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Omnipotent Sage 590 A Deal and the Secret Store

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Zhou Bao, a male of 21 years, was the most powerful practitioner of the younger generations, with a cultivation at the peak of the Mysterious Realm, in the Seven-deity Regions of the Heaven Realm. He had two Taihao Fairy Weapons and had defeated an Eight-tribulation Lord of Heaven. His combat capability was beyond just formidable.

The portrait of Zhou Bao was vividly painted on a three-foot-long scroll. Even his Bronze Scepter was clearly painted on it, accompanied by a note: this is an ancient divine device of great power.

Zhou Bao's eyes turned cold. If he did not happen to meet Venerable Black Turtle in the Canglan Star, and if Venerable Black Turtle did not have this scroll, he would definitely be recognized in two or three Transmitting Formations.

He had not been recognized until now, because the Canglan Region was a remote place, and this portrait had not reached here.

"What happened? Why would my picture come here?"

"The portrait is now spread across at least half the Infinite Star Sea. The Canglan Region is far from the center of the Infinite Star Sea, and no one thinks you will come here, so it has not been sent here yet. But it will come soon, five days at the most, three at the shortest."

"Then how did you get it?"

"I have my ways." Mysterious Turtle Sage smiled, "At first I wondered who had such a great power to cause this to happen. Now I figure that Qi Miaoyi and Ye Qingtian have likely arrived in the Infinite Star Sea too. But they just weren't as unlucky as you were, being sent to the wrong place, and they spread your portrait as soon as they reached the Infinite Star Sea. According to their fast speed and the widespread range, they absolutely have the support of the local forces in the Infinite Star Sea. Their purpose was to prevent you from going back, because once you go back, they will have no authority in the Three Western Regions."

"Hmm, they still want to be in the Three Western Regions? Now that they're here, they can't go back!" The killing intent came from his heart, and with a burst of strength in his hand he shattered the portrait.

"Venerable elder, I remember you once said that the predecessor of the Fate Creation Boy has been monitoring the Infinite Star Sea, watching over the suppressed Primordial Demon here, so you must know most about the situation."

"Yes, of course. We have witnessed the Infinite Star Sea evolve from a barren Star Area into what it is now. But I advise you not to expect our help. The Fate Creation Boy is responsible only for guarding and suppressing. We will not meddle as long as the Primordial Demon doesn't come out, even if ten thousand Devil Fetuses are born in one day, and even if the Infinite Star Sea is destroyed by the Milky Way Realm and the Alliance of 13 Realms." Venerable Black Turtle smiled and touched his smooth chin, "So don't count on us."

"Haha, that's not quite right!" Zhou Bao narrowed his eyes slightly, "When I came in, I found a place called Secret Store. With such a name, is this store not for business?"

"Secret Store is an old and famous store in the Infinite Star Sea, specializing in selling all kinds of information. Of course, it also runs a variety of businesses!" The smile of Venerable Black Turtle deepened. "I just said you can't count on us, which means we don't offer free information. Besides, I've made an exception showing you that portrait!"

At this point, Mysterious Turtle Sage did not look like a Genuine Immortal at the Venerable Realm, but like a profiteer, touching his chin and smirking.

Zhou Bao smiled, "So, in other words, with enough money, I can buy information from the Secret Store."

"Most of the information, yes. But if you want to buy the core materials of the Alliance of 13 Realms, I'm afraid you can't afford it."

"What do I need that information for?" Zhou Bao gently shook his head, "I just need some basic information about the Infinite Star Sea and about my action. As to the specific cost and billing method, you decide."

"Deal!" Mysterious Turtle Sage was not a hockey man. After hearing Zhou Bao's words, he considered it for a moment and answered, "The basic information of Infinite Star Sea isn't expensive. Do you want detailed or general information about your action? The general information isn't expensive either. But the detailed information, about the layout of Pond of Illusive Ripples, the character and strength of Patriarch Taiyuan and Lord of Heaven Chiyang of the Milky Way Realm and so on, all involves secrets and is quite valuable."

Then he looked up at Zhou Bao, "I don't think you have that many Spiritual Stones."

"I don't really carry a Spiritual Stone with me, but you said Secret Store also runs all sorts of other businesses besides selling intelligence. Then would you buy the Pure Yang Celestial Device?"

"He-he, yes, of course we would. We are willing to buy as much as possible!" Venerable Black Turtle said with a weird smile on his face, "I've heard you got a great deal of goods from the Sea Area. You should have a lot of things with questionable origins, yes?"

"This is Infinite Star Sea, not the Heaven Realm or the Sea Area. No matter how questionable it is, it should be okay here!"

"No matter how confidential and core the information you want, two Upper-Grade Pure Yang Celestial Devices can be exchanged. In the Infinite Star Sea, an ordinary Pure Yang Celestial Device is probably worth 100 Top Grade Spiritual Stones, that is, 10,000 Low-Grade Spiritual Stones. The value of an Upper-Grade Pure Yang Celestial Device may reach 1,000 Top Grade Spiritual Stones!" Mysterious Turtle Sage gestured with his fingers, "It depends on your celestial device!"

"I'm certain you will be satisfied with my goods!" Zhou Bao smiled and lightly rubbed the ruby ring.

Splash! Splash!

The light was flashing. In the blink of an eye, a mountain made of celestial devices appeared between them. These celestial devices included Psychic Celestial Devices, Mysterious Celestial Devices and Pure Yang Celestial Devices. The Pure Yang Celestial Device alone had more than 50 pieces. Venerable Black Turtle was a man of knowledge, but still surprised. He looked up and stared at Zhou Bao, "You killed all the descendants of the Rolling Dragon King?"

"What, to make a deal with Secret Store, do I have to tell you where my celestial devices come from?"

"No, you don't. There are so many celestial devices and I'll calculate the value!" Venerable Black Turtle seemed to have calmed down, "Are you sure you want to sell them all?"

"Of course not, I'm going to choose a few for my own use. Most of them can be sold off though." Zhou Bao thought for a while, and then chose a few Pure Yang Celestial Devices for himself. "Value these things!"

"60,000 Top Grade Spiritual Stones for the lot. Deduct your information cost 1,200 Top Grade Spiritual Stones, a total of 58,800 Top Grade Spiritual Stones!" Venerable Black Turtle estimated.

"61,200 Top Grade Spiritual Stones for everything, after deducting the information cost, it is exactly 60,000 Top Grade Spiritual Stones." Zhou Bao said, clearly bargaining.


"You're only making 1,200 Spiritual Stones less!" Zhou Bao became impatient.

"Do you really think we make money easily?" Mysterious Turtle Sage sighed but stopped arguing. Then he took a white card, which seemed to be carved out of crystal, from his chest bag, rubbed it and handed it to Zhou Bao, "This is the crystal card of our Secret Store. The 60,000 Top Grade Spiritual Stones are already in it. You can pay with it anywhere in the Infinite Star Sea."

"It seems that Secret Store is very trusted in the Infinite Star Sea." Zhou Bao smiled, took the card and put it away. Looking at Venerable Black Turtle pick up the celestial devices on the floor, Zhou Bao asked, "Do the Secret Store publish public information?"

Venerable Black Turtle slightly narrowed his eyes, "What do you want to do?"

"An eye for an eye." Zhou Bao said in a grim tone, the cold killing intent rising from him, "The way to deal with rumors is more rumors. I want to spread the information of Qi Miaoyi and Ye Qingtian to the whole Infinite Star Sea as soon as possible. They're carrying fairy weapons, many Pure Yang Celestial Devices and the Highest Heaven Celestial Devices. They're wealthy. I want them to be the target of the whole Infinite Star Sea!"

"This will, of course, be an additional charge."

"Also, I want you to find a way to make the information about me a rumor. To make the whole Infinite Star Sea think it's a rumor, not a fact!"

"That's a problem. Now a third of the people in the Infinite Star Sea are looking for you. Changing that is difficult, and quite easy to expose. Not only are you easy to identify now, we would also be affected, so, we will have to decline this business. I suggest you try a new look, and don't take out that bronze divine device." After consideration, Venerable Black Turtle refused Zhou Bao's request and gave him advice instead, "We have the best mask celestial device. Put it on, you won't be recognized."

"I don't care, but the trouble is that I was seen coming out of the Transmitting Formation. He knows I came from, and that my identity was false. All of which is quite troublesome..."

"It's easy to handle... But of course, the charge."

"What!? Why do you charge for everything?!" Looking at Venerable Black Turtle suddenly become a gigman, Zhou Bao found it both funny and annoying.

"I can't help it. The Fate Creation Boy owns the store, and he made the rules. If you have a complaint, go straight to him!"

"Well, I'll pay it!" Zhou Bao shook his head with a bitter smile. When facing the Fate Creation Boy, Zhou Bao always felt as if seen straight through by him. His perfectly clear eyes seemed to hide away a magic capable of seeing through the entire world. Zhou Bao would rather face a Lord of Heaven than face such a mysterious guy.

"Well, I have calculated the cost of requirements you just put forward. If they are all completed, it will cost about 600 Medium Grade Spiritual Stones, that is, six Top Grade Spiritual Stones."

"Only six?"

The gap in prices surprised Zhou Bao.

"We are not profiteers!" Venerable Black Turtle gave Zhou Bao a grim look.
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