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Omnipotent Sage Chapter 128: Infinite Trembling Contemplation

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Chapter 128: Infinite Trembling Contemplation
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It happened so quickly. It was just a moment of breath from the time that Junior Leopard opened his Fiery Eyes and found the mysterious vibrating ripple and then stepped back to the time that the ripple had blasted everything around into dust.

"What an evil means!" A shocked thought flashed through Junior Leopard's mind. Floating in the air, looking around, he felt lucky that he had the Fiery Eyes which made his eyesight too good, otherwise he would not know what had happened even if he died.

Seeing that Junior Leopard had suddenly flashed before being struck, the black-clothed man was shocked. His attacking stance was to confuse Junior Leopard and to make him think that he was building up strength so that he could relax his vigilance while the unexpected attack had actually already begun. Unexpectedly, Junior Leopard still dodged.

He was more surprised that there was a flash of red light in Junior Leopard's eyes when he was dodging. The mysterious red light passed quickly by. Hiding in the Wu Family for years, he knew that it was not the result of the Internal Qi of the Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire.

"There is something secret about your eyes!"

The black-clothed man said. He moved with lightning speed to pounce on Junior Leopard. Now that the plan had failed, it was better to make a quick victory. The boy was very clever and had a lot of means. It would be difficult to find an opportunity like today if he escaped!

It was better to kill him at one fling.

"There is something secret about your eyes!"

Hearing this, Junior Leopard who had not stopped felt a shiver. Then he shot the 49 Demon Devil Needles at the black-clothed man without thinking.

He had been trying to fight with the black-clothed man to get some information. But now that the opponent suddenly mentioned his eyes, thinking of the legend of Fiery Eyes, he could not neglect it and did his best.

The black-clothed man never thought that knee-jerk reaction would bring him to an immediate fatal disaster. His cultivation had reached Level Five, so he went to kill Junior Leopard at an amazing speed. In the blink of an eye, he was already in front of Junior Leopard. Then he chopped at Junior Leopard with his Odd-shaped Long Sword whose Sword Qi had soared. Junior Leopard pointed to the front and the dragon-shaped stripe, wrapped around his body and went up to the black-clothed man's sword light.

"Hem!" Seeing the dragon-shaped stripe, the black-clothed man just sneered in the air. The second state of Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Technique was marvelous. It could turn your whole Internal Qi into a Fire Dragon to attack and it create nine powerful Fire Dragons if it reached the strongest state. But Junior Leopard's cultivation was too low, only Level Three, even if he forced his Internal Qi to create a fire dragon, the black-clothed man would think nothing of it. Because his sword was condensed with his cultivation of Level Five and it had Sword Qi. The Fire Dragon in front of him could not stop him. While the boy didn't dodge, did he really think that the Fire Dragon could stop his Sword Qi?

Sneering in his heart, the black-clothed man suddenly felt a chill as if a cold rain fell on his body, dozens of extremely thin cold air unexpectedly rushed into his body.


The final thought froze at a point, his eyes were scattered immediately without any light. The Sword Qi that he had lost control of, vanished in front of Junior Leopard. The body of the black-clothed man became rigid in the air and collided with the dragon-shaped stripe. "Boom," they burst into a strong fire.

"Bang!" The Odd-shaped Long Sword fell at the feet of Junior Leopard and the black-clothed man was burnt into a great lump of coke by the dragon-shaped stripe, which fell to the ground and fell apart, without a trace of human-shape. A gust of wind blew and turned it into black dust, dispersing into the air of the mountain.

Junior Leopard raised his hand, the 49 Demon Devil Needles went back into his sleeve and the dragon-shaped stripe came back to him. He drew in his breath sharply and then the stripe turned into two red lights, which were inhaled by him and disappeared.

He picked up the Odd-shaped Long Sword under his feet. Immediately he felt a cool breath coming from his hand, straight through his heart and then he calmed down.

He gently stroked the waved blade of the sword and thought back to the strange, shattering shock.

"Vibrate, crush!" These two words were resounding in Junior Leopard's mind. He felt as though he had learned this knowledge in physics classes in his previous life. Unfortunately, as a glorious liberal art student, he recited English in half of his physics classes and he had forgotten about physics decades ago. So how could he remember?

Subconsciously, he injected his Internal Qi into the sword. The Internal Qi went smoothly into the sword and gave out a blear red light on the sword body.

"Good sword!"

Feeling that his Internal Qi was unimpeded in this sword, Junior Leopard couldn't help but praise it in his heart. As an apprentice to the Wu Family, though he hadn't forged weapons for a long time, he was still an expert in the identification of weapons and knew good weapons. The weapons he forged in Qingyang Market were already elaborate works in Jianghu. They were so sharp that they could be said to cut hair blowing in the wind. He was very pleased with them, but he knew that they were only elaborate works.

It's okay for an ordinary man in Jianghu to use them to frighten people, but it might not be good enough to show to a true master of martial arts.

Martial artists, especially the ones whose cultivation of Internal Qi had reached a certain degree, required their weapons to not only to be sharp, but also could have Internal Qi injected into them. Such weapons could be used as freely as their fingers, and the longer they were used, the more deeply they were connected to their masters. Over time, there will be a little mysterious telepathic connection and a kind of flesh and blood link between men and their weapons. Finally, the weapon would be like a part of the body. This was called raising weapons!

Therefore, a true martial artist would never change his weapon casually. Many people would choose a fixed weapon, carried it with them for a lifetime after the success of their martial art. The sharpness of the weapon, in contrast, was secondary.

The weapons made by the Wu Family were known for their sharpness. However, the craftsman-level Great Master would focus on the forging process instead of deliberately pursuing weapon's sharpness during forging. In general, only the weapon over 40 forges, which contained few impurities, could have Internal Qi injected into them. Of course, if you used some Mysterious Objects and minerals as the material, a mold might have Internal Qi injected into it. After all, there were few Mysterious Objects in the world. In the end, it would test your ability of Refining Weapons as well.

The weapon which could have Internal Qi injected into it would be called a Genuine Weapon.

The two Kunais, Junior Leopard forged for himself, could be barely called Genuine Weapons. However, their levels were so low that they could only have a small part of the Internal Qi injected into them. Even so, they were worth at least 100 taels.

As for this Odd-shaped Long Sword, when Junior Leopard injected his Internal Qi into it, it received it freely as if the Internal Qi was in his own body. It was a rare Genuine Weapon.

"It's a good thing, but it's not for me. Besides, I don't know the black-clothed man and God knows his background. If I take the sword out, I might get into some trouble!" Said Junior Leopard in his heart. He prepared to go to Misty Mountain in a few days and leave the sword there to avoid trouble.

Just as he was about to take his Internal Qi back, something strange happened. He felt his Internal Qi suddenly seemed to be attracted by something and began to circulate in a fixed line while passing through the waved part of the weapon. It was just like the Internal Qi flowing through his tendons and vessels.

"Strange!" Junior Leopard felt a flicker. He resisted his surprise, took a gentle breath and then felt the Internal Qi running in the sword.

"Hum!" A low hum came from the long sword. At this point, Junior Leopard felt that the Internal Qi in the sword began to vibrate rapidly as if being pulled by some force. Then, he only heard a gentle wave sound, the reddish ripples spread out of the waved blade, and all that was touched was shattered. But the extent influenced by the ripples from the sword this time seemed much smaller than that of the black-clothed man using it.

"It is?" Junior Leopard's countenance had changed, thinking about the trajectory of his Internal Qi in the sword. "It's a secret skill, just being solidified in this weapon. Damn it, it's Jian Family's craftsmanship, and he's from the Jian Family?!"

To solidify the secret skill in the weapon, the secret skill could be displayed without the user using it by himself. The user only needed to inject his Internal Qi into the weapon. The power might not be as powerful as the user using it by himself, but there were many benefits. Firstly to reduce the loss of Internal Qi and secondly, it did not require accurate control of the Internal Qi, so the Genuine Weapons of Jian Family were very popular. The craftsmanship of the Genuine Weapon was passed down from generation to generation in the Jian Family and never passed on to outsiders.

"Was it that I hurt their Elder in underground fire vein last time, so the Jian Family came for revenge? Maybe. Jian Family is a rival to the Wu Family and they have deeply studied the Wu Family's Wild Hammering Skill. Which is why the black-clothed man was able to preempt my attack. But they should know that I am about to become the personal guard of Li Yuan and that I hurt their Elder because of Wang She . Aren't they afraid of getting themselves into trouble?"

Junior Leopard never considered himself to be a particularly important person, but now he was concerned with the Wu Family, the Admiral of Zhonghe Prefecture and the Chief of Tian Long Taoism. Therefore, it was not a good time to find trouble and to kill him.

Junior Leopard thought for a long time, but didn't come up with a clue. He sighed helplessly, "Forget it, the power of the secret skill hidden in the sword is really terrible. It should be the legendary Infinite Trembling Contemplation. I can study it if I have the chance. Shit, why do I think half a year is not enough?"
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