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Master Of Erossu Book 88 Cat doesn't want to cultivate as special milk will appear sooner or later!

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Evolution! Erossu Evolution! This is truly a miracle!

The power of erossu white seed is mysterious as the combination of white energy plus warm tongue of little cat allowed her to melt the beast's core to eat! As Klim had eaten the beast's core, she felt something appearing next to her heart!

It's exactly the core which became mutation from the mysterious ability of Erossu Qi!

Meow! (Translation: The best milk ever! It was so damn tasty and hot! Mmmm!)


The white cat didn't even realize herself that her body became mix of white and black as from her legs, the black qi began coming out! It was... as if she got black boots! Of course, the paws of cat weren't the only mutated parts! Her tail also became stripped black!

Hmmm, she still is cute though!


MEOW! (Translation: What's up? Just fuck your grandma.)

Klim spoke briefly as she wanted to lick her paws! Only then she could realize that something happened! Looking at those black paws with wide eyes, Klim's paw froze for a while, before descending as if nothing bad happened.

MEOW! (Translation: Whatever.)


What matters the most is that her belly feels satisfied after special and new milk! Klim stretched her body like cat she is, then went to other room without any dirty smell to sleep!

Heavens! How free!

"Did she... just become beast from normal cat..."

"Probably yes... Just how many other effects lie in your qi..."

Xia Xiu spoke while sliding her tongue on her lips, licking the white energy of Xia Feng! How could the man not react after such sight? He grasped her buttocks tightly with one hand while other raised her leg up, to let the dragon pierce the heavens!

"We can't waste any absorbed qi, Xiu'er..."

"Haaa~~ Then, fuck this old lady, Feng'er. Fill me up."

"Old lady? My Xiu'er is only 120 years old... Like hell that is old."

"I guess... Mhmn~~ That's correct now... As my lifespan got extended~~ Ahhnn~~"

Damn tsunderes! Both of them liked their affectionate nicknames yet didn't dare to show it as the action immediately went on! However, their bodies couldn't lie and as Xia Xiu shouted 'Feng'er' Xia Feng rod exploded, becoming thicker and bigger...

What the fuck? Explosion! Buena mierdaaaaaaa~~


From now on, Xia Xiu began living with Xia Feng which was normal as everyone knew the 'real' purpose of her coming here. Right now, the beauty was cooking dinner while Xia Feng was inspecting the black beast's core.

"It's the same beast that I had met in the Wok City's mine."

"Hmm? Does that mean that Weiping and his subordinates are hunting for black panthers?"

"Probably... It had ability to move in the walls. What do you think?"

"...They are probably trying to reach the hand..."


When Xia Feng had asked about special and good movement of earth's qi in this house for inner disciples, Xia Xiu had told him that sooner or later, he will see it by himself. But now, it looked like she has to explain a bit.

"Beneath us... in the deepest parts of Earth Hand Sect is huge underground canyon... Here, the first ancestor of our sect has found enormous 'hand' that was clad in earth. This special earth comes from this canyon and hand itself... has impenetrable soil."

"I see."

Xia Xiu cooked good dish and put the plates nicely! And it already became natural to sit down next to Xia Feng! But even though everything seemed nice, Miss Xia kept sighing from time to time which Xia Feng did best to ignore.

"I am sorry, Feng'er."


"I have thought that I already accepted the death of my son and the killer... but it's still hard..."

Miss Xia knew that she might seem dull and exhausted! Doing her best to at least arouse Xia Feng during their cultivation, Xia Xiu believed that once everything is over, she will get another desire for happy life.

"It's man's job to hold everything in women's place... For women that... deserve it."

There was no way for Xia Xiu to understand the last words as the only one who knows about reincarnation is Ahrisha. Nevertheless, the small smile appeared on her face as she kissed Xia Feng's cheeks lightly.

"Then, enjoy your meal."


Bon Appetit!


Xia Feng tried to make Klim to cultivate as he had cultivation method from the black panther himself! But this damn cat didn't even treasure her lucky chance and ignored Xia Feng who kept trying to persuade her.

"You will get a lot of milk this way."

Lick! Lick! Meow! (Translation: The special milk will appear when you fuck grandma or Ahrisha for sure.)

Did she get smarted?

"Oh, well. No need to force her... Haa...Time to leave."

Ever since arriving here, Xia Feng together with Xia Xiu began sucking off the resources from Earth Hand Sect by basically doing nothing other than sex. Xia Weiping didn't even suspect Xia Xiu for betraying and as she kept living in Xia Feng's house, he knew that she had done her job flawlessly, so he has given them permission to ask for more.

And this was the current destination of Xia Feng.

The treasury of Earth Hand Sect.

Ding! Ding!

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The seound of bike's bell became the most deadliest sound in Earth Hand Sect! When Xia Feng comes, girls scream, boy admire or die from jealousy! As the guards saw the man on the bike, they let him enter the treasure while keeping an eye from afar... very afar!

The treasury was full of resources related to earth's qi! It wasn't bad as he had Xia Xiu and he himself only needs qi, but Xia Feng also hoped for some water ones for Ahrisha. Nevertheless, he took as much as he could, then left, only to see a young man looking at him with anger.

"Bike Cultivator! I have had enough of you! Fucking fight me!"

"Another one... Hah~~ Does your jealousy knows no boundaries?"

"Fuck you! Come and fight!"

Sudden challenge!
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