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The person who stopped Zhou Bao from walking looked very fierce. He was a brute with muscles all over his body; even the muscles on his face grew wild. He carried a big black axe in his hand, and it turned out to be a wizard weapon of Pure Yang Celestial Device Level. Looking at his cultivation, this person, who looked like Li Kui, was unexpectedly a real master. He was an Individual Immortal at the Mysterious Realm and was about to achieve Genuine Immortal Karma Rank by undergoing the Thunder Tribulation. All this implied that you couldn't judge a person by appearance, just as you couldn't measure the sea with a pint pot.

Standing in front of the city gate, he stared at Zhou Bao intensely and asked, "Who are you? What are you doing in Yunzhong City?"

"What?! Can't I enter Yunzhong City casually?"

"You could do so previously, but not now!" When he saw Zhou Bao giving him no straight answer, the brute's face darkened. "Do you have anything to prove your identity?"

"No, I don't!" Zhou Bao shook his head. Although he already had a legal identity in the Infinite Star Sea, now that he had decided to act rashly, that identity was therefore not needed anymore. He even changed his appearance to the original one. It was quite normal for him to be found out since he had walked swaggering in the Thunder Crab Star. If no one were able to find him out, that would be abnormal.

Seeing that the brute was dumbfounded by his bold and forceful answer, Zhou Bao laughed. "What? Haven't you recognized me yet? As far as I know, my wanted poster has already been drawn and is now spreading through the Infinite Star Sea. As one of the most direct portals to the Pond of Illusive Ripples, I guess people there have no reason not to know me, right?"

"You are Zhou Bao?!"

Upon seeing Zhou Bao's fearless appearance, the brute finally confirmed the speculation in his heart, and he held the two axes horizontally in front of him. In any case, everything had already been said clearly in the wanted poster. Zhou Bao seemed to be an Individual Immortal, but he had the combat capability to fight against an Eight-tribulation Lord of Heaven. Although he didn't believe that, he didn't dare to be careless when he was facing Zhou Bao.

"Right, I am Zhou Bao, the authentic one!" Wearing a smile on his face, Zhou Bao moved his body forward and pointed the Green Bamboo Stick in his hand at the brute.

The brute immediately looked serious and held the two axes as fast as the wind in front of him to block the Green Bamboo Stick.


There was a loud bang that could shake the heaven. Under Zhou Bao's attack, the brute's tough body flew swiftly backward just like a kite with a broken string and collided heavily with the thick city wall. Not knowing how many forbidden skills were added to it, the city wall suddenly shone with a dazzling brilliance, but it still couldn't stop his momentum. He slammed heavily into the wall, leaving a big human-shaped hole in it, and then finally, his momentum was stopped. He spat a mouthful of blood and slid down to the ground along the wall. Under Zhou Bao's attack, the two thick, black axes in the brute's hands were broken into pieces and scattered everywhere, leaving them completely destroyed.

"Enemy attack!!!"

It was not until the brute's body slid down the city wall that other guards in Yunzhong City reacted to it. They let out a shrill cry and sounded the alarm at the same time.

On the huge wall of Yunzhong City, a faint glow began to appear. Although it looked very weak, it was more bright than the brilliance gave off when the brute hit the wall just now. The pressure it transmitted was much stronger.

"Who are you?! How dare you behave presumptuously in the Yunzhong City!"

Several loud shouts came from the city. And before the sound came, the people had arrived.

To Zhou Bao's surprise, there were seven or eight of them, with all of them being at the Venerable Realm. Each one of them was a fierce-looking person. And they were staring at Zhou Bao with a somewhat nervous expression.

"Is this the Infinite Star Sea?! How odd it is!"

Zhou Bao was sure that these guys had recognized him at first glance, therefore, they were a little nervous. However, obviously, the practitioners in the Infinite Star Sea didn't believe the rumor on the wanted poster. In fact, Zhou Bao himself would not believe it either if that wanted poster was put in front of him. How could a Level Nine expert have a combat capability equal to an Eight-tribulation Lord of Heaven? Anyhow, it just sounded like a fantasy story. The gap between these two levels was too big, even to the point where a fairy weapon could not bridge that gap.

Think about it, actually, there was no need to consider whether a Level Nine expert could operate a fairy weapon or not. Even if he were able to do that, once he met a Lord of Heaven, his fairy weapon would only end up being captured by that Lord of Heaven. So how could he contend against a Lord of Heaven?! Furthermore, it was an Eight-tribulation Lord of Heaven who was only one step away from stepping into the Realm of Human Immortal!

This was simply a joke, a load of nonsense!

However, even if everyone thought so, the Infinite Star Sea still gave great importance to Zhou Bao.

Of course, this kind of attention was not given to Zhou Bao personally, but to visitors from the Heaven Realm. In their view, with two Lords of Heaven guarding the Pond of Illusive Ripples and by sending some more Venerables here, it would be enough to suppress the influences of the Heaven Realm in the Infinite Star Sea. After the incident happened in the Heavenly Falling Star, they were more vigilant about the visitors from the Heaven Realm. They sent many more Venerables to guard this place, but they had not yet sent any practitioners of the Lord of Heaven Realm here.

"Are you Zhou Bao, the one from the Heaven Realm?!"

The leader asked with a darkened face as he looked at the trail of destruction left on the thick city wall of Yunzhong City and the faint but strange Qi Power that the cyan-robed scholar before him emanated.

"Yes, I am Zhou Bao from the Heaven Realm!" The corners of Zhou Bao's mouth slightly curved up, turning into a sneering smile. "I'm going to head toward the Infinite Star Sea; you all get out of my way!"

"Brat, how arrogant you are!"

None of these practitioners at the Venerable Realm had expected Zhou Bao to be so arrogant. In the time it took to utter just a sentence, Zhou Bao successfully incited everyone's killing intent.

"Haha, arrogant or not, you'll know it after you have witnessed my strength!" Zhou Bao sneered. As he saw a practitioner at the Venerable Realm rushing toward him, he just gave a smile and didn't move the Green Bamboo Stick in his hand at all. Instead, a giant black hand appeared out of thin air and greeted that Venerable.

The Venerables in front of Zhou Bao had also practiced the Innate Qi Catching Skill. However, they had not taken it as an active attack method all this time. On the contrary, they refined it merely to enable their actions to be conducted more conveniently. From their perspective, the Innate Qi Catching Skill was indeed convenient, but if they really wanted to cultivate its real power, they were required to immerse themselves in it for a long time. It would take them too much time and energy and couldn't do too much good for their cultivation. Hence, they hadn't paid too much attention to it. It was exactly because of this that the Venerable who was rushing toward Zhou Bao just smiled but didn't take that giant black hand seriously when he saw it appear.

It looked as if that Venerable was rushing straight toward Zhou Bao, but in fact, he had executed a great spatial Divine Sense to jump between countless space-times and block the ways Zhou Bao may go to at the same time. No matter how Zhou Bao dodged, he would definitely hit him when he finally stopped.

But unfortunately, he made a huge mistake and misjudged Zhou Bao's Giant Void Hand.


The giant black hand instantly penetrated countless space-times. Zhou Bao grasped the Venerable rushing toward him before he appeared in front of him.

The Venerable's face suddenly changed when he saw the giant hand unexpectedly breaking through numerous space-times and find him. He realized that Zhou Bao's Giant Void Hand was not an ordinary thing. All of a sudden, gleams of brilliance shone all over his body and a small golden bell appeared above his head. Meanwhile, a bell-shaped shadow protected his whole body. When the giant black hand grasped him, his whole body had already been covered with golden light. Sizzle, sizzle...

Sizzle, sizzle~~

The giant black hand grabbed the little golden bell; and suddenly, a sound similar to boiling oil hitting the ground rang out. The little golden bell was also a Pure Yang Celestial Device, but under Zhou Bao's giant black hand, its golden light suddenly dimmed. Within a few seconds, the golden light was exhausted by the black hand.

"That's impossible! What was that? How could it possess such a great power?"

"Yeah, that Infinite Changes Bell is a replica of a Taihao Fairy Weapon called Infinite Changes Bell of Heaven and Earth. It is an Upper-grade Pure Yang weapon with infinite power. How could it have been defeated so quickly?!"

"What kind of pneuma was exactly used to refine that Giant Void Hand?! How can it be so powerful?!"

Upon seeing such an unexpected scene, all the Venerables present screamed out in surprise one by one and they finally realized that perhaps the rumor was not false. They came up with the idea of lending a helping hand to that Venerable. However, things went completely beyond their expectations. When they were ready to help him, it was already too late.

That was because the Infinite Changes Bell had already become a pile of metal scraps under the pressure of the giant black hand. Strips of black spirits hung down and tied up that Venerable's hands and feet. His protective celestial device and Gang Qi simply could not resist this mighty poison. In a burst of shrill shrieks, the Venerable who took the lead to attack Zhou Bao turned into a pool of pus and disappeared from the world together with his soul.

The other people who had planned to take action all stopped in their tracks at this strange and amazing scene and looked at Zhou Bao with eyes full of very deep fear.

Perhaps that rumor was still somewhat exaggerated, but this guy did have the power to kill Venerables. Maybe this was not his power, but the power of the Giant Void Hand. Nevertheless, the situation was very clear to everyone. With no fairy weapons, the power of that Giant Void Hand was enough to frighten everyone and keep them from taking rash actions.

"Brat, do you think you can simply fight all of us with your Innate Qi Catching Skill? Look, there are exactly eight Venerables, and what about you? You are merely a Metaphysic Individual Immortal!"

In the awkward silence, a Venerable finally spoke.

"Well, you're right. It's indeed a little difficult to fight you eight people with only the Innate Qi Catching Skill. If that's the case, then I'll do it another way!" While Zhou Bao was speaking, the black Giant Void Hand suddenly disappeared without a trace.

Right when the crowd was shocked and bewildered, they saw Zhou Bao holding up the Green Bamboo Stick.

"God creates everything, and God controls the world. Anyone who offends the dignity of God shall be imprisoned!"

Gleams of white and golden light shed down from the Ninth Heaven along with his voice.

"Not good!"

"Hurry, leave!"

"It's a fairy weapon!"

The eight Venerables felt that something was not quite right and immediately started to leave, but it was already late.

A white-golden cage completely encircled and imprisoned their bodies. No matter what kind of spatial Divine Senses they displayed, they were simply unable to escape from that cage.

"You guys just stay right here. I'm going to take a look inside the Transmitting Hall!" Zhou Bao smiled and walked directly into Yunzhong City without even glancing at them.
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