhang caught several glimpses of these passages. He didn't pay too much attention to the surrounding Demonic Immortals. He believed they would be cautious in their actions after the lesson of Administrator Tu.

At this moment, lights began to flash. It turned out to be more Demonic Immortals gathering above the square outside the hall. They entered the hall in the same way and had also lost a lot of people.

Zhou Bao saw that Yu Taixu and Mr. Feng IX were among them. When they saw the hammers in Zhou Bao's hands, they looked surprised. They felt Zhou Bao's sharp eyes sweeping over them, so they cleverly closed their mouths and shifted their eyes to other directions.

"Good bloke, you didn't die!"

"Damn it, why didn't he die? Moreover, he is standing with Administrator Zhang. Have they reached an agreement?"

Mr. Feng IX and Yu Taixu harbored completely different thoughts. However, Zhou Bao didn't care what they were thinking. He gave Administrator Zhang a wink and they dashed toward one of the tunnels at the same time. After a few body movements, they disappeared.

The Demonic Immortals in the hall naturally did not want to lag behind, but no one followed the two of them. Instead, they each chose a tunnel that was pleasing to the eye.

Yu Taixu winked at Feng IX and entered the same tunnel Zhou Bao had.

As soon as Zhou Bao and Administrator Zhang entered the tunnel, they immediately felt that something was wrong. The pneuma surrounding them seemed to be unusually dense. If they had been in the air, then the air in this space was so thick that it would be liquid.

Nonetheless, it was merely air, not special pneuma or spiritual qi. If anything, the only thing there was the strong and dense Thunderbolt Qi.

The two of them frowned at the same time.

The strong Thunderbolt Qi mingled in the thick air, like specks of light on the water. Unlike water, the air here was not electrically conductive, so it was no threat to them.

In order to be on the safe side, Zhou Bao once again took out his Green Bamboo Stick. Its light flickered and protected them all the way. Every three hundred meters, they took a turn. Not knowing how many turns they had they taken, they finally saw a pool of light ahead of them.

"Watch out!" Administrator Zhang saw the light and his eyes turned stern. He instinctively felt that an unprecedented crisis had appeared in front of them.

Zhou Bao's expression also changed suddenly. Without thinking, he created a wonderful Incantation Gesture to hit the light.


A shaft of golden light flashed, and a golden seal appeared in front of them, smashing straight toward the light.

The Flipping Sky Seal!

The Mysterious Divine Light in Zhou Bao's body had been completely transformed into the Mysterious Icy Divine Light. When he executed the Flipping Sky Seal, it was not only as powerful as it was before, it also sent out a biting cold air with a might that could freeze everything.

There was a faint gleam of deep blue light in the golden light of the Flipping Sky Seal. It instantly froze the thick air, including the thunderbolts that permeated.


An exclamation sounded. A loud bang rang out. The earth trembled and the mountains swayed!

The Flipping Sky Seal collided with a crack of black light, causing a huge quake. The surrounding pneuma suddenly dispersed, and a strange vacuum zone appeared.

Yes, a vacuum zone.

If it were anywhere else, such a terrifying collision would have shattered the space and exposed a void rather than a vacuum zone.

However, in this place, the collision between the Flipping Sky Seal and the black light only shattered the surrounding air. The space here was as solid as a rock.

"Hahahaha, what an interesting young man! You have practiced the Flipping Sky Seal to this level; it almost has one percent of the power of the genuine one. Since you are able to freeze the void, I consider you a talent. Unfortunately, I am not the one who cultivates talents but the one who specializes in killing them! Hahahaha!"

A burst of strange laughter echoed through this space and a dark figure completely blocked the light in front of Zhou Bao. Simultaneously, a big hand made up of black mist grasped straight toward the Flipping Sky Seal.

Zhou Bao sneered. Another big black hand stretched out of the void and rushed to grab the big black mist hand. Guided by this hand, the Flipping Sky Seal turned over and hit the black mist hand.




Under the attack of the poisonous hand transformed by the Infinite Poison Banner and the Flipping Sky Seal, the shadow uttered a short scream and quickly dashed backward. Its destination was the white light.

Zhou Bao would surely not allow him to escape. His body moved and then he appeared behind the shadow. He wielded the twin hammers and hit the figure mercilessly.


The black figure who had turned into mist showed his real body under the power of Zhou Bao's green hammers. The figure let out a muffled sound and struck toward Administrator Zhang.

Obviously, Administrator Zhang would never miss such a good opportunity. He sneered and immediately executed his Self-world. A shaft of blue light flashed and covered the black shadow.

"What the hell? It's not a big deal!" Upon seeing how easily Administrator Zhang had trapped the figure in his Self-world, Zhou Bao was somewhat disappointed. He realized the figure's behaviors had been all show and no action.

However, before they could move forward any further, Administrator Zhang's expression changed sharply. He shouted in his sternest voice and launched his Self-world once again. A beam of black light flew out of his Self-world.

"It's the Icy Divine Light. How is it possible? Who are you? How did you obtain it?"

The tone of the shadow was no longer as relaxed as it had been before. He hadn't paid much attention when he saw that Zhou Bao's Flipping Sky Seal froze the surrounding air into ice blue powder. After all, there were a lot of things that could freeze the pneuma in this world. He only felt a little strange when he was attacked by the Flipping Sky Seal. Later, when he was trapped in Administrator Zhang's Self-world, he realized that the frozen air was the legendary Icy Divine Light. It was at this moment that he attached great importance to the two Ghost Immortals in front of him.
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