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"Who is out to kill me?"

"I do not know, it was only a rumor. But I did find out about the guy who wanted to make use of you!"


"Zhi IX!"

"The fifth supervisor of School of Five Virtues?"

"That's right, that's the guy. He initially wanted to keep you as an unknown factor in the Wuyang Region. Who knew that your father-in-law would suddenly produce half a Void Map halfway and became so powerful! He also didn't think that there would be two additional experts in your Wuyang Region who could control the Yin and Yang Dust Formation. He gave you the task of taking care of the Qin Family of South Mountains, but he didn't expect you to be so ruthless, destroying them all at once, and also killing the Patriarch of the Qin family. Hence, Zhi IX lost his wife and his soldiers and the Divine Wind Palace also lost a good pawn. Hehe!"

"What did you say? The Qin Family of South Mountains is on the same side as Divine Wind Palace?"

"You can't really tell which side they are on, but for sure there's a connection somewhere!" Wang She said harshly, "Well, things are not looking good now. They lost their pawn, but you have to be careful. The sister of their Patriarch is called Qin Mengyao. She is the wife of Lin Kong, the Palace Leader of East Sea Chaotian Palace. You have to look out for the actions of Chaotian Palace!"

"This I know. I've met Qin Mengyao and Lin Kong!"

"What? You've already met the two of them?" Hearing Zhou Bao's words, Wang She was obviously very taken aback. While the Qin Family of South Mountains was near to the East Sea, it was still a great distance from Chaotian Palace. What a coincidence it must have been for Zhou Bao to run into them. Perhaps Chaotian Palace also want to take advantage of the chaotic situation in Central Mainland Region?

"That Qin Mengyao and the Patriarch of Qin Family must have some kind of telepathic communication with each other. Once one is in trouble, the other will be informed immediately and will use spatial Divine Sense to rush over. However, it was still too late. I've done all that I should. She wanted to fight with me, but Lin Kong appeared and stopped it!"

Zhou Bao described the situation to Wang She, including how Lin Kong had given him a Fiery Eye in the end.

"What? He gave you a Fiery Eye?" Wang She was shocked. After that he had a strange look on his face.

"Yes, look!" Zhou Bao nodded and took out the Fiery Eye. He placed it on his palm and showed it to Wang She.

Wang She stared at the blood red ball in Zhou Bao's hand. In the center of this vibrant ball, there was a black dot which gave out a faint flashing golden light. It was both striking and enchanting and gave people the urge to want to possess it.

"Hmm, such a strange Fiery Eye, it is stranger than the one I got for you in the past!"

"You can feel it too, right? This Fiery Eye is different from the one I had in the past. There seems to be a huge force building up inside, but there seems to be no damage!" Zhou Bao's expression showed confusion. He said, "I have a feeling that if I start to refine this Fiery Eye now, I will either reap some huge benefit or end up in huge trouble!"

"Put it away, if I continue looking at it, I may not be able to restrain myself!" Wang She took a deep breath and asked, "What are you trying to do by showing me this thing?"

"Nothing much, I just want you to help me spread the news. This way, I can make use of my Fiery Eyes External Elixir without any qualms, as I have obtained it in a just and honorable way!" Zhou Bao's had an awkward expression on his face. "You know too, the other Externa Elixir had been stolen from the Wu Family. If this news starts to spread, even though nothing much may happen, it will not look good for me, so...!"

"I didn't expect you to be so concerned about the outcome of your own actions! If you go on like this, it will be better for you!" Wang She said after hearing Zhou Bao's words.

"Yes, I am more concerned about things now!" Thinking about Yan Yunfei who had just delivered his son, Zhou Bao had a bitter smile on his face. "You're still living lavishly; you're not married and can do anything you want. You don't have many responsibilities and even if you face a setback, you can start over again. I can't!"

"Every family has their own set of problems!" Wang She saw how depressed Zhou Bao was and tried to console him. "Look at me, even though I'm single and appear to be free as a bird, but does anyone understand my loneliness and hardship?"

"You freak!" Looking at Wang She's expression, Zhou Bao felt his stomach surging and felt like vomiting. "You can tell that to Prince Xiaoming, perhaps he can get rid of your loneliness!"

At the mention of Prince Xiaoming, Wang She's expression changed drastically. He looked confused. "What...what do you mean?"

"Hey, don't think I can't see it. When the two of you are together, that expression, that attitude, that flirtatious looks between the two of you as if you are both in love...I'm not blind!" Seeing Wang She's expression at the thought of his relationship being exposed, Zhou Bao almost laughed out loud. "Still having secret relationships at this age? Still so pure too! Perhaps the Chief of Tian Long Taoism was still inexperienced? Maybe, he's still a virgin!"

Thinking of this, he could not help laughing hysterically.

Hahahahahaha, you, you, you ---!" Zhou Bao pointed at Wang She and said breathlessly "I, I, I say, Chief Wang, you, you, you aren't a virgin right, hahahahahaha!"

"Shut up!" Wang She shouted angrily, as if his privacy had been invaded. Blood rushed to his pale skin and his face turned red with embarrassment. He lifted his leg and kicked Zhou Bao in the chest.

With a loud boom, a strange thing happened. Zhou Bao was actually sent flying. Wang She's strength had broken through Zhou Bao's defense.

"Er---!" Zhou Bao stopped laughing. His Real Essence Internal Qi quickly blocked this strength of the kick. He did a somersault in the air and landed on the ground. He looked at Wang She with a half-grin.

"Good leg work!"

After experiencing Hongjun's power, Zhou Bao's confidence had risen tremendously. He did not even bother with common people, like the shitty Sage Venerable. He did not even acknowledge their existence. Right now, only that Genuine Immortal of Lord of Heaven Realm could instill fear in him. However, even if they met and Zhou Bao was the loser, he was still confident that he could make a quick escape. Furthermore, he had his fairy weapons. By taking one out, even a Lord of Heaven could be destroyed. Hence, although Wang She was a Level Nine expert, a fact that awed people, to Zhou Bao, this was not a big deal. However, he did not expect to be sent flying with just one kick.

Although he was not injured, the thunderbolt-like kick had Zhou Bao worried. He had not able to avoid the kick. He did not even feel any danger beforehand. Maybe this was because Wang She did not display any killing intent towards him. However, Zhou Bao was still shocked that he felt a telepathic connection only before getting kicked.

Wang She's cultivation was only at Level Nine. Zhou Bao knew that he would have some other tricks hidden up his sleeves, tricks that could tackle Individual Immortals from Mysterious Realm. Zhou Bao had even overestimated his own capabilities, believing that he could escape easily from a Genuine Immortal. However, he never thought that Wang She would able to defeat him now.

This proved that he had underestimated the Chief of Tian Long Taoism.

Based on the kick, if the other party had wanted to kill him, it would have been impossible, but inflicting a severe injury would have been very easy.

"Hmm, little fella, you're not the only one that has all the luck. Without some tricks, how could I take up the position of Chief of Tian Long Taoism? And how do you think I was able to secure a place in the Immortal Palace?" Wang She laughed coldly.

"That's true!" After Wang She's attack, Zhou Bao did not touch on that sensitive topic again.

Having given Zhou Bao a piece of his mind, Wang She decided to leave. It was too embarrassing for him. Being teased by Zhou Bao was too humiliating to him, being a senior.

However, just as he was about to leave, Zhou Bao's expression suddenly changed. He exclaimed in confusion. His face showed a few changes in emotion.

"What's wrong?" Wang She asked when he saw Zhou Bao's strange expression.

Before Zhou Bao could open his mouth to reply, Wang She heard a voice by his ear saying, "Nothing much, just that he realized that I am here, an unwelcome guest!"

"Who is that?" Now, Wang She's expression changed too. He was shocked to hear someone speaking so near to him. That would mean that the other party's cultivation was way above his. When he saw who the person was, his expression changed. It was a fat monk with a pair of peach blossom eyes.

"Bigwheel Temple, Child-endowing Buddha?" Wang She recognized the monk at one glance. His nerves tightened, but what happened next totally blew his mind.

"What brings you here?" Zhou Bao narrowed his eyes. His facial expression showed that he had a mild shock, but was not alarmed. On the contrary, his tone sounded like they were very familiar with each other, as if Zhou Bao was talking to Wang She himself. Wang She was very curious.

A few years ago, Bigwheel Temple Child-endowing Buddha attacked Wuyang Region and killed Yu Ergui. This matter was not a secret. Wang She knew about it. He also knew what kind of a person Child-endowing Buddha was. This kind of person was the type that irritated Zhou Bao. By not killing him, Zhou Bao was already giving face to Bigwheel Temple. Why was Zhou Bao even associating with him?

"The reason why I'm here is the same as Chief Wang, so I will get to the point directly. You know about the Void Map!" Child-endowing Buddha was very rude. After entering the house, he sat on the chair that Zhou Bao had been sitting on earlier. He leaned back, his body size making it creak. He reached his hand for the teapot and poured tea from the spout directly into his mouth.

"Good, I'm so thirsty. I have not drunk a single drop of water since I left Bigwheel Temple!"

"Even if it was for the Void Map, there's no need to be in such a hurry!"

"The Void Map is just a minor matter. Just for the sake of finding the site to enter Infinite Star Sea, the five biggest sects will be at war with each other for the next three to four years. I came to tell you this, and to remind you to be careful!"

"What do I have to look out for?"

"The general consensus to have you killed has already gained the majority of the votes in the five biggest sects, I voted for it too!" Child-endowing Buddha smiled, "You should understand, since we have long standing grudges between the two of us!"

"Oh, were there no compromises formed? Do they plan to kill me once I enter Infinite Star Sea?"

"You're right, they are planning to do that. So you'll certainly be in the list to enter the Infinite Star Sea!"

"What if I don't go?"

"They will think of ways to make you go!"

"Who's in charge of this?"

"The Divine Wind Palace, the School of Five Virtues, Yi IV!"

"Hehe, seems like he's still holding grudge against me for what I did at Mingyi School previously!"

It's not due to that. Your power is now beyond control and your combat capability is making them feel insecure. Zhou Bao, sometimes, being too strong invites competition, especially for those who are beyond control. This is also why a compromise has been reached!" Child-endowing Buddha laughed heartily, "Looks like your supervisor, White Tiger, also voted for it. Although he may be trying to hide your actual relationship with Immortal Palace, he should have told you first! That's not right!"

"What did White Tiger do to you to make you come all the way here and spread tales about him?"

"I don't like his look, he's too proud, and tries to act very high and mighty in front of me! If I don't take this chance to teach him a lesson, I'll never forgive myself. You'll help me right?"

"We'll have to see how things turn out. You are an immortal, you should be very clear about the Void Map right?"

"Of course, I've already been to the Infinite Star Sea once or twice, but only stayed at the sidelines because it was too dangerous inside!" Speaking of this, Child-endowing Buddha seemed to remember something and a sinister smile crossed his face. "These five silly biggest sects, they are so full of themselves. They think that they can explore the Infinite Star Sea with just a Void Map! They do not know the dangers lurking in the sea!"

"You're not Child-endowing Buddha!" Hearing the pair's conversation, Wang She's expression changed as he shouted at Child-endowing Buddha while pointing at him.

"Of course I am, don't I look like him?" Child-endowing Buddha's smile brightened even more. "I have just gained more insights about life, accepted the reformation of my Buddhist teachings and turned over a new leaf!"

"Enough, no need to put on a show here. Since you're here, there's nothing else to hide!" Zhou Bao laughed faintly and said to Wang She, "The real Child-endowing Buddha died in the Yin and Yang Dust Formation. This guy took over his body, inheriting everything, even his women!"

Wang She was alarmed but nodded as if he understood. This made sense to him. If the two of them really had any grudges, they would not be on such good terms with each other.

"It's hard to tell that you have so many secrets!"

"No matter how many secrets I have, they can't compete with your kick!" Zhou Bao looked on serenely. "Looks like Chief Wang's ability could be ranked first, if not second, in Tian Long Taoism!"

"Since when were you so interested in Tian Long Taoism?"

"I have no choice. Didn't you hear that many people want me dead? I'm planning my escape route!" Zhou Bao laughed half-jokingly. Soon, his expression sobered. "Jokes aside, things are not so simple. Since the upper heads have already reached a consensus, even if they don't take action immediately, they will start to put pressure on the influence of Wuyang Region and myself. That is not good news for me!"

"If I were you, I'll start afresh. Hehe, five biggest sects of Four Eastern Regions, why can't there be a sixth sect?" Child-endowing Buddha was all for advocating peace. He said, "The five biggest sects want to beat you. They want to go against you because your power has grown beyond their expectation and they feel like they can't control you anymore. They're also afraid that your unrestrained fury will cause trouble for them, that's why they are all against you. You may be powerful, but to them, as long as their minds are set, they can send a few people from Lord of Heaven Realm to kill you. Furthermore, the Infinite Star Sea is full of unpredictable danger. Hence, once you enter the area, you'll be in danger. If you don't go, the five biggest sects would naturally come up with other ways to make you go, although I don't know how. That Ren II is very confident. If you want to fight back, you cannot stay silent. Not only that, you must make them quake with fear!" Speaking of which, he looked at Zhou Bao and said, "No matter how strong you become, you are only one person. That's your biggest weakness. However, I know you have ways to make your subordinates increase their cultivation in a very short time. If you're lucky, you may increase the number of experts among them. What do you think?

"I've already started!" Zhou Bao understood what Green Spirit meant. "However, if too many experts appear at the same time, it might attract people's attention!"

"So what? If I were you, I will reveal the prescription for the elixirs to the whole world. Think about it, what chaos there will be if you release the long-lost prescriptions of Bone-Forging Pill, Tendon-Changing Pill, Pulse-Steadying and Marrow Cleansing Pill?

"What did you say? You have those prescriptions!" Child-endowing Buddha had just finished talking and Wang She was shocked. He looked at Zhou Bao in bewilderment and was speechless. Could there anything more shocking than this? The long-lost prescriptions from olden times were actually in Zhou Bao's hands! No wonder he was able to cultivate so quickly and improve his abilities that well. So it turned out that he had these back-ups.

"See, what I mean? Once you announce this news, the whole world will go crazy!"

"What has that got to do with me?" Zhou Bao laughed coldly," Then wouldn't I be hunted down?"

"Are you stupid? I didn't ask you to tell everyone they're in your hands. Just use your influence and spread some rumors. No one would ever suspect that you have them. They've been lost for so many years and are so effective. Once someone discovers that they're still around and learn about its effects, what do you think will happen?"

Zhou Bao sat in silence with furrowed eyebrows, as if he was thinking about something. His face was blank. At last, he relaxed and looked at Child-endowing Buddha, "Damn, Green Spirit, you're indeed an Old Demon, coming up with such a scheming plan. Apart from the ingredients of Bone-Forging Pill, the rest are all hard to find. Perhaps only places like 33 Heavens would have them. Even in the Sea Area, there wouldn't be a lot. Even if we could find all of them, we probably won't be able to stockpile them. I do not need to release all the prescriptions. I think the prescriptions of Bone-Forging Pill and Tendon-Changing Pill will leave the whole world in a chaos, or at least the martial arts world!"

"Not bad, for you, causing chaos is the best choice. Only when there is chaos would you be able to carry out your plans sneakily. Besides, think about it, if the four sects got hold of the prescriptions, without the Magic Drugs, they will blame Divine Wind Palace for all this. Also, in order to snatch the Magic Drugs, the five biggest sects will have to quicken their pace and start on the exploration of Infinite Star Sea immediately. Then, even if they want to kill you, they may not be well-prepared enough to do that. With your hidden back-ups and my help, it wouldn't be a problem to turn the tables on them!"

"I'm not crazy! It will be the end of me if I were to go to Infinite Star Sea and kill everyone!" Zhou Bao laughed coldly, "Do you think I'm that dumb? While your idea may be evil, I think it is a good choice. Okay, I will do so accordingly. I will first release the Bone-Forging Pill. Hehe, I've secretly stocked enough medicinal herbs from Anyuan Store during these past few years. Without the Bone-Forging Pill prescription, nothing big will happen. Once it is out, not only will the prices rise like crazy, there may even be bloody fights!"

"Right, these medicinal herbs are rare items. However, once the prescriptions are out, the demand for it will soar. There are so many martial arts practitioners out there, they will surely want to increase their cultivation and become masters and experts!" "There will be a huge fight for sure. The Bone-Forging Pill will cause the lower level martial arts practitioners to fight. The prescription for the Tendon-Changing Pill will definitely catch the attention of all the well-known families. These families are reliant on the number of experts they have. Even if they don't want to fight for it, they have to! Once the time is right, you can then release the Pulse-Setting Pill. By then, even the Divine Wind Palace will not sit still!"

"That's what I want, if not my prescriptions will be wasted!"

Wang She stood aside and listened, cold sweat dripping from his brow. These two guys were too callous. At the same time, he was able to gather some secret information from their conversation. "Obviously, if Zhou Bao were to team up with Child-endowing Buddha, they could confidently kill all of the Venerable Genuine Immortals and Lord of Heaven Realm Genuine Immortals sent by the five biggest sects to the Infinite Star Sea. How was that possible? What was the background of this Child-endowing Buddha? Just how far along was Zhou Bao's cultivation? Why was he so confident?"

Wang She thought hard but could find no answers to his own questions. Looking at how the duo were so engrossed in a heated discussion about a topic that made him afraid, Wang She could not help but laugh bitterly. These two did not regard him as an outsider at all.

After their discussion, they then set up this plan. Child-endowing Buddha took a glance at Wang She and laughed. Without even saying a goodbye, he turned into a whirlwind and disappeared from the room.

"Hoo, good job, you have really kept this well hidden!" Wang She had no choice but to respect Zhou Bao. Quietly and secretly, he had managed to plant a spy in Bigwheel Temple.

"It's just pure luck. If Child-endowing Buddha had not come to challenge me, Green Spirit that Old Demon would not have able to get anything!" Zhou Bao said faintly, "Chief, you overheard my conversation with Green Spirit just now. What do you think, is it possible?"

"Yes, of course, if there really is such a prescription, the world will certainly become a chaotic place because of you. But a word of warning, you better not let anyone find out that you were the one holding onto them. If not, you'll be the main target!"

"Of course I know that, I'm not that dumb!" Zhou Bao smiled. "If I have to execute this plan, I will do it transparently. Nobody will ever know they came from me!"

"That's good!" Wang She nodded. He then had a small chat with Zhou Bao and left. He turned into a ball of green light and disappeared into the skyline.

"Five biggest sects, hehe, five biggest sects. Do you want to trick me? I'll let you have a taste of this water I used to wash my feet!" After Wang She left, Zhou Bao paced back and forth in the house. He was weighing the pros and cons in his heart. Lastly, as if his mind had been made up already, a sinister smile was seen on his face. He then left the room.

For the next two months, Zhou Bao remained in Wuyang Region. Most of the time he stayed at Lord Mansion and played with his children in the Inner Yard. He looked like he was enjoying this family life. Sometimes he would come out to welcome guests, such as lords from the north. This was because he was now a crowned king.

For someone of a different surname to be crowned king was an extremely rare event on earth. In the dynasty, this hardly happened. Hence, this matter was a cause of alarm for many, but no one objected to it.

Once Zhou Bao became king, he would hold the highest position among the northern lords. Besides, his ability has already been proven. Wuyang Region also possessed enormous wealth and owned the Great Ways that led from Yunzhou to Wuyang Region. It basically laid claim to all territories and no one dared to raise any objections or tried to provoke him.

Initially, people did not understand why Zhou Bao built this Great Ways. They thought that it was unnecessary. However, after it was built, all of the territories in the northwest gained huge benefits from it and they then understood the need for it. They knew, but they were not afraid of meddling. Although Zhou Bao never collected road tolls, the destination was his Wuyang Region. Hence, Wuyang Region became an important logistics distribution center as well as a transfer station. In just a few years, with the lords of Wuyang Region in the center, they formed three towns.

For anything or anyone to get to the northwest, they would have to pass by Wuyang Region. It was only after fulfilling the demands of Wuyang Region, that they were able to proceed to other territories. All resources, minerals, and unique products from the northwest region had to pass by Wuyang Region to get to Central Plains. In this process, they had to be careful not to upset them. If they triggered Zhou Bao or said something unkind, Zhou Bao did not even have to raise a hand. All he needed to do was to give an order, and these people could die of hunger on their own territory. In such a situation, who would dare to not give him face? Once Zhou Bao was crowned king, who would dare not to come and celebrate with and congratulate him?"

In the past, when this kind of events happened, Zhou Bao did not really bother about it. However, this time, Zhou Bao really went overboard. He followed Old Zhou's lead and had a lavish celebration. Lord Mansion held a 10-day feast. He himself appeared a few times and welcomed a few bigger lords. Zhou Bao's irrational behavior had many people worried.

"What is he up to?"

Wasn't he always obsessed with practicing? Why did he suddenly learn how to socialize? Perhaps he was now interested in that seat in Western Capital? Or does he want to engulf all of the lands in the northwest and western region? Yes, this guy was already a baron. He had so much power, it was not impossible to do so!

Within a short while, all the speculations about Zhou Bao had spread around, but none of them could be confirmed.

At this moment, in the southern part of Jin, a man dressed in black suddenly appeared in Zhuzhao City.

Zhuzhao City was a small town in the south.

It was not big and not strategically located. It was not worth fighting for. It was located on the edge of South China. There were no beautiful mountains nor vast oceans or lakes. The population was very small, about 30,000 people at most. Other than some aborigines, most were inns owned by foreign businesses. In the big mountains of South China, some rare materials and resources which were not available in Central Plains were made there. In the eyes of these mountain villagers, these items were worth less than food and salt. Although transactions were small, they were enough to give small businessmen some income. As the only small town nearby, Zhuzhao City did have some wealth. It was a prosperous and peaceful place.

However, on the eve of the fifth year of Yongping, this peace was shattered.

During sunset, Zhuzhao City looked like it was covered with gold. With the faraway mountains as a backdrop, Zhuzhao City had a very peaceful and harmonious look. Ma Erdong was a waiter working at Immortal Inn, one of the three biggest inns in the city. Their version of"big" meant that the house was a three storied building.

As one of the small towns near the wilderness of South China, Immortal Inn had quite a good business. Although they did not have full occupancy all the time, the guest rooms were always booked.

On this day, Ma Erdong received an odd guest.

This was a young guest. But he could not see what this person looked like. This man was dressed in a black robe which was made out a strange material. It was neither cloth nor silk. It looked silky and there was faint black smoke coming out of it.

Ma Erdong was curious, but he dared not ask too many questions. The southern region was under the reign of Sect of Flame.

For thousands of years, the Sect of Flame ruled across the southern region. According to the geographical concept of Jin, the southern region referred to the south of three rivers. The three rivers were in the southern part of Jin. They were the Black Water River, the Heavenly Peace River and the Tonghua River. They were not connected to each other, but divided Jin into the southern and northern parts. Tonghua River was the one at the most southern end. The southern part of Tonghua River had seven states. They were all territories of the Sect of Flame. Of course, this did not mean that they governed the area. The seven states were all ruled by government officials. Half of the people were in Sect of Flame and worshipped the Venerable Flame. Hence, the Sect of Flame became very powerful among them. Like what people in Zhou Bao's past life would say, the Sect of Flame won the hearts of people.

Because of that, their influence was very strong. Their control was comparable to that of the imperial court. Often, there would high-ranking members of the Sect walking around. Truth be told, in Zhuzhao City, the three biggest gangs were under the control of the Sect of Flame. Hence, Ma Erdong often saw lots of martial arts practitioners. He was even lucky enough to witness a team entering the wilderness to kill evil beasts. They were led by Level Seven Experts. Hence, he was indifferent to these practitioners.

However, this guest he received today looked a bit strange. The Qi Power was not as strong as that of the Level Seven Experts that he had encountered before. No, it was not even near that of a Junior Master. However, once he saw him, he already could feel a sense of danger brewing in his heart. He did not know what to make of it.

"Why, are you full today?" Seeing Ma Erdong in a daze, the black-clothed man asked in a husky voice.

"Oh, no, no, no, of course not, there are more, there are two more rooms upstairs, please come with me!"

Upon hearing that, the black-clothed man nodded. He followed Ma Erdong into the backyard of the inn. When everything was settled, Ma Erdong came out of the room. He sighed in relief and realized that he was sweating in fear.

"Erdong, Erdong, come quickly!"

Wiping away his cold sweat, Ma Erdong rushed to the yard door. He walked a few steps and heard a low voice calling him.

Ma Erdong lifted his head and saw the other waiter of the inn, Chen Biao. He was hiding behind the door of the arched shape yard and waved to him.

"Why are you behaving in such a sneaky way?" Ma Erdong asked as he walked over, feeling very annoyed.

"The man who was here earlier, the one who was dressed in black, the one whose face could not be seen?" Just as he reached the yard door, he was pulled aside by Chen Biao. Chen Biao looked over at the backyard in fear. Seeing that there was no one, he asked him cautiously.

"That's right, is there a problem?" Hearing Chen Biao's tone and seeing his expression, Ma Erdong felt nervous. He was thinking if this was a problematic guest.

"That's good. Erdong, you just came back today and didn't know what happened. Let me tell you, this guy was the black-clothed man that killed the Second elder of Thunder Fire Gang. Now they are searching for him everywhere. I didn't expect him to come so boldly to our inn.

"What, Zha the Second is dead?" Ma was shocked. Thunder Fire Gang was one of the three biggest gangs of Zhuzhao City. Zha the Second was the second-in-charge of Thunder Fire Gang. He was a master of martial arts in Level Four. With his kung-fu skills, he would have been ranked fifth in Zhuzhao City. How could such an individual be killed?

"Why are you so shocked? No matter how strong he is, he will not be stronger than a Level Seven expert!" That black-clothed man was a Level Seven expert. Three days ago, he barged into Thunder Fire Gang and then he disappeared. Thunder Fire Gang had already asked Wang Changping and Li Mo, the two Elders, to do this together. They've been searching frantically for this guy these few days!"

"Then we're in deep trouble!" Ma Erdong laughed bitterly. He was the one who brought him into Immortal Inn. If a couple of experts were to fight here, the inn would definitely be damaged. If his boss wanted to find out who was the one who caused it, he would be in deep trouble.

As if he understood his predicament, Chen Biao patted his back comfortingly. "Erdong, don't be scared, I know how to save you!"

"How?" Ma Erdong's eyes glinted.

"Now that the Thunder Fire Gang are searching for him, we'll go and inform them. Then, not only will we receive the reward money from Thunder Gang, boss Qi wouldn't put the blame on you too!"

Upon hearing this, Ma Erdong's eyes at first brightened up. Then, he looked at Chen Biao with an odd expression. "Chen Biao, you are not going to trick me right? If this is such a good deal, why didn't you go and do it yourself, instead of waiting for me?"

"I wasn't sure if he was the same person! You were the one who brought him in; you should be more familiar with him. If I go there like this, it's fine if I was right. But if I identified the wrong person, it will be the end for me!"

"You're quite cautious about this!" Ma Erdong looked at Chen Biao and said, "Okay then, let's go together!"

As they spoke, the pair rose and walked out of the Immortal Inn, heading straight for the headquarters of Thunder Fire Gang. At the same time, in the upper room, the black-clothed man had an odd smile on his face.

"Looks like the Thunder Fire Gang is really anxious. But they should have discovered the item I left in the house of Zha the Second by now. Hehe, who knows how long they will keep this secret?"

The black-clothed man on the bed was Zhou Bao's Second Primordial Spirit, the incarnation of Dragon.
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