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Omnipotent Sage Chapter 445: Infinite Realms Teleportation

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Chapter 445: Infinite Realms Teleportation
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"Fortunately, the Ancient Black Flame did not come out. If it had, at least half of my rivers in Netherworld Heaven would have evaporated. That guy may have good luck and comprehension skills, but he cannot be counted as a demon. However, he should have gained a lot from what I told him. Yes, he should be thankful to me for giving him such a huge benefit. If it wasn't for what I told him, how would he have had such an insight? Should I help him again? Never mind that, I am not such a kind-hearted person. I helped him because I wanted him to help me do something. There's no reason to help him again!" He laughed as if he had thought something through. "How was it, boy? How do you feel?"

"Hoo!" Zhou Bao let out a long breath and stared deeply at that man. He bowed slightly as he said, "Thank you, senior, for your guidance. But take a look at me, your junior, do you really think that I can get the Ranking of Demons and Immortals?!"

"Yes, you can, you surely can because the weird child said that you can do it, you definitely will succeed!" That mysterious man laughed heartily. "Besides, I am not asking you to get it now. Even if you did, it would be useless to me. I have exhausted too much energy. If I perform the Great Way of Heavens and Realms one more time, I would have to go into a deep sleep for at least 100 years. Hence, you do not have to worry. You have at least 100 years to prepare for it. For someone like you who has such great luck and was even approved by the weird child, it would be impossible for you to fail in stealing the Ranking from the Sea Emperor within 100 years. If that's the case, then what's the point of living? You might as well find a block of tofu and beat yourself to death with it. Do you agree, kid!"

"100 years?"

Zhou Bao looked at the mysterious man in front of him and asked, "Senior, you're going to sleep for 100 years?"

"That's right. Do you think that it's easy for someone like me to wake up?!" The mysterious man had a temper. "Boy, don't waste any time. Let's talk about the deal. Look, I helped you just now, your Demonic Fire has improved and your pneuma is not depleted. I'll also help you get into Dragon Abyss Prison and save your friends. These two things would not be possible on your own even if you were given 100 years to do them!"

"Yeah, I could not do that within 100 years!" Zhou Bao laughed bitterly. He felt that this man was forcing him, but he did not have the guts to reject him directly. He felt that this person was becoming more dangerous. Zhou Bao felt that the man was trying to control his temper and talk to him peacefully. If Zhou Bao himself failed to sense that and rejected him directly, he would not be able to escape from the consequences of his fury.

"Damn! It looks like I have no choice but to agree. If I don't, I may not be able to walk out of Netherworld Heaven. I have no idea where this guy came from. He has so much power and even controls Netherworld Heaven!" he thought to himself. After being silent for a while, he lifted his head and said, "Senior, since you want junior to do this, then naturally I have to try. But you also know that 100 years is not that long. Of course, to do it within such a short period of time, I have to practice hard and improve my cultivation. There is no time to waste. Look, why don't you perform your Great Way of Heavens and Realms and take my friends out of the Dragon Abyss Prison? That would save me an unnecessary trip to save them myself!"

"Boy, don't even think about it. I am very weak right now. Sending you into the prison is already a difficult feat. If I were to let all of your friends come out, then I would need to sleep for 500 to 600 years to replenish my pneuma. But you, you have the time. My situation will be delayed... No, that's a straight no!" The mysterious man shooked his head frantically while saying, "Boy, don't play tricks on me. If I want you to settle things for me, I will naturally give you benefits. Last time, you told the small turtle the secret of the Real Dragon's Nine Acupoints. It gave you some benefits, including the gist of the Nine Heaven Yuan Yang Technique. Naturally, I will give you more benefits. If I won't, I will be looked down upon by the small turtle and weird child!" While saying this, he started to frantically touch his body. The more he touched it, the more interesting and awkward his facial expression became. As he let his hand down, his face twitched while speaking, "Er, boy, I wore the wrong clothes today!"

"Huh?!" Zhou Bao was stunned as he did not understand what he meant.

"My things are all on another piece of clothing, the one I'm wearing now is new!" The mysterious man's facial expression became even more awkward. "How about this? After you're done with my job, I will give you my share of rewards!" As he spoke, he waved his hand. Without giving Zhou Bao a chance to interrupt, he flung his big sleeve. Zhou Bao felt his surroundings swirl. After he realized what was going on, he had already left Netherworld Heaven and came to a dark, turbulent world.

"What the f*ck is wrong with that guy? Even if you want to rush things, you can't do it like that!" Zhou Bao furrowed his eyebrows and had a face full of complaints. Obviously, that mysterious man had given him an empty promise. As to whether or not the promise would eventually be fulfilled, that would depend on both his and Zhou Bao's character.

"Damn, who is this guy to get me to take such a big risk with just a few simple words!" The more he thought about it, the angrier he became. But he had no choice because this mysterious man knew almost all of his secrets. Zhou Bao even suspected that this man was collaborating with Green Spirit to trick him. But after thinking about it again, Zhou Bao felt that it was not very possible.

In any case, he had come and gone in an eccentric way. And after he was gone, he left such a huge burden with Zhou Bao, which Zhou Bao found hard to believe.

"You damn guy better not end up in my hands. If you really do one day, I will show you what I can do," Zhou Bao thought wickedly.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

The sounds of flowing water interrupted his thoughts. His gaze wandered as he registered his surroundings. His eyebrows lifted slightly. "Is this the Dragon Abyss Prison? It is indeed a run-down place!"

The prison was just as what the rumors had said with not a single bit of Spiritual Qi or pneuma. There was only the air for normal living creatures to breathe. Even if a genius were to practice here, he would not be able to achieve anything great.

The space was pitch-black. That mysterious man had transported Zhou Bao to this place, which was in midair of the Dragon Abyss Prison, by using the Great Way of Heavens and Realms. Below his feet was sea water.

The black sea water had no boundaries, with just a look it could be seen to have no end. At this moment, Zhou Bao felt as if he had returned to that dark blue space belonging to Lan Shui'er. Aside from the sea water, there was nothing else there.

As compared to the space of Lan Shui'er, this one in the Dragon Abyss Prison was much more stable and sturdy. It would be a joke to try using violence to destroy this place.

This was a complete space, a micro world. Although there was no Spiritual Qi, Zhou Bao was unable to destroy it at will. If it was that easy, Rolling Dragon King would not use this place to keep prisoners.

However, being imprisoned in this place had one benefit—you technically had freedom.

The Dragon Abyss Prison was a complete space on its own. After throwing the prisoners inside, Rolling Dragon King left them alone. This was because the exit was controlled by only him. Even if someone else had the Divine Sense to create an open slit, they would not dare to do it inside the prison. After creating the slit, one would have to face an endless void and God knows where you would run into. Hence, be it inside or out, it was all controlled by Rolling Dragon King.

There was not much order in the Dragon Abyss Prison. The space might not have been smaller than the world of the 33 Heavens, but because there was no Spiritual Qi or living creatures, those trapped inside could not raise their cultivation. They could only wait to die slowly. It indeed was a depressing place.

It was exactly this depression that led those imprisoned for the past thousands of years to become eccentric. Once a dispute existed, killings would happen. As time passed, the depressed practitioners would mostly serve Rolling Dragon King. This was also why the Fourth Prince of Rolling Dragon King could easily enter the prison during that time and flirt with Ji Yeyue.

After being locked in this place for decades, or even thousands of years, everyone wanted to get out. Even if one had the biggest grudge against Rolling Dragon King, at this point in time, he would have no choice but to let it pass. Whenever the Fourth Prince promised some benefits, the practitioners would do anything to gain his favor and stand a chance to get out of this hell hole. Even if they could not escape, they could still gain some benefits from him, or to be exact, some resources.

The conditions of the prison were depressing. The most basic things from the outside world, like meat or fresh produce, were worthy of the practitioners risking their lives and fighting for. But nobody would have thought that their flattery would eventually trigger Yu Nantian's fairy weapon. So they went for wool and came home shorn.

"This is a vast and complete space. It will be impossible to look for them blindly. Let me ask someone!" Zhou Bao gently felt the growing storm around him. His spiritual mind scattered out like radar. But he did not find one single living creature within a 100-mile radius.

Having no choice, Zhou Bao moved and changed into a black streamer. He chose a random direction and flew straight toward it.

"Hmm, looks like that old guy isn't that confused after all. He sent me here but still left me some tricks. If he hadn't, it would be horrible if I couldn't get out!"

Thinking about that pushy mysterious man in Netherworld Heaven, Zhou Bao had conflicting thoughts. This guy was basically asking for too much. He wanted the horses to run fast, yet prevented them from eating grass. How was that possible? Other than reminding Zhou Bao to use the 3,000 Great Ways and sending him here, he did not give Zhou Bao any other benefits, except for the cultivation method that Zhou Bao was thinking about now—the Infinite Realms Teleportation.
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