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Omnipotent Sage Chapter 274: Being Suppressed

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Chapter 274: Being Suppressed
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"The fire strength is so powerful! It is f*cking strong! No wonder he is a Level Nine expert," Junior Leopard said and coughed gently. If he had just refined without the Golden Flame Mirror, he would have suffered a heavy blow. He was fine at present as the deadly fire strength had been absorbed by the Golden Flame Mirror. However, he was somewhat worn out.

At this time, he was merely facing a Level Nine expert along with two Level Seven experts. Of course, neither Chilei nor Chichuan had the guts to do anything when Raging Fire Ancestor was fighting, but them eyeing-up Junior Leopard was also an enormous pressure on him.

Having suffered a blow from Raging Fire Ancestor, Junior Leopard did not dare to continue fighting. Fortunately, the passageway in the earth vein was so complicated and changing so quickly that he only had to turn around and dive into a small passageway nearby. After turning left and right several times, he was about to elude Raging Fire Ancestor.

But it was easier said than done!

As a Level Nine expert, Raging Fire Ancestor's spiritual mind was not weaker than Zhou Bao's. Previously, it was because Zhou Bao had hidden in advance by using the Snake-like Breath Holding Skill that he had fooled Raging Fire Ancestor. Now being closely followed, he failed to escape from the fierce eyes of Raging Fire Ancestor even though he again used the Snake-like Breath Holding Skill.

"You bastard! You're my target now. Want to run away from me? No way!" Raging Fire Ancestor sneered behind Zhou Bao. Suddenly, he sped up and came close to Junior Leopard after a few ups and downs.

"Damn it!" Junior Leopard cursed in his mind. Having no time to consider anything, he rolled into a small passageway ahead.

"It's no use hiding in a dog hole!" When seeing Junior Leopard whisk into the small passageway, Raging Fire Ancestor seemed to read his mind. With the gentle wave of the sleeves of his robe, the entrance of the passageway was fused by the fire strength. The originally small passageway suddenly became huge.

"Shame, a f*cking shame!" Junior Leopard cursed. With a roll like a lazy donkey and a slight movement of his hands, he swung the Golden-Scaled Cudgel and a golden light flashed out.

"Your Divine Weapon is also a cudgel! Are you Zhou Bao from Yunzhou?"

At the sight of the Divine Weapon in Junior Leopard's hands, Chilei, who was nearby, uttered a cry of surprise. Junior Leopard had a great reputation and he had done something notoriously bad. Although Chilei did not care about the affairs of Jianghu, he had a rough idea about it because it was so sensational. Therefore, he recognized Junior Leopard at a glance.

"You're so unreasonable, old man. I've only practiced here for some time and have no intention of being your enemy. Why are you so aggressive?" Junior Leopard knew that it was not easy for him to run away, so he was on the alert with his Golden-Scaled Cudgel crossed in front of him.

"Humph! You didn't intend to be my enemy? The geocentric fire vein of Greensword Mountain is my territory. You hurt my disciple and sneaked into the geocentric fire vein, and you say that you have no intention of offending me?!"

Having noticed that Chilei had recognized Junior Leopard and gotten a clear picture of his appearance, Raging Fire Ancestor showed a hint of a gleam in his eyes.

"Are you kidding? Greensword Mountain was born between heaven and earth, and the geocentric fire vein is also the product of heaven and earth. When did they become your private property?" said Junior Leopard with a sneer.

"Humph!" Raging Fire Ancestor said with his red eyebrow moving, "No more nonsense! Only fire!"

As he was talking, he lifted his fingers and a bright fire light shot out at Junior Leopard.

"Damn it! You're fighting!" Junior Leopard lifted his hand and tried to block the fire light with the Golden-Scaled Cudgel.

With a loud clang, the red fire light was blocked by his Golden-Scaled Cudgel, but at the same time, Junior Leopard inevitably took a big step backward and could hardly bear it as the strength was overwhelming.

"Is this the real strength of a Level Nine expert?"

Unlike a Level Eight expert, when one's cultivation reached Level Nine, all of his Internal Qi would turn into a Real Essence Source stored in the acupoints to breed the Real Essence. Once the Real Essence was successfully bred, its strength would be 100 times more powerful than the Internal Qi. Even if the Internal Qi had not transformed into Real Essence like it did now, the Internal Qi extracted from the Real Essence Source also carried the attributes of the Real Essence, and its intensity was more than 20 times stronger than the steel-like Internal Qi of a Level Eight expert. The greatest difference between a Level Nine expert and a Level Eight expert lay in the quality of their Internal Qi.

Therefore, even the power of Raging Fire Ancestor's finger being casually pointed forced Junior Leopard to move backward a few steps.

"It is indeed a Divine Weapon. It can even defend against the power of my finger!" Raging Fire Ancestor could not help praising it as he saw Junior Leopard stabilize himself after just a few steps.

Though Junior Leopard had the same amount of Internal Qi as Raging Fire Ancestor, its power was over 20 times weaker. And when taken into account the strength of the body and the magical effects of Internal Qi with the power of the Real Essence, there was no need to fight.

It could be said that even if all the Level Eight experts in the world were combined together, they were still not likely to beat a Level Nine expert.

Therefore, although Raging Fire Ancestor knew about the achievements of Junior Leopard, he did not care. In his eyes, Level Eight experts were just waste. The combat capability of a Level Eight expert was absolutely no match for a Level Nine expert. He could kill a Level Eight expert in a snap.

"It seems that the rumors in Jianghu are true. Your combat capability is indeed close to Level Nine!" Raging Fire Ancestor gasped in admiration, but he did not relax his hands and directly hit Junior Leopard with a palm.

"Oh, my God!" From the very beginning, Junior Leopard had not felt anything until he was hit by that palm.

The palm gave him the feeling that the whole world had been shrouded. He wanted to hide, but he did not know where to hide. He intended to fight back, but he did not know how. Even with a Divine Weapon in his hand, he had no power to defend himself.

Although it was transient, it seemed to have been hundreds of years.

With his heart beating violently and a stream of blood welling up from his Dantian, Junior Leopard seemed to be confined by an invisible force. He struggled to break free, but it was all in vain. Even the Poison Cold Shield was completely contracted under the pressure of this palm and lost its defensive function.

As the big hand was getting closer and closer, it was about to slap him to death in an instant.

"Level Nine! Is this the power of Level Nine?"

"I don't even have any room to defend myself!"

"My strength and my Divine Weapon are useless!"

"No! It can't go on like this. Absolutely not!"

"Am I dying? No, no, I can't be defeated like this!"

"I won't be beaten so easily!"

"I don't want to die here!"

Junior Leopard's mind continued to think. For an instant, everything was tortuous. His eyes ferociously stared at that offensive palm, and suddenly, from a red light that flashed between his eyebrows, red Sword Qi shot violently out.

All that happened in a very short moment. When the center of Junior Leopard's eyebrows flashed with the red light, Raging Fire Ancestor's palm was less than three inches from Junior Leopard's forehead.

At this moment, sanguine Sword Qi shot out, and Raging Fire Ancestor could not even take back his palm quick enough.

"Hiss!" Raging Fire Ancestor gasped, drew back three steps and dropped his right hand down. The sharp Sword Qi just passed through his Protective Gang Qi and pierced his palm. Almost at the same time as he withdrew his hand, Junior Leopard made a strange scream, broke free from him, and poked toward his feet with the Golden-Scaled Cudgel.

"Boom!" With a loud noise, the Golden-Scaled Cudgel completely pierced the passageway under his feet. The fire vein terrain was complex, and the passageways, like spiders' webs, connected to one another, forming a huge network of passageways from top to bottom. Some passageways were interlaced, some were intertwined, and some were linked up and down while others were inaccessible. Junior Leopard's poke not only pierced through the passageway under his feet, but also three other passageways. Without hesitation, Junior Leopard jumped into a cave poked open by his Golden-Scaled Cudgel.

Just now, he fully realized that his combat capability was only close to Level Nine and he was just a waste upon meeting a real Level Nine expert.

He had just launched his External Elixir of Fiery Eyes by surprise and exerted all the killing power of the Extreme Yang Heavenly Sword, and only in this way was he able to knock back that palm. However, he also exhausted his Extreme Yang Heavenly Sword that he had been practicing hard. It would take a long time for it to recover, and in a short period of time, it was simply impossible for him to give play to a second attack. Under such circumstances, if he had not escaped, he would have been smashed into pieces by Raging Fire Ancestor.

All of this took some time to explain, but it, in fact, happened in an instant: Raging Fire Ancestor hit Junior Leopard with his palm; red light flashed between the brows of Junior Leopard; Raging Fire Ancestor took back his palm; Junior Leopard pierced through the passageway and jumped away. When Chilei and Chichuan realized what had happened, there was only dust everywhere and Junior Leopard had disappeared. They were startled when they saw Raging Fire Ancestor's right hand hanging down with drops of blood dripping on the ground.

"Master, you—?!"

"It's okay!" Raging Fire Ancestor raised his right hand. Chilei and Chichuan saw clearly that there was a bloody hole in his right palm and were dumbfounded.

"What happened?"

"How is this possible?"

"How could our master be hurt?"

"Our master is a Level Nine expert and one of the most powerful people in the world. His Ignis Mysterious Gang has been practiced to the extreme. Even Divine Weapons can't break through his Gang Qi, and he has reached the limit of the iron body. The strength of his palms and fingers is no less powerful than any Divine Weapon in the world."

For so many years, Raging Fire Ancestor was just like God in their eyes. He had never been hurt. But now, it was true that he was injured, although not badly. Furthermore, he was attacked by Zhou Bao in one move, who only had a cultivation of Level Seven. It completely subverted their cognition.

"What's all the fuss? I just got a slight injury. It's no big deal!" Raging Fire Ancestor's face clouded over at the sight of the astonished faces of the two men. The wound on his palm healed up at a speed that could be seen by the naked eye. "It's no wonder that he is so famous at such a young age. This guy is really something, much better than you two!"

"Yes!" These two guys, who had reached Level Seven, were geniuses themselves, otherwise, Raging Fire Ancestor would not have received them as his disciples. Therefore, their shock soon subsided and they said, "Master, what do we do next? Do we just let him escape like that?"

"Escape? Can he really escape?" Raging Fire Ancestor sneered, "This is Greensword Mountain, and I am not Wang Yuebai!"

As he spoke, he swung the sleeves of his robe. Violent fire strength overflowed and a stream of strong red Qi gushed into the big hole that Junior Leopard had poked.

"Oh, no!" Junior Leopard screamed as he felt the rush of the fire strength from behind. He flickered and tried to move to the side, but before he had completely flashed past, he heard a loud bang and the entire passageway began to collapse.

"How fierce!"

Junior Leopard knew that something was wrong. There were lots of passageways in this underground fire vein, but it did not mean that these passageways were strong, stable, and unchanging. In fact, the underground passageways were very unstable and often collapsed, and now, the most serious collapse happened under the influence of Raging Fire Ancestor.

"Boom, boom, boom—!"

The entire Greensword Mountain began to vibrate.

"Hurry up!" After he swung his sleeves, Raging Fire Ancestor retreated like lightning with his disciples instead of continuing to chase or lingering there. After a few breaths, the place that they were just standing was covered with rocks and mud.

Meanwhile, in another cave, Prince Xiaoming and Wang She, who were sitting face-to-face, were alerted and they opened their eyes.

The ground began to tremble and rock fell from overhead with boundless marl.

"Oh, no! It must be Raging Fire Ancestor returning." Prince Xiaoming's face fell as he suddenly figured out what had happened. He glared at Wang She and shouted, "I told you before. Don't stay here. Don't stay here. But you didn't listen. And this is the result!"

"Take it easy! No matter how strong Raging Fire Ancestor is, he is just a Level Nine expert. Both of us are here. There is no need to be afraid of him!" Wang She sneered, "Zhou Bao! Junior Leopard! Junior Leopard! Damn it, why don't you come out? We're leaving. Raging Fire Ancestor is back!"

He called out a few times but no one answered. Only then did he feel that something was wrong. He flashed and disappeared immediately. After a few breaths, he appeared again.

"How's it going?"

"Damn it! Raging Fire Ancestor must have come while we were practicing. I bet he was worried about us, so he lured Raging Fire Ancestor away by himself. The chaos must have been caused by Raging Fire Ancestor when he was fighting with Junior Leopard!"

"Well, now we're in big trouble!" Prince Xiaoming looked at Wang She with his eyes flashing slightly. "What should we do now?"

"What else can we do? Go and find him!" Wang She yelled and flashed out of the cave like the wind.

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