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"I'll poison you to death!"

Seeing Qing Cheng confronting the Yin and Yang Dust Formation with his Self-world in composure, Zhou Bao knew that this man was prepared for this. In addition, although Zhou Bao had taken control of the formation in this mansion, this place was, after all, Qing Cheng's territory, so no one could be sure that they had not set up other tricks other than this formation. It was also possible that they had already notified their companions via some special technique. Thus, it was better to fight a quick battle.

The deadly Qi and murderous intent of the Yin and Yang Dust Formation could not take down Qing Cheng's Self-world for the moment, but the Infinite Poison Banner could. Zhou Bao immediately launched his Infinite Poison Banner. Unlike the faint jet of gold streamer it used to be after being launched, the present Poison Banner emitted cyan streamer and turned into a hideous Fierce Beast, baring its fangs and brandishing its claws while posing a vague silhouette of the Nine-headed Fierce Beast on the ground. This beast let out violent roars and dashed at Qing Cheng.

At first, Qing Cheng thought of this supernatural animal made of cyan airflows as nothing menacing at all. But when it rushed into his Self-world, he failed to stifle down his scream of astonishment.

His Self-world was melting down under the corrosion of the unimaginable powerful toxin! The cyan Fierce Beast had wormed into his Self-world and was stretching its body. Any place in his Self-world where this beast had set foot on had begun to vaporize into clouds of rising mist on account of this highly toxic poison. These clouds of mist also gave off an alien fragrance which was very intoxicating. Gently inhaling a mouthful of that fragrance, Qing Cheng felt his heart and mind becoming flustered, all his Dharma power started functioning in disorder, and his body was so weak and sore that his legs even could not support his body anymore.


Before Qing Cheng could come to his senses, the toxins of Infinite Poison Banner had dissolved half of his Self-world. Now, a fierce sense of crisis took hold of him. Qing Cheng did not dare to think more of this or make other attempts, but gritted his teeth and started to solidify his Self-world at once.

The World-solidifying Skill was a unique skill of a Lord of Heaven, normally the last resort. Witnessing that Infinite Poison Banner breaking down his Self-world without any difficulty, Qing Cheng began to realize its formidableness. Even though he had several extremely powerful celestial devices at hand, he was not able to use them to block this outrageously toxic poison because those celestial devices were better used for attacking rather than defending. Therefore, he chose to use the World-solidifying Skill immediately.

"Sizzle! Sizzle!"

In that instance when the World-solidifying Skill was cast, the shadow of the Nine-headed Fierce Beast, which was transformed from the Infinite Poison Banner, seemed to have bumped into some kind of barricade. But very soon, the shadow spotted a breakthrough point, and the originally scattered poison gas started gathering, condensing into one cloud, and finally, turned into a drop of cyan liquid the size of a soybean. Then, this cyan drop landed itself on the solidified world. Instantly, as if there was strong acid dropping onto the ground, fits of sizzling noise sounded. Soon afterwards, a phenomenon that could startle Qing Cheng to death revealed itself. Qing Cheng saw that this drop of cyan liquid had burned a small hole out of the solidified world that had cost him a great deal of cultivation to take form just now!

The World-solidifying Skill was supposed to produce a perfect and stable space. However, now that this space had a small hole in it, it was neither perfect or infallible anymore. In fact, when that drop of cyan liquid burnt a small hole in the solidified world, it transformed into cyan mist again, creeping into that hole and spreading in all directions.

"No! You can't do this to me! D*mn it! I am the First Elder of Yuelang Cliff, a member of the Luosheng Realm Senate. You can't kill me! If you do so, you're making yourself an enemy of the entire Luosheng Realm, an enemy of the Alliance of 13 Realms, an enemy of..." Qing Cheng's voice came to a sudden stop. After launching the World-solidifying Skill, his strength was significantly reduced. In spite of his protective celestial device, how could it ever be possible to fend off the violent poison of the Infinite Poison Banner?

With the impact of the Infinite Poison Banner, his body began to melt like wax under heat. In the end, Qing Cheng turned into a puddle of pus, and Qing Chan, who he had brought into the Self-world earlier, met the same ending as he did.

"Luosheng Realm? Yuelang Cliff? F*ck you!" After killing these two, Zhou Bao finally revealed himself. He slightly waved his sleeves and the surrounding gray mist disappeared into nowhere, showing a complete picture of this mansion.

At this moment, in the silent room, Yukun Buddha and Great Dark Lord Du were staring at the suddenly-appearing Zhou Bao with disbelief written all over their faces. Just when Qing Cheng intended to cast the Soul Searching attack against Yukun Buddha a moment ago, these two determined that they have to strike out even though they would definitely lose their lives. But to everyone's surprise, a bright light showed up and mist rose into the air. In a few seconds, the whole situation had changed. The Lord of Heaven, who had amazingly overbearing power and could kill them merely with his deterring force, was killed by Zhou Bao! In such a short time! With such a weird method!

Zhou Bao was no stranger to these two. They had even secretly studied Zhou Bao. But now, after this event, when looking at Zhou Bao, the eyes of these two demonstrated a trace of terror and awe.

"OK, you two, let's stop chit-chatting and quickly go back. The state of Infinite Star Sea is much more complex than we expected. Let's go back first and tell others about this place so that they can be prepared in case someone forces into our doors when they still don't know a thing!" Zhou Bao said. He waved his left hand gracefully and the inhibition imposed upon these two was instantly lifted.

These two shot a glance at each other and inwardly felt a sense of relief.

"King Wuyang is right. We're safe now, but this does not mean that others are safe, too. Maybe at this time, the matter of the Seven-deity Regions has already been disclosed. Since the strength of this Infinite Star Sea is far above that of the Seven-deity Regions, if they mastered the Transmitting Formation, the consequences would be unimaginable!"

So far they had stayed in this Infinite Star Sea for a while, so they had a relatively intuitive understanding of the Infinite Star Sea, or even of the Purple Scorpion Star Area and the Milky Way Star Area. Accordingly, they both knew that with its pathetically weak power, Seven-deity Regions had no chance to defend against attacks made by the Infinite Star Sea, the Purple Scorpion Star Area nor the Milky Way Star Area. They were just lucky to meet Zhou Bao and get rescued. However, what would happen to the others?

Figuring this out, these two naturally felt anxious to start the return journey as soon as they could.

Although Zhou Bao still wanted to explore this Infinite Star Sea a bit more for his other agendas, he had to admit that these two had made a fair point. Hence, he nodded and said, "Right, let's go back together!" While speaking, Zhou Bao did a beckoning gesture, and the silver carriage that was staying outside the yard came over. "This Highest Heaven Celestial Device is not bad. Though it's an inferior class, it is more than capable to transport us through the hollow. Considering the enormous distance between Cumulus Star and Infinite Star Sea, I'm afraid we have to go back by the means of this thing instead of using our feet!"

"Yeah!" These two nodded, both taking Zhou Bao as their leader.

Three days later, a silver carriage appeared before the Transmitting Formation that led to the Heaven Realm.

"Look! Isn't it Yuelang Cliff young master Qing Chan's Silver Spirit Flying Vehicle? How on earth did it get here? Could he know of this Transmitting Formation?"

The moment the Silver Spirit Flying Vehicle broke through the hollow and appeared in front of the Transmitting Formation, the two men who were hiding in the dark altered their expressions.

Unlike Zhou Bao, they came from the Infinite Star Sea, thereby knowing about the origin of Yuelang Cliff and the flying vehicle. Initially, they sort of planned to wait there for windfalls, but to their surprise, they caught sight of the Silver Spirit Flying Vehicle.

"Just wait and see. Qing Chan, the young master of Yuelang Cliff, is known for his fussiness. If he truly found out about this place, I'm afraid we would be in trouble!"

"D*mn it! I don't buy it. Even if he is the real Qing Chan, so what? Anyway, we've already sent the news back, in no time our men will come here. Thus, we don't need to fear that Yuelang Cliff, do we?"

"If it is only the young master of Yuelang Cliff that has arrived here, we'll have nothing to be afraid of. But the problem is that we have few forces right now. If those who just arrived are not only Qing Chan and his subordinates, but also that old man Qing Cheng, this will be tricky to deal with. After all, that old man is a Lord of Heaven!"

"Qing Cheng might come here, too?!"

"There is a possibility, because Qing Cheng has always been a supporter of Qing Chan!"

The two men were speedily exchanging their divine thoughts, while their eyes were nervously fixated on that Silver Spirit Flying Vehicle.

"Eh? These two guys are a bit odd. They are not Yuelang Cliff's force!"

The two who stepped out of the Silver Spirit Flying Vehicle were Great Dark Lord Du and Yukun Buddha, whose spirits were easily distinguished from those of Yuelang Cliff's men. Since the two hiding in the dark were not ordinary guys, they detected this difference with only one glance.

"Interesting! This Silver Spirit Flying Vehicle is the most precious treasure of Qing Chan, how could he suddenly give it to others?"

"Could it be that these two took this vehicle by force?"

"Impossible! Although that guy Qing Chan only has a Level Eight strength and hasn't even made it to the Individual Immortal Karmic Rank, he has Genuine Immortals around him for protection. Thus, how could he be robbed of his car by these two men!"

Indeed, neither Great Dark Lord Du nor Yukun Buddha had such strong strength to deal with that bunch of immortals around Qing Chan.

"No matter what, just wait and see!"

While the two were communicating by their divine thoughts, Great Dark Lord Du and Yukun Buddha also got into action. Now, Spiritual Stones were shooting out of their body and landing on the node of the Transmitting Formation, as if they were going to turn the Transmitting Formation on.

However, something eccentric happened when those Spiritual Stones fell into the magic formation. Those Spiritual Stones, which should have beamed out lights and started shining, were now quietly lying there as if they were reduced to normal stones. No matter how hard these two tried to urge those stones, they still could not make them sparkling and shining.

"What the hell is this?" Great Dark Lord Du said, taken aback. Then, he turned to Yukun Buddha and found that his expression was also a little solemn. "This Transmitting Formation has been constrained by some other kind of power!"

"Who is there? Come out!" In that instant, Great Dark Lord Du realized something. He slightly narrowed his eyes and let out a fierce snap.

"Boy, it turns out that your reaction is not that slow!" Hearing the voice of Great Dark Lord Du, Lei Hai gave a soft snort. Then, he raised one hand and grabbed at these two.

Yes, he only used one hand to grab two people at the same time. This Lei Hai was a very powerful Venerable, whose strength could be said to belong to another realm when compared with the strength of Great Dark Lord Du and Yukun Buddha. Hence, he made light of them and took hold of these two in his huge hand with one grab.

Meanwhile, his other hand also lifted, aiming at that Silver Spirit Flying Vehicle to seize it.

"What? No one is in it?" Grasping the Silver Spirit Flying Vehicle was so easy that Lei Hai hardly felt any resisting force, which actually startled him. It never occurred to him that this inferior Highest Heaven Celestial Device could be so easy to catch hold of.

"The vehicle is a trap! Quickly loosen your grip!" Just when Lei Hai was still stunned by this fact, the anxious yell of his companion floated into his ears. However, before he could let go of the vehicle, the hand that was clutching the Silver Spirit Flying Vehicle went numb.
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