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He didn't expect that Taiyuan Sage would be that fast. He just punched through the Heavenly Falling Star and quashed Ye Qingtian. Before he could even take a short break, Taiyuan Sage had gone after him.

His actions were certainly fast, which showed that people in the Pond of Illusive Ripples had been keeping an eye on all the planets that were linked directly to the Pond of Illusive Ripples.

But Zhou Bao had no plans to go to the Pond of Illusive Ripples for now. Now that Taiyuan Sage had shown up so abruptly, it fitted in exactly with his plans.

Any normal person would run as far away as he could, if he was pursued by a Seven-tribulation Lord of Heaven. This was exactly what Zhou Bao was doing. He was striving to rip apart space after space and leaped over one space-time after another, trying to hide from Taiyuan Sage.

"Kid, don't run!" Taiyuan Sage was furious when he saw Zhou Bao flying back and forth in the space-time, trying to hide from him. Each time when he was about to catch Zhou Bao, Zhou Bao slipped away like an eel, which made him extremely annoyed. Taiyuan Sage couldn't help roaring. "You think you are powerful enough, right? You've got the Second Primordial Spirit and Outer-body Incarnation. Why don't you just fight with me?"

"You think I'm an idiot? You are a Seven-tribulation Lord of Heaven, but me? I have not even reached Genuine Immortal Karma Rank. Even if I possess the Second Primordial Spirit, you can kill me with just one blow. Do you really think I'm that stupid?" Zhou Bao responded loudly.

"Humph, kid. Don't pretend to be weak. If I am right, your Real Body of Demonic Ape is Zhuyan, the Primordial Fierce Beast, isn't it? With the Real Body of Zhuyan, you are qualified to have a real fight with me. Stop being so humble!"

"It takes a lot of strength and pneuma to use my Real Body. It is very exhausting. I've just been through a battle. Do you think I still have the strength to use my Real Body to have a battle with you?" Zhou Bao screeched. "Taiyuan Sage, the vice-leader of Alliance of 13 Realms and a Seven-tribulation Lord of Heaven, why are you chasing me? It is just one or two fairy weapons. Your Alliance of 13 Realms already has a large armory, why do you still want these weapons. Just let me go!"

"Kid, nice try. Hand over those two fairy weapons. I may let you go. Otherwise, don't blame me for being ruthless!" Taiyuan Sage was determined to get those fairy weapons. He growled and moved his hands. Streaks of scattered light and lotuses gushed out of his body and flooded all of the space-time.

The space-time became sticky and it became more difficult to rip the hollow apart. Zhou Bao had to slow down.

"Just stop!"

The glass beads rose from Taiyuan Sage's head and then a giant White Lotus appeared above Zhou Bao, pinning him down.

"Furnace of Immortality, attack!" Seeing the White Lotus above him, Zhou Bao's face became grim and the Furnace of Immortality rose from his head. As his incarnation of Dragon Chimera flashed by, he activated the Dragon Flame Technique and summoned millions of black dragons, forming a giant formation to block the attack of the White Lotus.

"Haha, how can you ever escape?" Seeing Zhou Bao's Second Primordial Spirit appearing and the activation of the Dragon Flame Technique, Taiyuan Sage was not astonished; instead, he was pleasantly surprised. This meant that Zhou Bao would not run away any more and he could have a real battle with Zhou Bao.

In this world, no one would abandon his Second Primordial Spirit unless his life was at risk.

"Hehe, I don't know where this kid is from. He obtained the bloodline of the Demonic Ape Zhuyan and Elixir of Nine-headed Fierce Beast and succeeded in refining them. What a lucky dog. However, he is just a foolhardy boy. He has got rid of the control of the fairy weapon. Although he made it out, his pneuma was badly damaged. Now he is bold enough to go against me. He must be prepared to die!"

Taiyuan Sage had been the vice president of Alliance of 13 Realms for a long time, so he had a profound understanding of all experts of the Infinite Star Sea and the two planets. Zhou Bao was neither a Lord of Heaven nor a famous and strong Venerable; he had never heard of him before. He was apparently a rising star with plenty of luck.

As for Taiyuan Sage, a rising star meant extra money, fortune and even opportunity. He had met many rising stars like Zhou Bao during his life. They were all lucky before they encountered Taiyuan Sage. Then they ran out of luck.

4,900 years ago, before Taiyuan Sage had made a vast fortune, he was only a Level Nine expert. Ever since he robbed a world-renowned rising star, he had become more and more powerful. Now he was a Seven-tribulation Individual Immortal. Even his Uniform Dao of White Lotus Sect in olden times was something he had robbed from others.

The abundant resources and treasures belonging to Zhou Bao were a temptation to a greedy bandit like him.

Seeing the Sky-burning Dragon Formation block the White Lotus in the sky, Taiyuan Sage sneered and moved his fingers. Suddenly, a grey monument appeared and was about to suppress Zhou Bao from the sky.


Feeling the power of the monument, Zhou Bao looked terrified. This was something beyond his expectation.

It was another fairy weapon!

The Secret Store did not mention that Taiyuan Sage had a fairy weapon with him. He had indeed inherited the Uniform Dao of White Lotus Sect in olden times and was bequeathed the White Glass Bead, a sacred weapon of White Lotus Sect. Although this sacred weapon had the same power as a Taihao Fairy Weapon, he had only one weapon like this. How come he had another fairy weapon now? The grey monument was covered with ancient nicks and an air of vicissitude was surging on it. There were numerous Fierce Beasts, supernatural animals, and even ferocious-looking human figures with wings on their backs, long horns above their heads, three heads and six arms, or even being covered in strange scales. It was hard to tell whether they were human beings or beasts. In addition to these supernatural animals and strange figures, there were talismans appearing on this monument. The ancient nicks seemed to represent the dictum of heaven and earth. Odd talismans came out of the nicks and in the end, an ancient engraved font was formed in the air.

"Immortal Character? It really is a fairy weapon!" Seeing the ancient font, Zhou Bao lost all his illusions. He raised his Green Bamboo Stick and threw it into the air. The flashing cyan light scattered and the frozen space started to crack.

"God said, God creates everything and God controls the world!"

Following Zhou Bao's voice, the scattered light pervaded the space and held up that grey monument and the ancient font in the sky.

"The divine device, the divine device from ancient times. You are Zhou Bao!" Noticing the odd bamboo stick and how it worked, Taiyuan Sage suddenly turned pale when he saw that Zhou Bao was able to hold up the monument. He remembered the news that had spread throughout the Infinite Star Sea recently.

"God said, since water flows forward constantly, then everything should advance forward, too."


The scattered light shone and brushed against the sky, making the monument and the Immortal Characters wobble. The cyan stick appeared above Taiyuan Sage.

"How dare you!" Seeing the stick appearing unexpectedly, Taiyuan Sage waved his hands and the monument in the sky vanished abruptly. Then it reappeared in front of him.


The stick crashed into the monument with a loud noise.

Zhou Bao was the loser in the battle between the two fairy weapons. The Green Bamboo Stick and the scepter were not made for attacking, while the monument was made to suppress these two weapons.

With one blow, Zhou Bao was flung into the air by the huge power, flapping about like a tattered old bag.

Taiyuan Sage seized this opportunity. He moved his hands to draw Incantation Gestures and smashed them on the monument.

"The Prison-suppressing Stele, overwhelms the heaven and the earth, suppress it now!"

The carvings of animals and figures etched on the grey monument roared desperately.

The space around them changed magically. As the hollow was compressed, the Dharma of the space was crushed by a powerful strength and started to collapse. When the Dharma collapsed, the space started to recover. One was on the verge of collapse and the other was reborn. Two Dharmas, containing two different powers, weaved together and formed a solid and independent space.

Zhou Bao was in this independent space and felt desperate.

Yes, desperate. This space, just like the hollow, had no pneuma or living creatures.

No matter what, there was always some matter in the hollow, such as shooting stars, planets, storms, light, Star Areas and all kinds of space-time. But here, it was only darkness. If it was all he had to put up with, it was nothing to him. However, apart from the endless darkness, there was a huge pressure, an odd twisted kind of power, which could trap anything in the space and nothing was able to move here.

At this moment, since Zhou Bao was in this space, the Green Bamboo Stick sent out some light to resist the pressure and wrap Zhou Bao inside, so that Zhou Bao could recover his qi and blood loss from the collision between the bamboo stick and monument.

"Prison-suppressing Stele. Is this space a prison?"

Zhou Bao frowned when he saw the abnormal scene around him and sensed the strange power. He had figured out what was going on here with the help of his Second Primordial Spirit. This vast and boundless space in here was just an arched space outside. Above this space was a grey monument, suppressing the space. The Immortal Characters on the monument were sparkling. It draws the magic power from the hollow to support the monument and formed a perfect circle.

It was the Prison-suppressing Stele!

The so-called prison was the exact space under this great monument.

Once a person was imprisoned by it, even if he had the power of a Lord of Heaven, it was extremely hard for him to overcome it. This was because the Immortal Characters on the divine monument were able to draw the mysterious power from the hollow. If someone tried to resist it, he would be confronting the entire hollow, which was particularly difficult, unless he possessed the incredible and amazing power that could turn the world upside down.

Most importantly, Taiyuan Sage did not think this was the end. There was no way that he would merely imprison Zhou Bao there. No way!

At this moment, the killing intent popped up in Taiyuan Sage's eyes.
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