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It was the Transmitting Formation to the Heaven Realm!

Those nine words, like nine thunderbolts, gave the Lord of Heaven quite the deep shock. With an extremely complicated light burning in his eyes, he slowly set the young master down.

"Qing Chan, do you know what you are talking about? Are you sure that you discovered the Transmitting Formation to the heaven realm?!"

"Of course! I'm sure that you will see the truth as long as you come with me. Those two guys are quite strong and they come from the Heaven Realm. You will know the truth if you soul-search them. The Heaven Realm has already declined, so this is a great opportunity for us, isn't it?"

"Hum!" The man pulled his hand away, releasing Qing Chan. Then, he strode towards the quiet room while Qing Chan followed with a triumphant smile.

Of course, Qing chan was proud of himself, why shouldn't he?

Based on the contributions he made today alone, he would be granted far more advantages than the other contenders when it came to competing for the position as the Family Head in the future. If his family were to gain an advantage from this situation, then the position as the Family Head would be his without question. There would no longer be room for his brothers to shake the foundations of his ascent no matter how much power they attained.

"It truly is troublesome and even soul-searching is necessary. I will have to take action, but this is the Cumulus Star. It seems that they have an influential backer. If I were to take action here, then perhaps, just perhaps, it will attract the attention of others!" After hearing the conversation between the two, Zhou Bao raised his eyebrow slightly. In an instant, he came to a realization and vanished with immense speed.

"Here it is! It should be here! This should be the core of the magic matrix!" When Zhou Bao appeared again, he was already trapped in an array of endless magic.

The center of Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword's magic matrix was a massive sacrificial altar. There were a mirror and a sword on the altar. Both of them were Low-grade Pure Yang Celestial Devices. Two Individual Immortals sat upon the side of the mirror and the sword respectively. Their eyes closed as if they were meditating. They were obviously the ones manipulating the entire magic matrix.

"They even let Individual Immortals manipulate the magic matrix directly! Together with two pure Yang Celestial Devices in the Formation Eye, they are certainly being very cautious!" Zhou Bao silently praised the other party's caution, but outwardly, he was determined to take fierce action. A green light flew out from his sleeve and it turned into two serpents that rolled toward the two immortals.

The attack was absolutely silent. They were Individual Immortals, and thus there was not even the slightest sign of a reaction before the green light had consumed them. Within that same instant, the two were turned into lumps of rotting pus.

"The Infinite Poison Banner really is useful!" Zhou Bao summoned the green light back before reaching the top of the altar. He didn't even bother checking what was left of the immortals. Instead of moving the two Pure Yang Celestial Devises, he waved his hand to summon forty-nine cyan flags and nailed them firmly to the altar.

When the flags appeared, there were subtle changes in the flow of pneuma within and without the whole of the magic matrix. It was so subtle that most other people would never realize the difference.

Perhaps it was fortunate that the matrix itself was a Yin and Yang dust formation. Zhou Bao didn't even need to do anything to the formation itself. He added a killing and death formation to the original formation to surround the entire house and control it.

"It is difficult to end the battle without attracting other people's attention, as my opponent is a Lord of Heaven this time. With the help of Yin and Yang dust formation, however, I can proceed with my plans freely."

When the formation was arranged, Zhou Bao's sleeves began to ruffle. The mirror, which was used to suppress the Formation Eye, was suspended in air and appeared before him.

Zhou Bao touched the mirror gently with his finger. As he did so, a burst of waves appeared on the surface of the mirror. After which, a scene within a quiet room appeared right before his very eyes.

"Is it the two of them?!" At this moment, Zhou Bao saw the true face of the Lord of Heaven. The Lord was very thin with a broad face and dark skin. He was not handsome, but the two Individual Immortals who followed him were good-looking.

"Yes, uncle, it's them, they come from the Heaven Realm. According to what they said, there were many other people from the Heaven Realm aside from just the two of them. However, their cultivations are varied. Most of their people are just commoners that have failed to even break through the Metaphysic Realm. The Heaven Realm isn't aware of the current situation of the Infinite Star Sea and they sent those people just because of an ancient Void Map. It seems that they just want to take this opportunity to find some resources to facilitate their future development."

Qing Chan was someone born with a unique way of words. He was able to explain the general situation with just a few words.

"Hum, according to your statement, they are only some aborigines on an island. The truly powerful people are not in what they call the Seven-deity Regions, but rather the Sea Area. Weren't they also countered by people within the Sea Area and thus fell into your hands?!" The Lord of Heaven was capable of much more profound thoughts than Qing Chan could. He saw something fishy about the Heaven Realm in such a short description.

"That's right!" Qing Chan, however, was not a fool. Upon hearing those words, he also understood the facts laid out before him. He scratched his head awkwardly and added, "Uncle, you are so thoughtful."

"Anyway, it seems that the matter of the Heaven Realm is settled with this. It's of great importance, I will report this immediately!" After saying this, he cast a meaningful look at Qing Chan, "You can make a great contribution this time!"

Hearing this, Qing Chan immediately smiled. "I have always relied upon Uncle's help!"

After hearing Qing Chan's words, he smiled and stretched out his hand to grab the bald head of Yukun Buddha. His fingertips were black, which indicated that he was going to search Yukun Buddha's soul.

Yukun Buddha's cultivation was much higher than Great Dark Lord Du's. As well, his position in the Heaven Realm was obviously higher than that of Great Dark Lord Du. Therefore, the information he knew far exceeded that of the latter. For this reason, the Lord of Heaven searched his soul from the very beginning.

Just as his fingers touched Yukun Buddha's bare head, a bright light appeared from the hollow and shed on the back of his hand like a flash.

"What?!" The Lord of Heaven's face changed and he immediately shook his hands. He gently stroked his black sleeves and the bright light disappeared before it could pierce into his hand.

This, however, was only the beginning of the crazy events that yet to come.

Zhou Bao had completely taken control of the formation in this house. He also added a death formation and killing formation to the magic matrix. If the three formations combined to one, it would have infinite power. The moment when the bright light was destroyed, all of the sword Qi that had been left up in the sky came crashing down. The sight of it was akin to a lethal rain.


This silent roar resonated within their hearts, a sensation akin to thunder.

Poor Qing Chan only had a Level Eight cultivation and had never had such experience. With a single violent strike, his eyes immediately looked blank and foam flowed from his mouth. Such was the end result of Qing Chan's heart as it encountered such an incredible shock.

A level eight master could comprehend the mystery of the spirit, and even know the effects of divine thought. It was the perfect time to nourish one's spirit. Qing Chan was of noble birth, practicing the best cultivation method available and even using the best medicine since his youngest years. In addition, he possessed a deeper understanding of practice than others. Therefore, he focused on the careful nourishment of his spirit a long time ago. However, his cultivation, even now, was still too low. As someone who attained the eighth level, even if he paid attention to the cultivation of his spirit to the best of his abilities, his spirit's strength was limited. Therefore, his spirit was almost shattered by Zhou Bao's attack.

If Qing Chan hadn't sided with the Lord of Heaven, there was little doubt that his spirit would have shattered and faded from this reality.

"Qing Chan, wake up!"

Qing Chan regained his sanity, albeit still in a daze. A thunderclap, akin to the fist of a god, echoed next to his ear, and yet his waning spirit did not fade completely. In his eyes, he could only see that his uncle was in an extremely solemn expression. As his eyes rested upon the figure of the man, he felt himself flying up.

At this point, his collar was caught by his uncle, while the other hand of his uncle tore the surrounding space open. The dar hollow revealed as if they were ready to get away from the void.

"Hum, if you could so easily escape from here, it would not have been called the Yin and Yang Dust Formation!" Zhou Bao, in the formation eye, smiled scornfully and moved his fingertips. As he did so, a small cyan flag wobbled. The space torn just now was closed before their bodies could escape through it. Just as the rift closed, a mist appeared and spread throughout the entire house.

"This is bad!" The Lord of Heaven said as his face grimaced. At first, he believed it was a sneak attack, but now he fully understood the situation. The other party has already taken control of the Yin and Yang Dust Formation and had also strengthened the power within it.

This was absolutely the last thing he wanted to see, and without a doubt, the most dangerous situation possible.

"I am Qing Cheng of the Yuelang Cliff, who dares to make such a joke in my presence!?" Qingcheng shouted loudly and unfolded his Self-World to protect himself. In the strong mist, his voice seemed very clear. His thin body also became extremely tall in the same moment.

"Go die!"

Zhou Bao ignored him and directly launched the formation. As soon as the formation was launched, the mist in the house began to flush with mysterious force—Death Qi. In a flash, all living creatures in the house that came into contact with the mist were dead. Their vitality would be sucked out by the mist, and even the immortals, who had Individual Immortal karma rank, were no exception.

When the formation was launched, only Qing Cheng, Qing Chan— who was under Qing Cheng's protection, three or four Genuine Immortals at the Venerable Realm, Great Dark Lord Du and Yukun Buddha survived. The whole house was in a state of utter death.

"hu, hu, hu, hu, hu—!"

"No, the mist is really too weird. It contains the full essence and power of death itself. Our Gang Qi is useless!"

"Why it is like this, my celestial device, even my celestial device is also being eroded by this essence of death!"

"This is impossible, what is going on? What the hell happened!"

Bouts of screaming came from these Venerables. Under the strong power of the Yin and Yang Dust Formation, their guards began to collapse one after another.

However, Qing Cheng didn't spend any more energy but sat down and fully unfolded his Self-World after he hadn't received any answers. At the same time, he sent Qing Chan into his own Self-World. After this, Qing Cheng was ready to launch a protracted war with Zhou Bao.

"Delaying this confrontation any longer would mean great amounts of trouble. Did you really think I would give you a chance to survive this? If this formation can't kill you quickly, then allow me to poison you myself!" Zhou Bao laughed coldly after looking at Qing Cheng's fearless expression.
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