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Omnipotent Sage 578 The Golden Lock of Eight Doors and The Returning

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The companion of Lei Hai had noticed something fishy, but it was too late. Lei Hai had already directly grasped the Silver Spirit Flying Vehicle with that one grab, which meant he seized the Infinite Poison Banner as well. The Infinite Poison Banner could easily poison a Lord of Heaven to death, not to mention a Venerable like him. Thus, there was no suspense about Lei Hai's death. In horrified shock, Lei Hai watched his arm dissolved and disappear at great speed as if it was a burning candle...

"No...!" Lei Hai cried out in fear and lost his consciousness before he could exercise any of his Divine Senses or magic weapons. His spirit was eager to get away from his body, but that was not possible due to the fact that his spirit had blended in with his body under the poisonous effect of the Infinite Poison Banner.

"Crap!" The companion of Lei Hai, who was hiding in a secretive place in the time-space, had a clear view of what was happening. Taken by a sense of tremendous crisis, he abruptly tapped his forehead without giving it another thought and a dot of golden light flashed out, which turned out to be a shining Golden Lock. At this moment, he could not pay attention to hide his figure anymore, because he saw the cyan mist that just dissolved Lei Hai already turning itself into a gigantic Fierce Beast and melting down the space surrounding himself, whirling straight at him.

"Golden Lock of Eight Doors, open the Living Door for me!" He roared. The huge shadows of the Golden Lock burst out rays of dazzling golden light while the Golden Lock was violently vibrating, producing a wonderful crashing effect in the space nearby the Golden Lock. Powerful attraction force came out from those holes the Golden Lock formed by vibration and started tearing at that cyan Fierce Beast as well as slowing down its attacking speed. At the same time, an eccentric door appeared over the Golden Lock, which was even out of the expectation of Zhou Bao. Actually, he also had no idea about what this door was and where it led to.

This door looked ancient and desolate. It was as high as about thirty feet, covered in a consistent bronze color with mysterious patterns inscribed on its surface. Right now, this door was sending the information of the wondrous world behind that door to the entire hollow through its gateway.

"What the hell is this?" Zhou Bao, who was hiding in the dark, slightly scowled and urged the Infinite Poison Banner towards that Golden Lock. However, it was one step late, for the Golden Lock had slipped into that door speedily and disappeared. After that, the door which was open closed itself shut. And almost simultaneously, the shadow of Nine-headed Fierce Beast wrapped around the two-piece bronze door.


A wave of peerless surging power struck out from that door, which almost shattered the Infinite Poison Banner into pieces.

"Gosh!" Zhou Bao gasped fiercely and withdrew his Infinite Poison Banner. With his heart fluttering with fear, he looked at that gradually disappearing door and murmured, "What's this thing? How can it be so strong that even my Infinite Poison Banner can't touch it?!"

Zhou Bao knew about the power of his Infinite Poison Banner. But now seeing his Infinite Poison Banner being defeated by this wondrous door, he could not help but feel amazed by this.

"The inhibition on this magic formation disappeared!" A pleasantly surprised yell from Yukun Buddha sounded from the side of the Transmitting Formation.

Streamers started glittering. After the Golden Lock disappeared, the Transmitting Formation lost its inhibition and began to function at once.

Yukun Buddha and Great Dark Lord Du were overjoyed by this. Although they were prestigious figures in the Seven-deity Regions, their huge pride that was formed while living in the Seven-deity Regions had long dispelled after staying for those days in this Star Area of Infinite Star Sea. Now, they just wanted to get rid of this d*mn place and go back to the Seven-deity Regions as soon as possible.

Catching sight of the excited expressions on these two, Zhou Bao revealed an unbidden smile. He did not stop them from going but had his figure start flashing as he entered the Transmitting Formation. Now, the Transmitting Formation was in full operation. Basked in fits of bright light, the three of them finally disappeared from the Infinite Star Sea.

Soon after the three disappeared, the Transmitting Formation suddenly shivered, and then all of its shining patterns dimmed down. If anyone ever appeared beside this Transmitting Formation at this time, no matter how many Spiritual Stones he had, he would never be able to initiate it, because on the other end of the space this magic formation had been destroyed.

"What a bunch of cowards! You even destroyed the Transmitting Formation on the other end! But did you really think by doing this you can stop others from peeping into the secrets of the Heaven Realm?"

The instant the Transmitting Formation lost its function, in the hollow not far from this Transmitting Formation, a middle-aged man appeared. This middle-aged man looked pretty disheveled, for his face was buried in stubble, his clothes were also quite shabby, and his waist had a rusted iron ruler hanging to it. This iron ruler, who knew how long it had been hanging on his waist without getting a cleaning, was completely covered in green rust so its original look was concealed from view.

"Infinite Poison Banner? That guy looks very young, how could he have gotten his hand on the Elixir of Nine-headed Fierce Beast? How audacious! He even dared to go to the Soul-silencing Star and blatantly refine his own celestial device. What on earth is that old poisonous man thinking? Why didn't he keep this guy?" The disheveled middle-aged man whispered to himself while thoughtfully casting his eyes onto that Transmitting Formation. His brain was spinning fast, numerous thoughts and ideas flitting across his mind and shuttled through his spirit. Finally, he let out a soft sigh and said, "Fine, now that the old poisonous man did not intervene in this, there is no need for me to act as the bad cop. This Transmitting Formation had been in existence for so many years without being discovered, but now it is exposed, a turmoil must be around the corner. Or maybe, this is also an opportunity!"

"Are you out of your mind? Why did you destroy the Transmitting Formation? Do you really know what you're doing? Those Highest Elders haven't come back yet!"

On the other end of the Transmitting Formation, the two Venerables who were responsible to guard the Transmitting Formation were now stamping the ground with fury and balefully goggling at Yukun Buddha and Great Dark Lord Du. The great Qi Power of the two Venerables locked down the entire space in the vicinity, forcing the two to freeze.

Beside them stood Zhou Bao, who was at a loss about whether to cry or to laugh. He never expected the psychological impact of this matter left on these two was so deep that once they stepped out of the Transmitting Formation, these two decisively made a strike to break the magic formation. They did this without any hesitation as if this were planned a long time ago.

"Elders, please let me explain, this matter—" Yukun Buddha, who was unable to move a bit under the pressure of the Qi Power of the two Venerable, was not panic-stricken. Just when he was about to explain his behavior, he seemed to have thought of something and asked, "Elders, what did you say just now? Highest Elders?"

"Some accident happened to you guys in the Infinite Star Sea and Wang She escaped death by sheer luck and fled back here to tell us what happened. In order to save you guys, the Highest Elders of our five biggest sects went into action simultaneously and headed into the Infinite Star Sea to help you. Except for Grandma Loulan, the Highest Elder of Jade Pool, no other Highest Elders have come back yet. But the second you got back, you destroyed the Transmitting Formation. How dare you!"

"Really?" Both of them were startled. They turned around to look at Zhou Bao, but only to see Zhou Bao displaying a wry smile to them. It never occurred to Zhou Bao that these two would have made such a swift strike that it was impossible to stop them.

"What else do you have to explain?"

"About this matter, we will give a clear explanation!" The faces of these two were as white as a sheet now. Unlike Zhou Bao, they were bigwigs and elites of their respective sects, so they could not be more than familiar with the insides of the five biggest sects and naturally knew the magnitude of the word "Highest Elder". Those Highest Elders were all Genuine Immortals in the Lord of Heaven Realm. Those men entered the Infinite Star Sea for the sake of rescuing them, but before they could go on their return journey, the Transmitting Formation connecting to the Infinite Star Sea was ruined by these two, which meant those Highest Elders were caught up in the Infinite Star Sea. It was a really big deal!

"All right, now whatever you say, it's too late. The Transmitting Formation is already destroyed, let's try to see if we can find some method to fix it, shall we?" Seeing the ferocious expressions on the two guarding Venerables, Zhou Bao felt sort of helpless. He waved his hands and dashed into these four in a flash, separating the Qi Power of the two Venerables from the other two. Then, he said, "I know something about why these two destroyed the Transmitting Formation. Let's see, just take them back and let them explain everything!"

Despite that the two Venerables thought of murdering those two on site, they were not that silly to actually execute this thought because they knew this was not something they could decide. Although the Transmitting Formation was not damaged by them, they would still assume great responsibility for this given that they were the guards of this formation. In this case, of course, they could not just get rid of the two culprits. Otherwise, nobody could share the liability with them. Therefore, they just resentfully gave a cold snort and agreed on Zhou Bao's proposal.

One hour later, in the Immortal Palace.

The hall was as silent as the grave. All eyes were concentrated on Great Dark Lord Du and Yukun Buddha. Well, of course, from time to time some people would glance sideways at Zhou Bao, who was wearing a thoroughly innocent look.

"Hey, what are you looking at? What's so funny? I can beat you up right now, wanna try?"

All of a sudden, Zhou Bao's voice sounded in the quiet hall. He pointed at a young man in the crowd and barked with annoyance, "F*ck! Ever since I've walked in, you have been staring at me all this time. Is there a flower or something sticking onto my face?"

"You..." Being scolded by these words of Zhou Bao, the white handsome face of that young man suddenly reddened, and he pointed at Zhou Bao while yelling, "You... you... you, how dare you!"

"Which family does this kid comes from? Where are the adults? Quickly take him outside, or else, don't blame me for being relentless!" Zhou Bao gave a cold shout, his tone was full of indisputable dignity.

"King Wuyang, please calm down. My son is young and naive, please forgive him for his inconsiderate behavior!" Then, a big hand grabbed that teen by the shoulder and forcefully dragged him out.

With one glance, Zhou Bao recognized the owner of that hand. That man was Yu Taiming, the most powerful Venerable in the Yu family of Divine Wind Palace. He had an extremely high cultivation and had undergone five Thunder Tribulations, merely enjoying a status inferior to Yu Taixu and Yu Taicang in the Yu family. Well, since Yu Taicang already died, as the number two figure of the Yu family as well as the actual controller of the Yu family, this Yu Taiming, compared with Yu Taixu who had gone mad in practicing the Way of the Emperor, was the direct executive officer of all matters in the Yu family.

And that teen was his only son, Yu Nanchuan.

Zhou Bao had never met Yu Nanchuan before, but the look Yu Nanchuan shot towards him disturbed him a lot. In Yu Nanchuan's eyes, there was visible hostility.

"That girl Ji Yeyue is close to you. This Yu Nanchan and that Yu Nancheng who we met the other day both have some feelings for Ji Yeyue. Naturally, seeing you here is an unpleasant view to him!" Just while Zhou Bao was still confused, White Tiger's voice floated into his ears.
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