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Three days have passed since Lost Isle Alley had been enclosed by a 3-meter high wall. 

Anyone with a bit of cultivation could jump over this wall, but when it is guarded by palace guards, they will not dare even if they could. The king had sent his word, and people have been informed that Lost Isle Alley had become a restricted zone.

It was unfortunate that Leon had not received news of any further incidents occurring during these 3 days amidst his frequent visits to crosscheck the formations and array.

That is to say that his adoptive mother and 8 other people were still trapped on the other side. Their situation becomes more unfavorable with each passing moment. 

For that reason, he did not waste a single moment to comprehend the formations and array as soon as possible.

Furthermore, according to Leon's adoptive father, Mia should also be on the other side of the teleportation array. He had not seen that little girl in a while. It was tragic how such a young girl had to experience so much danger and hardship.

Leon left his private courtyard immediately. He made a quick stop by the Royal Treasury to pick up some items before heading to Guest Courtyard.

The Supreme Elder, or rather Marquis Haldir now was informed of his visit and was overjoyed. 

He had finished his short cultivation session two days ago and went to seek out the prince to express his gratitude. However, he did not get this opportunity due to the prince being busy.

"You finally came to see me, Your Highness. Once again, I wish to thank you for the precious pill you have bestowed this one." Marquis Haldir respectfully expressed his gratitude with cupped hands.

"You're too humble, Senior. It is what you deserved." Leon gestured for the Supreme Elder to be at ease with a wave of his hand. "I came this time to ask you for a favor. I wonder if you are willing to grant it?"

"Just say the word, Your Highness. As long as it is within my ability, I will be most willing." Marquis Haldir agreed without hesitation. 

The divine pill was more potent than he had expected, and the loss of cultivation had already been recovered. Marquis Haldir no reason to reject the prince's request.

"Then, I will thank you in advance. It is definitely something you can do." Leon smiled and said, "I need you to accompany me to a place first. Are you free to leave now?"

"Of course. After you, Your Highness." Marquis Haldir gestured.

Leon took the lead with Marquis Haldir in tow. Just as they were leaving, Faelyn caught a glimpse of their figures as she exited her room adjacent to the Supreme Elder's room. 

"Supreme Elder! Your Highness!" She called out. As the two turned around, she took the chance to catch up to them. "Where are you both heading?"

"Lost Isle Alley, to do something important."

"Can I come?" Faelyn's eyes lit up before asking with a shifty look, "There's been nothing to do lately…"

Leon felt slightly awkward when he heard this. They had pretty come to a decision to vassalize the elves. 

However, they were just missing one final step, the allocation of land for the elves to settle in. A population of 800,000 elves was not exactly a small number.

Leon and Heinrich had to wait for Elizabeth to return to discuss whether they should absorb the lands of the Valaran Kingdom and the Durham Kingdom, transfer the people over to their kingdom, and allocate one of the empty territories for the elves to settle in.

The size of a city had always been proportional to how much the city can feed its people.

The Crawford Kingdom was not as advanced in their agricultural techniques to other kingdoms due to their heavy reliance on beast hunting for meat.

However, if they can have a group of elves to manage their crops, they would be able to experience bumper harvest every cycle. Once that happens, they would no longer lack food supplies and could finally start looking into expanding the Capital.

Leon thought for a moment, before granting Faelyn's request. "Alright, you can come."

The elves were, no doubt, a force to be reckoned with. Their assimilation would be a great addition to the kingdom should the demons or beasts invade them. There was no problem letting them know about what they might face in the future.

"That's great!" 

Faelyn rejoiced after receiving Leon's permission. At the same time, her curiosity towards Lost Isle Alley that had caused quite a commotion in the Capital grew.

Their group made their way over to Lost Isle Alley, and a palace guard approached to greet them upon sighting them a short distance away from the entrance.

"Greetings, Your Highness, Esteemed Envoys." Said the palace guard, before carrying out his regular report every time Leon visited during the past 3 days. "The situation has been the same as last time, Your Highness. Lost Isle Alley remained quiet all this while, but the building's deterioration is accelerating."

"Understood. You may return to your post." Leon acknowledged and said.

"Yes, Your Highness."

The palace guard bowed and took his leave.

Under Leon's lead, Marquis Haldir and Faelyn stepped inside the vicinity of the three old buildings just past the earthen wall.

Looking up at the decrepit old buildings in front, Marquis Haldir could not guess Leon's intention for bringing him here. "What do you need me to do here, Your Highness?"

"These buildings are on the verge of collapse, but we cannot allow that to happen," Leon stated. Not planning to hide anything from them, he began to explain, "Within these buildings, there is a hidden teleportation array that leads to demon territory. If these buildings collapse, a spatial rift will open and swallow everything around it."

Having said that much, Leon looked into Marquis Haldir's eyes with solemnness and said, "I need you to use your ability to hold this whole place together and prevent them from collapsing. There must be no mistake. Can you do that for me?"

"Yes, Your Highness." Marquis Haldir solemnly answered. 

Like Leon had said, this was something he could definitely do, but the possibility of failure still made him feel pressured.

"You aren't surprised hearing about demons?" Leon asked with surprise.

"I am surprised, Your Highness." Marquis Haldir stated calmly.

"I am also very surprised," Faelyn added.

Leon looked at them with doubt.

"But you both did not react all that surprised like a normal person would. Can you tell me why this is the case?" Leon asked when a sudden yet subtle creak coming building was picked up, causing his expression to abruptly change. 

"Never mind. We can talk about it later. Marquis Haldir, please." Leon gestured.

Marquis Haldir nodded. A few seeds were taken out of his Magic Seed Pouch and infused with wood energy before they were tossed to the foot of each old building.

The seeds germinated quickly and sprouted into small trees with 

The marquis stepped forward and placed one hand on the tree before countless vine-like branches proliferated and latched onto the walls of the old buildings while some entered the interior and latch onto the floors and ceilings.

The marquis could see and control everything like he had countless pairs of extra eyes by seeping his consciousness into the plant. It was an ability he called Spirit Vision.

The process was slow and gradual, but by the time it was done, the three old buildings looked like one giant treehouse as it was covered in firm woody branches. 

Even Leon could not tell what kind of plant the Supreme Elder had used as its form was altered according to his will to support the old building from gradual collapse.

 There was a reason why Leon chose the Supreme Elder for the job rather than having some palace guards reinforce the old building with their earthen abilities.

The Supreme Elder had greater control over his element due to his high cultivation base, and the plant method had fewer risks. 

Reinforcing the building would undoubtedly apply some pressure on the old buildings during the reinforcing process. Leon did not dare gamble whether the old buildings would be able to withstand the added pressure before the reinforcement is completed or not.

"It is done, Your Highness." Marquis Haldir stated as he wiped a few beads of sweat from his forehead.

"Thank you, Senior." 

Shortly after expressing his gratitude, Leon flew into the old building and stood atop the sturdy branches. A single steel ingot appeared in his hand before it grew hot rapidly and melted.

Leon had a casual look like he was not holding molten steel but warm water in his hand. This level of heat did not affect him. 

The molten steel was soon dripped through the gaps in the tree branches and rapidly cooled over the countless cracks inside the buildings.

He did not bring enough steel ingots to coat the entire building in metal, but this much work was enough to ensure that it was stable.

"It's done. There's no need to reinforce it further. If someone manages to slip past the guards and purposely destroy the building, it would all be naught anyway." Leon stated after he finished applying simple reinforcements.

"Before something like that can happen, all that is left to do now is… deactivate the array."

To be exact, deactivate the array and modify it to save the vengeful spirit. 

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