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Omnipotent Sage Chapter 131: Silver Moon Sword Technique

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Chapter 131: Silver Moon Sword Technique
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Junior Leopard retrieved the items from the cave and went straight to the forest with Little Du. The forest was the same as usual and extremely peaceful. It didn't have drastically change from the time when Junior Leopard left. He brought Little Du to roam around the forest and soon he found the place where he practiced the Three Realms Division.

"Aye, the little monster is not around?" Looking at the empty cave, Junior Leopard felt strange in his heart. He walked into the cave and found that the wall scratches that he left when he left here years ago were still there. Only the ground was filled with dust.

"The little monster has left?" Junior Leopard lightly raised his brows. Very obviously, there had been no man or animal here for a very long time. Even though he hadn't thought of bringing the little monster away, not seeing the little monster, Junior Leopard still felt some disappointment in his heart.

Just when Junior Leopard was exiting with disappointment, he suddenly stopped. His eyes flashed a sharp light and he hurriedly walked to a tree. This tree was roughly as big as two people hugging together. It was originally very tall as well, but now it had been cut in half by a force. The broken area was smooth as a mirror. Even though a long time had passed, it looked wet and humid. When Junior Leopard touched it, he could still feel the strands of cold lingering over the broken area.

"What a quick swordsmanship! What a strong killing intent!" Junior Leopard sucked in a breath of air. Some worry arose in his heart. Even though the little monster had the ability of Three Realms Division, if it really met an expert, it might not necessarily get away. Looking back at the empty cave, he found that it was confirming his unlucky thoughts.

"Hope that little monster is okay!" Junior Leopard sighed. Feeling somewhat depressed, he brought Little Du out of that place.

Returning to the cliff beside the waterfall, just like a few years ago, he returned to the cave within the cliff to cultivate. At the same time, he got Little Du to go hunt a few beasts as dinner. Little Du was intelligent by nature and was subdued by Junior Leopard, producing a mental connection. This kind of simple matter did not need Junior Leopard's instructions. He only needed to bow his head and it rushed towards the riverside.

Standing in the cave and suppressing the uneasiness in his heart, he began to practice his punching.

His cultivation had already reached the peak of Level Three, he was only waiting for his own body's toughness to reach the Bone-Forging Realm before raising his cultivation. Hence, theoretically speaking, having reached this step, he didn't need to cultivate his Internal Qi, however Junior Leopard didn't think so. His Internal Qi was different from a normal person's and it wasn't the true Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Internal Qi. Now his Internal Qi had seemed to reach the peak of Level Three, if not reaching Bone-Forging Realm, his Internal Qi would not raise if he continued practicing. The most important thing was that he knew Taiji Fist.

However, Taiji Fist had the usage of purifying Internal Qi. Everytime he practiced, it would purify his Internal Qi. Everytime it was purified, the amount of Internal Qi would be decreased a little. In this manner, he needed time to cultivate and replenish the Internal Qi that was lost. He would then purify it again and then cultivate again. Repeating in this manner, although his Internal Qi was only at the peak of Level Three, its substance had reached a perverse state. That was the reason why he was able to form the second state of the Blaze Technique of the Heavenly Nine Dragon with just his Level Three cultivation.

After executing a set of Taiji Fist, Junior Leopard sat down and began practicing the Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Technique. He once again replenished the Internal Qi that was exhausted. Then following on was the Blood Evil Harden Bone Fist. After a round of hard work, it was completely dark outside of the cave.

Little Du lay down under the tree below the cliff, slowly gnawing on a cow's leg. There was a dead deer beside it which had clearly died not long ago as its blood hadn't run dry. Junior Leopard knew that it was for him.

"You do have some conscience!" Junior Leopard jumped down from the cliff entrance. He patted Little Du's head, took out the Kunai to peel the skin and cut the bones. After that, he set up a fire and began barbequing.

He was turning and flipping the roasted deer on the fire at with one hand while taking out a small bag with the other. He took out a small black thing and threw it in front of Little Du, "Little dog brat, this is for you!"

Little Du who was gnawing on the cow leg became excited. Its eyes were staring at the black thing that was tumbling about. At the beginning, it didn't move, as if it was confirming something. It raised its head to look at Junior Leopard from time to time, as if it wanted to confirm with him. After a while, it then extended its head in front of that black thing, stuck its tongue out and swallowed it with an incomparable speed.

"You snorty guy, will I vie with you for it?"

Junior Leopard scolded while laughing.

After eating an Inner Elixer, at the beginning, Little Du didn't show any signs of change. It only slowly laid down on the earth as if it was going to sleep. After a while, when the deer was nearly roasted to perfection, its body suddenly trembled. It trembled harder and harder as if it was a sieve that was trembling repeatedly.

A strand of faint black gas came out from Little Du's silver fur. Very quickly, it had signs of it corroding its whole body. Because Junior Leopard had a unique connection with Little Du, he was also able to feel that there was a tremendous power rippling through Little Du's insides as if it was a human body's Internal Qi. However it was different from normal Internal Qi, this was a kind of violent and completely untamed power. If it was put into a human body, within a short time, the meridians in the body would be completely destroyed. However, within Little Du's body, there was another power trying to negate this wave of violent energy. This was the demonic power essence in Little Du.

Demonic power was a unique power of demonic beasts.

Demonic beasts were called demonic beasts because of two reasons. The first, they had spiritual intelligence. The second, they had demonic power.

This was a sign of a combination of two. Because a beast that had intelligence would definitely have demonic power. This was a law written in heaven. There wasn't a demonic beast that could be an exception to the rule.

Demonic power was similar to Internal Qi, however, it had great differences.

Demonic power could be controlled at birth, that was definite. When a demonic beast first had spiritual intelligence, its IQ wouldn't be high. Just like Little Du now, it had some little cleverness, but in substance its an intelligence of a young child. It was impossible to pin hopes on them to comprehend the circulation route of demonic power. Hence, being able to control demonic power at birth was the instinct of demonic beasts. It wasn't like Internal Qi which needed a fixed circulation route and cultivation method. Another point was that demonic power was extremely violent. There were countless people in history who wanted to directly absorb a demonic beast's Inner Elixer to increase their Internal Qi. In the end, they all died due to craziness. There wasn't an exception. Hence until now, even though demonic beast's Inner Elixers were still highly sought after, most people would only use it to blend into medicine. There were extremely few people who used special treatment methods to directly absorb it.

Men were unable to directly use demonic beast's Inner Elixer to increase their strength, but demonic beasts could.

Demonic beasts could control demonic power since birth. Hence they could directly consume other demonic beast's Inner Elixer to increase their strength just like Little Du. However, this time Little Du seemed to have eaten too much. In other words, the Inner Elixer which Junior Leopard gave it belonged to an Evil Beast that was several levels higher than Little Du, that was why there was such a sight.

Junior Leopard gave Little Du the Inner Elixer of the snake that fought with the eagle. Thinking about the precarious situation he was put in, Junior Leopard had to pinch his cold sweat. That eagle and snake were both demonic beast class. From Junior Leopard's perspective, their levels weren't very high. However looking back now, he must have seen wrongly back then. At the very least, those two beasts' levels were much higher than Little Du.

He didn't notice it in time, and Little Du was too greedy. Hence there was trouble.

"Hehe, poor fella. It seems that I can't help you this time. You can slowly suppress it. Anyway even though this demonic power is violent, it doesn't have an overwhelming advantage. You'll suffer a little bit at most, yet you'll have immense benefits in the end!" After carefully observing for a while, Junior Leopard confirmed that Little Du would not have many obstructions, but it had to suffer. Thinking about the pain he suffered, Junior Leopard relaxed and let Little Du deal with it itself.

After gnawing on the roasted deer in his hands, Junior Leopard felt somewhat full. Many years of cultivation, reaching Level Three, and having a body at the Skin Toughening Full Closure Realm, he was able to suppress it even if he didn't eat or drink for 10 days to half a month. Furthermore, he ate much less as compared to before. Usually, he would be full after a few mouthfuls. Junior Leopard understood that it was because his own body was able to absorb the heaven and earth pneuma and transform it into energy for himself. However, he didn't reach the legendary state. Adding on to the fact that he was a hungry kitten himself, hence when he reached a foreign place, he would still reminisce, eating wild flavors from time to time.

However, no matter how greedy he was now, he only had a taste and was full after a few bites.

Wiping his lips, looking at Little Du lying on the floor and trembling, he didn't disturb it. He jumped and reached the cave in the cliff. Then he took out a book from the bag and began reading.

Silver Moon Sword Technique!

This set of sword technique was what Xue Wuya obtained from the Yangzhou He Family. It was able to get Xue Wuya a Level Eight expert to dote on it and not care about exterminating the whole family for this sword technique. It was definitely not an ordinary item.

This point could be seen through Junior Leopard's initial mastery of the move Star River Set Ablaze.

It was a pity that these years Junior Leopard had been focusing on his own cultivation and realm. Furthermore, he left this book in the deep recesses of Misty Mountain. Hence he didn't do any research on sword techniques.

Now there was a reason that he took out this set of sword techniques. It was all for the big show happening in Qinlingjun City one year from now. He was unable to miss this big show no matter what. However, this didn't mean that Junior Leopard was willing to reveal his own identity. What Wang She knew was what Wang She knew. Wang She knew a lot of things. He was able to cause a din in Mingyi School's wedding. He can create trouble in the wedding of Governor Ma's daughter. That was because he was Wang She who had the qualification. What about Junior Leopard? How could he compare with him? Could Junior Leopard do what Wang She do? Even if it was Wang She forcing him to do so, if he could cover it up in front of one person he would do it.

Hence, he already thought it through. At that time he would wear a mask and carry a sword to join in the fun. Thinking up to here, there shouldn't be anyone thinking of him? Thus, he decided to learn the Silver Moon Sword Technique now.
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