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Omnipotent Sage Chapter 130: Subdue

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Chapter 130: Subdue
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It was a complete mess in front. There was a pothole that stretched for a hundred feet in the old forest. The surrounding trees were slanting towards the opposite direction of the pothole. Junior Leopard was standing in the middle of the pothole with the Silver Wolf. His fingers were pointing in between the Silver Wolf's eyebrows. The talisman drawn by blood disappeared in between the brows. The sense of loss within the Silver Wolf's eyes also gradually disappeared. At the same time, the demonic red light in Junior Leopard's eyes became brighter.

"A very weird feeling!"

His divine thoughts had already formed. Hence he could clearly feel that after drawing the talisman, his own divine thoughts rippled. That strand of divine thoughts that was extended out merged with the thoughts of the Silver Wolf. It produced a little ripple. At the same time, his eyes seemed to have been affected.

The black lines around the pupil began to slowly move. An unknown power, with the moving of the black lines, followed the secret passageway formed from the intermingling of the divine thoughts and the Silver Wolf's thoughts and poured into the spot between the Silver Wolf's eyebrows.

Almost at the same time, the Silver Wolf's eyes flashed a strand of a faint red light. Junior Leopard felt his own eyes tremble. The scene in front of him produced a weird double figure.

"What happened?!"

Once the double-figure appeared, Junior Leopard was shocked. He activated the Fiery Eyes. Now he had 360 degrees vision. His vision didn't have any blind spots at all. The surrounding objects were also very clear. How could there be a double-figure all of a sudden?

After blinking a few times, the double figure gradually disappeared. It merged into one.

"This is, the Silver Wolf's vision?!"

Junior Leopard suddenly understood. He looked at the Silver Wolf. Silver Wolf's thoughts seemed to be under restriction, and his eyes still had an expression of loss. However, Junior Leopard saw a faint red light from his eyes.

"It is definitely the case. Now I am sharing my vision with this wolf!" Junior Leopard exclaimed in his heart. He lightly closed his eyes and when he opened them again, the red light in his eyes had vanished. However, the red light in the Silver Wolf's eyes still remained. After a long while, that red light gradually merged within the Silver Wolf's eyes.

A portion of the scene gradually disappeared and melted in front of his eyes. When it was disappearing, Junior Leopard's eyes flashed. His divine thoughts moved slightly. The scene that disappeared once again appeared in front of his eyes.

"The talisman seemed to have activated some power of the Fiery Eye. This allowed me to share a vision with the wolf, even if I didn't activate the Fiery Eyes!"Junior Leopard patted the Silver Wolf's head. He knew that the Silver Wolf was in a miraculous state.

Indeed, the Silver Wolf was in a similarly strange state as him.

The sharing of vision just now was merely a precursor.

Junior Leopard's divine thoughts and the Silver Wolf's psywave connected together. There was a moment that Junior Leopard even felt that the Silver Wolf beside him was a part of him. He even became the Silver Wolf, controlling its action and making it do anything. He had already completely controlled the Silver Wolf. However, soon, a strong unwillingness and resistance in the psywave rushed out and attacked Junior Leopard's divine thoughts, trying to get rid of his thoughts. It even wanted to cut off the psywave ignited by the talisman.

Wave after wave of psywave was just like a huge wave attacking the mental connection. There were even a few times when Junior Leopard felt that he couldn't endure it anymore. At the same time, the blood talisman which disappeared between the eyebrows of the Silver Wolf also faintly surfaced. However, when it reached such a time, Junior Leopard's eyes' red light would flash and suppress the psywave of the Silver Wolf.

After a few times, that strong psywave slowly calmed down.

When the Silver Wolf's psywave was suppressed, Junior Leopard's heart had a miraculous feeling. It was as if the huge trouble that the psywave gave him was not worth mentioning. He believed that no matter how unwilling and unyielding the Silver Wolf was, it would be suppressed by his eyes.

After the Silver Wolf's psywave was completely suppressed, the loss in its eyes gradually disappeared. Both of its eyes began to move brightly again. His head also began to shake, and it was observing its surroundings. At this time, Junior Leopard realised that the Silver Wolf's vision was extremely broad. It was much wider than his vision when the Fiery Eyes were not activated. It was able to observe all the details in a 180 degrees field. Even if the sky gradually darkened and the sunlight couldn't filter through, the surroundings would still be like daylight, being extremely clear.

At the same time, Junior Leopard had some understanding. He slowly adjusted to the feeling of being mentally connected to the Silver Wolf. His thoughts moved, and the proud Silver Wolf was obedient like a small dog. It began to make rounds around his legs. However, its build was really too big just like a calf. Its silver back already reached the shoulders of Junior Leopard. Such a huge Silver Wolf behaving like a dog seemed to be a bit weird.

"You, dog brat. Even though you're young, you have quite a lot of thoughts!" Junior Leopard patted the Silver Wolf's back and scolded heartily. Having connected mentally to the Silver Wolf, he naturally understood the Silver Wolf. At least he knew that this Silver Wolf was much smarter than he thought. Of course, this intelligence was in comparison to other beasts. Its IQ was that of a 4-5 year old kid. It had a sense of inborn pride and viciousness. However,this pride and viciousness were completely suppressed by Junior Leopard, becoming extremely docile.

"I have miscalculated. This talisman not only needed blood, but it needed a Spiritual Strength that was much stronger than the Evil Beast. Although my cultivation is high, I had only just comprehended my divine thoughts. My Spiritual Strength is not great. Furthermore, this fella is inborn intelligent and is ferocious. Its Spiritual Strength was like a huge wave of sea, extremely mysterious even if his IQ is not high. If I didn't have the Fiery Eyes, it could have cut my mental connection. Not speaking about losing control, my Spirit would suffer. Even the divine thoughts which I had comprehended may disappear as well. It is really dangerous. Next time I can't be like that anymore. Think twice to avoid trouble!" Junior Leopard thought about the process just now and pinched a bead of cold sweat. Stay alert in his heart. Did everything go so smoothly recently that he was a little carried away? That was not good.

"Okay, dog brat, follow me. I assure you there'll be good stuff for you to drink and eat. I won't mistreat you!" Junior Leopard patted the Silver Wolf's back, "You are the son of that one-eyed wolf. En, let me see. Right, you are that one-eyed wolf's son!"

Junior Leopard bent down and confirmed the Silver Wolf's sex. He laughed. "From now on, I will call you Little Sole Eye. No, you are not one-eyed. Forget it, from now on I'll call you Little Du!" [TL: Du is Sole]

"Wu, wu...!" Silver Wolf seemed to have understood Junior Leopard's words. Its mouth continuously shouted 'wu wu'. Its big head nodded continuously, as if it was very satisfied with the name that Junior Leopard gave it.

"It is good that you understand!" Junior Leopard smiled. He looked at that Silver Wolf with unkind intentions, and flipped, landing on its back. "Let's go Little Du, I have benefits to give you!"

Little Du didn't resist and followed Junior Leopard's intentions. It entered the deep parts of the old forest. This old forest was dense, yet this Silver Wolf meandered through it with ease. Only a while, they already went past the old forest, and reached a dangerous valley. Junior Leopard's thoughts shifted slightly. Under the mental connection, there wasn't any sound at all, and Little Du understood Junior Leopard's intentions. It growled and leapt towards the valley. This valley was steep, and the slopes were filled with sharp stones. However,Little Du rushed down it as if it was on the ground. Its speed was fast like lightning, causing Junior Leopard who was sitting on it to keep shouting praise.

Upon rushing to the bottom of the valley, Junior Leopard realised that this place was actually a mountain stream. The stream flowed fiercely, as if it came flowing down from a waterfall. From time to time there were some one-foot long white fish jumping out of the stream. This made Junior Leopard very hungry. He uncontrollably rushed to the stream and caught dozens of fish. He then picked up some branches by the side of the stream and made a pile. He removed the fish scales using the Kunai and began barbequing it. He began to eat voraciously together with Little Due. After eating a few, he thought that this fish was an exceptional delicacy. Even though it had no salt on it, its taste was good. Junior Leopard and wolf ate happily. While eating, Junior Leopard discovered that the strand of unwillingness within Little Du's heart, the psywave that was suppressed, was actually shaved off by quite a bit. His heart involuntarily exclaimed shock.

"Unexpected. I spent so much effort to suppress it, yet a meal of fish had settled this root problem so quickly. Then I have to give it a few more good meals, and it'll be absolutely loyal to me. En, not bad, who knows if this method could lure the little monster as well!"

He was ruminating, and Little Du by his side ate the rest of the fish. It looked satisfied. From time to time it stuck its tongue out and licked the fish bones which made it look not like a special silver wolf, but a hungry kitten.

"Alright, Little Du. Now that you've eaten let's be on our way. There will be many benefits following me!" Junior Leopard flipped and rode on the wolf's back. Little Du growled and expanded its movements. It transformed into a silver light and followed the stream and rushed towards the northeast direction.

After three days, they finally reached the place. It was the valley that Xue Wuya had captured and brought him to.

A few years had passed. This valley was still like before, permeating with poisonous gas. Staying for a while, Little Du couldn't endure it, retreating to outside of the valley. And then there was turmoil. This beast, having seen the beasts drinking by the river, began chasing after them with loud roars.

This naturally couldn't escape Junior Leopard who had a mental connection with it. Of course, Junior Leopard would not care about such things. He only laughed lightly, "I really reminisce this damned place Forget it, when I retire from Jianghu, I'll construct a manor here for retirement. From time to time I would revise the glorious times when I exploded a Level Eight expert with my Level One cultivation!"

Within the cave outside of the valley, everything seemed to be the same. The wet moss seemed to have made a comeback. He dug out the black-line bag which he buried in the cave. Upon seeing that nothing was missing, he smiled. He picked up a few items and put it in another bag that he had prepared. He then thought deeply for a while. He buried this black-line bag. This bag belonged to Xue Wuya. He didn't want anyone to see it. Furthermore, it was safer to put these things here!

"Okay, Little Du, let's go. Follow me to see your little brother!" Junior Leopard packed up his things, and rose up. He brought Little Du and entered the forest, rushing straight for the little monster's hideout.
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