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Omnipotent Sage Chapter 452: Decision & the Black Fire

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Chapter 452: Decision & the Black Fire
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"You're right. With our strength, of course, we can't fight him recklessly, or else, we'll definitely suffer!" Great Dark Lord Du sighed softly and then turned his helpless eyes to Zhou Bao, "I'm afraid I will have to trouble you again!"

"No problem, as I said, I'm at your disposal!" Zhou Bao smiled, looking indifferent. But actually, he was admiring Great Dark Lord Du's insight secretly.

The fall of the Dragon Abyss Prison led to the release of four Lords of Heaven, of the same rank as Rolling Dragon King, and a large number of his enemies of Genuine Immortals. No matter how powerful Rolling Dragon King was, him being overthrew was beyond question. Not only Rolling Dragon King's Sea Area, but the entire Five-dragon Regions would be in serious trouble. After all, with so many Genuine Immortals suddenly emerging, the balance of power in the entire Sea Area had been totally destroyed. Even if these mighty Genuine Immortals had no intention of gaining power, the authorities would think they did. Then these authorities would try hard to watch out day and night. This was true of all authorities, both men and demons.

Thus, a conflict was inevitable. It was because Great Dark Lord Du saw through this that he thought of taking advantage of this chaos. But now, they were so poor that they were not qualified to go into the water, so they had to ask for help.

Great Dark Lord Du was overjoyed to hear Zhou Bao's consent. Then they began to discuss it on the deserted island.

To get their things back, they had to figure out where it was. It was not difficult. In fact, it was no secret in this Sea Area. When Zhou Bao introduced the condition of this Sea Area, he had already said that after getting their weapons, Master Jin Hua took a small portion and gave Rolling Dragon King most of them. The most important weapon among them, the Highest Heaven Celestial Device—the Void Traveller, was certainly given to Rolling Dragon King.

However, although Rolling Dragon King accepted these spoils, he did not use it for himself, but gave them all to his favorite son, the Third Prince.

Yes, they were all given his favorite son, the Third Prince, not the hapless Fourth Prince.

Therefore, their things were in the hands of Master Jin Hua and the Third Prince now.

"Since the Sea Area is bound to be chaotic, we should have plenty of opportunities. I'll find a way to dive back to the bottom of the sea and help you get your lost treasure back. Of course, I can only try my best. Whether I can succeed or not is not guaranteed!" Zhou Bao said. He left some leeway and didn't take on everything.

"We certainly don't need your guarantee. This time we were accidentally caught and lost all of our weapons. It's lucky that our cultivation and Divine Sense were not destroyed. Humph, what's wrong with Rolling Dragon King? He captured so many people and put them in the Dragon Abyss Prison, but didn't destroy their Divine Sense and Dharma power. Was he not afraid of such a thing?"

"Of course he wasn't. He had absolute confidence in his Dragon Abyss Prison!" Zhou Bao said in his heart. Like the space captured by Zhou Bao, the prison was entirely Rolling Dragon King himself. And apart from him, no one could find the space so easily without the specific coordinates, nor could he go in and out at will. By the time Zhou Bao reached a certain degree in cultivation, he could fully close the space and make it an independent world that only he could access. Rolling Dragon King didn't do this because the prison had no great value, not as much value as Zhou Bao's grey space. It did nothing but locked up prisoners. Therefore, he would not have thought that someone would have been so mad as to impart the Infinite Realms Teleportation, which could move people in all kinds of spaces, to so many people at a time, bringing a catastrophe to him.

No doubt, only Zhou Bao knew this, but it was hard to say. As for the reason that Dragon Abyss Prison liked to throw people into the Dragon Abyss Prison, one might be that he wanted to see his enemies fighting with each other to satisfy some psychological predilection; two was to intimidate others. Exactly like in the Seven-deity Regions, in the Sea Area, once a person broke through the Mysterious Realm, owning a bit of Genuine Spirit, he could be on the Ranking of Demons and Immortals. Even if he died, he could reincarnate and there was no mystery in the womb. Hence, here, killing people was not the solution. Especially at the level of Rolling Dragon King, it was extremely difficult to kill your enemy once and for all. Even if you killed him, he would be reincarnated and come back to you in a few hundred years. Then your troubles would never end. Therefore, it was the best choice to imprison enemies in an independent space where they could not grow up. Thanks to the Dragon Abyss Prison, Rolling Dragon King was firmly the first among the five Dragon Kings. Many times, the other four Dragon Kings even tried to use the power of Rolling Dragon King to suppress some tough enemies in the Dragon Abyss Prison. This was also one of the reasons why the Dragon Abyss Prison had locked up so many powerful Genuine Immortals over the years.

Now these people came out and gathered together. Once they started to stir up, the whole Five-dragon Regions would be turned upside down. It would be hard to imagine the resulting mess.

"But you don't seem safe here. Why don't you go back to the Seven-deity Regions and wait for me in Forever Peace Town. After three months, I will go back no matter whether I succeed or not."


Everybody began to ponder.

"How can we? We can't leave you alone at risk!" It was Ji Yeyue. "Our cultivation isn't as high as yours. We're not as powerful as you, but..."

"Well, that's the only way!" Before Ji Yeyue finished speaking, she was interrupted by another senior expert of the Jade Pool. He glared at Ji Yeyue with discontent, and then looking up, said, "Your Excellency Zhou, then, please!"

"Okay!" Zhou Bao nodded and glanced at that man. Then he smiled at Ji Yeyue, "Miss Ji, don't worry. This little thing won't bother me! Rest assured and go back!"

Ji Yeyue blushed, nodding to Zhou Bao, and walked slowly to the back of that expert of the Jade Pool.

The atmosphere became somewhat ambiguous at this moment. The expert of the Jade Pool was sullen. But Great Dark Lord Du laughed. And anyone who was not deaf could hear the ridicule in his laughter.

"I'm married!" Zhou Bao stressed in his heart, but his mind did not struggle to come up with Ji Yeyue's particularly beautiful face. He shook his head lightly, drove off the fancy in his head. After that he spoke to the others and then left alone.

As soon as he left, all the people on the deserted island became active and gathered around Great Dark Lord Du. After all, Yu Nantian had escaped, and they were led by Great Dark Lord Du in the Dragon Abyss Prison. Now they came out, but were still in danger. Thus, naturally, they wanted him to make a decision.

"We'll hide here for a while, and then we'll find a way to get back after this Sea Area is completely messed up. Now we're out of the Dragon Abyss Prison, but we don't know where it is, nor how far it is from the Central Mainland Region. The Sea Area is vast and dangerous. We came by the Void Traveller. Now without it, we can only fly by ourselves and cross the sea. It's not easy!"

"Yeah!" Hearing this, these people came to realize the truth, and their excitement and relief of escaping the Dragon Abyss Prison were all extinguished by the cold reality.

They did escape the Dragon Abyss Prison, but no one knew where they were now. If they wanted to return to the Central Mainland Region, reality was not as good as they thought.

Having said goodbye to the others, after leaving the desert island, Zhou Bao dived to the bottom of the sea.

He did not use his incarnation of the Second Primordial Spirit this time.

In his space, his Real Body of Zhuyan had been refined. He felt that his strength had been greatly improved. In particular, his power, even without the Real Body of Zhuyan, his physical power had increased more than 30 times. He could easily capture a mountain and crush it.

Although he had long heard that Primordial Fierce Beasts were omnipotent, having far-reaching supernatural power, Zhou Bao didn't expect it would be so powerful as to exaggerate. Compared with the Zhu Yan, the Primitive Dragon Chimera was somewhat unworthy of its name. Except for the bizarre Demonic Fire and several Gifted powers, it had nothing special.

But after thinking about it, he was relieved. His Real Body of Zhuyan was taken directly from its huge egg, from the spirit to the essence of flesh and blood, while his incarnation of the Primitive Dragon Chimera was entirely condensed by the Demonic Fire. By contrast, the gap was wide.

"Fortunately, my body chose the incarnation of Zhuyan. It would have been a loss if the incarnation of the Dragon Chimera had been chosen. Although in theory it could evolve and own the power of the Primordial Fierce Beast, who knows how long it would take!" Walking under water, Zhou Bao felt grateful in his heart.

After withdrawing the incarnation of the Second Primordial Spirit, Zhou Bao certainly walked in the water quite easily. Along the way, he released a deterring wisp full of Demonic Qi, showing the spirit of an upper Demon; naturally, no demon of the sea dared to provoke him.

After a long walk in the sea, Zhou Bao stopped in front of a rising submerged volcano.

For now he was faint and in a strange state.

It was a really weird feeling. When he completely took back his Second Primordial Spirit, and the Primitive Dragon Chimera Demonic Fire of the incarnation was once again returned to his Dantian, everything changed.

"My Demonic Fire seems to have changed!" He said to himself, feeling the burning Demonic Fire in his Dantian, and inadvertently he started the Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Technique.

"Whoo, Whoo, Whoo!"

The black flame rose all over him, and the nine Fire Dragons did not appear but a cloud of fire appeared over his head. The cloud of fire was deep, and it flashed strange black flames now and then.

These flames were different from the black fire which was bred in Zhou Bao's Dantian before. They were deeper, more refined and more unpredictable.
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