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Venerable Black Turtle had never expected that Zhou Bao would have refined the Elixir of Nine-headed Fierce Beast.

Although it was a Powerful Divines' mountain-guarding holy beast at antiquity times, it was not a Primordial Fierce Beast. It just had some blood relationship with Primordial Fierce Beast. The Nine-headed Fierce Beast was one of the Six Royals. The Primordial Fierce Beast at antiquity times greatly surpassed him in terms of the strength and level. Therefore, when Zhou Bao was showing the Infinite Poison Banner, he sensitively felt the Primordial Fierce Beast's ferocious spirit. He was so scared to have suddenly jumped, like a cat's tail was stepped on.

"Yes, It was the Elixir of Nine-headed Fierce Beast. But it's not pure. So, it's easily refined." Zhou Bao was startled by Venerable Black Turtle's reaction and explained to him in detail.

"No wonder... no wonder Hong Taihe used the World-solidifying Skill. This Infinite Poison Banner, if I'm not mistaken, you used Archaic Black Flag's way for refining the evil Fairy Weapon. But, due to insufficient elements, you refined it to a Pure Yang Celestial Device. Right?"

"I'm really curious. It seems you guys from the antiquity times know how to refine the celestial device and the way of a Fairy Weapon. Are these ways worthless at antiquity times?"

"It's what the necromancers did!" Hearing Zhou Bao mentioned it, Mysterious Turtle Sage's face showed hatred. "At antiquity times, there were too many necromancers. They researched different strange ways and communicated with others to do tests. The way of refining Fairy Weapons was their main topic. So, at that time, those ways were very popular. People who had a little bit of strength and position could grasp one or two ways, let alone Pure Yang Celestial Device. Archaic Black Flag had the lowest requirement to the elements. But its power was among the strongest ones. It's typically cheap and fine, so it's popular!"


"Humph. The materials for Archaic Black Flag are basic ones for refining Fairy Weapons. It's easy to get them then. The most important thing is its poison. If one can get enough poison and refine it to the flag, the flag will be greater and more poisonous. But, even at antiquity times, it's hard to find Elixir of Nine-headed Fierce Beast, for it's a rare thing. Hong Taihe's failure is reasonable. Unless he took quick action and intensify his World-solidifying Skill, your poison would dissolve his Self-world. Who know where you found it!"

Zhou Bao smiled and told him everything about the Human Emperor-selecting Ceremony. After the description of the whole thing, Mysterious Turtle's face instantly clouded.

"Why is there such a thing? This Elixir of Nine-headed Fierce Beast belongs to King Liuli in Fangzhang Region. But you got it. And the Supreme Fairy Weapon showed up. No wonder Fate Creation Boy has not been happy in the past several days. Now I know the reason!"

"Fate Creation Boy also know the news?"

"After the Supreme Fairy Weapon showed up, he must know it. But he didn't tell me. If you didn't tell me, I would have been living in the dark till now!" Venerable Black Turtle was stroking his chin as if thinking something. After a while, he did not come up with good solution and sighed. "Erm. Well then, since it's about the Supreme Fairy Weapon, you and I can't control it. Even Yu Taixu can't survive the attack of the Supreme Fairy Weapon. Luckily, this time the Supreme Fairy Weapon showed up in the Heaven Realm. If it appeared in the hollow, Yu Taixu couldn't have escaped it!"

"Yeah. I'm also curious. I saw that the Supreme Fairy Weapon crashed into the Golden Throne. Then Blackstone Ship ran after Yu Taixu. How did it suddenly disappear?"

As the Supreme Fairy Weapon's owner, he clearly knew the reason on this weapon's disappearance. However, before Venerable Black Turtle, he had to pretend that he was also confused.

"Of course, it should disappear. Supreme Fairy Weapon can't be used in the macro world. Otherwise, two Dharmas will come. And the collision of two essences will end up disappearing together!" Venerable Black Turtle said. But he did not tell Zhou Bao at length and changed the topic after a rough explanation. "This time, you're not in the list. Obviously, the four sects are jealous. With your strength, you'll certainly gain the best profits once you enter the Infinite Star Sea. So, for balance and fairness, they don't want to send you there. But it doesn't matter. They won't easily touch the seal and inhibition of antiquity times in the Infinite Star Sea. You're one of the high leaders of Immortal Palace, so you must have a chance to go there in the future!"

"What if they touch the inhibition of antiquity times?"

"It's not a big thing. I saw the list. The most capable person just reached Lord of Heaven Realm. They can't have any effect on the inhibition of antiquity times!"

"Now that you're so confident, I've nothing to say. If I have a chance to enter the Infinite Star Sea, I will keep an eye on them!"

"OK. That's good. There's not much to say. Take care!" Venerable Black Turtle seemed to be in a hurry. Obviously, after he had heard Zhou Bao's descriptions about everything at the Human Emperor-selecting Ceremony and also the Supreme Fairy Weapon, he could hardly retain his composure. He wanted to go back and know the details from Fate Creation Boy.

"Little monster, listen, don't fart when meeting me next time. It's impolite. Got it?" After Venerable Black Turtle left, Zhou Bao suddenly lifted the little monster and said angrily.


Another smelly fart made Zhou Bao shiver. He hurled the little monster away and suddenly sneezed. A moment later, the little monster had disappeared. He could not find it anymore.

"D*mn boy. One day, I will soak it in the cesspit!" Zhou Bao thought furiously.

Time went by day by day. In the Seven-deity Regions, one more person, Crown Prince Regent of Jin, became the Human Emperor candidate. It was a big change. Anyway, it could not influence Wuyang Region and its development. With Zhou Bao here, neither the imperial court nor the sect was willing to trigger troubles for him.

Zhou Bao also had several calm days. When he was free, he played with children and Yan Yunfei, improved cultivation or went for a stroll. He really enjoyed it. Time flew! Three months had passed. One day, Zhou Bao and Yan Yunfei were looking into the far-off distance and sunset. Suddenly, he frowned, extended his hands and broke up the hollow. A figure was taken out from the hollow.

"Golden Rooster? Why are you here?" Junior Leopard said.

Zhou Bao just felt the unusual movements of the surrounding space as if somebody was approaching him and Yan Yunfei through hollow travel. Those spaces were folded. Force could not cheat Zhou Bao. He just wanted to take the person from the hollow and figured out who it was. However, that person was Golden Rooster.

Golden Rooster was also shocked after being taken out by Zhou Bao. However, he relaxed when seeing Zhou Bao. All of a sudden, he seemed to think of something and immediately shouted, "Come on! Quickly! Go to Grand Transmitting Formation! Go to Divine Wind Palace! A big thing happened!"

"What happened? A Human Emperor candidate passed away? Ouch—!" Before finishing his words, he felt his waist was pinched by two fingers and could not help cried out strangely. "You, you used Pure Yang Celestial Device to pinch me!"

"Humph! How could you feel pain if I didn't use it?" Yan Yunfei raised her eyebrow. Her left hand touched her right hand. Then a light golden glove disappeared into her sleeve.

This light golden glove was one of the spoils of war after he had killed Master Jin Hua. It was a Pure Yang Celestial Device of medium level with good power. It was also easy to use secretly, so he gave it to Yan Yunfei for self-protection. However, he did not expect that Yan Yunfei often used it to deal with his waist. When his words made her unhappy, Yan Yunfei would treat him in this way. Like what she had done, she pinched him because he said Yan Yuntian had died.

Of course, Golden Rooster did not want to be involved in their happy talk and said, "All those who reached the Infinite Star Sea died. Only Wang She came back, but he got seriously hurt!"

"What? Wang She is dying?" Zhou Bao suddenly stood up, a gloomy spirit radiating from him.


Zhou Bao's Qi Power was so strong that it almost terrified Golden Rooster to slump on the ground, even if he was a Level Nine expert.

"He's really worthy of an expert who defeated Lord of Heaven. This guy is increasingly unpredictable!" Golden Rooster said in his heart. Yan Yunfei left after hearing that her father was safe. Since Yan Yuntian was in a good condition, she would not be involved in Zhou Bao's thing. It was her principle.

"Serious wounds! But he can be saved!" Golden Rooster knew that Zhou Bao and Wang She were close friends. "But now there's trouble. Many people went there and only he came back. Divine Wind Palace doubted him and detained him for interrogation. They were immovable. Even though White Tiger argued but failed!"

"Argue for sh*t! Just get him back!" Zhou Bao said angrily, gnashing his teeth. He instantly turned into a green light and disappeared before Golden Rooster.
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