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There was an underground fire vein in Redflame School on Greensword Mountain in Sui Province. And an Evil Fire Kylin was hiding in the depths of the fire vein.

No one knew this better than Zhou Bao, for his Great Fusion Technic was from this Fire Kylin, and his original Kylin Gang was from the bloodline of this Evil Fire Kylin. He had always thought that this kylin had been practicing in the depths of fire vein and hiding in a lava lake, so it would never be found. He didn't think it would expose itself and send the world into a frenzy.

Just as he was thinking, his heart blood surged. Then, a cultivation message came to his Divine Awareness.

"Eight Nine Mysterious Skill? Damn it, no wonder I can't break through to the Blood-changing Realm! There is really such a thing!"

It turned out that during the period when Zhou Bao had been practicing, there had been an ample supply of the Mysterious Divine Light Pneuma in the Sea of Divine Power, even slightly more than in antiquity times. Thus, it was enough for him to practice. But his Mysterious Divine Light still lingered at the peak of the Pulse-steadying Realm. The line between the Pulse-steadying Realm and the Blood-changing Realm seemed like a thin layer of gauze, but somehow he still could not break through it. He always felt that there was something he didn't fully understand about it yet. Now, he seemed to know the reason, and this made him astonished.

The message he received was from the bloodline of Demonic Ape Zhuyan, and it was a way called Eight Nine Mysterious Skill.

Zhou Bao was stunned and appeared lost. However, he soon got over the astonishment, because he had thought of the key to practice the Eight Nine Mysterious Skill.

It was the Evil Fire Kylin!

For this cultivation method, the Inner Elixir of Evil Fire Kylin was necessary.

In fact, the Eight Nine Mysterious Skill not only needed the Evil Fire Kylin, but also needed the Inner Elixir of Divine Gang Jade Kylin in order for it to achieve the highest state.

Zhou Bao had a clue with regards to the Evil Fire Kylin, but where could he find a Divine Gang Jade Kylin?

"Well, I'd better solve the problem of the Evil Fire Kylin first!"

After getting the cultivation method, Zhou Bao had a better understanding of the Primordial Fierce Beasts. Compared with human beings, these beasts were not stupid at all, and in many cases were much smarter and more cunning. Their ways of practicing were no less impressive than those of human beings, and they were even better when it came to abstruse, important points.

For example, the Eight Nine Mysterious Skill was a method that used the Mysterious Divine Light to strengthen the body, but it was different from what Zhou Bao was practicing now. Now Zhou Bao used the Mysterious Divine Light to strengthen his body purely by instinct.

This instinctive practice was equivalent to the most basic skills of practicing human Qi. It had some effects, but was not very good. The Eight Nine Mysterious Skill was different. It was a unique skill which was completely directed at the characteristics of the Mysterious Divine Light and the only Natal Power of the Demonic Ape Zhuyan. It was also Zhuyan's recognized skill that had been passed on from generation to generation. The wisdom of the Primordial Fierce Beasts could be seen only from the mystery of this cultivation method.

In the final analysis, the Eight Nine Mysterious Skill was a unique skill that could bring the Mysterious Divine Light and Zhuyan's Natal Power into full play. If a man really practiced it to the Advanced Realm, he could tear the Innate Deity and the Primordial Demon to pieces with his bare hands, which was what Zhuyan had done.

However, to reach the highest state, the conditions were very critical, because the Mysterious Divine Light had to use refined creation. If you practiced too much, you would inevitably encounter obstacles, which would be troublesome sometimes. For instance, Zhou Bao was now able to perform the Three Realms Division because, after refining the Flickering Light Evil Qi, his body carried some of its characteristics. This was extremely convenient when the quantity was small. However, if you really absorbed a lot of pneuma of the world and different kinds of Evil Qi, and once the Mysterious Divine Light reached a certain level that it still could refine creation on its own, then there would be trouble. Although at times, the refining of pneuma would retain some of its subtle characteristics. However, with the increase of the refining, there would be some misconceptions. These misconceptions were greatly multiplied. Later on, although it might not cause you to possessed by the devil, it would still be a minor annoyance for any further development.

As a matter of fact, his Eight Nine Mysterious Skill would not able to progress any further without first overcoming this problem. No matter how many treasures of heaven and earth he refined, there was still little effect. In theory, when you refined a piece of treasure of heaven and earth, your physical strength would increase by 30%, but when you met with an obstacle, your physical strength could not even increase by 5%. Your practice would slow down sharply, and the power of the Mysterious Divine Light would not increase much.

In order to solve this problem, the ancestors of the Primordial Demonic Ape and Zhuyan made countless explorations, and finally found that there was a supernatural animal called a kylin that could solve this problem.

There were two kinds of kylin, one was the Evil Fire Kylin, and the other was the Divine Gang Jade Kylin. Their origins were not known. The Inner Elixir of Evil Fire Kylin could help Zhuyan purify its body, while the Inner Elixir of Divine Gang Jade Kylin could help Zhuyan purify the Mysterious Divine Light. Once he ingested these two kinds of Inner Elixirs, Zhuyan would then be able to practice their own Eight Nine Mysterious Skill to the extreme.

In primitive times, no Zhuyan was aware of this, because at that time, these two kinds of kylin roamed between heaven and earth in large numbers, and they were one of Zhuyan's sources of food. Those Primordial Zhuyan ate countless kylin all their lives, so they did not meet such an obstacle when practicing. Later on, the number of kylin steadily decreased and some of the new generation of Zhuyan had never eaten kylin at all, and this was when they encountered this obstacle in their practices. These occurrences came to their attention. Then came the massacre of Zhuyan against kylin. The number of kylin that had started to dwindle dropped even more dramatically. By the middle of the primitive times, there were very few kylin left.

"The Evil Fire Kylin, and the Divine Gang Jade Kylin! Alas, let me settle the matter at hand first, and get the Evil Fire Kylin!"

Indeed, Zhou Bao's first priority now was to get the Inner Elixir of the Evil Fire Kylin. Now the Evil Fire Kylin had revealed its whereabouts, attracting all the major influences, including the five biggest sects, each wanting to get a piece of the action.

"Humph, although there're many worldly forces involved this time, it's not a worldly affair. After all, the Evil Fire Kylin is as powerful as an Individual Immortal. It's not illegal for me to steal it. Heehee, it will be better if I meet people of the five biggest sects. Then I can snatch the Evil Fire Kylin from them, taking advantage of this opportunity to give vent to my anger, in case they don't take me seriously!" Having made up his mind, Zhou Bao did not hesitate. He broke through the hollow and went straight to Sui Province.

On Greensword Mountain, Sui Province.

It was originally a desolate place, but now it was quite buzzing with people. There was not even a proper marketplace under Greensword Mountain, and only a few villages which were already full of people. Some of the bold and unconstrained practitioners who couldn't find a place to live simply slept in the open. Of course, they were also ordinary people in Jianghu, who were mainly there to see what the fuss was all about. Whoever had a high position and a backstage supporter came well prepared. They set up temporary accommodations with luxurious tents. In just one month, it had become a huge gathering place for bold and unconstrained practitioners, people from well-known families and rich families under Greensword Mountain.

"Patriarch, it can't go on like this! Those guys are so outrageous, just camping in our mountain as they please. They're really despising us Redflame School!"

At this time, the headquarters of the Redflame School had raised a ruckus. The Leader of Redflame School was rushing around frantically. It was the day of Raging Fire Ancestor's exit, so he came to see him in a hurry.

After the Leader finished, a look of great surprise appeared on Raging Fire Ancestor's face, and then he laughed bitterly, "You're thinking about this at this time? Tell your subordinates to leave here!"

"Leave, leave here?" The Leader thought he had heard the wrong thing, staring at Raging Fire Ancestor, "Patriarch, you said...!"

"I said, tell your subordinates to leave here! We can't stay in Redflame School now. Ask everyone to pack up and leave as fast as they can, and come back when it's over here!"

"Ah? Doesn't that mean we are showing them that we are afraid?" the Leader cried. He was the most beloved disciple of Raging Fire Ancestor, and had a bad temper.

"You're not afraid, I'm afraid!" Hearing his words, Raging Fire Ancestor almost kicked him over, "It is the Evil Fire Kylin! Among all Primordial Fierce Beasts, it cannot be called strong, but in the present world, it is an extremely horrible creature. Even the weakest Primordial Fierce Beast is born with the power of the Mysterious Realm. I'm only a Level Nine expert. You know what Level Nine means? Can I compare myself to it? Those people down the mountain are all cannon fodder, idiots, not worthy of our fear. But we can't provoke those who come to fight for the Fire Kylin. Not only us, but Sect of Flame dare not provoke those people. It's going to be a fierce struggle, you know? This is a great disaster. You should want to take advantage of it and show your authority! Are you seeking death? We're leaving now to avoid trouble, and we'll come back when it's over here. Once we're really kicked out, it's hard to come back. Hurry up, do as I said. Leave Greensword Mountain within three days!" Raging Fire Ancestor roared loudly. There was some reluctance in the Leader's heart, but the accumulated influence of Raging Fire Ancestor made him reluctant to argue. So he had to agree in a low voice and backed away.

This arrangement was sufficient to show that Raging Fire Ancestor had foresight and knew when to advance and retreat. This really saved the Redflame School from a terrible disaster.
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