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Omnipotent Sage Chapter 127: The Brawl and Killing

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Chapter 127: The Brawl and Killing
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As a man who had condensed fist intent, he was definitely sensitive to murderous intent, killing intent and Qi Power, which were closely related to divine thoughts.

Although this strand of killing intent was very slight, it couldn't dodge his spiritual mind.

He didn't have a second thought before his hand reached for his silver hammer and shot out a silver light toward that ancient tree behind him with a sound.


After a huge loud bang sound, the ancient tree was cut into two halves. Junior Leopard lifted his hand with a gesture of receiving and then the silver hammer returned to his hand again. At the same time, he lifted his right hand, wielding a ball of silver light in front of himself. After he heared two short sounds of metal crashing together, a black shadow stepped down, confronting Junior Leopard 100 feet away.

"What a powerful spiritual mind!"

As a husky voice sounded, Junior Leopard looked at the thin figure wrapped in black nightwear with a sneer all over his face.

"You are not bad either. Your responses are quick enough to not let me smash you to death!"

The black-clothed man didn't speak with his left hand slightly lifted. Under the moonlight Junior Leopard clearly saw a weapon that looked like a long and thin sword in the black-clothed man's hand. He thought of it as a sword-shaped weapon because Junior Leopard couldn't tell whether it was a sword or not due to its body which was as long as four and a half feet and two fingers wide. Generally speaking, a sword had two blades but the sword-shaped weapon in the man's hand looked peculiar as one side of it was the sharp blade while the other side was wavy. You couldn't really tell its function from its look.

Although Junior Leopard looked confused, he knew that the weapon was vitally dangerous. Therefore, without asking too much, he leaned forward abruptly after speaking a short sentence and in a second. The distance of 100 feet disappeared from between them and two balls of silver lights were shown in his hands and struck towards the black-clothed man.

The black-clothed man was a little bit surprised at Junior Leopard's reaction. He never thought that this young man could be so violent as to aim hard with the attitude of killing him in an instance without saying something. The black-clothed man certainly dared not to look down upon it and greeted it by turning over his sword-shaped weapon straightly without dodging. There was a burst sound of metal crashing against each other with fire sparks everywhere.

Junior Leopard's Wild Hammering Skill was indeed incomparable. Adding on to his talent of hammering skills, two balls of silver lights were displayed like mercury splashing on the ground. One hammer followed the next hammer; there were barely any gaps between the hammerings. There were over 30 hammerings with one heavier than the other between two breaths.

If it were someone else, he would probably have lost his temper already due to Junior Leopard's succession of hammering. However, the black-clothed man who was right in front of Junior Leopard looked relaxed under that stormy attack. Right, he looked exactly relaxed.

Although the long and thin weapon in his hand seemed to be easily destroyed by one hammering from Junior Leopard, it still looked good without any damage after being hit by Junior Leopard for a total of dozens of times. What depressed Junior Leopard most was that the black-clothed man seemed to be quite familiar with the Wild Hammering Skill. Therefore, facing such a rival made him super uncomfortable though he had achieved a high state of understanding towards the hammering skill.

The eccentric sword in his hand could always catch the tiny gap between the hammerings. Even though he believed that he had been striving to display the hammering skill perfectly, he couldn't tackle the problem that someone else was familiar with his hammering skill. He was fast, even faster than the black-clothed man. But the black-clothed man knew where his hammer was going to fall and picked the best protection and even countered Junior Leopard a hit of the sword. There was no doubt that Junior Leopard's Wild Hammering Skill was affected. And thus, although those two balls of silver lights looked perfect in Junior Leopard's hand, he was in second place and had to step back from being the first attacker after a breath.

His stepping back caused him big trouble as the black-clothed man followed to attack just like what he did to the black-clothed man. The black-clothed man surely wouldn't let go of any chance to take advantage. The Odd-shaped Long Sword in the black-clothed man's hand struck quirky lines in the night and aimed straightly at Junior Leopard's three crucial parts, his heart, genitals and between the eyebrows.

The speed of wielding the sword, the vicious means and the insidious Qi contained in the Odd-shaped Long Sword caused Junior Leopard to be in a flurry. Two balls of silver lights dancing in front of him and barely resisted the Odd-shaped Long Sword while Junior Leopard had been retreating till 200 feet away and managed to stabilize himself with a style of Hammer Moving the Heavens and Earth.

"You are from the Wu Family!" Junior Leopard stabilized his steps and took three steps back. With the twin hammers laid across his chest, Junior Leopard stared at the black-clothed man with a horrified look.

He had to be from the Wu Family since he was so familiar with the hammering skill and was able to take the first action under the stormy attack.

"Boy, you are doomed to be a dopey in this life!" The black-clothed man didn't answer his question. The Odd-shaped Sword in his hand was directed at Zhou Bao. An extremely sharp Sword Qi stabbed out at Junior Leopard's face.

Junior Leopard dared not neglect it. Wiggling his body, he almost failed to dodge the danger. The coldness and sharpness of Sword Qi passed in front of Junior Leopard's face, leaving a long blood stain. After a strike, the sword in the black-clothed man's hand broke out sparkles. The Sword Qi was as delicate as cotton and formed an invisible but devastating net, descending onto Junior Leopard.

With a sullen expression, Junior Leopard's body flashed golden red lights as the Internal Qi of the Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire rushed out to protect him and the twin hammers also formed a silver light curtain. Then he retreated dramatically.

"Brush! Brush! Brush!"

"Ding! Ding! Dang! Dang!"


The Sword Qi broke through space. Firstly, it collided with the silver light curtain that was formed by the twin hammers in front of Junior Leopard. However, in an instant, it broke the defense of the twin hammers as Junior Leopard felt his hands go numb. The strong force from the Sword Qi made him retreat. After he withdrew his twin hammers, the soaring red lights around his body unexpectedly came out and condensed into real shapes. A vaguely dragon shaped red stripe formed and collided with the Sword Qi. Then the Sword Qi's domineering force was stalled.

"What?" The black-clothed man felt something wrong and sighed suprisingly. The sharp unsurpassed Sword Qi even tangled with Junior Leopard's Internal Qi of Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire. The Sword Qi net was also crashed against that red stripe and looked like a fishing net that was severely damaged, leaving a hole in it. Although the net still existed, the fish inside already sprang out from that hole.

The fish was Junior Leopard. His body rushed out with that red dragon-shaped stripe and got through the black-clothed man's Sword Qi net.

"The second state of Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Technique! Boy, you really surprised me ah!" As soon as the black-clothed man saw the dragon-shaped stripe, his hazy eyes were turned on. Now the way he looked at Junior Leopard was with a little bit more appreciation. "You are the first person at Level Three that I have ever met that was able to use the second state of Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Technique!"

Junior Leopard did not speak. He might look full of momentum when he just broke that fine-grained Sword Qi net, but in fact, he had been injured internally. The Sword Qi that was as delicate and dense as a cotton cut through his Internal Qi, directly eroding his body and wreaking havoc on his tendons and vessels inside. Fortunately, the mysterious fire that had been restored to its heyday in his Dantian refined the Sword Qi once it entered his body.

Otherwise, Junior Leopard might have lost half of his combat capability immediately and should have vomited blood.

Junior Leopard did not vomit blood. Instead, he crossed the twin hammers in front and showed a defensive gesture.

"It looked pretty powerful that you use the the second state of the Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Technique with your Level Three cultivation. But I don't think your body is able to bear it, right?"

"Just like you?" Moving his eyes, Junior Leopard looked at the black-clothed man with a sneer. "Your cultivation is at least Level Six. A Level Six master had to spend so much effort to deal with me a Level Three boy. It suggested that you're mad or your body has been so badly hurt that you can't bear the cultivation of Level Six. That's why you are so cautious!"

Junior Leopard waved his hand and the dragon-shaped stripe started to wander around him like a snake or a dragon. "In my opinion, you wanted to decrease your cultivation to Level Four to kill me at the beginning, but you failed. Your sword skill is pretty powerful and the Sword Qi is also very insidious. Unfortunately, it's not realistic to beat me with Level Four cultivation!"

"You're right. I have indeed underestimated you!" The black-clothed man's eyes flickered, "I'm curious how you know my level of cultivation?"

"You're supposed to beat me with your Level Four cultivation and strong physical strength of the Bone-Forging Realm. However, there seemed to be problems with your body, thus your level of cultivation was affected when you were attacking. To avoid a close fight, you were super cautious. A real master of the Bone-Forging Realm won't be so cautious when he fights against me a Level Three boy. Instead, he would like to fight closely so that he can totally subdue me with his Bone-Forging Realm body!"

Standing in front of the black-clothed man, Junior Leopard continued, "That's why I concluded that your body was injured so that you dared not to let me get close to you. But still, with such a physical condition, you're able to apply Level Four cultivation fluently, which means that your cultivation absolutely surpassed Level Four. Otherwise, you would not cause me such big trouble!"

"So you think I have reached Level Six?"

"You can't be an expert over Level Seven. Above Level Four, there's only Level Five and Level Six. Then you'll be Level Five or Level Six, which is not difficult to guess at all!" Junior Leopard answered.

"Sounds correct!" the black-clothed man laughed at himself, crossing the Odd-shaped Long Sword in front of his chest. "Since the cultivation of the Level Four cannot beat you, then what about Level Five!"

As soon as the black-clothed man finished his talking, there was a sudden Qi Power in his body, and his Sword Qi soared. Under the influence of the Sword Qi, the Odd-shaped Long Sword in his hand issued a buzzing sound and the air around vibrated together with the sound. Junior Leopard's pupils contracted abruptly and there was a strong feeling of danger that arose from the bottom of his heart. Red lights flashed indistinctly in his eyes. At this moment, he actually unconsciously turned on his Fiery Eyes.

The red light flashed and the world around got clear. Junior Leopard clearly saw the air around the wavy blade of the Odd-shaped Long Sword in the black-clothed man's hand vibrating at an extremely high frequency. The strange buzzing sound was also due to this high-frequency vibration.

"This is... not good!" Although Junior Leopard didn't know what had happened, he saw the air form a lump of invisible ripples with the vibration of the blade. The invisible ripples spread toward him. Although it didn't spread fast, he couldn't see it at all if his Fiery Eyes were not turned on. And the edge of the ripples was just one foot away from him.

Junior Leopard retreated dramatically.

"Rustle!" The ripples swung away and touched the trees and rocks around Junior Leopard. Those trees, rocks and the other objects that were tangible also vibrated speedily.

With a burst of bang, those vibrating rocks all turned into powder, disappearing into the air in a breath.
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