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While Others Cultivate, I Use My Unique RPG Leveling System to Cultivate Smut Romance With Their Girlfriends! 525 Just one step away

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Opening the portal was not even the slightest problem. With the gate growing from the small seed to the size of proper doors, I grabbed a single vial with the miraculous liquid and stepped inside the portal.

After all, I had no way of knowing how did this thing to influence the content of the vial, so I wasn't going to risk moving it all at once only to find out that doing so would destroy the effects that it would bring to Eve! In the end, if moving those treasures through the portal would pose any risk of destroying or even damaging them, as much as I would hate doing so, I could still move them in a traditional way, by putting them all on a simple ship and travelling by the everpresent sea all the way back to the island of mine!

Yet as I emerged on the other side of the portal, the familiar area of my stronghold instantly calmed me down. To be quite honest, after my fight with this damned protector of the Vivaci tribe, I accounted for the possibility that he managed to call for help, resulting in some other protector making a move on this home of mine!

As soon as I confirmed that both the tower along with the entire island and the subdimension at its very bottom was intact, I focused all my attention back on the vial.

*Bongy, can you tell me whether there are any changes to this liquid?*

In the end, no matter how much I looked at it with all types of my current vision, I couldn't see even a single hint of the capabilities that this liquid had, not to speak whether it went through any sort of changes during my travel through the portal. As such, only by consulting my trusty partner could I decide whether bringing the rest of the vials was safe or not!

"I think it's okay. A bit of its energy leaked out, but you can easily refill it with just a shred of what you are capable of right now. While moving over all of the vials at once might be risky a bit, if you do it bit by bit, we should be safe."

Hearing the response, I could both sigh with the relief and tense up as bout of stress paralysed my body. Since I was capable of transporting the liquid, it was only a matter of a really short time before I could reinforce Eve's state to the point where even if not fully resurrecting, her soul would turn powerful enough to allow her to inhabit another body for quite a long time, giving me the opportunity to finally have some private time with her!

Yet this wasn't what worried and stressed me right now. Before she could even inhabit someone's body, the shred of her soul that was hidden within my core would merge with the rest of her consciousness, finally making her conscious of the existence of Bonger. 

Even though I considered him to be my greatest friend and help in this world, there was no denying that without him, there was a chance that Eve would never fall in love with me in the first place!

After all, the beginnings of our relationship were based on the protective measures that Bonger activated, and the charm ability that I was given by the system. And if the very basis of the affection that connected us was fake, what would that mean in the grand scheme of things?

While I was perfectly sure that what I felt for Eve was real love, I couldn't say for sure that after learning everything about the past, she could say the same!

"Fuck it. I'm not gonna stop now only because I'm worried about such stupid stuff! How come I can even imagine the possibility of hiding it forever from her and claim that I love her almost at the same time?!"

Shouting out loud to reinforce my determination, I gently placed the vial on the floor of the top-most, roofed floor of the tower before moving back to the Heavenly city.

One by one, the rest of the treasures were transported back to my safe house. After few trials, I learned that I could transport up to five vials at once without losing too much of the energy contained within the liquid, yet the same couldn't be said about the rest of the treasures.

Only after all the vials, herbs, manuals and the other precious things that I robbed out of the Goose Sect Master's treasury were placed safely within the confines of my mage's tower, did I dare to think about my next steps. 

And just as I was about to descend down the stairs along with all the now energy-refilled vials in order to feed them to Eve, I realised that I still missed one thing that I had to do!

Putting all the treasures that I already had in my hands away, I took a deep breath and jumped back through the portal to the Heavenly city. Appearing back in the inner part of the mansion, I once again flew out of the doors, reinforcing the barrier that enclosed it while on my way out. 

Instantly diving down, I directed myself with a set of shockwaves towards Monica's mansion, quickly reaching its inner parts and the tunnel that lead to the library. Just a few moments later, I was already in the middle of the main hall, turning my sight towards the hidden compartment where Eve's supposed sister was hiding as per my order.

"Hey, what took you so looong!?!"

Bursting inside through the illusion, I quickly located Celleria. Sitting on the pile of the books that I already infused into my database tool, she was reading one of the less important manuals that were gathered there. 

Yet before she could even finish her sentence, I was already holding her in my arms and bursting my way out of the library and back towards the Sect master's mansion at the top of the goose sect's mountain.

By the time I once again moved past the doors, the people that guarded the entrance couldn't even widen their eyes at this sight. For them, those doors used to be something that one was lucky if one crossed it once, yet I already made round trips three times today, not bothered by the sanctity of this place in the slightest!

"What the heck are you…"

Once again, before Celeria could even finish her sentence, the rest of the words that she wanted to say were stuck in her throat as her eyes finally saw the portal. Before she could protest or do anything stupid, I already plunged the two of us through this spatial window. 

Before she could even relax her grip on my shoulders, we were already back in my stronghold!

"What was that…"

Seeing the unfamiliar walls surrounding her, she was about to say something else before I unceremoniously dropped her ass first on the cold stones of the floor.

"You just wait here. I have something important to deal with."

Before my determination could dry off, I had to feed the content of all the vials to Eve and allow the other bit of her consciousness to reunite with her mind, so that she could learn about everything that was going on in the outside world.

If everything went as planned, I could finally spend at least a few leisurely days with her soon!

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