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Omnipotent Sage Chapter 377: Short-sighted Divine Wind Palace

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Chapter 377: Short-sighted Divine Wind Palace
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"What? They want to have an equal share to the rights of owning the Golden Book of Fate?"

Upon hearing those words, Zhou Bao could hardly suppress a cry of astonishment. This was something totally beyond his expectation.

He hadn't expected that Divine Wind Palace would be willing to go to such great lengths to do that!

"Exactly, the equal share to the right of Golden Book of Fate. The most powerful influences in Four Eastern Regions feel they all should have the equal rights to the book. It equates that Divine Wind Palace should totally share the existing advantage it currently has been holding on to for tens of thousands of years!" Wang She said, his eyes squinting. "This time, it seems that they are determined and confident enough to conquer the Azure Secret Area!"

"Confident enough!" Zhou Bao's concern showed in his face, and even though there was a sneer in his heart, he felt a bit excited by the news.

Among all the people here, he was the one who was most keen on members of Divine Wind Palace entering the Azure Secret Area, because their entry would entail his receiving a great gift. With the support of Fiery Eyes and Origin of the Great Ways in the area, he was confident that he could have total control of the projection of Golden Book of Fate by combining the two powers into one and thus be able to secure the Azure Secret Area.

However, he had to pretend to feel deep concern for the issue. "Oh no! If Divine Wind Palace should succeed, we will be in great trouble!"

"Thus, we should not let them achieve it!" Wang She said ferociously. "We will definitely not just sit around and remain indifferent to this matter.

"Currently we can't take any action yet!" Zhou Bao gave a bitter smile. "Though we are two of the 28 constellations in the Immortal Palace, we don't have the right to speak up. We can't even discuss this with Bigwheel Temple and Jade Pool. This is a matter for the senior members of the group only. We are really out of the picture!"

"How about the Azure Secret Area? Now that you have the Air-frozen Bead, you can easily gain access to the area. Do you think you can use your Fiery Eyes to undermine their plan in that place?"

"Zhou Bao's heart gave a start. At that moment, he thought that Wang She had discovered what he had done in the Azure Secret Area! However, when he saw his serious expression, he felt deep relief in his heart. "You think I don't want to? I want, but I do not have a comprehensive knowledge of the workings of the Fiery Eyes, which is not something common. When I was in the Azure Secret Area, I tried to discover what their secret was, but it was in vain. Though there are some benefits, it's still impossible for me to attain the level of that guy. The gap between him and myself is enormous. Besides, even though I can use Fiery Eyes, I am not allowed to attack members of Divine Wind Palace when they launch the projection of Golden Book of Fate. Having learned a lesson from their previous experience, Divine Wind Palace must now ensure they make a thorough preparation to avoid making the same mistakes. If they are not confident of their success, how can they dominate the world for tens of thousands of years?" Zhou Bao groused. "What I can do now is to suppress my cultivation and wait for an appropriate time!"

"Damn, because of this, we will surely get into big trouble!"

"Chief Wang, no one knows what will happen next. Azure Secret Area, after all, is totally different from Taiyuan Heaven, so it's impossible for Divine Wind Palace to have a hundred percent success rate there. It's good if they can attain a mere sixty to seventy percent."

"That is what happens when you leave things to chance!" Wang She interrupted with a grim expression on his face. "Because of this idea, Immortal Palace, Bigwheel Temple and Jade Pool are all not united as one and after being lured by Divine Wind Palace, were defeated one after the other!" Wang She's tone grew a little shrill, but his argument was undoubtedly reasonable.

With an embarrassed look, Zhou Bao responded. "Right. You're right. But it is a tempting bait that can easily lure someone in. If I were them, I will fall into the trap, too. Not everybody has a steadfast mind like you!"

"Wang She chuckled. "Okay, forget it! Let's change the topic. Now that the outcome is definitely settled, there is no need to throw an egg at a rock. The pattern of the world will definitely see a great change, no matter if Divine Wind Palace succeeds this time or not. Since you have a link to Divine Wind Palace and have reaped the benefits from Bigwheel Temple during the conflict, your status will definitely have risen, which means that Divine Wind Palace will not want to lose any opportunity to include you, a rising genius. Nevertheless, you should be careful not to reveal your Fiery Eyes in front of it. Otherwise, you will be endlessly pursued by the influence, much like Ye Qingtian!"

"Ye Qingtian? Any news about that guy?"

"Nope. But recently, Divine Wind Palace increased its efforts to track him down. It is estimated that they have gone to the west because Divine Wind Palace's power is weaker in Three Western Regions than in Four Eastern Regions. Besides, the influence doesn't get along well with Fifth Manor and Palace of Eternal Life!"

"In other words, if my Fiery Eyes skills should happen to be revealed one day, I can always flee to Three Western Regions and at the same time to stay away from trouble. Am I right?"

If at that time, Divine Wind Palace's influence has not yet spread to Three Western Regions, you can do this. But you should drop everything and head there with your wife and son. As for the Zhou's, they will certainly be killed!"

"It depends. If I cultivate myself to the level of Genuine Immortal, I will transfer all of them there with my way of Space reconfiguration. It is possible!"

"Alright. We shall talk about that when your Fiery Eye skills are out in the open!" Wang She said in a sullen tone. "Even if you are able to transfer them, you will still be in great trouble. Though your family might not be pursued in Three Western Regions, your bloodline will still be coveted by everyone and you have to live in fear forever."

A flash of ruthlessness came into Zhou Bao's eyes. Though he didn't want to, he had to admit that what Wang She said was right. An esoteric bloodline like Fiery Eyes would definitively attract attention from all the practitioners and drive them wild. They might think of a way to capture the family who have the same kind of bloodline, so they could jab the eyes out to make External Elixirs. Perhaps, they would even attempt to marry the women in his family or send a variety of women to the men in his family, so that they can give birth to kids with Fiery Eyes bloodline. Given the stakes, everything was possible.

In summary, he shouldn't disclose his secret and take the risk.

"Concerning Ye Qingtian, there is another piece of news!" Wang She said. "Since Divine Wind Palace wants to kill him, it is highly probable that they might flee to Three Western Regions, so the organization has gathered together major influences to form a hunting team. The hunters are all elites from the groups. I was told that they want to include you as well!"

"Interesting. aren't they gathering together elites of various influences? I have maintained the secrecy about my status in Immortal Palace, so I don't belong to any group. Why do they want me?"

"Firstly, they would like to draw you over to their side. Secondly, aren't you close to our Tian Long Taoism? Tian Long Taoism and Immortal Palace are on very good terms as well, even if you are barely a member of the Immortal Palace, although you and Immortal Palace are not on good terms!"

"The Immortal Palace and I are not on good terms?"

"Exactly. After your fight against White Tiger, Divine Wind Palace's opinion of you has increased. If you show the slightest interest now, to join them, I believe they will immediately take you in!"

"If I now want to join Divine Wind Palace, undoubtedly they will have me checked out thoroughly!" Zhou Bao said softly, "Don't regard me as a fool. It's not easy to join an influence like Divine Wind Palace, even though my background currently seems to be flawless!"

"Yup. Only a fool will choose to join Divine Wind Palace at this moment. What you should do next is to stay aloof so that Divine Wind Palace will do their utmost to win you over to their side. Just stick to doing what you need to do only!"

"Though Divine Wind Palace is powerful, it is not the overall master of the world. If it issues forth a notice to form a team, not all influences will respond to its call, will they?"

"Divine Wind Palace gave the promise that the North Pole Frozen Wheel will be given to the one who succeeds in wrestling it from Ye Qingtian, the same as Golden Book of Fate's copy and all the other items from his stronghold, so you could try to wrestle all these items using your own ability. Besides, if you should run into bad luck and get nothing, you can still get a Pure Yang Celestial Device from the influence after you return. The promise is certainly tempting, isn't it?

"Very tempting indeed! Apart from parting with several Pure Yang Celestial Devices, Divine Wind Palace will actually lose nothing, yet succeed in killing its arch enemy. It does make a really lucrative plan!" Zhou Bao coldly said. "Though Pure Yang Celestial Device is precious, it is of no value to the influence. Do you know, I have accumulated so many Pure Yang Celestial Devices in such a short period of time?"

"That's true. You recently received three more from Bigwheel Temple!"

When it came to Pure Yang Celestial Devices, Wang She had to say that he took his hat off to Zhou Bao. Though he had been around for many years and had earned the respect of others along the way, he hadn't really come across a Pure Yang Celestial Device in all this time! If Zhou Bao hadn't done him a favor to capture Kunlun Mountain's Invisible Dragon Rod, he wouldn't have even have possessed a single Pure Yang Celestial Device.

As for Zhou Bao, he could easily obtain Pure Yang Celestial Devices by merely uttering a few words. Let me count how many Pure Yang Celestial Devices this guy owns? The mirror that he brought here is one. The Sky-measuring Star Ruler is another one. It is also he who seized the Invisible Dragon Rod and the Octupole Exquisite Pagoda. In Taiyuan Heaven, he also managed to wrangle a Lunar Shuttle. Now Bigwheel Temple owes him three Pure Yang Celestial Devices. It is said that he got one from a gang of experts who came to kill him, too. Taking into account all his possessions, he certainly is not lacking in Pure Yang Celestial Devices at all.

"One could certainly be immensely annoyed when comparing him to others!"

Wang She didn't know that in Taiyuan Heaven, Zhou Bao also imbued considerable Pure Yang Water as well as Knot Golden Net, Golden-Scaled Cudgel, Poison Cold Shield, Blue Sword and so forth which were all refined into Pure Yang Celestial Devices. Otherwise, he might have strongly lamented his own fate.

"Bigwheel Temple won't go back on its words, will it?"

"Go back on its words? Do you think the Yukun Buddha is like you? Now that he has given you his promise, they will definitely do as they were told and will never break their promise!"

"That's good. Very good. With three more Pure Yang Celestial Devices, I will have more on my hands!" Zhou Bao chuckled.
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