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Although the shrieks sounded miserable, no one paid any attention to them. These were not the screams of being at death's door, but a natural reaction of being frightened by the coercion emanated by the nearby Seven Evils Cyan Thunder Pillar.

People whose cultivations had reached the Venerable Realm were not different from ordinary people. For the latter, the former was enigmatic and had a long lifespan and strong strength. Thus, the latter thought that they were simply not creatures of the same kind. However, when facing people with cultivations equal to or even higher than theirs, there was not much difference between their interactions. In the face of unknown fear, their reactions were the same.

With their cultivations, the Venerables were unable to get close to the pillar. And now they'd been thrown into a space only 30 meters away from it. When they felt the terrifying force, their spirits were badly injured, and their first reaction was to scream. How could they care about anything else?

Since the Venerables were all strong Genuine Immortals, they didn't need to take a breath when they screamed. Their screams lasted a long time, longer than it took to drink a cup of tea. These screams suddenly came to a halt and vanished.

Needless to say, nothing had happened to these Venerables. They weren't necessarily hurt. They might even have entered the Thunder Emperor's touring abode, right?

In any case, knowing that nothing happened during that period of time was enough. Among the crowd, several courageous and energetic Lords of Heaven finally took action and jumped into the hole. With a few people taking the lead, naturally, others would follow suit. Almost everyone had jumped down by the second or third round.

There had been dozens of Lords of Heaven in the beginning, but within several seconds, only a dozen people were left, including Zhou Bao, Administrator Zhang, and the four Lords of Heaven from the Seven-deity Regions.

Finally, Yu Taixu couldn't help waiting any longer and winked at Mr. Feng IX. Both of them jumped. The two Lords of Heaven from the Three Western Regions also followed suit.

"We might as well jump too!" Zhou Bao said, looking up at Administrator Zhang. Since this was the case, they were obliged to do so. Zhou Bao had reached a conditional agreement with Administrator Zhang. Therefore, he couldn't let Administrator Zhang die. Furthermore, the Great Vow of the Heart Demon that Administrator Zhang had made was also very clear; he would not prevent Zhou Bao from seizing the Pool of Thunder Tribulation and would do everything he could to help him. However, there was also a precondition; his own life would not be harmed.

If things were dangerous enough to harm his life, he had the right to back off from the action. After all, for these old monsters, nothing in the world was more precious than their own lives. Even the fairy weapons were nothing compared to living.

The danger of the Thunder Emperor's touring abode was far greater than anyone could have imagined. The Seven Evils Cyan Thunder Pillar, an extremely terrifying thing, had appeared when the abode opened. Who knew what kind of treacherous things would exist in the abode? As a matter of fact, the Seven Evils Cyan Thunder Pillar alone was likely to kill Administrator Zhang. Zhou Bao attached no extravagant hope in receiving help from him.

Obviously, Administrator Zhang was also well aware of this. He grinned and as quick as a flash, his fat body disappeared into the hole.

Zhou Bao followed closely behind.

The hole was extremely deep, but it was not dark. The Seven Evils Cyan Thunder Pillar was flashing a misty cyan light that lit up the surroundings. They entered the hole and were even able to see things dozens of meters below clearly. If their eyes moved downward continuously, they would suffer the burning of lightning. No one was willing to bear that feeling.

Once one's cultivation reached Level Seven, he could fly in the sky with the help of the power of Gang Qi. Now, as Administrator Zhang was an Eight-tribulation Lord of Heaven and Zhou Bao was a talented freak, although the Seven Evils Cyan Thunder Pillar not far away was sending out a powerful force, it was very easy for them to control their speed.

They drifted down like two feathers. Their destination was not far anyway.

In the time it took to drink a cup of tea, a few Venerables fell to the bottom of the hole. Hence, the distance between the entrance to the hole and its bottom was a kilometer at most. It didn't take long before they arrived at their destination.

"It is as I expected!" The two of them exchanged glances and revealed tacit expressions.

There was a small Space-time Vortex about 750 meters below the hole. The Thunder Emperor's touring abode might be in it. However, no one could be sure what the consequences would be if they entered it. They could go into the abode directly or be transported to an unknown space-time, wandering in the void forever. Thus, many people gathered around once again, but only a few bold ones had already gone into it. After all, not everyone was as confident about their mastery of the Law of Space like Zhou Bao was.

This time, without a second thought or giving a sign to Administrator Zhang, Zhou Bao went directly into the small Space-time Vortex.

TheThunder Emperor's touring abode was not in the present world. If one wanted to get in, they had to travel through a space-time. Everyone knew this very clearly. However, they were frightened by the Seven Evils Cyan Thunder Pillar, so they were hesitant when facing this vortex. Nevertheless, since all of them were Lords of Heaven, once they thought it through, they would all surely go in. If Zhou Bao hurried, he would have the opportunity to seize the initiative, so he entered quickly.

Zhou Bao felt dizzy as soon as he entered. However, things were different now. He had already refined and absorbed a considerable amount of Pure Jade Liquid before coming here. In addition, in Young Master An's Crystal Palace, he had completely absorbed and refined the Icy Divine Light he had seized from Administrator Zhang. He had managed to practice the Mysterious Icy Divine Light successfully and his strength had greatly improved. Thus, he only suffered a sudden dizziness due to the vortex. After that, he got his bearings. It was a space-time channel leading directly to an unknown area, which was very likely to be the Thunder Emperor's touring abode. Suddenly, Zhou Bao became serious and he operated the Mysterious Icy Divine Light. At the same time, he grasped the Green Bamboo Stick. Green light emanated from the stick and instantly enveloped him.

Within a few seconds, he arrived at the end of the channel. A powerful suction came from the end of the channel and sucked him into it.

Rumble, Rumble...

When he passed through the channel, bursts of muffled thunder sounded in his ear. The sounds were getting louder and louder, almost deafening him.

And it got worse. Together with the thunder, bolts of authentic lightning hit the green light of the Green Bamboo Stick with loud noises, making it ripple. However, Zhou Bao, finally made the current situation out.

This huge palace was presumably the legendary Thunder Emperor's touring abode.

It was hundreds of kilometers long and dozens of kilometers wide. It was built on a continent suspended in the void.

The most bizarre thing was that there was a large mass of dark clouds above the palace. It was the size of or even slightly larger than the continent where the palace was located. It completely covered the whole continent. Bolts of lightning fell from the dark clouds like raindrops, hitting the continent and the palace.

The main structure of the whole palace was made of white jade. The thunder hit it like light shining on a mirror and reflected off without causing any damage. At the top of the clouds, there was a black vortex the size of a person. It was the entrance to the passage of this space-time.

It looked exactly toward the White Jade Square in front of the main hall of the palace. This square was where Zhou Bao and the others had fallen when they entered the Thunder Emperor's touring abode.

There were already several bodies, including the Venerables who were thrown into the hole, on the square. Lords of Heaven were operating their celestial devices to protect themselves. Those poor Venerables had passed through the vortex and come to this place, only to die of thunder strikes without any preparation.

Of course, they would die of thunder strikes. These guys were Venerables, not Lords of Heaven. Above the square, each thunderbolt was similar to the one in the third Thunder Tribulation. When a Genuine Immortal underwent the Thunder Tribulation, the number of the thunderbolts increased by nine in each tribulation until the sixth Thunder Tribulation. Furthermore, the power of each thunderbolt also increased. Before a Metaphysic Individual Immortal could become a Genuine Immortal, he had to endure nine thunderbolts. Before a Sage became a Two-tribulation True Immortal, he had to suffer 18 thunderbolts. When a Two-tribulation True Immortal became a Third-tribulation True Immortal, he had to withstand 27 thunderbolts. The rest had the same layout. A Five-tribulation True Immortal had to undergo 45 thunderbolts.

No one knew how many thunderbolts were above this square. The thunder struck down like raindrops. Without any preparation, these Venerables had been struck by innumerable thunderbolts when they entered. How could they have withstood these attacks?

Take Zhou Bao for example. Standing on the square, he had already been hit nearly a hundred times. If he hadn't had the fairy weapon to protect himself, he would have hidden.

Those who could survive were all Lords of Heaven with extremely high cultivations. They were not only powerful, they were also experienced in undergoing Thunder Tribulation. Moreover, they possessed Pure Yang Celestial Devices. They were barely able to survive in such an environment, but they would not be able to withstand the attacks for long.

"It can't go on like this. The Heavenly Thunder here is endless. If we don't find a way out, we will all die of thunderbolts!" A Lord of Heaven couldn't help opening his mouth. "Why don't we all rush into the hall in one go and figure the rest out later?"

"Well, that will be fine!" Not far away from him, another Eight-tribulation Lord of Heaven said, "There is a weird barrier. We can neither fly nor travel the space-time; we can only run on our legs. If we make any noise, more Heavenly Thunder falls. I think we should combine all the celestial devices first and then rush toward the hall together. Only then can we have a chance to live!"
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