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Omnipotent Sage Chapter 382: Struggle for the Formation Map

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Chapter 382: Struggle for the Formation Map
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"The Golden Lights Cave in Qianyuan Mountain? Are they up to no good?" Zhou Bao asked with a frown.

"Yes, the Master of Golden Lights Cave has been in contact with Mingyi School. He seems to want to connect with Divine Wind Palace through Mingyi School and then borrow the formation map of the Yin and Yang Dust Formation from you through the Divine Wind Palace!"

"Borrow the formation map of the Yin and Yang Dust Formation from me through the Divine Wind Palace?" Zhou Bao blinked, "Does he think I am a fool?"

"It's not for nothing. It has been said that he has put in a lot of effort in it this time!"

"Well, what good stuff can he offer us? He doesn't even have a single Pure Yang Celestial Device, and I have just received three! Do I need his stuff?" The corners of Zhou Bao's mouth twitched, and disdain showed his face. "Didn't they think that the information will be made known to my special formation in northwest? How can I possibly lend it out? Allow him to cause trouble with my formation map? They don't even know if I am willing to lend it out!"

"The Master of Golden Lights Cave has a tendency to be extreme in doing things. It will be good if you can lend it to him. Otherwise, he will see you as an enemy!"

"Are you trying to sow discord?" Zhou Bao glanced at Wang She with a smile.

"Yes, my intention might be to sow discord, but it is also the hard truth!"

"Take me for the enemy? Then let it be! And I tell you, it's good that he's being sensible, or I would definitely vent the anger I feel towards Bigwheel Temple at him! I'm unable to deal with Bigwheel Temple, but I'm sure I can wipe out the small Golden Lights Cave. Even if the Master of Golden Lights Cave is an Individual Immortal, I'll ignore him as well!"

"Indeed, he has ascended into the realm of Individual Immortal. It is said that it was the Innate Green Lotus Seed that he found in the Azure Secret Area that helped him break through the last crucial point!"

"Then I will not lend it to him anymore!" Upon hearing Wang She's words, Zhou Bao suddenly remembered that, like him, the Master of Golden Lights Cave also had the Innate Green Lotus Seed. That was to say, he also had the skill of refining the Innate Qi Talisman. "If he really got hold of the formation map of the Yin and Yang Dust Formation, he might set up a complete Yin and Yang Dust Formation as well. Then wasn't Zhou Bao just asking for trouble by lending it to him?"

This thought made him more determined that no matter what, he would never hand over the formation map of the Yin and Yang Dust Formation. In his mind there was a glimmer of hope to see the reaction of the Master of Golden Lights Cave after he refused his request.

If he really dared to provoke him, Zhou Bao had no qualms about destroying the Golden Lights Cave that was a small meteor-like school.

"Is the Golden Lights Cave on good terms with the Divine Wind Palace?"

"No, the Golden Lights Cave has a partnership with Mingyi School, and it is through Mingyi School that the Golden Lights Cave got in touch with the Divine Wind Palace!" Wang She said with cold disdain, "He was only a Level Nine expert previously. The whole Golden Lights Cave is supported by him alone. The collaboration between Mingyi School and him would add him as a member to Mingyi School, and thus enable him to make full use Mingyi School's influence. The Divine Wind Palace is only slightly impressed with him and they do not know him very well. They are helping him because he still has some value largely due to Mingyi School. Between you and him, the Divine Wind Palace's preference will definitely be you. So, you don't have to worry that they will force you to hand over the formation map of the Yin and Yang Dust Formation."

"Just let them try to force me!" Zhou Bao smiled, but deep down in his heart, he felt slightly worried. His worry was not that the Master of Golden Lights Cave coveted his Yin and Yang Dust Formation but that the Divine Wind Palace also coveted the formation, and that was the gist of the problem.

Wang She didn't know about the connection between the Innate Green Lotus and the Yin and Yang Dust Formation, so to him it was just a simple fact. What if the Master of Golden Lights Cave struck a deal with the Divine Wind Palace with regards to his Innate Green Lotus Seed?

To send his Innate Green Lotus Seed to the Divine Wind Palace and in return, Divine Wind Palace would forcibly "borrow" the formation map of the Yin and Yang Dust Formation from Zhou Bao, then they could enjoy the benefits of these two formations. Wouldn't that be an ideal situation for them?

The Yin and Yang Dust Formation was one of the Ancient Miraculous Formations, ranking above the Mandala Formation of the Snow Mountain Great Wheel Temple. Even the Divine Wind Palace coveted this strange type of formation. How could they possibly miss this chance?

The question now was not whether he or the Master of Golden Lights Cave was more valuable, but whether he or the Yin and Yang Dust Formation was of more value!

At this thought, Zhou Bao had a feeling of discomfort in the heart. Although he knew he was worth far more than the Yin and Yang Dust Formation, in the eyes of other people, the Yin and Yang Dust Formation was far more valuable than him.

Brooding over this, his face darkened.

"What, is there something wrong?"

"I'm afraid the Divine Wind Palace is not as easy to deal with as you think!" Zhou Bao smiled wryly, "But comfort soldiers with generals and stem water with earth. The Divine Wind Palace can't snatch it forcibly, regardless of face. Even if they do, I'm not afraid!"

"Why are you so sure that the Divine Wind Palace are after your Yin and Yang Dust Formation? You know, they already have the Alignment of Stars and it is equal in strength to your Yin and Yang Dust Formation, and is able to evolve the complete Great Way of Stars. Why would they want your Yin and Yang Dust Formation? With the most important Formation Eye, its power is less than a tenth of the complete power!"

"The Innate Qi Talisman is refined from the Innate Green Lotus. The Master of Golden Lights Cave has the Innate Green Lotus, and the Divine Wind Palace must surely know how to refine the Innate Qi Talisman. Then the Yin and Yang Dust Formation is definitely of a great value for the Divine Wind Palace!"

Hearing this, Wang She became sullen. "So this is the actual story. No wonder the Master of Golden Lights Cave is so open about this. He isn't afraid the secret will leak out. Because the Divine Wind Palace will definitely find a way to get your formation map. All he needs to do is to reach an agreement with the Divine Wind Palace. Everyone thought you can defeat Bigwheel Temple because of the Yin and Yang Dust Formation. Hump, what a good plan!"

"Yeah, a good plan! But that will never happen. Otherwise, I'm not Zhou Bao!"

"What are you going to do?"

"Divine Wind Palace is currently busy so they still require my help. Thus, they will never forcibly snatch my formation map regardless of face. But the future is uncertain!"

"You mean after the Divine Wind Palace gets the Azure Secret Area..."

"They are now going to pursue Ye Qingtian and gain entry into the Azure Secret Area, and I am of great use for them. Therefore, they won't push me too hard. But it's hard to tell in the future. After all, to outsiders, I do not seem to have enough power to possess a formation like the Yin and Yang Dust Formation. Besides, many people are eyeing me and wishing for my death!" Zhou Bao's eyes were gloomy. "They should sound me out first. For the initial period, they shouldn't put too much pressure on me. I am able to handle it. As for the future, hum, no one knows!"

"Thinking that since he had already mastered the Origin of the Great Ways of the Azure Secret Area, Zhou Bao's confidence grew. "Divine Wind Palace, this time I definitely will make you go for wool and come home shorn! And Master of Golden Lights Cave, do you think I'll let you off even if you are not the one doing the dirty work, yet instigating Divine Wind Palace to go after me? Hump, nothing is that good in this world!"

"Now that you have a plan in hand, I will not bother you anymore. Your territory's recent development is really good enough for it to be known as the strongest vassal state in northwest'! You'd better find a right-hand man to manage it for you. Soon you will be terribly busy!"

Zhou Bao smiled and made no comment.

As Wang She went away quietly, Zhou Bao's eyes gleamed as he thought of something else. "Since you want to play, let's make it a bigger game. I remember the arrival of my sister-in-law last time seemed to have something to do with the Divine Wind Palace. Is the person that the Master of Golden Lights Cave sent this time related to the School of Five Virtues?"

Five Virtues meant benevolence, righteousness, courtesy, wisdom and trust!

Ren II, Yi IV, Li VII, Zhi IX, Xin X.

They were the five supervisors. And Mingyi School was established by Yi IV of the School of Five Virtues, having been passed down for thousands of years. However, now Yi IV was not the original founder of Mingyi School, but someone from the third generation. Even so, Mingyi School was still a powerful force in the hands of Yi IV. In a sense, the cooperation between the Mingyi School and the Golden Lights Cave represented the will of Yi IV of the School of Five Virtues. What about Li VII?

Was the Third Supervisor of the School of Five Virtues in agreement with the Second Supervisor Yi IV or at odds with him?

If he was in agreement with Yi IV, there was nothing more to it. But if he was at odds with Yi IV, there will be news forthcoming!"

It had to be said that, sometimes, Zhou Bao was discerning and very accurate in his judgements. As expected, when he came out of his closed-door training, and before he could even sit down, a maid came to announce that the Princess Heyang had come again.

"Princess Heyang, she's really persistent! But I forsee some opportunities. What good tidings will she bring me this time?"

When he met Yan Yunyan again, she did not look good. She seemed very haggard, probably due to overwork. When Zhou Bao came in, she had a slightly surprised look in her eyes, and her eyes flickered. She had been not been on good terms with Zhou Bao, and was waiting for a chance to teach him a lesson, but now this was not uppermost in her mind.

Zhou Bao was too powerful beyond her expectations. He was one person she could not afford to annoy any more. She was not as ignorant as before, and understood the meaning of influences like the Immortal Palace, the Divine Wind Palace and the Snow Mountain Great Wheel Temple. They were the strongest in the world, unequaled in their strength, and even the Li dynasty had to bow to them. Zhou Bao, however, made the Bigwheel Temple suffer defeat and even gifting him with three Pure Yang Celestial Devices. With such strength, he was not someone that she, a little princess, could provoke. Thus, meeting Zhou Bao once again, she naturally kept a low profile.

"What bad news does your highness have for me this time?" Satisfied with her humility, Zhou Bao questioned her with a smile.
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