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Omnipotent Sage Chapter 464: The Scheme Succeeded

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Chapter 464: The Scheme Succeeded
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Once the Jade Plate started rotating, the entire Sea Area seemed to be frozen. In other words, the time came to a standstill at the Sea Area.

"No, I can't do this. This is something that will land me in trouble. Even if I obtain it, I cannot use it. God knows what Divine Wind Palace has done to it. Since I'm not a Demonic Immortal in the sea, I cannot stay in the sea forever. If I wrest it from Yu Nantian, I might have a showdown with Divine Wind Palace in advance if they should find out I was the grabber!" Zhou Bao cautioned himself secretly. There were plenty of good things in the world, and it was impossible for him to have them all, especially something that would only bring trouble. Only fools would rush to grab it at this moment.

"Haha...!" Upon seeing the black Jade Plate, the Demonic Immortal was overjoyed. He asked, "Are you willing to come out now? Have you finally decided to stop hiding?" While he was talking, he guided a dozen quaint creatures back to his brocade pouch.

"How dare you pursue me by yourself !" From under the black Jade Plate, Yu Nantian gradually emerged. After a few days, his face had become much paler and his hair was in a disheveled state. He was no longer so supercilious and had become much more mature.

"I have always been the timid type. However, if I had known that it was that easy to get hold of your fairy weapon and still did not turn up to try and get it, wouldn't I be like a fool?" Looking at Yu Nantian's appearance, the Demonic Immortal sneered at him and added, "Hey, don't pretend that all is well in front of me. Do you think that I don't know what you have gone through? You were severely injured at the start, but you concealed your injury and pretended to be fine. Later, you suffered a serious blow from the Lunar True Thunder when you were in Rolling Dragon Palace. Although you were protected by your fairy weapon, you were extremely exhausted. Do you think that I'm afraid of you? You look strong in appearance only but I think you are really very weak already!"

"Lunar True Thunder? Oh, is that what it is known as? I thought it was a kind of Thunder Technique. I did not expect that a Thunder Technique can be so powerful. It seems that I need to do more research into it when I go back!" Zhou Bao thought to himself after he heard what that Demonic Immortal said.

"Humph, the Lunar True Thunder was really powerful, but I was safe due to the protection of my fairy weapon!"

"Haha...!" The Demonic Immortal laughed wildly and said, "You're really cunning, but you cannot hide your injury from me. Although I wasn't in Rolling Dragon Palace at that time, I put more than 30 Golden Earthworms around the palace to keep a close watch on you. Rolling Dragon King launched the Lunar True Thunder so suddenly that you did not even have time to use your fairy weapon. Even though you survived largely due to the protection of your fairy weapon, you were still badly injured. Do you think that I don't know that? How dare you forcibly operate your Real Essence to launch your fairy weapon? It seems that you really have a death wish!"

"Really? How would you like to test and see if I'm really that badly hurt?"

"No, there's no need for me to do so. I will just stand here and wait. Let's see how long you can maintain your current state. As soon as your energy is exhausted, I'll take all your belongings. Haha...!"

The Demonic Immortal laughed wildly again.

"You are truly contemptible!" Yu Nantian appeared to be panic and swore in a low voice. "Since you are trying to take advantage of me, let's see whether you have the ability or not!" While speaking, he pointed at the black Jade Plate above his head, and the latter gradually began to rotate. At this moment, Zhou Bao felt something was wrong.

Everything around him stopped moving. He could not move either. He seemed to be constrained by an invisible force. Worst of all, his mind too, seemed to be frozen.

"No... Way...!"

Zhou Bao had a great shock. He had quickly launched the Furnace of Immortality when he first felt that something was not quite right. Luckily, with the help of this fairy weapon, the constraint he experienced was counteracted by its power.

However, the Demonic Immortal was not that fortunate. He was frozen by the fairy weapon.

Thanks to the Furnace of Immortality, Zhou Bao was able to ward off the effects of the Jade Plate. He had tried to use his Pure Yang Celestial Devices, but none of them could be activated, even the Poison Cold Shield, which he had refined and used for so many years; they remained motionless, as if controlled by an invisible strength.

"Oh, it has the power of bringing time to a standstill. Good heavens! This fairy weapon can freeze time. It's really an awesome treasure!" Greed arose in his heart again. His body even started to edge forward, trying to get hold of the Jade Plate.

As he moved, another problem occurred. He could not rush toward Yu Nantian because the surrounding area was in a frozen state. The Furnace of Immortality was able to protect him from being affected by Yu Nantian's fairy weapon; however, its power was limited and so was its area of coverage. If it was required to cover wider areas, it would use up more Real Essence and Dharma power. The confrontation between two fairy weapons would require a lot of Dharma power. He managed not to let his greed get the better of him and stopped operating the Furnace of Immortality with his Real Essence after being affected by the powerful constraint brought by Yu Nantian's fairy weapon. He chose to stay where he was.

All these things had happened very quickly. Zhou Bao abandoned the idea of robbing Yu Nantian of his fairy weapon and chose to analyze the situation rationally from the sidelines.

"Since you have activated your fairy weapon under these circumstances, I'd like to see how long you are able to maintain your current state!" This was Zhou Bao's second thought.

All these thoughts flashed fleetingly across Zhou Bao's mind. Yu Nantian took a deep breath and his pale face was flushed because he was already worn out. He took a step forward and stopped. However, that was not due to the influence of his fairy weapon, but because he could not keep himself upright any longer.

Suddenly, he staggered and fell headlong into the slime and lost consciousness.

Due to that, the black Jade Plate went out of control. It lost its luster and gradually stopped rotating.

"This is my chance!" Zhou Bao was delighted. He forcibly operated his Furnace of Immortality and broke the inhibition of the black Jade Plate.

Since the Jade Plate slowed down, the constraint it had on time also became weaker and weaker. Therefore, he easily came up behind Yu Nantian's back and hid there. He waited until the Jade Plate stopped rotating and everything around him had returned to normal. Then, he propped Yu Nantian against a huge coral reef in such a way that it looked like Yu Nantian was holding on to the coral reef for support and to prevent himself from falling down.

"Haha, damn you. How dare you flaunt your superiority in front of me. Your fairy weapon is powerful indeed, but you forcibly operated it even when you were unable to do that. Are you aware of the consequences it brought?" After being released from the constraint, the Demonic Immortal laughed loudly.

In fact, under the constraint of the black Jade Plate, he noticed that Yu Nantian had taken out the plate, but before he could operate it, he was unable to stand upright due to his injury and had to hold on to the coral reef for support, leaving no strength to operate it.

"Now, the magic weapon belongs to me!" Watching the whirling black Jade Plate floating above Yu Nantian's head, the Demonic Immortal had extreme greed written all over his face. However, he didn't act recklessly, instead, he stared at Yu Nantian and suddenly shot out a flash of black light toward Yu Nantian with his raised hand.

"Good!" Yu Nantian who was severely injured suddenly looked up as if he had miraculously recovered from the injury and became excited. Streaks of cyan light shone around him, not only blocking out the black light but also sending the Demonic Immortal flying dozens of meters away.

Luckily, he was a Genuine Immortal at the Venerable Realm, otherwise, he would have been killed by the cyan light.

"A Pure Yang Celestial Device!"

The Demonic Immortal suddenly looked up, but before he could do anything, a golden boat suddenly appeared before Yu Nantian. It immediately expanded and covered Yu Nantian with its golden light and then disappeared within a few seconds.

A breeze swept through the sky. The Golden Void Traveller moved rapidly in the air. On the boat were 14 experts from the Seven-deity Regions, including Zhou Bao, with Yu Nantian as the leader.

Yu Nantian frowned and had a puzzled look on his face.

It had been 10 days since Rolling Dragon King had launched the Lunar True Thunder. During those days, he had been in a confused state. What had happened 10 days earlier?

He could not remember anything!

His injury almost had healed 10 days ago. Therefore, by relying on the power of his fairy weapon-the Time-fixing Plate, he was able to secretly enter Rolling Dragon Palace and witness an epic battle. Under the attacks of hundreds of Genuine Immortals at the Venerable Realm and two Genuine Immortals at the Lord of Heaven Realm, Rolling Dragon King should not have been the underdog. Just when the battle seemed to be going his way, Rolling Dragon King suddenly went berserk without anyone knowing the reason for it. The Dragon King then launched the Lunar True Thunder, a Thunder Technique that was forbidden and instantly killed all living creatures within a radius of 5,000 kilometers. Rolling Dragon Palace being at the center, the Sea Area within a radius of 5,000 kilometers was frozen to the core, resembling a huge ice ball. If the Time-fixing Plate had not been there to protect him, he would have been among the dead.

However, under these circumstances, even though he had the Time-fixing Plate to protect him, he was severely injured and was on the verge of death. Although he finally managed to escape from the palace, his energy was totally spent. He did not expect that a Venerable who was adept at tracking people would be able to find him using his Golden Earthworms. Trying to frighten the Venerable away, he forcibly operated the Time-fixing Plate, but that man did not fall for it. However, after he exhausted his Real Essence due to operating the Time-fixing Plate, he fell to the ground. At that moment, he thought he would most certainly die.

However, all these events seemed like a dream to him. When he woke up, to his surprise, he found that he was on the Void Traveller, which was floating aimlessly above the sea. Beside him was a bag filled with treasures, containing celestial devices, treasures, and materials that were stolen when they had been captives of Master Jin Hua. Although there were some missing, most of them were intact. To his surprise, he gradually recovered from his injuries. Although he was not fully healed yet, he was still able to operate the Void Traveller.

Everything seemed like a dream which made him totally bewildered.
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