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The small town of Dragon Gate had suddenly become popular, which had never happened here before. All the fame had risen because of a duel that was about to happen, a duel between the White Blademaster Lu Shaoyou and one of the Chiefs of Tian Long Taoism, Wang She.

In the martial arts world, the two names were legend, and their owners had been the biggest shining stars for nearly twenty years. In the past ten years, their positions in the martial arts world still couldn't be shaken even though they were completely overshadowed by a bigger star.

Zhou Bao, King Wuyang and brother-in-law of the Divine Son, was like a myth. In fact, he was regarded as a king that held the same position with the Divine Son because he controlled the entire northwest. Such a figure basically had no more connection with martial arts practitioners and did not seek adventures in the martial arts world. The troubles he caused would not become the gossip of ordinary practitioners. Besides, after five years of closed-door training, he was no longer a focus in the martial arts world.

Since both fighters were top experts, the duel had attracted martial artists from all over Jianghu. These people had never in their lives seen real experts and would definitely not miss the opportunity to see a duel between two Level Nine experts.

Yes, Level Nine experts!

Up until now, no one knew that Wang She had reached the Mysterious Realm five years ago. Neither did anyone know that he would become as powerful as a peak Individual Immortal once he broke through with the help of roc. If the news spread, the number of people coming to the Dragon Gate would probably double.

With so many masters gathering, the Dragon Gate became a dangerous place full of constant troubles. Since it was a small place, local officials, only a few constables, didn't have much power and couldn't control the martial artists. Luckily, a branch of Wuyi Sect, the biggest sect in Huangzhou, was there to help the officials out.

Wuyi Sect was the biggest sect in Huangzhou, mainly because its Master, Yang Tianchi, was a Level Eight expert. A genius in martial arts skills, Yang Tianchi had reached the Level Eight Realm at the age of fifty. With two Level Eight experts, Yang Tianchi and a Highest Elder, Wuyi Sect was almost second to none in power, except the super sects like Tian Long Taoism.

And because Yang Tianchi was a Level Eight, he became one of the few mighty Masters in the martial arts schools. His only son, Yang Yuhe, was also a genius. At the mere age of thirty, Yang Yuhe was already a Level Six master. Given time, he would no doubt reach the Expert Realm and have no competition among the younger disciples of Wuyi Sect. It was foreseeable that in two or three decades time, Yang Yuhe would become the Master of Wuyi Sect, which pleased Yang Tianchi greatly. The only problem was that even though Yang Yuhe was powerful and talented, he had one defect—lechery. Since the age of thirteen, he had played with countless females. He had not been killed as a rapist only because his father was Yang Tianchi.

As he grew older, he carried this habit forward. The only difference was that he no longer played everywhere, but this was because his standard had improved. Therefore, Yang Tianchi gradually felt relieved, thinking that his son had finally become sensible. At the same time, his practicing speed had improved, leaving him no time or energy to care about his son. Not only that, he had assigned power to his son, apparently wanting him to take over Wuyi Sect in the future. Although this practice seemed unconventional, the Elders and disciples all turned a blind eye. After all, no one in Yang Yuhe's generation was qualified to compete with him.

That being the case, Yang Yuhe enjoyed a luxurious life. However, his happy days were coming to an end today.

Tomorrow was the day of the duel between the White Blademaster Lu Shaoyou and Wang She. Martial arts practitioners who had been waiting here for several days were too excited to sleep. They wandered about the streets early in the morning and were astonished at what they saw.

In the busiest market of Dragon Gate, a pole had been erected by someone, no one knew whom. A naked man of more than thirty was hung upside down on the pole. He looked funny because the four words written on his face read "I am a rapist", and there was a turtle drawn on his forehead. Besides that, a big banner was hung on the pole with the words:

"Enforcing God's Law".

Everybody laughed at the scene at first, but soon they realized something serious and stopped laughing. The man's eyes were wide-open as if they were going to pop out. He kept struggling but it was useless. His Internal Qi was inhibited and there was no way for him to escape.

"Is this Yang Yuhe? He is a Level Six master. Who can do this to him? When did such an expert come to Dragon Gate?" someone asked.

"It's easy to understand. Wang She and Lu Shaoyou are both Level Nine experts. Their friends, who must also be experts, would definitely have come to see the duel. Moreover, Tian Long Taoism and the School of Five Virtues are both giant sects. It's not surprising that they would send a few experts here to control the situation!" another one said.

"You're right. Normally, experts like that would not show up. There are so many great figures hiding in the Dragon Gate now. I wonder which of them was offended by Yang Yuhe?"

"I agree. Even though Wuyi Sect has great power, they are in trouble if they offend the giant sects. Did he offend Nian Wushuang? It is said that Chief Nian is an unsurpassed beauty. This guy deserves this if he has offended her!"

"I don't think it was Chief Nian. Otherwise, he would not be hanging here anymore but long dead. Do you think Chief Nian would do something so boring?"

"True. Then who was it?"

"Get over it. Right now, the Dragon Gate is a dangerous and strange place. We'd better be careful. You should understand that experts are all very eccentric. You could annoy them with just one word and get yourself into big trouble!" Hearing the warning, everybody lowered their voices.

"Look, the people from Wuyi Sect!" At that moment, a group of black-clothed men hurried toward the market. The guy in the front was extremely angry and carried a hacking knife in his hand. He rushed to the pole quickly and waved his knife toward the rope by which Yang Yuhe was hung.


The knife gave out a strange sound when it touched the rope. The man was thrown into the air as if he had been severely struck. He spit some blood and fell to the ground, causing turmoil in the crowd.

This time, even a fool could see that the rope was not ordinary. The black-clothed man, a Level Five master, was the vice-leader of the Dragon Gate Branch of Wuyi Sect. His hacking knife, though it looked very common, was a terrific Secondary Heavenly Weapon. The rope remained intact, yet he was knocked hard enough to spit blood. Undoubtedly, this was no ordinary rope.

Since the rope was not ordinary, neither was the pole standing in the center of the market.

Their suspicion was soon confirmed. An hour later, Li Chunrong, Vice Master of Wuyi Sect and a Level Seven expert, came to the spot. After several attempts and without any comment, he ordered the men of the Wuyi Sect to enclose this part of the market and find a piece of cloth to cover Yang Yuhe. After that, he rode on his Gang Wind and left quickly.

Seeing the furious and murderous guards, most onlookers chose to leave, even though they were still full of curiosity.

There was nothing more to look at now, just a naked man. The most enjoyable thing was not to look, but to talk about it after going back. It would be exciting to talk about which great figure the Young Master had messed with and what a miserable ending he had brought to himself.

There was another topic of conversation, an extremely exciting one, for the martial arts practitioners in the Dragon Gate now.

An hour later, a loud and clear voice resounded, "I am Yang Tianchi of the Wuyi Sect. If my son has offended any master or expert, please show yourself and accept my apology in person!"

The voice was confident, even a little majestic.

"It's Yang Tianchi, the Master of Wuyi Sect!"

"Yang Tianchi, a Level Eight expert has arrived. It's getting more and more interesting!"

"This is strange. The guards are still there. Could it be that even Yang Tianchi cannot save his son?"

"You're kidding me! Yang Tianchi is a Level Eight expert. Even he can do nothing?"

The discussion spread throughout Dragon Gate, some overt, some covert. Yang Tianchi asked three times but got no reply, provoking his anger.

Just as he became furious, a clear and cold voice wafted in the air of the Dragon Gate, "Disperse your guards and let this guy hang there till tomorrow. That will be the end of this. Otherwise, you can take care of this by yourself!"

Yang Tianchi's face changed. "Your Excellency, you've achieved your aim and should be more generous. Aren't you going too far by doing this?"

"You're not in a position to bargain with me!" The voice was still clear and cold, but with more severity. Hearing this, Yang Tianchi suddenly changed his face, as if suffering from great stress. His majestic face turned red with anger. Glancing at Yang Yuhe who was still hanging, he squeezed out one sentence, "Let's go!"
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