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Omnipotent Sage Chapter 177: Raising Bandits to Increase Our Value

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Chapter 177: Raising Bandits to Increase Our Value
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"Wang Cheng (Jiang Xiao) pays respect to His Excellency!"

Soon, Wang Cheng and Jiang Xiao came to Junior Leopard.

"Take a seat!" Junior Leopard said.

They thanked him and sat down.

The arrival of Junior Leopard not only enhanced the combat capacity of the Water Army Camp, but also brought a lot of benefits and advantages. In addition, he led them to occupy the entire River Heart Island. Therefore, after a period of adjustment, the Water Army Camp soldiers could be said to be united as one, especially generals like Wang Cheng and Jiang Xiao. They had been much warmer and more respectful to him than before and really accepted him as their superior.

Junior Leopard had also managed to win over their hearts. Therefore, during this period he and the Navy of Jiang City got along very well, like a couple going on a honeymoon. He believed that the honeymoon period would continue.

"You all know that Zhu Ba is going to build a goods yard, right?"

"Yes, he's a big mouth. What can he hide?" Wang Cheng laughed and cursed, "But that's a really good idea. I had the same idea and was ready to tell Your Excellency. I didn't expect him to beat me to the punch!"

Junior Leopard smiled. But Jiang Xiao who sat beside pulled the corners of his mouth and thought that it would have been a shame for Wang Cheng to take the credit that belonged to the moronic Zhu Ba for himself. He definitely was more and more stupid.

"To build a goods yard is a good idea, but I don't trust Zhu Ba to take charge of it. He's a lustful and outspoken guy that is addicted to alcohol. Even if you're content to let him manage the money, I'm not. The first thing I want you to do today is to help me to see who can be responsible for the goods yard after it is built."


Neither of them was prepared. They did not know what Junior Leopard was thinking. After all, building a goods yard on River Heart Island could bring huge benefits.

The terrain of River Heart Island was flat and very suitable for building a goods yard. Although, in nominal terms, the Navy of Jiang City only owned the port of River Heart Island and the drill ground, there was no clear standard. Just a little extension of the navy's drill ground and camp would be enough to build the largest goods yard in Jiang City. As soon as the goods yard was established, River Heart Island would soon develop into a cargo hub of the entire Jiang City, even the whole Zhonghe City.

Therefore, the people who managed the goods yard could naturally benefit enormously from it.

That was why they looked at each other and did not knew what to say.

"Forget it. I don't think you're ready. Think about it after you go back!" Looking at their embarrassing appearances, Junior Leopard knew their thoughts. He just waved his hand and said, "Speaking of the goods yard, there's one other thing I'm worried about!"

"Your Excellency, go ahead, please!"

"The location of River Heart Island is too important and too sensitive. Although this time we got all the ports of River Heart Island, it doesn't mean that the island is ours. In fact, I think you all know that it's impossible for Jiang City to give us the whole River Heart Island. It's good enough to be able to maintain the status quo. I believe that neither His Excellency Magistrate nor His Excellency Garrison won't be indifferent to the fact that we are going to build a goods yard here!"

"Do they dare to stop Your Excellency?"

"They won't stop, but they can also build goods yards here!" Junior Leopard smiled, "River Heart Island is so big, and the terrain is flat. You can build a goods yard as large as you want. We can build and so can they. After all, the River Heart Island belongs to Jiang City. I believe that in a few days, His Excellency Magistrate will send someone to measure the land to determine our territory!"

Hearing this, Wang Cheng's face grew darker. But Jiang Xiao was relaxed, with a smile on his face, he said, "Your Excellency must have a countermeasure, right?"

"I don't have any countermeasure. The only chance is to take as much ground as possible when measuring, especially around the port. In this way, even if they also build a goods yard here in the future, our goods yard is the closest place to the port!"

"Your Excellency, have you ever thought about occupying the entire River Heart Island?" Jiang Xiao asked with a smile.

"Yes, I have. But it's not the time. Right now it's a foolish thing to occupy the entire River Heart Island!" Junior Leopard said and glanced at Jiang Xiao meaningfully, "Your Excellency Jiang, you know, sometimes it's not always a good thing to get too fast!"

The smile was frozen on Jiang Xiao's face. He forced a smile and said, "Your Excellency is right!"

"It's just that we can't rest easy now. I believe His Excellency Magistrate and His Excellency Garrison are trying to drive me out of Jiang City!"

"How dare they!"

Wang Cheng heard the implication. His expression changed and his eyes widened, "They don't have the ability!"

"They do have the ability!" Said Junior Leopard, "I was transferred by the Admiral, and my main purpose was to suppress bandits. Now that the water bandits on the Broken Dragon Beach are a rare occurance and the water bandits on the Luo River have almost died out, I'm sure the Admiral will summon me back soon!"

"This!" They looked at each other, vaguely guessing what Junior Leopard wanted to say. If Junior Leopard did not say it first, they did not dare to mention it. After a long while, Jiang Xiao asked, sounding a bit helpless, "Your Excellency, what do you mean?"

Junior Leopard glanced at him and smiled, "I mean, of course, we need to raise bandits to increase our value. As for the Admiral, the Wu Family will help me to deal with him. He definitely won't make the Wu Family look bad. I only worry that the Magistrate and the Garrison will make an issue of my age and qualification. In addition, there are some merchants and influences in Jiang City who do not want me to stay here. I came here to fight the water bandits, so this appointment was not hindered much. If the water bandits on the Luo River really disappear, and someone is interested in the importance of River Heart Island, even if the Admiral has the intention to leave me here, he will not be able to bear the pressure."

Wang Cheng and Jiang Xiao were silent again.

The first time that they were silent, it was because Junior Leopard did not speak clearly and they dared not speak. Now it was because Junior Leopard said it too clearly. He clearly said that they needed to raise bandits to increase their value, which made them a little embarrassed to answer.

How could the navy really be irreconcilable with water bandits?

At best there was enmity with one or two influence of the water bandits, and the enmity would not be too deep. They were all living on this Luo River, if there were no water bandits, which merchant would be willing to provide money for the navy?

If there were no navy that helped the water bandits on the Luo River, how could it be the situation that the navy was rendered ineffective by these water bandits?

As a veteran of the Navy of Jiang City, Wang Cheng, the Vice Commander, was indeed somewhat regretful for the navy's connivance to the water bandits. Of course, even so, he did not think they needed to take the harshest attitude against the water bandits on the Luo River.

For the water bandits, the navy's attitude was always to control them within a controllable range. They could not be completely destroyed or overindulged. There should be a degree. Let them be used for the navy, but not challenge the power of the navy. The Navy Commander before the former was not able to grasp the degree, so the water bandits of the Luo River became too many to attack. The former commander, Gao Gong, was so incompetent that the water bandits of the Luo River had become a big nuisance.

After Junior Leopard came here, things seemed to be turning around. He quickly suppressed one of the two biggest water bandits gangs on the Luo River. This greatly stunned the other water bandits on the Luo River and made the river calm for a long time. Then by making the false accusation, he destroyed the influence that contended with the navy in Jiang City, which helped the navy re-establish its prestige. Now they stood firm and powerful.

In such circumstances, both Wang Cheng and Jiang Xiao believed that it was necessary now to suggest Junior Leopard to re-establish the order of the Luo River. However, before they put forward it, Junior Leopard had said it.

To raise bandits to increase their value. Wasn't it the typical portrayal of the time when the navy of the Luo River was in their heyday?

Suddenly, the two people, with a bellyful of words, did not know what to say.

At last they could only say four words, "Your Excellency is wise!"

"Whether I'm wise or not is not up to you!" Junior Leopard smiled, "you've been on the Luo River for a long time and have all kinds of resources. To raise bandits to increase our value needs you to come up with a concrete implementation. Who do you think should be raised and who should be suppressed?"

Jiang Xiao and Wang Cheng looked at each other and saw the smile in each other's eyes, so they no longer hid.

"Your Excellency, the Multiple Chain Dock and the Broken Dragon Beach were the most powerful groups of water bandits on the Luo River. Now, Li Sanbao of the Broken Dragon Beach was killed by you, so there is only the Multiple Chain Dock. For the Multiple Chain Dock, I suggest that we should focus on rising, and take the suppression as a supplement!"

"I've known them for a long time and I heard that they're more disciplined than Li Sanbao!"

"The Multiple Chain Dock always behaves well. They're not so much water bandits as a gang on the water, who charged protection fees. It's just that they're too mysterious, so very few people know about them!"

"Very few people know about them? How about you?"

"I'm ashamed!" They both said, embarrassed.

"Don't contact them at all?"

"Yes, but that was before. We have been out of touch with them since Commander Gao took office. Moreover, as the navy weakened in the last few years, they disdained to get in touch with us!"

"Oh!" Junior Leopard nodded, "we still have to contact the Multiple Chain Dock. Think of a way to get in touch with them. It's better to sit down and talk. Commander Wang, you're the most senior person in the navy, so I leave this to you. Okay?"

"I'll do my best!" Wang Cheng's words were not absolute; Junior Leopard did not ask but continued, "in addition to the dock, there are a dozen gangs of water bandits. Tell me about them one by one!"

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