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It happened so suddenly, but none of the people present were ordinary mortals, and they all reacted immediately.

"Who is it?"

"How dare you!"




Voices filled with surprise and anger rang out. A number of figures from the eastern crowd jumped up. At the same time, the space around Turtle Back Mountain fluctuated violently, and many people dressed in golden armor appeared and sealed off the space around the mountain.

"Ahhhh, is this the Human Emperor-selecting Ceremony of your five biggest sects? You are nothing but a bunch of crap! Yu Taixu, do you really want to rely on these people?"

A burst of wild laughter came from the sky, following the remarks made. It was insulting and felt like a slap on the face of five biggest sects.

The 360-degree view of the Fiery Eyes clearly reflected the situation in the sky back to Zhou Bao's mind.

A large dark cloud settled over Turtle Back Mountain, and it engulfed the whole mountain. An evil force filled with a strong and incomparable spirit was spewing forth from the clouds.

Zhou Bao frowned slightly, "How powerful the spirit is! Each of them is the Venerable at the top. And all that the strong power fluctuations coming from the celestial devices, what's going on? Can it be the eight Demon Kings? No, it is common knowledge that the eight Demon Kings of the Penglai Region and Divine Wind Palace are closely connected. Some of them are even supported by Divine Wind Palace. Then how did this happen? Internal conflicts?" Zhou Bao could not understand even after he mulled through the happenings. But he didn't have time to figure it out, because the onslaught had come from the sky.

"What's that?"

"God, it's so big...!"

"How powerful! What the hell is that?"

"It's a ship?"

"It's a Highest Heaven Celestial Device, an Upper Grade Highest Heaven Celestial Device!"


Exclamations rang out and suddenly a large figure emerged from the cloud.

"A Highest Heaven Celestial Device, Upper Grade, at the same level with Silver Frost Castle? Damn it, how could this be?"

When the big, dark towering ship appeared in the sky, Zhou Bao's expression immediately changed.


Simultaneously when the loud noise rang out, Zhou Bao pulled Yan Yuntian up and vanished from the scene, along with Emperor Yang, Emperor Wolf, Ashoka and the young emperor.

A column of light about thirty feet in diameter, emerged from the black towering ship and pierced through the enclosed space on Turtle Back Mountain. It struck the right western side of the mountain and split it apart. Except for a few quick ones who managed to escape, all the other emperors who were there to take part in the ceremony disappeared under the thick column of light.

One corner of Turtle Back Mountain had been destroyed.

"What the hell?"

Before the people even knew what was happening, a man appeared and sat on the golden throne. Zhou Bao was startled. He did not even see how the man had appeared, and the golden throne started to rise.

"Who is that?"

"It's him!"

"The Emperor Xuan of the Great Xuan Empire!"

The Emperor Xuan was the young emperor that Zhou Bao had noticed before. He was sitting on the throne with his hands on the armrests. The throne emitted a strong golden light, and flew up abruptly, and crashed violently into the black ship.



The force fluctuation caused by the collision of two Upper Grade Highest Heaven Celestial Devices made Turtle Back Mountain shudder violently.

The force of the attack broke through the mountain's inhibition, which had not been fully restored yet. Another group of people died from this attack. They were the ones from the middle- or small-sized sects and were either too weak, or had no time to escape. They could not withstand the impact of the collision, and most of them died instantly.

"Blackstone Ship? It's Yu Xiuluo, damn you, how dare you, Yu Xiuluo! How dare you be so treacherous! Aren't you afraid of being pursued by the five biggest sects?"

After the collision of two Upper Grade Pure Yang Celestial Devices, the Elder of the Chen's ancestral temple eventually recovered his breath. He pointed to the Blackstone Ship in the sky and swore angrily.

"Ahhh, who do you think you are, Chen Jinzhong? This time our eight Demon Kings have decided to unite forces. The Seven-deity Regions belongs not only to humans, but also to Demons. You carried out the Human Emperor-selecting Ceremony without even considering our demon candidate. Today we are here to teach you a lesson. We will kill all your candidates for the Human Emperor, and make our Demonic Emperor the candidate for the Human Emperor!"

"Shut up!" Chen Jinzhong was furious, "Choose one of you Demons to be the candidate for Human Emperor? What high ambitions you have! I'd like to see what you can do. How dare you talk nonsense!"

He roared angrily, suddenly bending over the ground of Turtle Back Mountain and hitting it with all his might.

Boom, boom!

The mountain began to tremble, and the ground gave off a glistening haze. Gray smoke spiraling in eerie patterns rose into the air.

"Infinite Universe, Borrowing Power from Heaven and Earth, the Real Body of Black Turtle, show up!" At Chen Jinzhong's roar, the grey stream of air under the control of his Incantation Gesture actually transformed into a thousand-foot-long old Black Turtle.

When the Black Turtle materialized, an ultimate terrifying pressure surged forth. Some of the weaker people were overwhelmed by the pressure, including Yan Yuntian, next to Zhou Bao. Emperor Yang was in an even worse condition. He had wet his pants in fright.

Just after the formation of the Black Turtle, the Blackstone Ship emitted another column of light and hit the back of the Black Turtle.


The loud noise rang out, but this time it did not break the back of the turtle. Instead, after being hit hard, the Black Turtle let out a violent roar and stood upright to push the column back.

The huge Black Turtle was now about the size of the Blackstone Ship and its movements made it sway as it hovered in the air. Its huge body flew above the middle clouds. It slammed severely against the already unstable Blackstone Ship.

The collision was stronger than the previous collision with the throne. The solidified shape of the Black Turtle, suddenly grew lighter, and grey airflow appeared in many of its parts. The Blackstone Ship was hit at a distance of thousands of feet away. Before the Blackstone Ship stabilized, a large amount of golden light appeared in the sky. It was the young Emperor Xuan who was controlling the throne and hovered over the Blackstone Ship, suppressing it in the air.

Facing the throne which had been suppressed from the air, the Blackstone Ship certainly was not just simply awaiting its doom. It moved sideways and avoided the attacks from the throne.

Neither the golden throne nor the newly emerged Black Turtle was as big as the Blackstone Ship, but the ship was extremely flexible and fast. Its massive body was as light as a feather; it moved sideways and easily avoided the attack.

However, as it made its escape, the Black Turtle launched another attack, forming a two-to-one formation with the golden throne. At once, the Blackstone Ship was facing a difficult task. It was busy putting up a resistance and did not retaliate.

"No, something is wrong!"

Zhou Bao was watching the magnificent battle going on in the sky. But he suddenly had a strange feeling.

"What is this?"

"The Human Emperor-selecting Ceremony is the most important event in the Four Eastern Regions, and a candidate for the Human Emperor will be chosen in the ceremony. This candidate will be nominally the supreme leader at this stage in the Four Eastern Regions. This is a grand ceremony of great significance. With the power of Divine Wind Palace, it's inevitable that all things will be done without any hitch. Then how could there be Demons here? Several assassins killed off most of the emperors with an Upper Grade Highest Heaven Celestial Device. It's so funny. It's like watching a game in a movie!"

"No, there wouldn't be so much drama in the movies! Is God a movie director. It seems too ridiculous!"

Realizing this fact, Zhou Bao took another look at the golden throne in the sky. Then he thought for a second before grabbing Yan Yuntian and rushed to Yu Nancheng.

"Is there any other special significance to that throne besides being an Upper Grade Highest Heaven Celestial Device?"

Yu Nancheng was also apparently frightened by the sudden change. He did not respond immediately. Seeing Zhou Bao suddenly appearing beside him and asking him a question with such a menacing air, he subconsciously replied, "That's a Golden Throne, a replica of the Jade Emperor's Highest Jade Throne. It's not only the symbol of the Human Emperor, but also the symbol of the candidate for the Human Emperor. Only the candidate for the throne is qualified to sit on it and operate it!"

"Fu**k!" Zhou Bao suddenly understood, he shouted angrily, and turned his eyes to the east. Yu Taixu was just sitting there, not doing anything, not even moving.

Looking at him, Zhou Bao was so angry that he almost rushed to him to kill him.

But when he saw the other man, his impulse vanished, and his sullen face turned into a sneer.

"Why should I be angry? The candidate has little to do with me. Even if Yan Yuntian loses the election, I won't incur any loss, but someone may be mad!"

"Yu Taixu, you're too much!"

As Zhou Bao had expected, Senior Grand Tutor Hong, who had been guarding Emperor Yang, was very vexed. With a roar of rage, a pair of huge hands appeared in the sky. One hand grabbed the Golden Throne, and the other was going for Emperor Xuan who was sitting on the Golden Throne.

"Boy, are you worthy to sit on this golden throne? Get off!"
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