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Omnipotent Sage Chapter 185: The Tsundere Girl VS the Pure High School Student

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Chapter 185: The Tsundere Girl VS the Pure High School Student
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Junior Leopard felt bad, and so did the tsundere girl.

Junior Leopard's fist strength made her uncomfortable, which were not only filled with power, but also scorching strength. If the spirit Junior Leopard released just now made her feel as though she was in a harsh desert, now she felt as if she was in a forge, due to the scorching airflow from his fists.

Indeed, with each of his punch, a streak of golden red strength would naturally form around his fist. The strength was on the verge of liquid and its temperature was no lower than the flame in the forge of the smithy. Besides, it even gave her a feeling of molten iron, which made her afraid to receive it; she could only take advantage of her weapon to cope with Junior Leopard's movements one by one.

Her reaction was exactly what Junior Leopard wanted. The fist intent of the Thirteen Punches of Desolation had a broad opening and closing, primitive and boundless. It needed a lot of space to exert its greatest power. If Junior Leopard coped with the opponent's movements one by one, he would be in a passive situation. Now that the girl was passive, he certainly wouldn't show mercy. Junior Leopard gave full play to the essence of the Thirteen Punches of Desolation. Now that the girl was at a disadvantage, she felt Junior Leopard's fists from all directions, with each one revealing a sense of desolation that made her despair about the fist strength which could melt gold and iron. Worst of all, there was another eccentric force in the punching skill, after each punch, there was always a streak of limp strength like silk in its route. She did not notice it at first, but when his fists were all around her and she was desperate to find a way out, she felt that the space around seemed more and more clinging. The silky fist strength that Junior Leopard's punches left had unwittingly woven a fine and whippy net that tightly stuck to her. She was unable to move.

This Loli had never felt such an awkward feeling. In fact, she had never been in such a passive state. Thus, she began to bustle about.

Junior Leopard seized the opportunity to further suppress her. Several punches actually rubbed her body, lifted and melted her pink dress. But to the disappointment of Junior Leopard, his fist strength didn't leave the tsundere girl exposed. After parts of her dress melted away, he found that she was wearing an Inner Armor under her clothes.

The Inner Armor had fine scales and delicate workmanship. Moreover, in contact with Junior Leopard's fist strength, there was a flash of a light yellow halo to completely resolve the attack. These all showed this light yellow Inner Armor, which the girl wore next to her skin, unique.

"Damn it, I can't go on! She is relying completely on her outfit!" Junior Leopard cursed in his heart. If the little girl hadn't worn the Inner Armor, he would have won by now.

The little girl's strength was good. Her combat capability had already surpassed Level Three and entered the state of a master. Along with the giant saber at a level of the Secondary Heavenly Weapon in her hand, she could beat a Level Five master without too much effort. Besides, taking into account the addition of her Inner Armor, if she met a Level Six master, she would be able to retreat unscathed, even if she could not win.

However, being rubbed by Junior Leopard's fist strength, she felt awful. The Inner Armor resolved the punches' scorching strength and power, but she was still affected by a very small part of fist strength. She was pale and slightly unsteady. In the fist's shadow, she successively stepped back two steps.

The two steps back were very bad for her.

You knew, now the situation was completely under the control of Junior Leopard. The little girl was in a passive state, resisting with effort. Under the fist strength, there was a flaw in her defense, a gap in her left. Junior Leopard certainly would not give up the chance. He changed his fist strength and hit her on the left. At this point, a faint sneer flickered across his lips, "Inner Armor, is it great to have an Inner Armor? As long as I punch it, even if your Inner Armor is a Secondary Heavenly Weapon, it'll be destroyed!"

Junior Leopard insidiously thought about it.

Just as his fist was about to hit it, he heard a cold snort all of a sudden.

The sound was so abrupt that Junior Leopard couldn't prepare for it. It struck him in the ears like a heavy hammer, making him dizzy. He could not help staggering and the punch missed.

"Damn it!"

Junior Leopard cursed secretly. Fortunately, he was tenacious, so after hearing the cold snort from the opponent, he still maintained a clear mind. He only lost his mind for a moment and immediately recovered. However, he had missed the best chance to defeat the girl and even lost his advantage.

In a fight between masters of martial arts, the outcome was often decided in a flash. If you gained an advantage, you had to hunt down the opponent. Otherwise, you couldn't kill the tiger, but would rather be the one to get hurt.

Now, Junior Leopard was in the situation of failing to kill the tiger. Though he was only momentarily shocked, the girl seized the opportunity and steadied herself. Then with the saber-light flashing, she began to fight back.

The little girl was not good at defending, but she was very aggressive when she attacked.

The long saber in her hand, driven by her Internal Qi, radiated a saber-light that was nearly a foot long. The saber-light was so sharp that it cut all the fine and whippy Qi web that Junior Leopard had just placed around. Therefore, he dared not go directly against it with his fists and had to dodge.

After cutting off the Qi web, the saber-light was flourishing and enveloped Junior Leopard's whole body. The saber shadows began to cover the sky endlessly.

However, Junior Leopard was not like her, good at attacking but weak in defending. He had practiced Taiji Fist for so many years and already had a profound understanding of its principle. His defense was watertight and he even started building a thin net around her again. Although most of the strength was cut by the saber-light as soon as it placed, he kept weaving like a tireless spider.

Gradually, the situation began to reverse. The long saber in the girl's hand was so sharp that it cut off a lot of Qi silk, but every time, there would be one or two that stuck to the saber. At first, the net did not affect the girl, but later, she felt that the saber was heavier and heavier and more and more sluggish. Eventually, even the saber-light became somewhat unclear.

Meanwhile, Junior Leopard's defense was more and more relaxed as he placed a thin strength net over his surrounding. Now that the little girl's target was not him, but the wide strength net which was finer, thicker and increasing. She completely got stuck in the net mire and he hid in the middle of the big net, like a spider waiting for a prey, ready to reach out his fangs to capture it.

Of course, the capture of prey was just his beautiful imagination, a fantasy.

From the cold snort that made him want to die just now, Junior Leopard had understood that it was impossible to get justice from the girl, even though he defeated her.

He did not know that where the girl came. However, from her super outfit, powerful strength and attack mode at this age, he could easily judge that she must come from a well-known family. Moreover, she was taken seriously and had been cultivated by her family, school or teacher since she was a child. And due to her amazing aptitude, she developed powerful martial arts at a young age. In her growth, she should not have been beaten, so she was proud. This time, she should be sneaking out to enter Jianghu. Of course, this so-called sneaking out should be driven by someone. She seemed to be alone, but a nurse of expert followed her in the dark, which she did not know.

In this way, she could get enough exercises and be safe, which was the best of both worlds.

However, it was absolutely not a good thing for Junior Leopard.

It meant that even if he did gain an advantage, he could not boldly attack. There was an expert eyeing him up in the dark after all.

How did Junior Leopard confirm that an expert was secretly protecting the little girl in the dark?

Because of the cold snort.

Junior Leopard would prefer being beaten to death than believe that the cultivation of the man whose cold snort made him faint had not reached Level Seven.

Hence, Junior Leopard felt unlucky and awkward.

However, he was the last man in the world that lived at the mercy of others. An expert? No big deal!

"I've killed two experts of Level Eight. Will I still care about you who are hiding in the dark? I'm not gonna kill this little girl or make her suffer too much, but I'm gonna break your wishful thinking. You want this little girl to enter Jianghu and be honed. Well, I'll force you out. You underestimate me too much if you want to suppress me without showing up."

As the Qi silk became thicker and thicker, the speed of the saber in the girl's hand was slower and slower, her attacks also slowed down.

"No! I'm going to lose if it goes on like this!"

The girl also knew her bad situation, but it was difficult to attack Junior Leopard's watertight defense.

She gritted her teeth together. Apart from her elders, she had never met such an enigmatic opponent that drove her to this point with only his fists. While she admired Junior Leopard, her desire to win became stronger. The flow of her Internal Qi quickened suddenly and the saber-light rose sharply, in which a purple light loomed up.

The purple light was magic, full of a chilling smell.

The first movement of the Universal Three-chop Sword, the World Shaking Saber!


The long saber gave out a shrill and the saber-light turned into a purple stripe of about 10 feet long heading straight to Junior Leopard. The purple light was so horrendous that it could make an army retreat.
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