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Omnipotent Sage Chapter 476: Heavenly Jade Technique & Immortal Body Technique

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Chapter 476: Heavenly Jade Technique & Immortal Body Technique
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This one move brought a great enough momentum as if it could shatter the earth with one foot. Thereafter, an extremely thick light column appeared on the formation's hand. Looking again at Yu Taicang, he had a white jade pestle in his hand and shot it towards Zhou Bao's head.

"Another Extreme Yang Level Wizard Weapon!" Zhou Bao could quickly discern the white jade pestle's level even though he did not know its history. It was surprisingly a Wizard Weapon at the Pure Yang Celestial Device level, and it was purely focused on strength as well. Almost simultaneously, Zhou Bao could feel a familiar and extreme energy wave radiating from the column.

"Heavenly Jade Technique, Immortal Body Technique, break everything!"

A sense of enormous threat overwhelmed Zhou Bao's entire body. Zhou Bao was shocked, and he fiercely pulled his head back, forgetting the idea of escaping via the Three Realms Division under the pressure. With a raise of his hand, twelve rays of light flashed past and flew towards the jade pestle that descended from the sky.

"Pure Yang Celestial Device, break for me!" Zhou Bao shouted in agitation and caused twelve Pure Yang Celestial Devices to break consecutively.


With intense light rays and a sound that shook the heavens, Zhou Bao was still heavily impacted even though he had fully activated the energy from the Furnace of Immortality. The attack, as if tangible, broke the Body-shielding Light from the Furnace of Immortality and also broke the Yin and Yang Dust Formation. It even affected the Time-fixing Plate Fairy Weapon by slowing its operation down a little.

However, it was merely delayed for a little - nothing more. The time was still standing still.

It was exactly because of the time being at a standstill that whatever happened was not revealed to the outside world and that even though the Yin and Yang Dust Formation had been damaged. Under the power of the Time-fixing Plate, the time that passed in the outside world would be equivalent to a blink of an eye no matter how long the battles on the inside lasted. From the perspective of the outside world, Yu Taicang only did one thing which was to draw and wield the Time-fixing plate. As for the time period that was covered by the Time-fixing Plate, it had all disappeared.

With an explosion that destroyed twelve Pure Yang Celestial Devices at once, Zhou Bao desired to die even though he was wealthy. However, from Zhou Bao's perspective, it was all worth it.

Zhou Bao had practiced the Heavenly Jade Technique for tens of years already. Nobody knew the power of this eccentric secret skill better than him. A Lord of Heaven Realm Genuine Immortal had used the Heavenly Jade Technique to attack him; and even if he had the Body-shielding Light, he still could not defend himself. After all, no matter how strong a Fairy Weapon was, as long as it was mind-linked, some of the pressure exerted by the Fairy Weapon would be transferred to his mind. If the power was extremely strong, the Fairy Weapon may still be alright, but his mind would suffer some serious damage.

And the power released from the Heavenly Jade Technique was definitely one that could severely damage him. Additionally, besides the Heavenly Jade Technique, Zhou Bao felt a foreign yet familiar energy from the pestle.

It was indeed an energy that belonged to the Seven Wonderful Techniques. However, it was not the Snake-like Breath Holding Skill that he knew of, but rather another skill of the Seven Wonderful Techniques.

As for some of the legends about the Seven Wonderful Techniques, Zhou Bao was aware of them and was also a practical user of them. Those eccentric yet complete sets of secret skills were like the ones in the game Diablo. The fusion of two skills would bring about an additional energy boost. When the Heavenly Jade Technique fused with the Snake-like Breath Holding Skill, there seemed to be a strange psychotic effect. Only heaven knew the effect that fusing the Heavenly Jade Technique with one of the Seven Wonderful Techniques together would yield.

Now he knew!

It breaks every magic!

Aside from some physical destruction, there was also the ability to break magic. That was why it was so easy to destroy the Yin and Yang Dust Formation and also weaken the power of the Body-shielding Light, eventually letting him be severely damaged.

If it was not for his well-timed action to explode the twelve Pure Yang Celestial Devices to disperse the pressure on him, Zhou Bao believed that he would have already been squashed to jam by the White Jade Pestle. However, the current situation was not any better too.

Under an explosion that could almost have destroyed the entire world, Zhou Bao's tendons and meridians had already suffered a lot of damage and his Real Essence Dharma Power had also been messed up. Due to the enormous explosive power, flesh and blood could be seen and many parts exposed jade-white bones covered with cracks. Currently, even if it's just a slight movement of his muscles, his entire body would hurt so much that he is almost unable to move anymore.

"Kid, you're really good. You actually know that you have to destroy so many Pure Yang Celestial Devices. It seems like there is an eighty percent chance that you're responsible for what happened at Rolling Dragon Palace!"

"Hehe!" Zhou Bao looked at the evenly pitiful Yu Taicang and laughed. But just these two laughs used some of his muscles so that they were aching all over, and he didn't want to talk anymore.

"Well, well, well! So you put the blame on Nantian! By the time when the Rolling Dragon King has nourished their pneuma, they will come for my Yu family first. What a strategically good move!"

"That's right, it was indeed a strategically good move!" Just for a little while, Zhou Bao's body started its speedy recovery. His greatest harvest at Taiyuan Heaven was not the Innate Deity's skull, but rather the body absorption of the Innate Deity's remains. He not only grew much stronger so that he could be considered on par with the other Genuine Immortals, but the most important thing was that he gained incomparable recovery abilities. In the previous moment, he was almost about to die from the pain. But in the next moment, his body recovered so quickly that he could stand up and battle with Yu Taicang.

Seeing Zhou Bao's wounds healing with a speed visible to his naked eyes, Yu Taicang's expression grew more ugly. "Looks like I've been looking down on you!"

"I'm also looking down at you!" Zhou Bao smiled slightly. With minimal effort, his body's wounds recovered by a huge amount. From the outside, it seemed like he was no longer injured.

"You're really good. You can actually force me to take out my Mysterious Jade Buddhist Pestle. To die under my Mysterious Jade Buddhist Pestle is a privilege in your life!"

"I have no plans to die at such a young age!" Zhou Bao laughed coldly and spread out his five fingers.

Bang bang bang bang bang

Zhou Bao fired off five Great Fusion Techniques in a row, and the five rays of light radiated together. Yu Taicang retreated backward in irritation. Even Lord of Heaven Realm Genuine Immortals could only retreat in the face of the Great Fusion Technique. But at that time, he had retrieved the Golden Buddhist Lotus from his body. With the pestle in one hand and the brightly glimmering Golden Buddhist Lotus in another, most of the Great Fusion Technique's energy was deflected.

Zhou Bao naturally did not want to give in. And two rays of black and red Sword Qi surged into the sky. One of them was flying directly towards Yu Taicang while the other transformed into a blade storm before rushing towards him.

"Good move!" Seeing Zhou Bao use the Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword so naturally, Yu Taicang admired in low tones. His Dharma Laksana True Body's Golden Buddhist Lotus shook violently for a moment and layers of golden light radiated out, which covered his entire body.

Swish, Swish, Swish!

Hu, hu, hu—!

Two rays of sword light simultaneously hit the film of light, and the fearful Sword Qi shattered the film instantaneously. However, because the film of light had blocked the Sword Qi, the speed of the Sword Qi was delayed for a bit. Just this slight moment was enough for Yu Taicang to escape the Sword Qi.

However, Yu Taicang also made his attack at that moment. The Golden Buddhist Lotus began to rapidly spin in his Dharma Laksana True Body's hands, and countless rays of light shot out towards Zhou Bao. Yet these rays of light were also deflected by Zhou Bao's body-shielding light.

"The cultivation difference between Yu Taicang and me is truly too big. The few moves that I can threaten him with are only the Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword and the Great Fusion Technique. However, the Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword is too pathetic as its attacking methods are too limited. As for the Great Fusion Technique, its power is slightly limited and thus can be deflected by Yu Taicang's Pure Yang Celestial Device. Although my other moves are impressive, there is a gap in our cultivation that makes it hard for them to pose a threat to him!"

Zhou Bao secretly pondered in his heart. The only difference between Yu Taicang and him was in cultivation where the Metaphysic Individual Immortal, Saint Realm, and Venerable Realm laid between them. If it were someone else than Zhou Bao, that person would have been easily squashed dead by Yu Taicang.

It was precisely because of such a massive gap in their cultivation that Zhou Bao did not have many ways to battle with Yu Taicang. This was also the area that Zhou Bao found the most troublesome.

Similarly, Yu Taicang also had limited means to attack Zhou Bao. The difference in their cultivation was indeed large, but it is undeniable that Zhou Bao had Fairy Weapons. Plus, these were Fairy Weapons that he refined himself. Zhou Bao's use of his weapons was much smoother than him using his own weapons. The power Zhou Bao gained from using such weapons could not be ignored. In particular, the body-shielding light, which was like an impenetrable turtle shell. He must play his strongest hand to have any effect at all. And he had already dealt such one once, which was the fusion of the Heavenly Jade Technique and the Immortal Body Technique. It not only could release a scary amount of energy, but it also possessed the ability to break magic. To use it to deal with Fairy Weapons would, therefore, be most fitting. The only problem was that this kid was too smart and had the most vicious moves. Once he saw that something was not right, he immediately destroyed twelve Pure Yang Celestial Devices. Not only did he nullify Yu Taicang's attack with this, but he also used his strong body to recover insanely fast. And what about Yu Taicang?

Although he was the attacker, that massive explosion, which could have annihilated the entire realm, also injured him. It was just not as serious as Zhou Bao's. So, then, the greatest problem was that Zhou Bao still had many Fairy Weapons in his hands.

A Pure Yang Celestial Device was indeed precious. However, the guy in front of him had raided the entire Rolling Dragon Palace. Who knows how many Fairy Weapons he had on him?

If he still had a few dozen Pure Yang Celestial Devices, he would explode all of them if he would be threatened. Yu Taicang could not accept that after some reflection. But now, the situation was difficult. Not only were both sides of a pleasant countenance, but it was the kind of battle where no one was willing to give in until the other one was dead. If he did not kill Zhou Bao, he would not be able to complete this mission. And if Zhou Bao did not kill him, his own secret would be leaked and the entire cultivation world would be in a ceaseless pursuit of him. And at this point, everyone was clear about those things.
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