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Divine Emperor of Death 797 Taking a Step Back

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Arianna Woller's strong point was not her cultivation or her Wind Laws, but the Charm Arts she had learned and the Charm Laws she had comprehended had reached a terrifying Level Seven Intent! She could completely seduce Elder Towerfall if she wanted to do so and even possessed the methods to make him fall into the abyss of carnal pleasures.

However, that was if she was still her past-self. 

Back then, after Alchemist Davis healed her vitality and felt the complex emotions that woke her up, she inwardly swore that she would no longer stick to her old methods, at least, for her son's sake. She didn't want to be looked down on by her son, Alexi Ethren.

Nevertheless, how could she leave just because there's a chance of dying? As long as she could repay her debt and extricate herself, that was when she and her son would truly be free and unfettered!

Arianna Woller just turned back and smiled back at Alchemist Davis, but a new black veil hid her smile.

Still, Davis could see that her eyes were smiling, relaying her intent that she was adamant about clearing the debt between them. He just inwardly let out a sigh and let her remain as a protector.

In any case, he wouldn't let her die under his watch, so he wasn't worried. The only thing he should be worried about is her lifespan thread changing abruptly, but since he was near, he would know if something like that happened.

So the chances of Arianna Woller dying remained less.

Nonetheless, their conversation remained undetected.

When he sent his soul transmission to Arianna Woller, he intentionally suppressed his soul to Elder Soul Stage and sent her the soul transmission.

The soul transmission remained undetected by the others since he covered it with Dark Concealing Shroud Art, so Davis's Soul Forging Cultivation remained undiscovered while it was also the same for his Body Tempering Cultivation.

Last time, when he healed Arianna Woller's vitality, his life-like energy completely filled his soul force and overwhelmed her senses, so Arianna Woller remained unable to tell his Soul Forging Cultivation's strength. In reality, she thought that the mysterious technique he used was driven by his essence energy instead of soul force.

To everyone else other than his family and the group, his Soul Forging Cultivation is at Elder Soul Stage.

At this time, Elder Havle Alstreim relayed his doubts and confirmed that there really were Grand Elders of the Towering Cloud Hall and the Falling Snow Sect in the Alstreim Family.

No wonder these two dared to be this brazen...

Seemingly becoming pacified, Elder Havle Alstreim calmed down, but when he heard the order to "Stay your hand and watch the show." he was completely angered again, almost cursing them into oblivion.

He knew that there might be some kind of benefits promised, but to try blocking him from enriching the relationship with the Conferred Queen, were they idiots?

He wanted to contact the ancestor, but for that, he would have to go through the Grand Elders. His family was in the Alstreim Family, and there was no one there to protect them other than him. Hence, he felt that he had no choice but to stay low-key.

Nevertheless, even though he didn't like it, orders were orders, so he only let out a dissatisfied harrumph and looked at Alchemist Davis, who stood for the Conferred Queen in an apologizing manner.

"Alchemist Davis, I apologize..."

"Apparently, this intrusion is being handled by the Grand Elders, so I have no jurisdiction over this matter. If senior wants, I can chase them away even if I have to receive punishment from the Alstreim Family..."

Unless he absolutely needed to, he felt that he should not act out of place.

Hearing the soul transmission, Davis became flabbergasted.

Elder Havle Alstreim was willing to go that far to keep their so-called frail amicable relationship?

'Mhm... Not bad, not bad... It looks like mother's step father-in-law knows how to tread in risky waters...' Davis inwardly appreciated before he sent a soul transmission back without hiding it by not covering it with Dark Concealing Shroud Art.

"Alchemist Davis thanks on behalf of the Conferred Queen. This kind of lowly matter, heh, it can be taken care of us easily. You can rest assured, Head En- oh, Elder Havle Alstreim..."

Elder Havle Alstreim relaxed before he laughed heartily. He did find this point funny as he felt that they could easily take care of this situation, and it seems that this new white robe did help him increase his status by a bit!

He became pleased.

However, the next second he realized that Alchemist Davis's Soul Forging Cultivation was at Elder Soul Stage, which inwardly gave him a shock. He hid it in his heart, so it didn't appear on his expression.

'Isn't Alchemist Davis just said to be less than two hundred years old?'

For a youngster to possess an Elder Soul Stage Cultivation and become a Peak-Level Sky Grade Alchemist with his Essence Gathering Cultivation that is in the Low-Level of Law Manifestation Stage, he could only comprehend that this person as an alchemy and soul genius!

This information became available after the rumor spread that the Conferred Queen only accepted subordinates who were below two hundred years, or around that age. Everyone suspected Alchemist Davis to be extremely young since his youthful aura still remained. 

Even Elder Havle Alstreim didn't doubt that Alchemist Davis was a youth.

As for the person who took the Peak-Level Sky Grade Alchemy Exam for Davis: Alchemist Andred, not wanting Alchemist Davis to grow or become famous, he secretly excluded the fact that Alchemist Davis completed the Peak-Level Sky Grade Alchemy Exam with his Mature Soul Stage Cultivation.

Then after knowing that he had offended such a being, the Conferred Queen's subordinate by being crass in the transaction, he couldn't sleep properly in the night, afraid that he might be implicated. Hence, after making a little bit of profit out of the Citrine Cloud Talon Pill Recipe, he completely left the Ethren Empire.

As a Low-Level King Grade Alchemist, Alchemist Andred would be able to survive in many places, and people would flock to please him, so he wasn't worried.

In the end, the fact that Alchemist Davis was a Mature Soul Stage Cultivator never came out into the open. Hence, Davis's real Soul Forging Cultivation was never leaked in the first place.

'Even the Conferred Queen's subordinate is mysterious and powerful... Sigh... No wonder the large Territories don't even pay attention to us, even completely looking down on us like if we were ants...' Elder Havle Alstreim couldn't help but sigh, but at the same time, he couldn't help but ponder.

'Why does Alchemist Davis look like one of my Alstreim Family's people? I swear he looks similar to the people of our family with his blond hair and shapely eyes... If it weren't for his sapphire eyes, he'd really be looking like an Alstreim....'

"So if you understand, then move aside..." Elder Towerfall spoke before his lips curved into a sneer.

Elder Havle Alstreim came out of his reverie before his brows narrowed in displeasure. He coldly snorted and left; however, he didn't completely go away but hovered near them while maintaining a respectful distance of a kilometer.

At least, that's the respectful distance between two sides that involves Eighth Stage Experts. After all, in front of Eighth Stage Experts, even hundreds of kilometers can be closed in an instant!

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