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A blast of icy cold air swept over the sky and land, destroying everything in its path.

The scenario was such a group of Genuine Immortals were fighting to capture Evil Fire Kylin. Child-endowing Buddha and Yun Tianhe were locked in battle. From the sidelines, Zhou Bao, Yu Nantian and the others were watching the battle taking place, hoping to get off lightly.

Before the incredibly dark blue rays could tear the sky apart, everyone fled with all the speed they could muster.


An explosion shook the heavens and earth, and the Splendid Landscape Map was in a complete mess. The two who were left in control of the map, namely Ming Luo and Ming Chen, suffered massive injuries from the ferocious attack. Their blood sprayed wildly in all directions. They were very disheartened, because they had no more control over the Splendid Landscape Map after the attack. This map was a Highest Heaven Celestial Device, Upper Grade Pure Yang quality, and contained its own micro world within itself. The impact from the explosion of the Lunar True Thunder was so great that it actually blew a hole in this flawless little world. This gave the Venerables and Sages within a chance to escape.

Shrouded within the blue beam of light, streamers appeared one by one, bursting straight out of the hole. Zhou Bao was the first to leave followed by Child-endowing Buddha and Hong Xuanlong. These three were not badly injured. Child-endowing Buddha had a Sky-measuring Star Ruler to protect him. He had also received a Gourd of Origin and a Primordial Unity Horsetail Whisk—two Upper Grade Pure Yang Celestial Devices with additional protection power. Hong Xuanlong had a Pure Yang Celestial Device: an Immortal-eliminating Sword of Origin. Even though it was mostly used as a killing celestial device, with the wave of one's hand it could counteract some of the power of the Lunar True Thunder. And Zhou Bao? He was the embodiment of a Fierce Beast, and with his super strong recovery powers and the Flipping Sky Seal and Gold Bracelet to protect him, he was not too badly injured either, and still managed to escape.

Just as the three were just about to come out of the Splendid Landscape Map, they looked at each other. They ripped it open with one stroke. Each stayed vigilant, paying close attention to their surroundings. Close behind them was another guy who had managed to escape: Yu Nantian.

There was a purple light glowing all over Yu Nantian's body; it was obviously a protective shield. Only now, after the bombardment from the Lunar True Thunder, this protective shield had lost its luster completely. His face was also very pale, and specks of blood could be seen at the corner of his mouth. He was in a bad state.

But all this didn't matter. The important thing was that he came out alive.

When he saw the exit to the Splendid Landscape Map appearing right before his eyes, a look of joy could be seen on his face. But this joy soon turned into panic.

"I want to leave, but it's not that easy!" he thought.

A roar was heard from within the Splendid Landscape Map. Behind him emerged a ghostly black smoke, which turned into a black rope. It stretched out and coiled itself tightly around him. "You from Divine Wind Palace, today you will die!", it bellowed.

"The Rolling Dragon King!", he thought. The actual face of the black rope was not visible. But how was it that Zhou Bao was not aware of the Lunar True Thunder explosion?

"F*ck, Rolling Dragon King has come ashore, he was the one that set this up!", he thought.

In that instant Zhou Bao realized what had happened. Even though there were a few things he did not understand, he knew that the Greensword Mountain had been set up by the Rolling Dragon King. It was something he was very certain of.

"Damn Hong Xuanlong, isn't he going to save me?" he thought.

Helplessly entangled in the ropes, Yu Nantian let out a raging roar and with eyes fixated upon Hong Xuanlong, he said, "If you don't save me, you will pay for it as well."

"Such a waste!" Hong Xuanlong muttered to himself, eyes flashing. Although he really detested the rich and spoilt Yu Nantian, he could not afford to have something happen to him under his nose; then there really would be trouble.

The Yu family was the first family in Divine Wind Palace, and the Hong Family was the second. The two families had fought and schemed for many years already. It had not been easy to get to this generation. With Hong Xuanlong gone, Yu Nantian of the Yu family would be completely overpowered. However, one or two men of outstanding talent were not enough to make the family more powerful. If he really let him perish today, and word got out, then his remaining days at Divine Wind Palace would be difficult. Child-endowing Buddha and Zhou Bao stood at the side, watching the drama. At last, he reluctantly cast aside the thought of killing and silencing Yu Nantian. The green light in his hand flashed, and he sliced through the black rope.

"Boy, you are courting death!"

Rolling Dragon King had captured Yu Nantian, and in his eyes there glittered thoughts of revenge. How could he let it go so easily? Seeing Hong Xuanlong approaching with his sword, he roared and out of the black smoke, a mass of blue appeared and instantly engulfed him within its depths.

"Another Upper Grade Pure Yang Celestial Device!", Child-endowing Buddha said, standing at the side, seemingly not too impressed about the continual appearances of Upper Grade Pure Yang Celestial Devices.

However, it was obvious that Rolling Dragon King had underestimated Hong Xuanlong's strength. The greenish-black light of the Immortal-eliminating Sword of Origin was extremely sharp, and immediately sliced open the blue mass. It cut the black rope, and Hong Xuanlong could be seen stretching out his hands and searching for something. He pulled Yu Nantian out, and a green light shot out from him. With this full-body protection, he escaped from the binds of the Splendid Landscape Map.

Rolling Dragon King couldn't have imagined that Hong Xuanlong could be this swift and the sword in his hand so sharp. Seeing Yu Nantian escaping from the bonds, he bellowed once more with rage, and the black smoke turned into a giant, black hand, reaching out for the two men.

The huge hand almost grasped hold of them, and the Splendid Landscape Map was in a state of turmoil. The hole opened up by the Lunar True Thunder explosion closed in an instant.


The Rolling Dragon King gave a determined roar, but the black hand was severed by the Splendid Landscape Map. It dispersed and drifted off in the air.

Meanwhile, a series of upheavals were happening inside the Splendid Landscape Map. This infuriated Yun Tianhe—what had happened was totally out of his control. The clap of Lunar True Thunder had almost destroyed his plans. Fortunately, though, he had enough control over the Splendid Landscape Map to be able to track down the Rolling Dragon King. Mustering all the control he had over the map, he closed straight in on the Rolling Dragon King.

"B*stard, b*stard, b*stard!"

After a spate of cursing, all the mountain peaks in the Splendid Landscape Map split open and turned into a host of sharp blades. The rivers and springs of the map became surging waves, engulfing Rolling Dragon King. The ground burst open, and lava spewed from the insides of the underground fire vein. They formed streams of Fire Dragons, whizzing and screaming and flew towards Rolling Dragon King. The pneuma burst forth from its dormant lair and formed a raging gale.

The black sheen that Rolling Dragon King had created dimmed from the repeated strikes. However, after a short while, it turned into a billow of black smoke and dust and disappeared into thin air.

"Damn you both, Divine Wind Palace and Youxian Temple! I, Rolling Dragon King, swear I am not done with you yet!"

Rolling Dragon King's soul let out a series of roars and gradually disappeared. Meanwhile, millions of miles away in the Five-dragon Regions, within the original Rolling Dragon Palace, Rolling Dragon King was sitting on the jade bed with his legs crossed. He violently spewed forth a mouthful of blood and felt dizzy. He opened his bloodshot eyes, which were filled with bitter resentment. He snarled, "Divine Wind Palace, Youxian Temple, you just wait!"

Rolling Dragon King's snarling had no effect on Zhou Bao, Hong Xuanlong and Child-endowing Buddha.

Once the hole in the Splendid Landscape Map opened up again, Zhou Bao and Hong Xuanlong, their bodies almost moving as one, went through it. Several rays of light glimmered, and again the Splendid Landscape Map opened up and its space was inhibited. They went inside.

The only one left was Child-endowing Buddha. Acting as if nothing had happened, he laughed mischievously. He turned into a red cloud, broke through the space and left.

By now the map was a true mess. The Splendid Landscape Map, once a picturesque scene, slowly regained its power. But who knew how long it would take to recover?

Apart from the few who had managed to escape in time, the five biggest sects and Youxian Temple had suffered heavy losses from the aftermath of Lunar True Thunder.

More than half of the people were killed instantly. Those who did not die were badly injured. Yun Tianhe was the only one who did not have any injuries.

The unfortunate Evil Fire Kylin was also severely injured. He laid down on a broken mountain peak, panting heavily. His purple eyes were flashing wildly as he sought to escape.

This was its best chance. Those who had taken the trouble to come and look for it were now too severely injured to help. Yun Tianhe had exhausted his energy controlling the Splendid Landscape Map. The only thing it had left to do was to search for a way into the underground fire vein of Greensword Mountain. That was its domain. It believed that, having lost its captive Rolling Dragon King, it would not be found in the depths of the underground fire vein.

Only, heaven did not always indulge in one's wishes, especially those belonging to the kylin.

Just as it was preparing to flee underground, a burst of green light broke through the space and cut straight into its head.


There was no room for resistance all. The green light flashed, and its head flew into the air. A spurt of hot blood sprayed a hundred feet up but did not fall back down to earth. Instead, it was swept into a glowing, golden mass. This golden mass took most of the kylin's essence and blood and its dead body as well.

"How dare you?"

Seeing what had happened, Yun Tianhe roared and instantly engaged the Splendid Landscape Map. The torrential pneuma immediately turned into a huge, white hand, reaching towards the golden glow.

The golden glow seemed to realize the threat coming towards it. With a sharp contraction, it retracted into the green light. The green light suddenly grew longer and with a clear pealing sound, cleaved the giant hand in two. Not bothering with the kylin's body, it broke through the space, cut a hole in the Splendid Landscape Map, and disappeared into the horizon.

"Hmph!" Yun Tianhe sneered, watching Hong Xuanlong fleeing. Although Hong Xuanlong wrapped up and kept most of the Evil Fire Kylin's essence and blood, he left some of it behind along with the kylin's body. But it was enough for him to stop bothering about Hong Xuanlong. The giant hand that had been severed by the green light melded into one mass, and reached out to grab the Evil Fire Kylin's corpse.

As the hand was about to seize the Evil Fire Kylin's body, it transformed and regenerated.

A pure white jade fist emerged from the hollow, and struck the giant hand with a powerful blow.

This fist had stronger powers than the green light. It immediately smashed the pneuma's giant hand. Then another strike shattered the Evil Fire Kylin's skull to dust. The hand then grasped hold of the fire-red Inner Elixir and disappeared.
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