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Kaiser Ethren abruptly spread his hands and opened his mouth as he laughed.

"Crisis? Pfft..."

"Hahaha! You idiotic son! Don't tell me you did this all for your mother? That woman who was initially married to love her life but given to me by that love of her life on the same night instead?"

"Hahaha!" Kaiser Ethren pointed fingers at his third son, Alexi Ethren with deep scorn reflected in his eyes.

"Truly hilarious indeed... Hahaha, I didn't know that you had humor in you..."

"... Bastard!!!" Alexi Ethren's veins protruded over his forehead as he erupted in a low voice.

Wisps of essence energy shot out to his sides from his pores, forming a crimson circle over him before it lit on fire, blazing in the middle of the sky!

"Let's end this farce, Kaiser Ethren. You made me just understand that I'm disrespecting my mother by calling you, father..."

Alexi Ethren's lips trembled as he didn't think that his mother had suffered greatly under this vile person. He didn't think his mother had such a past.

Love of his mother's life? Being taken, no! Presented on the same wedding night to this bastard? Just the thought that this person was his father left him nauseous!

His eyes flashed with killing intent as his undulations soared greatly and the fires of vengeance beside him increased!

Observing that no one still made a move, Alexi Ethren waved his hands!

The ring of fire shot towards his father in a blindingly fast momentum! The ring of fire specks was so small that one would lose sight of it even if they possessed a wide view angle.

"Hmph! An inferior technique!"

Kaiser Ethren harrumphed and waved his hand. 

A wave of flames soared before him, its towering heat spreading over both above and below as it formed a blazing flame wall!

The ring of fire simultaneously clashed with the wall of blazing fire and instantly exploded as nine ring-shaped holes formed in the blazing flame wall.

Kaiser Ethren's expression fell when he noticed the nine holes in his blazing flame wall. He didn't expect his third son to become this powerful, equaling his cultivation in a few years.

He didn't know why but his expression abruptly changed, becoming ghastly as he became jealous of his own son! 

A few years back, he still remembered that his third son was just at the Peak of the Law Dominion Stage, and just recently, it became known that his third son reached the Eighth Stage, becoming a felicitous moment for the Empire. 

Yet now, how was it possible for his third son to reach the Mid-Level Law Sea Stage in a mere few months!?

Unless his third son met with a fortuitous lucky chance, he wouldn't believe the sight he saw one bit!


"Brat! You sacrificed your potential to end my life!?"

Kaiser Ethren yelled as he saw the valiant figure of his zoom in towards him. His scalp almost went numb because of the unexpected!

"That's right! Vile father! If I can kill you, then it is all worth it!" Alexi Ethren's expression was pale. 

However, what he sacrificed was his blood essence! 

With a flick of his hands, his fiery essence energy flowed out of his pores like an ocean tidal wave, quickly receding as it came, dissipating into the air.

Essence energy gathered in his palm as it suddenly elongated into a long, spiky halberd. It split into nine as it was simultaneously conjured and shot towards the nine holes that had been formed on the blazing flame wall.

Abruptly, three of the nine holes in the blazing flame wall closed while the other three changed shapes and shifted from the surface and blocked another three fiery halberds!

The remaining three fiery halberds shot past the three overwhelmed holes and zoomed-in towards Kaiser Ethren.

"Astra Sky Fire Waves!"

Kaiser Ethren abruptly yelled and did all he could in his power to stop those three halberds! He continuously kept waving his hands, sending waves and waves of flame energy rising through the skies, engulfing the three fiery halberds!

As if inducing a chain reaction, the three fiery halberds imploded one by one and gained momentum as they neared Kaiser Ethren.

Kaiser Ethren's expression went pale as he extended his hands to block the nine-layered technique with his own body.

He could sense that just this single fiery halberd possessed seven percent of the strength he could summon by using a single attack technique!

To perform it using layered attacks? Kaiser Ethren's pupils dilated!


An intense explosion reverberated as the wind generated from the force of the clash became enough to push away the concealment clouds which tried hard to keep this matter under wraps but to no avail

The Royal Protectors' gazes changed as their expressions simultaneously fell.

It could be seen that Alexi Ethren used a secret technique to raise his strength by a level, managing to catch Kaiser Ethren off-guard.

However, to raise a level in the Eighth Stage!?

"Impossible!" Aleron Ethren, a wizened old Royal Protector who has lived for more than 2,000 years exclaimed in shock. The others who were watching the battle beside him also expressed similar reactions.

Even the Ethren Empire with its history didn't possess a technique like this, yet since when did its rising junior, someone like Alexi Ethren possess it?

Gazes of greed instantly flashed in their eyes but they calmed down almost as instantly since they have yet to see the backlash.

After all, it was common knowledge for one to temporarily raise their strength, a sacrifice was required that will attack the user a little later as a form of rebound.

As for what it is, whether it was blood essence or different kind of potential, they could only guess as they waited with bated breaths for the haze caused by the flaming explosion to clear.

Contrary to their expectations, Alexi Ethren was relentless. He didn't stop attacking as he continuously launched fiery halberds into the explosion zone and made it collapse, trying to find his target in the chaotic field of undulations.

The undulations masked Kaiser Ethren's presence, so he was unable to find him with his senses. Alexi Ethren didn't delay and instantly probed the area of the explosion as he knew that he would be spent within a few minutes if he kept this up.

The longer he delayed, the greater his chances to lose!




Suddenly, a crisp clang echoed in the area of explosions but even the clear sound became muffled. 

Alexi Ethren was unable to hear it but the undulations on that certain location became clear.

"There you are!"

Alexi Ethren hurled a fiery halberd in a direction and then shouted. 


A figure flashed past the smoke clouds and tried to escape. Its luxurious and majestic robes were burnt, giving the figure a miserable makeover!

When the figure came into view, blood spurted like a rain of shower!

Because the back of Kaiser Ethren had an extreme and open wound! A deep gash!

In the open wound was the fiery blade of the halberd constantly echoed with sizzling sounds, scorching and burning the open wound in the process.

"Bastard! You shattered my protective talisman!!!" An angry shout echoed as the figure flew away towards the clouds.

"Open for me!"

Kaiser Ethren domineeringly echoed and waved his hand as a sea of flame rose in his wake, threatening to engulf the clouds in destruction.

The raging sea of flames clashed against the cloud, making the clouds disperse! A hole leading straight to the outside of the third level quickly formed, prompting Kaiser Ethren to laugh.

"Hahahaha! I'll make you chase me around till you drop dead, you ungrateful brat!"

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