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Omnipotent Sage 511 The Youxian Taoist Temple of the Tang Dynasty & Splendid Landscape Map

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The Tomb-sweeping Day was a good time to visit the graves to honor the dead. But now, under Greensword Mountain, no one was concerned about it anymore. Everyone had only one thing in their mind: the Evil Fire Kylin.

The Evil Fire Kylin was a Primordial Fierce Beast and also an auspicious beast in antiquity times. Every part of its body was a treasure, but capturing it was merely a dream. A little bit of its essence and blood was enough to help the better part of the martial arts practitioners here to break through their bottlenecks. Legend had it that its essence and blood enabled people to obtain an amazing ability. Just because of these rumors, more and more people gathered under Greensword Mountain. Many people always had the mindset that they would be the protagonists in this world and would have some lucky chances. So they would never miss such an opportunity. But they hadn't expected that there were just too many looters for a limited wealth, and not everyone was the protagonist in such an event. Most people chose to ignore this fact because of greed and came here for acquiring benefits. However, it turned out to be what it was now.

These days, these people kept searching for the Kylin in some secret places on the mountain. In the beginning, there were even some conflicts between them and the people from the Redflame School. But now, to their surprise, they found out that the people from that school were all gone overnight. There was not even a soul in the headquarters of this school. After the initial surprise, they disregarded all this. Since they had no place to live, some people with good strength occupied the headquarters of this school and lived there, thinking of themselves as the master there.

At this moment, Greensword Mountain had already fallen into inexplicable chaos and anxiety.

The sun was shining brightly today, and the sky was cloudless. As usual, a group of Jianghu people climbed mountain after mountain and descended fire vein after fire vein. When they were desperately searching for the Kylin, the sky suddenly darkened. Those who had entered the fire vein didn't know what was going on outside, but those who were searching for the Kylin on the mountain saw it clearly. The originally cloudless sky darkened over their heads. And then a circular cyan light curtain fell from the sky. These martial arts practitioners were just nobodies, so how could they figure out what the light curtain was? Before they could figure it out, the light curtain fell onto Greensword Mountain. The downfall of it changed heaven and earth.

The entire Greensword Mountain disappeared without a trace.

"What's going on?"

"What happened?"

"What was that? What was that thing that fell from the sky?"

"Look! Guys, be quick! The mountain, the mountain disappeared. Greensword Mountain disappeared!"

"How is that possible? How did the mountain...!"

"No way! Am I dreaming? Am I seeing ghosts? How could Greensword Mountain disappear?"

There were too many martial arts practitioners gathering under Greensword Mountain. Only those who were powerful enough were qualified to go up the mountain and enter the fire vein. And those who were weak could just act as onlookers and didn't go up the mountain. They were just waiting for the news under the mountain. Now, they were secretly glad that they had not ventured to go up the mountain. Otherwise, it would be too late for them to regret. Currently, they were in a state of shock and could not believe what had happened in front of them. Looking ahead, there was a huge mountain a moment ago, but it had already disappeared without a trace. Most people couldn't help but pinch their flesh to make sure that they were not dreaming.

Not resigning himself to the unpleasant situation, the master of the Redflame School, who had been peeping down on the mountain these days, swallowed a few mouthfuls of water. His heart was still fluttering with fear. Secretly, he thought that if it wasn't for his Patriarch gaining insight into this matter and evacuated the people of the Redflame School earlier, he wouldn't know what would have happened to himself and his men.

"It's not too late to feel frightened now!"

"Teacher, who did this? How mighty he is!" The master of the Redflame School was shocked and then turned around, hurriedly asking Raging Fire Ancestor, who was standing behind him and looking in the direction of Greensword Mountain helplessly.

"It's nothing but a Pure Yang Treasure, the Splendid Landscape Map of the Youxian Temple. Haha, I never expected that the Youxian Temple in the Three Western Regions would act first!"

"Pure Yang Treasure, Youxian Temple, and Splendid Landscape Map?" The master of the Redflame School felt confused upon hearing these words. However, Raging Fire Ancestor didn't plan to explain it to him; instead, he rolled up his robe sleeves and covered the master's body with them, saying, "Let's go. The real battle is about to begin and don't get in the way here, lest you suffer great pain and cry!"

"Humph, you guys of the Youxian Temple really have guts! This is the place of the Four Eastern Regions rather than that of the Three Western Regions! And you dare to act first!" Just as Greensword Mountain vanished, several figures with golden robes appeared in the air. That robe was the standard uniform of the Divine Wind Palace. The leader looked quite cold. Unlike the robes of the three men behind him, his robe presented a touch of gold and was embroidered with an unknown supernatural animal that had immeasurable Qi Power. The leader was an expert at the peak of the Venerable Realm, and he would achieve the Karmic Rank of Lord of Heaven after he underwent one more Thunder Tribulation. The three behind him were all Venerables, with the weakest one being a Two-tribulation True Immortal.

"Lord Xuan Long, little did I expect that people of the Youxian Temple would use the Splendid Landscape Map. It's a Highest Heaven Celestial Device that ranks only second to fairy weapons. It's so mighty, if...!" said a man standing behind the leader.

"It doesn't matter. The Youxian Temple is not the only one who has a Highest Heaven Celestial Device. Both the Divine Wind Palace and we, the Hong Family, have one too." Lord Xuan Long waved his hand to stop that Venerable from talking. He added, "I'm determined to acquire the Evil Fire Kylin this time. No matter who it is, it cannot stop me. Although the Youxian Temple is powerful enough and the Splendid Landscape Map is quite famous, here is the Central Mainland Region after all. They are not capable of stopping me!" He let out a sneer, and then a cyan light flashed through his sleeve. The light streaked through the air, and the space cracked like a rag. To their surprise, they saw a boundless and splendid landscape rather than the void through the crack.

Of course, what surprised the three people the most was the cyan light.

"Immortal-eliminating Sword of Origin! An Upper-Grade Pure Yang Celestial Device! Never did I expect that the Family Head would give the Eldest Master the sword. It seems that he'll choose the Eldest Master to be his heir. Otherwise, he wouldn't do so!" thought the three golden-robed men behind Hong Xuanlong. They all felt startled as they looked at the sword shining with cyan light, and the expression in their eyes changed suddenly.

"Let's go!" After breaking the Splendid Landscape Map with a single blow, the cyan light in Hong Xuanlong's hand vanished. Hong Xuanlong summoned the three behind him and got into the crack. The three followed him and entered the Splendid Landscape Map as well.

"Master, the members of the Hong Family have all entered the map!"

After the four people went into the map, the space wall of the sky was torn open again, and five or six men wearing golden robes showed up. They were from the Divine Wind Palace as well, but they were not in the same group as the previous four. Zhou Bao was quite familiar with their leader. It was Yu Nantian, who had failed to cross the sea and had to return to the Four Eastern Regions in disgrace.

"Hmph, I didn't expect that the Hong Family should send Hong Xuanlong here. It seems that they're determined to obtain the Evil Fire Kylin!" said Yu Nantian who was staring at the place where the four men had stood earlier in a cold way with a terrible look.

"Master, this Hong Xuanlong is the strongest competitor for the next Family Head of the Hong Family, and his cultivation is immeasurable! What should we..."

"What? Do you think I would feel frightened because of him?" Yu Nantian's face darkened and he stared at the man behind him unfriendly.

"No, no, no! I mean...!"

"Okay, I understand what you mean. Since we didn't come here for the Evil Fire Kylin, just let the Hong Family show off their mighty this time. However, that depends on whether they have the ability or not!" Yu Nantian laughed coldly and took a white slip out. With a gentle shake, a white light flashed past, and a crack appeared on the Splendid Landscape Map. A ray of white light shot out of that crack and shone on their bodies. And soon as the light vanished, they vanished with it.

On this very day, a lot of similar things had happened on Greensword Mountain with every one of them being secretive. Some had broken the Splendid Landscape Map with a powerful Pure Yang Celestial Device just like Hong Xuanlong, and some were absorbed by the map after showing a strange white slip, such as Yu Nantian.

Over Greensword Mountain, space was torn apart once again at noon. Wearing a cyan robe, Zhou Bao appeared in the sky of Greensword Mountain. But he was stunned right as he appeared there.

"Eh? What happened? Has the mountain been removed?" Soon after, some faint red light appeared in Zhou Bao's eyes. In this world, there were many ways to practice some special body parts, with the eye being one of the most frequently practiced parts, such as Black Water-Genuine Pupils and Golden-gaze Fiery-eyes. A better part of the people who practiced their eyes would emanate red light when they used them. Zhou Bao didn't dare to use his Fiery Eyes recklessly before due to his poor cultivation. But with his current cultivation, even if his eyes showed something unusual, no one would think that they were Fiery Eyes.

His expression suddenly turned strange after he had seen the scene in front of him.

"No wonder I feel that this space is strange. It turns out that it has been covered by someone with a mighty celestial device thus forming a secluded space similar to the Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword. I don't know who is so generous with treasures. But I can't help it. I'm hellbent on obtaining the Evil Fire Kylin. Whoever you are, we'll have to fight with each other!" thought Zhou Bao. A red light flashed past the place between his eyebrows and then a black-red Sword Qi shot out of it, breaking the space directly. Zhou Bao turned into cyan light and went into the Splendid Landscape Map!
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